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Youtube video published on Sep 7, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations in Grain Fort . Jeff and team investigate Grain Fort and many of its stories of the apparition, unexplained noises, and paranormal activities.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Grain Fort episode 2

Investigations take place Zuid-Holland rainfall went down near the Isle of grain I was pleasantly using World War I will want to protect the mouth of the River Medway and we hear see has a around here is the 11th hour I have a right Munsell on September 1, 1884 and died during the 20th 1961 he was the British civil engineer responsible for the design of the World War II Navy see faults and army forts used by the United Kingdom for the defence of the Thames and Mersey estuaries grateful. A lot of folks kilted regalia can get through it was built between editors and 11 the 16th of a polygon with a work around a central Somerset to that was about a critical for lawyers second in the earthwork and they is the main medicines and coaxing the key to the calculus IBM initiated get replacements of the flight remained operational throughout World War I and World War II was finally in 1956 the panel’s week of August 1960 the whole area was so lovely as well in place was on the third of the earthwork itself the reason our lives where it is to the untrained eye (QuickTime (the earthwork in the basement of a network of underground tunnels is however remaining tight recently discovered on 20 December 2013 is a German U-boat in 1921 he was being taken back down the river towards the Thames Street to be further dismantled when his trouble broke swept ashore come to rest in the hunt will be increased in Italy on the grain where it remains the vessel had been one of the most violent sufferings of the German fleet being launched in February 1990 yard Bremen the type you these three coastal patrol submarine have carried 10 torpedoed the crew of 34 at a cruising range of 7000 209,000 miles

“Were submitted to the Allies November 1990 a total of 140 both were taking to heart which are the vessel just to perform before the countersink any hardship is one of 60 votes to the loss of more than one undertones want to be broken up one you won’t want one. Voice speech will become a tourist attraction to scrap where it was you be wanting to submit in situ during the course of the war German U-boat sunk more than 12 million tons of shipping about 5000 ships with the loss of 178 submarines and almost 5000 men killed during the on this investigation we have James and Jason are there anyone here greatest obviously you we sell ice camp the main artilleryman and that the door Wireplay CMS detector in the K2 meter to detect any fluctuations in the magnetic field can you are also to have exclusiveness” refuses) because of the anyone here are you with all the slow down the what’s your name: the stolen and when you so players recordings as the you are you are brought up the night vision goggles as it was time to investigate the tungsten single we could find as we approach the end of the tunnel when we have to go to the left if you look closely down on the floor you’ll see a black mass it moves from left to right this is not myself it’s not Jason and it’s certainly not James it was one of that’s the shoulder would move from right to left is the enhanced footage and you and I hope I are all we heard a disembodied voice come from down inside the tunnels which took is a bit by surprise if you listen carefully just before Jason speaks you can hear the man’s voice again which is picked up on our audio here is the enhanced audio the man’s voice coming from within the tunnels we made our way back through the tunnels trunk find that was making these unexplained noises and all without is okay can you call out there can you tell a you tell us can I use Debian we can to another junction when we started hearing noises coming from behind this thump you need can you tell us your name your soldier what rank are you just if you listen carefully you will hear footsteps approached us and stop with heavy breathing is the enhanced audio can you tell us your name your soldier what rank are you which was a can you elaborate for the most annoying you can’t was my voice was marvellous speak to us and you and you voice and you are certain things the signal anything will their will you you you if you listen carefully you can hear a strange noise followed by footsteps running away we all hope this is the enhanced audio they were well the limit, of the recent can you make a noise for us a man’s voice can be heard coming from the time we can’t understand what he’s saying that he is the enhanced audio you will another noise comes from the tunnels also James sees a light behind us which is impossible Wetherall sitting in the dark of reviewing the evidence we find that the noise from the tunnels is actually another man’s voice is the enhanced audio is contact us using the email address shown on the screen is is

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