30 Min Alone Challenge – Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

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30 Min Alone Challenge – Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
30 Min Alone Challenge - Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

30 Min Alone Challenge – Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

Is immediately think of challenge me to come back to Spring Hill Cemetery Todd head like this crazy dream about this place this is why he brought up this challenge he had a dream that there was agreement come here and the myths of the really bad was can happen of course what he wanted he wants to do 30 minute alone challenge here well what was that oh boy okay so anyway since taught had this crazy dream about this place and he said he called me up and he’s like Joe and it’s like crazy nightmare about this place like that something was there and trying to attack us so let’s do a 30 minute alone challenge so here I am. It’s three o’clock in the morning. I’m here voices if something I’m here behind me okay you know what you stuck let’s do this piece he really nervous for this one guys I’m not joking this place is insanely scary so you know what that means let’s go do it I got to you guys these the city is no joke like this is the first time I came to the Cemetery even though I’ve been here before and it was even somebody here I came from down there tonight on am more nervous than ever so see what I can capture now coming talk about some stuff too keeps me calm this is bad news tonight so anyway the one thing I really wanted to touch on in that a minute pretty much Explorer see we capture butt one thing I wanted to talk about is that I believe it. I believe that these are demons that follow us try to trick us so that’s why I’m so freaked out like if you come surrounded right now and it’s dead silence here okay I just saw a figure or straight ahead so we walk that way so tonight I feel danger big danger like my Spidey senses are so strong right now I’m almost frozen so anyway when when he is watch these videos talking about GetMessage and I really do this one tell you guys that doing this I discovered that there’s a lot of people in this world and I really believe because I keep my faith with God at these demons try to mess with us really really try to mess with us makes it a real scary thing try go slow and try to be quiet Alyssa do you hear that evil voice so one thing and put in the city guys always ask if I forgot to pray and I prayed before I turn the camera on now supports my truck over there okay now my trucks over there on the other side of the Cemetery but I moved from there is a since I got a picture out of the truck a woman’s voice said in my ear what are you doing here they try to warn me not to be here on hear that so the whole idea this video is to come to scary place 30 minute challenge and make it through the 30 minute challenge right the longest 30 minutes ever the woman stalking again and I think she’s trying to warn me to leave the herd like something to like I love you something like that just now so strategy these videos from the point of view that you’re here with me I know it’s not the same I try to give you the experience and you just said Jo who’s here am I in danger she like is all the camera body standing up like the back my neck my arms and Celestine nauseous and sky came sky came in the woods over there I came here one night with Marie and she and Rob and we heard like these this chanting in the woods over here they’re all looking at me something/his conversations this walking. Sorry hasn’t kind of Anna frozen little bit Chevy walking heavy heavy footsteps and now I can tell you guys something that I found out and I just doing say it but the truth is that the trick of evil and I touched on this last time but not that much because obsolescence are the others movie streaming check that video out guys but the trick of evil is to try to make you feel worthless try to make you love things and not ever know God and I think that these investigations we do are honest something and that something doesn’t like us to be here other thing I needed to talk to you guys about this I kind of touched on this in the last video was and do we have hauntings at home and do hear voices and I kind of was tell me little bit about that and yeah we do but when I come took place like this see at home I can turn it off play Cameron just shut off I have no explanation for this in the middle of me talking about like the things that happen at home so IEM going to still continue talking about what I was talking about but there are voices everywhere and I guess I definitely recommend when you watch this video put on your buds if you’re able to and listen this is all kinds of talking continue the trick of evil is to make you think that you need things more than God and get I’m not pushing my beliefs on anybody I think this is something I discovered just doing these videos over and over again like we come to places like this and we pray things go crazy I don’t know why that is but suspect it’s an evil thing I know I shouldn’t move further than here don’t ask me how I know that I just know I shouldn’t she taught had this crazy dream about this place again nightmare and this one thing facing your fears one to kill tier something tells me whatever this is wants to hurt us as my truck way down there where they sell little reflect on enough you can see the truck it’s far like if freak who are you don’t touch me again alright sorry I pray you guys care to join me that’s great I’m feeling nauseous and something just touched me so Jesus Christ thank you for being my Savior my protector heavenly father please be with me please keep me from harm down all that watch this video please keep them from harm as well now if I go over there something tells me on it was yo my truck lights are flashing as soon as soon though saying something over there I guess I’m really my truck lights are my emergency lights are going and my truck locked I have my gun on me somebody’s here you all something keeps poking me this is the truck antifascist you pants a lot everybody’s over there with a beat the should out of you I’m telling you right now holy crap will I will so this is bad I’m just saying that photo gone a little further that way I don’t think I’d make it out of here something’s time and that trucks locked I have the key that trucks locked up the flashes were going so something does mess with us I’m still doing my 30 minute alone challenge you’re coming along something was touching me and poking at me wow and I hear what sounds like an animal walking around or something I was saying guys, and he got to finish this see like cannot finish this now freaking out about the truck but invites like this this is Neese this so I’m saying and I wanted to point this out before conclude this video my so what hyperventilating from the truck is there snow way is no way the way I left those flashes on the truck I wouldn’t have any reason I’m on is so like they just went on by themselves is you hear that there was an evil eyeglass or something charged up my courage and you guys that ask me how I know this but if I go over there where really Park my truck you’ll never see me again don’t ask me how I know I just do see what’s back there since pure evil I know it it won’t come near me it wants me to go there is no way is a white picket fence and it leads to all these woods and down something there like I’m usually not that sketchy but like when I Park there a woman just like walked right up to me like this voice clear is you hear me now said what you doing here they try to protect me like that was my warning to stay away from there minutes try to mess with me like poke me this is really freaky. You just said pray because you hear that in the video kiss that looks loud a voice just went Bay start and night here so have my 30 minutes I apologize I don’t want to die tonight yeah it said pray holy cow I guess and so sorry that so sorry daddy just say daddy back over here the minutes come in straight there is a conclusion I’m just not safe starting lose my focus and concentration here all right guys please check out our merchandise below at www.you GU we brothers.com to go piece this is just to something you will hear I see eyes looking at me walking backwards Talkin all around me who there it’s my truck the truck you is is anything will is in this is you are you know we you and is really and sorry he the and he and I see

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