Bedham Church

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Ghostech Paranormal Investigators examine the haunted Bedham Church.

YouTube video published on Oct 11, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 20 – Bedham Church
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - Episode 20 - Bedham Church
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Bedham Church

Okay my friend Jason says that he hurt you whisper to did you put in the fight to keep you warm in winter and I have now we heard you speak may clearly heard footsteps to her belief of something again is just move behind us something to do all in a small all you as paranormal investigators we have learnt always have a backup plan in case things go wrong and they did on this occasion location for the investigation should have been the coaching line works a week before In our investigations we go to the location to film intros footage and gathering as much information on the history as possible with all this hard work done we went to the line works and was told that accesses being denied it was time for plan B and with the sun setting and no intros filled time was of the essence in the late 19th century the Anglican church began to make concerted efforts to miss to the poor in isolated rural communities of the Sussex will and as a result mission rooms churches and chapels lineup in great number many of these communities also miles from the nearest school and never seen the need especially after the elementary education act of 1875 better at school in where Paul Scholes run feasible the church typically fill the gaps teaching basic reading writing and arithmetic and religious instruction it was against this background that William Mitford in 1870 died in 1889 a member of the Parliament for the first squire of nearby pits will house paid for a dual purpose church and school to be built in bed for the families of farmers would call is received in the area the modest brick building dedicated to St Michael and all Angels was building a hollow below the road and Northwest Southeast alignment apply, Northwest one status for the worship of Almighty God in gratitude for many but this building was erected by W Townley midst of principle and who dominate 1880 during the school week the building was divided into two my curtain separating infants from seniors every Friday afternoon the chairs and desks would be turned to face the water ready for Sunday service worship was led by the Rector of nearby Fittleworth with a master Fittleworth school serving both as Labour leader and headmaster by 1913 schools photokina very unsatisfactory state and enclosed in 1925 of the building continued in regular use of the church for a further 30 years the congregation was never a large one with the demise of the charcoal industry and the effects of two world wars and attendance declined to almost nothing the last wedding held here was in 1959 is no record of any later services bedroom itself lies deep within the Western world tiny hamlet of no more than a pamphlet houses constructed by pharmacy charcoal burners is tranquillity make every tree for several artists writers and composers the church and surrounding land on our part for 395 acre nature reserve that visitors see every report shadows moving woodland that surrounds the church and noises coming from within the now derelict building one witness has also stated that while she was walking out of footsteps were heard approaching her normal was there we’ve come to visit your church other any of you still here if any of you are still here can you make a noise you probably won’t understand the equipment that we have here this thing holding in my hand it records your voice so if you can see that red light one harm you if you like to come up and speak into the red light can tell a show name did you use the work here in the church was you one of the children that used to come to this church who other people are seen here in the Woods that’s just one witness I was earlier on on meals before even we had even set up anything in film here and we heard someone walk up towards the church but there was no one there may clearly heard footsteps you hurting the footage okay we heard you earlier we heard you earlier come up to the church this doorway can you walk towards the doorway again we can hear you can you come closer we won’t harm you tell which is here to come and speak to you in to see this lovely church can you come and join us inside the church without a awful our greatest we heard you earlier as you approach the church a voice is captured on a digital recorder saying the word bedroom followed by the ring of about is the enhanced audio out a awful out great disgust we heard you earlier as you approach the church outing will fill out great disco we heard you earlier as you approach the church how many reviewer here how many of you are here I come something fill I heard when I said how many of you are here I heard barking here which was a fellow of or her tender was fined am just hoping we got round the digital recorder I hear disembodied voice answered my question is not captured on a digital recorder by holding the full spectrum camcorder how many of you are here how many of you are here what was it like back in the days here in this church’s church was built in the late 1800s that have stained-glass windows I notice that there’s a fire here did you use to burn logs there to keep you warm in the winter or just heard no city to promote the fire to keep you warm in the winter and I had no idea really here know the answer to my question when reviewing the digital recorder and the audio from both of the camcorders the film Jason using nothing has been captured if you’re not one of the people that used to come to this church at the school whom I addressing who is it that we talk into you someone else something again is just moved behind us something again is just moved behind us and they speak what your name can you tell a show name place with was broken/stacks to nothing about this is that it and it is not one he is no lights you cannot walk around you have told us to footsteps of you decide to sit down quietly and some free voices of movement we set up the night vision camcorder just inside the doorway of the church also have the night vision binoculars still recording on the outside of the main doorway is screen views, when we reviewed the footage see why the screen on the night vision camcorder dimmed the night vision binoculars just outside the door church captures a shadow moving down the outside of the war then moves down towards an inside the door when it moves across the screen of the night vision camcorder positioned inside the doorway at the same time Jason states is something just emotionally camera just looks like an interesting also before the show going just seen on the right-hand side movement is heard footsteps and that! See you do for a few seconds of any link back and all they say that you live out here in the Woods that you’ve been seen if you’re out here can you try and let us know can you throw something to let us know that your here what you stay here in these woods are you linked to the church is that why you stay here how many of you stay here in the Woods if you can hear me can you purchase can you walk up to us standing outside the church Footage if you are selling wrestling the police and many other side somethings coming past is that you approaching us is that you coming towards us can you come closer to let us know your here by now that’s something to Morgan after I asked into bashing at Newcastle damping you can’t talk you can’t see you again πŸ™ in some dark was an event that was an animal holes to be honest was fully expecting someone to come to round without torture nonthinking that’s impossible you can’t we can’t see anything at all you can’t see a thing in just one approving one can do is this just see Jake we become redundant when set is is is is still pick up is like O actually in front of the camera now access our but this is here you can’t see any πŸ™ so someone was can come round the corner there have to have a torch 100% that need to torch logo you only since us because of the highlighting so that was really weird that was so weird as we stand darkness of the woods outside the church we are all aware of several green walks of life here within the trees we did not see them in their own noise only the night vision camcorder Jason is holding captures if you would like free help free advice for free investigation you can contact or contact hosting paranormal on Facebook

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