Plano, Texas – Apparition WalkThrough October 2019

Spot an apparition, share it!

Yesterday, I took a walk through downtown Plano, Texas. It was an interesting walk. A walk that took my son and me to different locations that folks reported hauntings and possible apparitions.

Here are some of the images I put together with the information they gave.

This image was a ticket we hold for groups. Each group had a different card. Our guardian spirit will flash the card and the group would muster together and follow the guardian.
We were given a trail map and some details of the locations we were visiting.

It was a long walk, and interesting stories were told. It was cool because the weather has changed. A northern front has just passed and drops the temperature to 30 degrees.

While in Plano, Texas and looking for a haunted place, take a look at some of the museums on this brochure.

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