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Youtube video published on Sep 13, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations discussing Digger Harry. Jeff conducts interviews with individual who have experienced apparitions and noises.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Digger Harry – Episode 3

Investigation is a case of been looking into full about like mums Digger Harry what a great night he appears in books books stories around London and Croydon I understand perfectly he appears in lots of scout camp stories ghost stories from walking down the country and apparently he murdered his wife allegedly and buried her very during bears would he went to prison he was released because of his old age and now he’s ghost is currently walking Basswood trying to remember where he buried his wife so I think this is going to be on next investigation I come across an article in the Croydon Advertiser on the 3rd of January 1996 the story of Dick and Harry was told by my name counselor Hill Arizona to track him down eventually I found him living in the house in Addington so we went over there to give him an interference really find out what the true story is of digger Harry there were two main parts in Basswood where the between lot more Palms originate and he was employed as a Woodman Beef O Brady’s wife you know probably because of his job being too and play had a good life anyway he Rachel ghetto blah blah blah and he came back one evening and obviously we have to assume such it already came back he found his wife dead how’s it going can die from a very young age nice they might not live for 60 years and he sat down there and oversee realized that he’s got to report it if they report it then I’ll just see what kind of Christian Barrow sorry I would imagine he spent the night going over there so now I go to report a Christian burial she would be buried in Saint Mary’s Church on she become completely and because of anxiety chat with men they couldn’t get down there every day to see the grave sorry DND decided no I want a parrot here this was our life I’m not think that’s what he did you know I’m where I really wherever their house phones I’ve assumed LBC she would have been very close to the property which is what I’m supposed to happen and even buried her you know he marked it unemployment about his business but because it was all people still came through I noticed that Indian somebody said it’s strange you know I haven’t seen at 4 weeks I don’t know what I would have been in them. She is she okay she was very evasive about what has happened I need the end I decided that I needed so. Because when they check she wasn’t there and I said well what’s happened what it was you done with it and then you have to tell them text Chito I’d I need Barry. Because right away they were suspicious that he hadn’t reported it off to the local Johansen Huntington Village in there for about 6 months let me go back there and then you can find out where he’d because if he’s more than anything I could remember he knew it was there somewhere that you couldn’t find the story as far as I know until you know going back into the records scam records 1932 somebody seen a girl out there with a shovel on the shoulder down buried checking simeri’s records there is no record of him being buried there at around about that time and it was very difficult for his wife to be with her so it is interesting you know you cannot search it as this event took place in 1800 to 1820 I contacted the local police station to see if they have any records on this taking place as the records did not go back that far we decided to then go down to a local library and search free microfilm in the old newspapers dating back to round about 1800 off the months and months of research investigation took it to the North how does field scout group fights have a slightly different story of digger having their story is cool digging Harry but I mentioned the name of Harry send Skype with found him Harry has been buried somewhere in this such a this is Kevin cameraman and he’ll be helping us out with the search Headstones Cole and Sav is somebody in the cemetery so that’s going to be on next step on Coolpad Lindsay the lady that was in charge of the archives at Saint Mary’s Church in Edmondson Village she checked the records as far back as 17th and it has nothing to do with a hairy or Harold Sam kyte being buried there at the cemetery it was time to contact counsel here without findings good news that we now know the true identity of Dick and Harry his name is Howard Southgate play the council here we searched it from Ghost Tech negotiation trying to cut through red tape we have now been given access to Basswood for not time investigation of again soon and coming up thank you so much for your time and have a good evening thank you We here at forestwood it’s only taken us like Mom’s to get access and as you can see we will tell you a little bit about that when she arrives and in the meantime we just have to walk through and see the areas that people fit on a see some of the the Scout kids just don’t like going down certain areas so that’s what we going to do Winchester what council Hill gave us cuz he was a Scott Bolden in 1950s and it’s light out I don’t know how his remember it’s