Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

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Paranormal Night at Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Grand Prairie, Texas. I joined this event, and I had fun with many interesting experiences.

Vor-Tex Paranormals was hosting the event. They brought some equipment for those that were taking the tour and explain what each piece of equipment was used for.

Here is a link for their Ghost Hunting 101 literature they gave out to us.

One of the interesting experience was during the initial walkthrough, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone with Ghost Detector applications running. During the session, we were in the western scene when I got a message come through that said “tomb”.

I got the word Tomb before the next couple of scenes in the walkthrough.

Later that same walkthrough, we came through the scene of Jesus Christ, and the last room was the tomb.

Jesus Christ “The Tomb” room

As I was pointing this out with the staff and my kids, I got the next message “nail”

Ghost Detector message “nail” came through

After the initial walkthrough, the staff allowed us to do our own walks, but they turned on the light and all the noisy lights and sounds for each scene. So, it was not an ideal investigation.

There were several other experiences the group I met with experience. The fellow medium had his own experience in the same area above. He heard knocking in the same room before entering “The Tomb” when the lights were out.

Overall, I enjoy meeting new folks in the field.

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