Old Norwood Fire Station

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A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations. Investigating the Old Norwood Fire Station. This building has experienced many changes from a fire station, boxing ring, and now an acting stage. Jeff interviews and performs an investigation on the stories being told by the current occupants.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 4 Old Norwood Fire Station

Was a Signposted You Come to My Voice That Is No Longer Here so Once Again Was Your Fireman You Fire a Fully Fine Fred Can You Tell Your Actual Name Is so We Know What to Call You We’ve Been Told That Unites Attack Shoulder Newcomers May Now Take the Shoulder to Let You Know That You Are Here You Must Be Trying to Get Someone’s Attention so Contact Me on the Shoulder Did You Won’t Hear That You Won’t Hear Windsor Fire Station Back in 1980 One Half Your Life on the Phone When the Children Are You Here Who Is the Person That Lasted from People Obviously You Must Want to Be Noticed You Tell Us Your Name As We Sat down in Front Corner Transparent Objective Lights Appears to the Bottom Right-Hand Side of This Is Not Just Bugs As They Have Certain Characteristics Is the Footage/Download Stills from the Film 70 by As We Were Making Our Way to the Second Floor As We Passed the Office on the First Floor the Full Spectrum Camera Captures a Figure Stands at the Bank Is Supported Slow down the Stills of the Film’s Central Footage to Mr Major Daily of Infrared and Was an Expert in Images and Has over 30 Years of Experience in Analysing Paranormal Is His Evaluation Perspective and Proportion of Aphorism Fits Well into the Surroundings Cameramen No Recollection of Visible Presence so This Would Suggest Energy Was outside of Visible Part of Electromagnetic Spectrum This Is Where. The Camcorder Has Its Advantage of the Naked Eye Is in Addition to Recording the Presence of Visible Light Is Capable of Capturing an Electronic Representation of the UV and I That We Can’t See Frame Rates a Little Slow Softening the Actual Image Outlines Distinct Slight Translucence Reviewed Original File Plus Supporting Data Functions Noticed Manipulation so Suggest No Reason Why This Is Fake We Set up the Night Vision Camera in Front Corner and Let It Run throughout the Night When Reviewing the Evidence We Hear Banging Her Move Coming from within Front Corner Also Be Set up a Motion Detector Which Has an Infrared Beam This Thing Was Broken for Split-Second the Alarm Sounds Starts This Is Actually Impossible Because It Has To Be Reset Manually Is Mrs Caroline Doyle As She Was Out Of Her Own for the Evening on the Saturday Word on Investigation Now Because What We Call Home on the Camera Just Make Sure and That Caroline Can Go Anywhere and Non-Descript Building so Am Caroline and When We Discover an Investigation Who Stayed Downstairs in the Basement of the Bar As in the Bar That Old-Time When You’re Doing Any Investigations (in between and Those without Access Events Analyst Alert That Point in Time That the Rest of Time Any Time Investigations Are Carried out Understands from 12 8330 and Okay and Disposal When It Was Closing No What She Was Here in the Basement No One Knows Access to Buildings or Landed Him in… I Know Nobody Can) and This Island of St Was Close Anyway and Alleges Numerous Taste Wasn’t Any Reason, and Coming Nobody Was That He Doesn’t Have a Far Could Physically Getting without Me Letting Me and Nobody Best but so and Also Just Thought Something Is Someone Did Access the Building They Were Coming in to Turn on the Lights to Celebrity 2010 on the Night David Being Upset at the Light Coming Being off As a Chance to Having Read the Notice It Is a Daunting the Likes of David and Go Away and That They Then Attend a Letter to Go Anywhere to the Letter from the Fire and the Stylists Evident Inability to Move and Adjust Some Feels Well If We Would Investigation We Was Renewable Problems or Anywhere Round This Area We Refer the Door Ridiculous Anyway) and Alan Kennedy’s about 10 Minutes Ago Had Your Cabling, 20 If You’d like Advice Health Lots Become a Member of the Ghostly Team Please Contact Us Using the Email Address Shown on Screen Is

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