Understanding what an Apparition is

Spot an apparition, share it!

Definition of Apparition

I want to create the following post so there is an understanding of how I will be approaching Apparitions Investigations.

As described in Dictionary.com

I was thinking about how to structure this website and the information I would be posting. Have you used Snappy Words or a Visual Dictionary?

Snappy Words Dictionary Reference
Here is SnappyWords.com legend. Below is the mapping for the word “apparition”.
Results from SnappyWords.com for apparition
Results from SnappyWords.com for apparition

Apparition Synonyms

As described in Thesaurus.com
As described in Thesaurus.com

“The shade of sense differentiation between appearance and apparition is that the latter tends to be unexpected or startling.”

A loaded post, but we now have an idea of what apparition is. There is a lot of keywords and to study.

The questions from all this that I have are, does audible manifestation are similar to apparitions? What would that word be?

Unexpected Appearance

On the following posts, will be creating a similar post for investigation. How I will be investigating, and setup some goals.

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