Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker

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Jeff Young and his team of paranormal investigators visit the southern water nuclear emergency bunker.

YouTube video published on May 23, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 14 – Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker

We are here to investigate the structure that stands behind me is the Southern water nuclear bunker control centre where reports say that something paranormal precise inside and all in the quiet countryside miles outside London six Southern water nuclear bunker emergency control centre one of three that were built in the 1980s the bank is within a large compound and is mounted over with her photographs with two ventilation tower sometimes as you can see from this past this bunker was fully equipped for a phone when London would be under a nuclear attack it now lays bare of all its components every brewing side suggests shell we are investigating structure because of the morning the case said it tells the story of two teenage boys who feel of Severnside village told to get out more disembodied voice which made a run for their lives why would this place we hope to visit around 36 or seven of the building here before round in our research we came across another news report of an aircraft that crashed here a few years ago the pilot was on fire and eventually was cut free from the wreckage by firefighters but he died from serious interest is this identity sites here it’s time for those tech to find out who deserve all you 5°
this is a zero for the resources if you tell you is if you really care all that when I saw this place is not even nothing temperature in case you as we were making our way along the corridor to what would have been the control centre a voice is captured on a full spectrum camera’s microphone telling us to get out from here is the enhanced audio taken from the microphone can you tell us what your name is you told to boys together from inside this bunker can you tell us to go voice is captured on a digital recorder and intelligent response telling us to get out is the enhanced audio can you tell us to go can you tell us to go are you the man was killed in the plane crash did you live here on this land before this bunker was built which I house here how did you die in Genesis is a voice for our voices I hear disembodied voice consuming inside the bunker we can’t make out what you’re saying is the enhanced audio think ‘the voice is not mentioned in plane crash tried again I knew the man that died in the plane crash was shot house hear did you live here and a noise and did you hear that banging is heard coming from within the hallway is the enhanced audio taken from a digital recorder can you walk towards us we just come all this way to talk to you this is where you stay now we know who to ask you to leave can you throw something On something move something you stuck here and don’t know where to go out another banging is heard coming from within sight of bunker is the enhanced audio can you try and do that again gyre of damage did you live a year in his hand side than something just move the epicycle put you tell us about this site

All as we are standing still something move behind myself and feel is the enhanced audio taken from the static night vision camera’s microphone cable just in the use of EVP at which is can scan above and below are here in frequency see if there’s anything being said I could come forward and use this device will pick up any words that you want to say more Willie got remember also his economy company radio waves were so far down inside this concrete bunker is nothing of the company radio frequencies but inside that every single word of the English dictionary law is normally is that your name set your surname spirits what a noise which can only describe something like ground comes from behind myself and feel he is the enhanced audio are that was what was the only standing here with this voice is captured on a digital recorder saying with you is the enhanced audio are you standing here with this and you standing here with this we are going to stay here to talk to you did you hear something nice about, quiet is nothing tortuous again now you sacrifice talk to a stray something you can become a behaviour can tell us about yourself Wasn’t saying the same thing and to my disaster? If you can make one last attempt to less than a year then we can leave we will leave you in peace so please knock on something like something move something shout out something and then we will leave did you speak movement against heard coming from the hallway is the enhanced audio is against an external way to the normally when you’re in the hallway and then first left something move you in the room please speak to us we mean you know is bank something move something went analysing video and audio which can take days you cannot take arising is a wafer second when Jason treads on a piece of glass says made me jump sorry James Larsson him was standing behind the static night vision camera which is filming in the hallway but the microphone on the full spectrum camera which Jason has with him except a man’s voice along with James laughing is the enhanced audio taken from Jason’s camera if you would like a free investigation free help free advice or to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen are

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