Drop Redoubt Fortress

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YouTube video published on Jun 28, 2015

The Ghostech Paranormal Investigators head to Drop Redoubt Fortress to capture sightings of ghost and apparitions

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode -16 – Drop Redoubt Fortress
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Drop Redoubt Fortress

Celeb actually went up to 3.3.1 from zero from 0 to deliver your voice zero something the Philadelphia Olivero soldiers here was in all the dropped reader is one of two. Western Heights is linked by series of dry notes and is arguably the most impressive and immediately noticeable feature on Dover’s Western Heights the artillery at the fourth face mostly inland it was intended to attack invading force attempting to To Dover from the rear the construction of the fortress was into periods the first being from 1804 to 1808 two and a polyp was in the second from 1859 to 1864 following the recommendations of the 1859 Royal commission the original form of the fortress was a simple Pentagon for my cutting trenches into the hillside. The island barracks magazine and artillery on top originally it would have accommodated 200 troops about 1893 the numbers had been reduced to just 90 striking feature of the first period as the 51 proof casements these parabolic in cross-section uncovered anything over to withstand the effects of multipliers the windows at the rear of each open into a trench 10 mg of last the rise of Napoleon third during the 1850s course of further invasion scare and a rule commission was set up in 1859 to investigate the defence of Britain as a result more work was deemed necessary in the Heights and the dropped readout had its defences improved company is ready to 4 corners of the existing fault Congress would build alongside to to allow fire along the north and south east lies the original magazines enlarged with large earthquakes protective the office of supporters themselves also date from this period they can be distinguished from the early work was a semicircular shape of the human World War II squad of commandos in the event of an invasion of their presence was secret and the lines around the readout remind evidence of their stage of the Saudi courts company is one to the entrance dropped readout was Ballsbridge the in the third of this was pivoted so that the fork be isolated the heavy recess into which the Brits one can still be seen although the bridge has long since gone in the 1980s and temporary scaffolding which was built by the army to enable access for guided tours that this was removed in the middle of the 1990s to prevent unauthorised entry vandalism originally thought was to be equipped with twelfths move for 24 pounder guns to However it is unlikely that many were installed to Neapolitan always almost over the time of their construction all in 1851 2324 pounder is a great place is 612 pounder saluting guns, 18 short on top of the form what remains of the lighthouse which complemented the one that still exists in the grounds of Dover Castle it’s time investigations for the dropped readout fortress in our search for paranormal activity we had a guided tour around for this place is huge corridor after corridor tunnels connecting to ruins stairway is going deep underground temperature readings were taken to call normal baseline TMF readings were also taken stood at zero with no abnormalities the owner of the fallen think I was so worried of warning about the spiders which inhabit certain areas as they are very protective of their young witch-black sacks series of disturbing the more touching than book about the spiders to attack devices is there anyone here that could hear my voice if so can you make a noise to let us know that your here can you call out your name for us can you throw something or knock-on something for us to let us know that your here with us inside this room did you work here as a soldier back in the 1800s was you station here through one of the world wars can you tell us your name and rank from inside and outside is there anyone here that can speak to us someone I used to work here in this form are you in this room can you move something in here to let us know that you can you tell a show name how long have you been here for how many of you are here you can smell in a series where is the what you smelling here you is that there are those chefs smell something that nobody is if you are not/material advancement was only coming from monsoon area jason lynn said that reminded smell that scalextric cartwright The Smell of Electrostatic Charge within Seconds Disappeared a Cake Use the White Noise to Come through and Speak to Us If Your Here inside This Room Come through and the Frequency of White Noise My Name Is Jeff What’s Your Name Did You Work Here Modern Wars Can You Tell Us along You Are Station Here for These You Work Here Is a Soldier What Did You Do near the Falls That Nothing You Did Nothing so Why Are You Here Then You Get Removed Changes over the Desires and so Are We Welcome Here in This Form Is If We Welcome Here in the Schools Where Is the Best Place to Go with You to Find You Tell Us Where to Go to Point You When We Find You the One in Three the Very so That They Were Actually Went up to 3.1 from the Can You Come and Join Us in This Room with Come a Long Way to Speed Here That People Are Homeless for Faster Succumbing to Make Contact with You Review Your Voice Can You Make a Noise Attack on Something with the Temperature Was Anyone I Could Think It’s Coming from over There As Requested Tapping Sounds Are Heard behind Is the Enhanced Audio and If You Listen Carefully There Are Two Forces Captured at the Same Time We Are Unable to Hear What You’re Saying That Was You Make the Noise Can You Do It Again for Us Please Movement Is Heard Coming from Somewhere around Us Is the Enhanced Audio That You Did You Just Hear That Something Move on the Shoulder Wasn’t Back Something Incorrect the Back of My Shirt Forcefully Which Startled Me from the Two Sides the Bottom of My Shirt Board Backwards Okay Which One of You Will Support down’ They Just Uncovered with the Only Goal Spiders Are Stuck on the Wall with Their Babies Ready at the NFL Brightness down Israeli Dead Canvas Corridor Because Anybody Here and Make Yourself Known Can Move Something or Make a Noise THIS IS A WRITE-DOWN IN THE CORRIDOR NOW IF YOUR HERE LET US KNOW TOO LOUD BANGS HEARD COMING FROM WITHIN THE CORRIDOR IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO STAY HERE ASK US TO LEAVE YOU SHALL YOU CAN PULL THE CLOTHING SECTOR AGAIN THROW SOMETHING FOOTSTEPS AND WALKING CAPTURED ON A DIGITAL RECORDER IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO WE CARRIED OUT AN INVESTIGATION INTO OTHER AREAS OF THE FOURTH NO EVIDENCE WAS CAPTURED WE ASKED THE OWNERS AND WE WILL INVESTIGATE COMPANY NUMBER ONE THIS AREA HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED AND IS FENCED OFF TO TO HEALTH AND SAFETY RISKS EVENTUALLY WE WERE GRANTED ACCESS WORLD WAR II FIGHTING CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE WHISPERING IS CAPTURED ON THE MICROPHONE IS CAMERA THE FIRST VOICES SAYING DON’T TELL HIM THEN THE SECOND VOICE IS YES FOLLOWED BY A THIRD VOICE SAYING CHALLENGE IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO FROM THE CAMERA CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU MAKE A NOISE BANG ON SOMETHING. WHO’S DOWN HERE SO YOUR NAME IS THERE ANYONE HERE WITH US YOU ARE WE WRAPPED UP THEIR INVESTIGATION OF THE DROPPED READOUT FORTRESS THE OWNERS OF’S IS 20% INVESTIGATION WHICH WE HOPE TO DO LATER HERE WITH LIKE TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME OF HOSPITALITY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE INVESTIGATION FREE HELP FREE ADVICE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE GHOSTLY TEAM PLEASE CONTACT US USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS SHOWN ON SCREEN

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