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Youtube video published on Oct 6, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations. The team investigates the “Hope Public House”. This building has a lot history of apparitions, and owners have thier own questions. Jeff conducts interviews and his team investigate to find answers.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations -The Hope Public House – Episode 6

Investigation into my hands are we have reports of further shadow figures are people talking kids laughing and running around in the attic that should be provided in a small are public house was built between 1940 1943 the owner was George Tindall in the early users was not but we do know that it was purpose-built Thomas Samuel Long was the first landlord Edmund Stevens ran the public house from 1960 to the late 1870s James Kingston took over in the late 1990s and two 1912 followed by a fragment of a refugee from the extinguisher first arms in 1914 to 1923 from 1925 to 1953 Ernest of the Smith ran the public house in 1936 and extensions in the original brickwork was rendered the extension included the first internal lavatories a pop the size of the whole couldn’t expire to a full licence but in the 1880s the landlords did briefly describe themselves as wine and beer retailers rather how long have you worked it the roughly 6 years now and November 2000 and is are more when I was speaking to Sarah she says you you’re a bit of a sceptic into believing in certain things were when the site happening in the beginning and grumbling about the to to an extent as some things that can’t be explained by the building’s you get used noises obviously mechanical signing know when what’s going on when there is are times when you get goosebumps noise and something is there so what what sort of experiences of you has one month I was finished work on is upstairs in densely is about three for the watching something on the laptop and other the roads that run across in the loft of the nobody was up there is no shame in the room being different run as fast as they running and then something on the site will let off randomly been going on turn up the telly and the nothing that was the now than the Simpson really explains how the year because of our lives and you and also you do music and how and down in the in when the basement rooms are you have some equipment that you are you do music and and that area is also uncomfortable sometimes for here and there is that some mechanical noise that said your you will get that the press outside pumping in a gas service cubicle that comes up very quickly that been down here about the music system in the there’s been a couple of noises and bands some interesting feel right and then it was about 11:30 Kissimmee in the sports summarised months ago upstairs now that’s a also got a CCTV camera in night vision is floating around has been no traffic I’m by outside line he was actually moving around them which which everything this is just across the bar becomes and both are you watching upstairs just really running seen things you know cars
your personal going by the strangeness again is the barmaids notice things as people downstairs, holds them if you go downstairs you see my name! One of the barmaids functions only down there changing balance forces then realised they had been done in story somewhere else as an artist is chosen something that was down to me the get she sees been downstairs and since the camera has nothing there, brilliantly so much his Kyocera arm how long have you worked here for that on and off active couple’s was the first thing that sticks happen to you that you remember anything about it set up I was area he came to me fly out every day is that it implies that we need in the south side and blogging has been about pounds you’ve heard a girl giggling yet done in the right in the Blaenavon and that the money can I was lying in a dear friend tell us that was really lovely as the lifestyles of let’s say it in Life in the any believe anything else that we need to add the but flower a van and a electrical go downhill. The one tables of actors, and it’s just come down one anything about me name is Jack glasses Chateauneuf any in and get activities by precious outbuilding has made the lady that nine he could bring the South thanks much thank you credential you worked and lived in the hope been whistled you how long ago was you 11 and you live downstairs in the basement so what happens when you are eating the comfortable 198 as I mentioned you unanimously walk 1 o’clock morning on any exchange nice coming up from the location was on the licensee getting stronger opened my eyes and see the tall figure Cannington it was towards me nice getting stronger and stronger posture Saturday’s game at the back from that more closely analyse my arms and this could Hill the brain when it grey and then get on quite ecstatic exactly in you excellent
at present and managers who excluded because you objects crucial children laughing upstairs in the main bedroom at shop running across the attic shadow figure in the basement OF call on CCTV in the cellar staff prodded and certain area you Sarah the manager shall give him should taken on a phone she was in the house on Christmas morning waiting for a doctor to come downstairs talk about presents and while she sucked the building strange lights moving throughout the house it was time for our investigation so we made our way up to the top floor gain access to the attic Jason place and digital recorder inside to let run throughout the lights it we can capture footsteps running across the floor has dropped the management report so can you tell us your name on the 30th people laugh anything that has now if your child or little girl someone else new television why do you stay here and see my friends here is Jason you go sit next to him and can take a picture in the Camera That’s the Battery Is Just Completely Drained a Labour Brand-New Batteries the Brand-New Camera Is Fully Charged Cribbing with Only Taken One for Forfeiture Something like That Is Nearly Completely Gone Are the Children of Some Nice Last Few Months of Runabouts You Working Thinking Worse Theatre You in Person That You Know Where That Is Here, on Speak to Us and You Must Jason’s Your Name Speaking to That Red Lights and Move Something in This Far Something That Is Where You Sit Get That Simply Know My Answer Here Was a so Well Static This Where You Sit in from Project Is a Short Chair Version Was Something Seven so the Work Here up Here That Stops Slip on Shoes Device Here Is the White Noise Tell Us Your Name Speak Louder Speak Is the White Noise That Such a Low You Want Us to Leave Tell Us If You Want Us to Leave Selegiline Might Have Been a Something Move Something Something Fibreglass across the Bar of the We Complete Our Filming in the Bar Area Sarah the Owner Manager Confirmed That She Also Felt the Static Energy on the Face It Was Time to Investigate the Basement Went along to the Barrel Area Place Where People Get Pushed Intact on the Shoulder and Jason Went to Whether Shadow Figure Been Singing and Also the Area Where People Feel like They Have Been Watched Pictures.
Are You a Dark Figures Shut People so People… And That Could You’re Here in the Show Itself Will Jason’s Request Was Granted Here You Can See a Small Figure Leaning Forward Looking at You Can See Your Face and Body and Arms Tell Us What Your Name It’s Been Singha Beer You Remember the Girl Scared When She Was Asleep in Bed That You Decide to Cry What Is Your Name, Televisual Night a Be a Coward like Scaring People, Scare Us Move Something Make a Noise like Mums Something on the to so Many Other People That the Manager Rob like Sit down and Make Him Feel Very Uncomfortable Directly the Says That You’re Watching Don’t Be a Coward Show You Self, Forward and Show Yourself Were You Hiding in That Room Because of Last Thoughts That You Have Seen You so Why Don’t You Show Yourself down to Because of Your Own You’re Scared of Us Why Would You Be Scared of Us What Was This Place before As It Means Here You Can to Make Something Out Of the Door Drop Something on the Floor On Something after Discovering the Picture of a Figure Looking at Jason Taken on the Full Spectrum Camera and Made My Way Back to the Hulk Public House to Try Debunking Is Matrix Thing What Shadowplay Sarah the Owner Managers Shortly That No One Had Been in That Area I Took Several Pictures and As You Can See There Is Nothing There That Digital Recorder That We Place in the Attic Captured No Unusual Noises We Thought That This Was the End to the Investigation into the Hulk Public House but What Was to Follow Was to Change Everything Jason Our Investigator for Several Days Was Feeling Tired and Drained of Energy As for Myself Two Days after at My Home I Saw a Shadow Figure Passed My Bedroom Door Twice in 19 Was Also Called out to Times Something That Followed Me Home and Has Attached Itself to Me This Is Just the Start If You Would like Advice Help Would like to Become a Member of the Ghost Dictating Please Contact Us Using the Email Address Shown on the Screen Is

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