Bears Wood Revisited

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Youtube video published on Sep 27, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations where Jeff and team investigate Bears Wood. This is thier second investigation of Bears Wood. This time they are bring more tech gear. Watch to see what happens next.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 5 – Bears Wood Revisited

Stalkers I’ll head movement behind me Leave a paste to the best interaction I’ve seen with a K2 Visa this time around with even more technology and hopefully it’s going to be a good day our first investigation that is here to Basswood whilst we was researching the story of bigger Harry you can hurry and his wife live somewhere here and Basswood in the cottage is Alexa one day he’s murdered his wife or he came home from work and found her dead because he didn’t want to be apart from her he Berry 2 near the cottage as time went by people notice to think I have his wife was not around and reported it to the local Lowman whilst they questioned bigger hurry than admitted that he found his wife dead in the paragraph would not say where he was and arrested and taken to the local jail house but he spent six months because of his old age she was then set free and when he went back to bed wood it is overgrown son, he couldn’t remember where I 30 wife eventually it is said that they got Harry died in the cottage no one knows what happened to his buddy but reports now saying that he wanted his Basswood looking for his wife the last time we were here we capture great evidence such as EVPs undo some interaction with the K2 meter which is believed to be bigger how his wife how good friend Council Hill stop by so we could shine the evidence that we go on that first investigation the EVPs and the interaction with the K2 meter we list of mine complex for tortillas with the counselor Hill back in the 1950s when he was a scout bold and here things were a little bit different that he was going to show us where the old football swear I’m where the most haunted areas where index wood damn to the kite we had to dig a trench the plane the new wolf pipes my first visit to last word would have been in 1953 coronation yet I’m done a little Patrol I was up here for a couple of years then I left to start work end playback 7 years later and resume with the scouts came up here is a regular leader resume our Scouts the sun was starting to say it was time for counseling Hill to leave so we could carry out our investigation let’s go ghost hunting the and you made page lost so I’m a New Soul of the direction to the kite sumisa so I’m just going to do an EVP best and let’s see so now do you remember who we are we can’t get lost want to speak to you leave come back again and it’s not doing it again so just to let you know there’s there’s no wind coming through here there’s nothing there’s nothing coming through me so you oh that’s good there’s nothing this time I’m not getting anything going through this lock has static charge that went through me no no voices Jason’s going to stay here for 15 minutes by himself house a few questions and see what you can get I’m going back to the mine complex within me something happens you can give me a call just tell us where you buried your wife go now none of this dick or Harry cuz you just said your wife off The Killing did you just drop something it’s something you’re so Thor action I’m just moving the camera around me now yet the psychic near me the The Adventure Playground or suppose we can call it when we was here with counselor Hill he knew but Beach they used to work together back in the 1950s. Basswood he was one of the wardens and there’s a plant Berry. The Vig 90 + cancel Hill says this would have been his favorite place if he was to wander around anywhere this would be it so I’m okay but Beach you remember counselor Hill To 1 the microphones stalkers I love you very very dark because you can’t even see the the hand in front of your face exercise is really strange that you have but you don’t even hear it anymore it’s it’s it’s full of their badges foxes rabbits everything nothing just so solid and just so dark campsites 7 + this is meant to be one of the most haunted areas in bestwood so we’re going to carry out an EVP session do you get hairy hairy self guide are you here with us tonight bigger hurry Road Southgate can you tell us why you buried your wife here in the woods do you still walk these Woods looking for your wife you still woke up and down the old footpath something and then you go The post the person this is the main complex in the whole wide that will capture the voice if you spoke to someone like I to me to wear laser grid voice read it is if there is anything speak up anything myself Jack can you let the is that what you you know the drill by now that’s it you need to move to the device make it lights on speak to the lady that was buried here in Basswood can you make your lights light up with your head thank you thank you if you can just stop by is it someone Jerry Lewis movies can you walk in front of one of those beams of line so we can sit move you can can you stop this from flashing now we do know that you’re here stop it from flashing thanks okay so walking from of one of those beams of light to make it break you said that you listening send a pin quad friendly don’t you you’ve been quite friendly to us do you see your loved ones okay OK that what’s the weather outside and we will be back speak to you again it’s a good morning If you would like advice help would like to become a member of the go State saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen

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