Soldiers Of Grain Fort

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Jeff Young and team investigated the soldier’s Old Grain Fort.

YouTube video published on November 5, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 21 – Soldiers Of Grain Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - Episode 21 - Soldiers Of Grain Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Soldiers Of Grain Fort

That was a huge way to clearing the hearing banging noises please see cycling hear coming out of my area we hearing banging where we just come from outside the house I heard a whisper now the same is even sailors dust bath effect us have had a letter last visit a growing for located on the great built between 1861 and 1968 to defend the terms history against attack during World War I and World War II and finally abandoned in 1956 was demolished ground in the 1960s but far underground tunnels an alternative route still remaining this is our map of what is left underground of the grateful we will be covering all these areas in our investigation when we first came here years ago we capture great evidence that confirmed paranormal activity exists down in the grateful tunnels this first piece of film shows a shadow figures move from left to right and disappears into a wall whilst we were standing still one of the tunnels we can clearly hear footsteps of boots following us around and breathing you tell is your name your soldier rank are you registered we called many EVP is within the tunnels including this one of the very annoyed spirit and so here we are again back at rainfall are still a few years as its first investigation here and we’ve also got our marketing here with his own he’s joining us on this investigation we just can help this out as a friend of ours and okay here we go have a silicon find hello soldiers you remember who we are where here many years ago with comeback to speak to you can you share your name unless know that your here you are we have we noticed that people have been carried out devil worshipping here on the floor was a pentagram facility soldiers here can you let us know can you let us know if your here can you tell us what your name is can you tell us what rank your your soldier disembodied voice is heard coming from within the tunnels and when enhanced is goggled as a lot of these voices are as they are heard IS coming through on a different frequency your soldier your soldier can you hear us do you remember us from last time we came down to speak to you we mean you no harm if you don’t recognise what where holding it’s just equipment to film and also if you speak to us into this red light it will record your voice is nothing more harm you were not here to do that can you let us know if you here please must go to build a further stomach was to know what your friends that where we was last time he said that he has hung that there was a bone is about you make that noise again for us huge way Jason Martin so they hear someone harm I thought it was a loud bang on the enhanced audio you make up your mind that’s when we was last there is that where we was last time as a boxer they sought is can you make any sound to let us know your real there Any funds and when we reviewed the audio 5 GB when enhanced the noise and found that it was a low voice saying stop talking to us is the enhanced audio can you make any sound to let us know your real there can you make any sound to let us know your real there can we hearing we hearing banging noises but it seems like when we coming out of one area we hearing the banging where we just come from Sonoma standing at the junction with three tunnels reconceived we can hear the banging his arms he doesn’t think to join last time we receive we was down by whether the rent of that was when we was down there we just kept hearing someone talking is my Way down there so to this is where we called a lot of voices last time we hear Craig is it possible that you can come and talk to us tell a show name did you do in the war was it World War I World War II can you tell us why you stay here is because you’re stuck here and unsure of where to go can you please shout out your name my name is Jeff Mrs Jason massmarketing what’s your name is time to carry out an experiment you tried this before rainfall by setting of recording and World War II sign which seemed to spark reaction also this time will be placing a static full spectrum camcorder with a digital recorder and the far end of one of the tunnels carry out an experiment in just a moment and hopefully we can pick up some voices you digital recorder (the as I play the World War II sirens and shelter soldiers get to your posts before spectrum camera in the top captures a figure by and a few seconds later raise of life here within the tunnel remember this is in complete darkness and we are all in the artillery room the figure is widespread transparent and it also appears around 10 feet in front of the camera you do not see all down the tunnel from the far end you can see beyond swing in the late movie as it goes by the sister soldier responding to my request to get to your posts so many sceptics out there that this closely it appears just in front of spectrum camera suitable down from the top of the tunnel visible by prisoner noise on the ground is full of doubts and stones and finally behind the camera it’s a dead end so it was a normal person they didn’t and they would have a back up the tunnel they would be captured on film he was the film again but this time in speculating enhanced here it is again in black-and-white with enhancements you you you you you you are better that this first picture you second now one detainees even sailors dust bath that dust how can now asked to do disappear relevant for that is no way they can disappear or enter A scale real estate areas that you that their death we enhance the full spectrum pictures by inviting them in again this seems to be something on the right-hand side he was the first picture and all seems normal now here is this can picture something has changed on the right-hand side within change the pictures using white balance and turned them into black-and-white the first picture again seems normal but the second picture shows a figure standing near to the corner looking somewhat daemonic is this an entity that has been conjured up and brought forward because of the devil worshipping that has taken place we took several more pictures with the normal flash of Jason standing on a diet mounted in front of the pentagram and in these pictures light appears above his head would like to thank you for having this here we do not mean to intruding your space by promise you that before we go we will remove the pentagram because we believe that’s wrong and will become the Duce and do a secondary metabolites that Artillery magazine room remove that pentagram front of the floor near a soap opera remember which one was here. I spoke to genetically setting up my digital Jamaican Illinois whatsoever I heard a whisper I hear a whisper voice Me is the enhanced audio you can hear someone saying something we can’t make out what is being said a soap opera remember which one it was very heavy.” How do we promised whatever a living doing here within removing openers in the is Martin is marking a cross with the pentagram used to be a voice is captured on the microphone the night vision camcorder that Jason was filming with saying cross don’t understand if you would like free help free advice or free investigation you can contact us and those that paranormal or contact voting paranormal on Facebook are a

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