light out exactly so we’re coming up to cancel at 7 and this is where even the the Scout kids don’t want to come up here and we’ve been told that she’s the one of the most holy Darius house analia to one of the groundsman and he’s actually said that his house he’s College it was his so unlike built this complex on top and this is where we going to be staying tonight so it’s like looking so I see what’s there let me have the ladies toilets toilets newest hot water showers enjoy this is the bunk bed area can I have the phone number for tonight okay I guess this arrived this is Louisa and she’s going to be taking part in the Paranormal investigations not here at Basswood looking to take a ferry to see what evidence we can get Louisa does not believe in ghosts and she does not believe in life after death so that’s one thing I’m going to ask you so why leaving now Falls to death do believe in the Paranormal and it was that picture of Christ so my mom and my sister talking about fell down just right on the spot where she was sitting down does Putin be anything unusual if not for the fact that the Craigslist kind of wire on the back and on the wall you had that kind of early about one of the groundsman the works here I even have a chapel so that he could to actually see if we can catch you in the EVPs And Jason’s going to stay and see if he could not talk too big a hurry to get up the trunk at Smalls is so we’re off we’re leaving him in bunself thanks is anyone there when I someone here cystic Highway was it your wife showing me that you’re here what time you think your hair so you need to prove to me can you lose something okay take a hurry hurry Southgate Herald Southgate is this where you used to walk up and down the path is there anyone here that can hear my voice if so we’d like to talk to you can you tell us what your name is are you the man that’s been seen with a shovel did you live here there’s a typo upside down can you pick it back up is that you can hear crackling Bustelo at footsteps make a noise can you fry sankat my I don’t wake brunch say something to me tell me where you buried your wife well I’m going to phone the office what is a full name and show them big a hurry Harold Southgate Harry Southgate can you come and speak to us do you still want to these Woods looking for your wife if Harry is not your name can you tell us your name can you tell us why you buried your wife here in the woods Holy s*** did you get that play there’s nothing here there’s no electrical appliances can you make this light off again do it again verse we know that you’re trying to communicate if you look close this device it would tell us that we know that you’re here can you do it again before us come to lose my voice woke up to this device and you’ll see the lights light up the closer you get the more lights the blue lights off on this device whatever it was every time is going for me again are you here with us make the lights come on thank you can you step back and make the light stop is your name Harry self guides if your name is Harry self-guided might the light so I chop if not just stay away so you know how we Southgate are you the one fourth Harry Southgate the lady that was buried in Basswood if so thank you okay you can buy coffee again just back away from the device so we can still communicate are you upset that you don’t have a headstone make the lights light chop if you’re upset that you don’t have a headstone okay can you tell us what’s your motive if you was murdered make the lights light off okay did you just die did you die and you was buried in the woods for your husband if so woke up to him to device to make the lights light up thank you are you lonely here if so woke up to the device so make it Lord top are you alone ICS okay is there anything that we can do to help you I take it that’s a no I’m just going to prove a point yet you just saw that going on with you as you can see there’s nothing I’m not asking any questions I’m getting nothing so we’ll try again are you here with us at the moment are you still with us you still standing here with us just make the lights come on first okay well I’m going to do you see this device here you won’t harm you you see that red lights okay you see that red light I’m going to put it here on the table on this desk are if you speak into that it will record your voice and then we can hear what you’re saying okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to just put it there okay I’m going to buy Cove a boy do you understand what I’m saying yes okay so walk away from this device that I’ve got with the lights and speaking to that digital recorder that’s what it’s called to ever record your voice so talking to that record to that so you something tell us what your name isn’t speaking to that red light walk to the Maya ultimate light Michael Archer do they cover forgetting that briefly finished an investigation movies are inside Jason really asleep cuz it’s the only house in the morning now have a sauna be coming up soon so I’m going to go have a few hours sleep yourself so I’m going to keep the motion tracker going to recap the night vision goggle running throttle Member of the ghost text saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen

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