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Hey all, introducing another investigator and explorer in the paranormal. In this introduction video, Cindy from the YouTube channel, Soul Guidance Paranormal, explains the equipment she uses during her investigation.

YouTube Published on Apr 7, 2019

Paranormal Equipment Review – Cindy LeBlanc, Soul Guidance Paranormal
Paranormal Equipment Review – Cindy LeBlanc, Soul Guidance Paranormal

I’d like to start with my every single investigation so what I want to do today why we think it works in so whenever we go through electron electric fluctuate there different types of Buzz it’s very dramatic it’s very straightforward and see the lights are no less if you look really closely it’s just a black box there’s nothing in the back end and on-off button an audible click and the meter will post all the way up to read when you know what I like to do through our Baseline meter and our devices on and if someone sends me a text message my phone was to ring you make it a little pulse from the phone so it’s very important to I still miss my phone there different kinds of EMF meter I have another one that’s not as reliable it also has the audible app meter which is it’s just your eyes man-made stuff you know but it’ll be it will just light up when you ask Oral-B nut so electromagnetic spring really careful that always have it on airplane show people that the human body doesn’t give EMS f video and image now I just bought a new model it’s a little smaller than the original model that I have Pro XD by brownie brownie cameras I tried other brand and it took a little getting used to because I’m used to the audio on this one but the video the invisible invisible night so it doesn’t reflect you can see the light that is a 24 megapixel camera stay on with the audio low on the new camera but once I got past but anyway season give you her so is Pixi 22/32 the different types of male or female and but I can hear the another way I bought a couple of little if you really wanted to the strap through the back and clear Audio Excellence just wanted to say to the dead of night dark black pitch black and gold you seen anybody at this little Gadget and this model has the glow dome top equipment in the dark different colored that will light up I’m not really well it has two different like that and let you know so if your hair is thinning due to physical body you wanted to do anyting did you get stronger all right then you can see how it works anyway and it’s not that a little staticky this is Boo Bear and in his backpack Zanaflex turn on goodnight to win a baseline reading of the entire room right now he’s getting the Baseline of all the discs so what he does is Uber to text Ian warmer I love boo bear and get it for a better price than definitely they were a little nervous can go either way alright so our next little piece of equipment is the P sb7 Spirit Box it’s a little radio that there’s the idea behind it is that it gives Spirits White Noise and little Snippets of so I can show you on the grass here now let’s just for example picked 92.7 if that was the station you might be able to maybe you can still hear it a little bit and you can probably go back the other way a couple of clicks as well and still hear the radio station maybe it with her too and then it’s gone no way to be coming from necklaces there and it’s got but if you get a full set of the answering your question and it’s over a great number of radio to be able to see in the grass okay this is the fastest sweet potato really fast you’re not going to catch anything from any radio stations is 150 this is my preferred speed still going too fast you won’t be able to catch anything from one single radio station we’re going slow enough that when something don’t go through your kind of grass what it sounds like yes I find the 200 really slow you might be able to pick up a little more for the radio stations that way and now they say that maybe the spirits or the ghosts can actually use those Snippets a voice for the radio stations and their own voice and answer your question I’m not sure if that actually works that way I don’t know how it works but what I do know is that I’ve gotten quite a few responses through this thing and it told a story at different locations that are very specific to the location somehow it works somehow it works because I’ve had too many too many intelligent response is cuz I don’t give it any kind of audio recorder here I love that it hasn’t even if they both produce and then of course after you gotten your audio clips I personally use a program called wait he just probably already gone on to the light and I don’t use a whole lot of features for the ram I don’t like to mess with you basically what I do shorter is couldn’t make it louder louder. We couldn’t find the tablet that was affordable enough that could run the program so we have a full size laptop on here and we have rconnect mounted on the front it’s the Kinect for Windows and how the Kinect work so I just seen on our last but there was also cool Matthew Katz audience not figure out or what is methi if you know that it’s a coat rack or something there wait that it gives you that real time and all that you would not be able to usually value it conjunction list okay so I’d like to thank you guys and I also like to sing

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