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Youtube video published on Aug 31, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations episode on Hawkhurst Babies Castle. In this investigation, the team goes searching for the source of a baby crying.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 1 Hawkhurst Babies Castle

Just got off the phone to a young lady who when she went to hoco fest with her friends they heard of a baby crying from inside the table making realize it was so cool cuz babies Council they were just passing black and they heard about Ukraine herself and five friends they went inside trying to find somebody new but I couldn’t find it by Uso call the police and the police come down even though you hurt the baby crying a broken dog so I went through the whole building and found nothing now this was in the right time so I’m going to quit up Jason and James arrange a time and we’re going to go up in the daytime and to see if there’s any of this Paranormal Activity I’m coming home there and just to see if these claims are true Behind These Walls is 127 years of History which can hold residual energy bold are we found nothing untoward happening throughout the years of the hokas Consul in our research a ghost of spirit was not yet moved on can return to the place that they cool home the council was built by Dr benardot in August 1886 as a largest home for open babies and young children it was formerly owned by a row harness the princess Mary Adelaide on the 9th of August 1896 it was accompanied by adult a princess Victoria like to to become a Queen Mary wife of King George V and Patron to talk to Bernardo Queen Mary herself was to become an active patron of the Cherokee one of many illustrious row light is to do so on the 21st of September 1927 the new extension had been built and was officially open by another outstanding event of the year which was the installation of a water sack which was used to the first time on Christmas Day when the older children listen to The Children Service hukoo’s babies cost to close in 1965 has now been renamed appropriately enough because Council off of the nearby Village of the same name and operates is a private nursing homes built under the direction of Kent County Council the two houses which film the original babies cost who were allowed to die to become the maintenance house like we use is administrative offices for the nursing home next door is like derelict since and has exchanged hands number of times with a number of different planning applications being submitted the two I could sign has permission for Demolition and rebuilding of new nursing homes and houses okay we’re inside hotels by this Council investigation and down here we stop motion tracking for shuttle to Texas and the alarm sounds on the Bernardo something smooth inside the building we might have white through the building checking on the flaws and all the rims making sure there’s nothing there that can contaminate the evidence once we would show the building is completely clear we decided to carry out an investigation to see about these claims of babies crying and paranormal activity that seems to be happening throughout the day time and I bet title swim hello if there’s anyone here can you come and talk to us, speak into the digital record up coming on my way to see you can you speak into this device may just say hello tell me that you here can you light up any of these devices can you make them lights lights up voice of Winnie-the-Pooh if you come and say hello all leave this turkey bad for you can you make the noise can you knock on move something can you make a noise knock move something and I’ll give you this Teddy I’ll leave it here for you I’ll tell you what I’ll do is I’ll leave this here on top of this cabinet Italian you can have that welcome to judge Connelly back on top of the cabinet I’m done so that’s what it will tell you that I’m leaving now on top of the the following cabinet so I will pop back later and see if that’s move to that sets quiet study that’s looking to pull over and there’s no windows open and there’s no wind coming through so it shouldn’t move to we left the wind background of the funny company will come back to that little bit lighter and just see if anything is moved we might got one upstairs to the attic to carry out in this B7 Spirit Box session to see if we can capture any voice is coming through on the white noise candy can you tell us what your name is did you stay here was a child did you used to work here I think that was a writer what you here in World War II what year is it if you can hear me can you tell me what your name is did you used to live here did you want table to talk to on us did you try here are you sure I’m not sure I put it in there the name Jim Olson came through which we are still researching to find out if this person has any connection with hookahs consul new song at the same time a woman’s voice coming through the White Noise this voice is heard 3 tons of a multiple sweeps Austin for help okay I’m just going to leave this that your recorder in the exit where we just been doing the sb7 Spirit Box session and we’re just going to leave it running link I sent a pic moves off the Weaver left the gym just going to Ferguson here supracor anyting left the digital recorder in the attic and heading out of the building just over 22 minutes later we can his sound coming from the attic hookahs cost when the dice hundred thoughts which claims I’m a make every effort to do an art Tommy vestigation before the building is demolished ball gown we might have white back to the Winnie the Pooh bath would be best on top of the filing cabinet I’m functionally it haven’t moved by as I promised I said the other leave it there for the children of the open shift entrepreneur if you would like it’s Bryce help would like to become a member of the ghost text saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen

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