Paranormal Investigators Supposedly Caught Faking Footage & Evidence

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I came across this video on YouTube. YouTube channel Top5s channel, put together what they consider to be the top 5 Paranormal Investigators supposedly caught faking footage and/or evidence.

YouTube Published on Oct 8, 2018

My Review of this vid

I think that this video is based on speculation. I think its another click bait. At one point, it reference TAPS investigating Ghost Adventures footage, and calling GA’s investigation a fake.

In another point, it discusses Tennessee team’s using same techniques TAPS uses with the flash light to communicate, and attempts to discredit by calling it a fake.

Then it accuses TAPS of creating its own fake footage during a live coverage Halloween event.

But if you see the video, there is no mention of how it was done. It just mentions that the so-called fakers were discredited by other fakers speculation of how they would fake it themselves. No actual prove was presented.

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