Anamoly Seen During Mckinney, Texas Ghost Tour

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This was my first sign up to a ghost tour in Dallas Area. While listening towards the end of the story behind the building we were in, everyone had walked out for the expectation of a lady and myself. I was recording the room.

This room was where the haunting takes place because it has a known suicide by a gentleman who had an office. Its currently reportedly being seen around the area.

Anomaly is seen flying very fast, then a couple of seconds later fly left to right at the bottom of the scene. Lady is pointing to the suppose bloodstain that is still soaked on the door. … :\

Couple of things to point out:

  1. The video is short. The anomaly flies very quick, and I did not see it until I reviewed the video.
  2. I slowed down the video on the second part so you can see that the anomaly is transparent.
  3. I was not carrying a secondary source of light. The only source of light to the room from the hallway door to my right, and the windows from the joining the room clearly visible on the scene. So this anomaly somehow or somewhere generated enough light to register on my camera phone.
  4. The camera phone I was using is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

I would like to know your thoughts on this anomaly. Please comment, or ask a question.

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Author: Fro

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