Did the Doll Move by Itself?

Possessed Doll Moves Timetoplaytv Investigates Jasper Jail in Hamilton County Florida
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Clayton investigates at Jasper jail in Hamilton County, Florida. Does he capture a doll move by itself?

Possessed Doll Moves
Clayton investigates at Jasper jail in Hamilton County, Florida. Does he capture a doll move by itself?
Clayton investigates at Jasper jail in Hamilton County, Florida. Does he capture a doll move by itself?

are you serious right now i don’t like that doll yeah i don’t either give me a creeps especially after the timer here and jody kind of lost it for a little bit yeah that was odd so it just always ever since then kind of gave me a crease so i want to do a spirit box and rim pod and i want to bring that doll and put her up here on the bed because last time that doll moved on us yeah so i want to put her up here where we can see her and keep an eye on her yeah i’ll grab her she scared me last time we ever i have a grudge against her all right she’s gonna pick you up he’s getting all gentle yeah i want to piss her off uh maybe right here on the bed there you go there we go we’ll set it there i say we’ll set up just right here maybe put the chairs and set up on the chairs and keep her in the background all right i’m gonna shut my camera off and get everything set up all right so we got the creepy doll set up we got the rim pod we got the necrophonic and what’s your thing called k meter k mean are you so we’re just asking questions and see what happens yeah all right this doll is super creepy and uh all right wow are you sure we’ll get something out of the spirit box at least it’s not like i said go a little bit are you a haunted dog that’s a kid’s voice yeah hello can you move into the rim pod and show us your spirits here with us you have to use your energy to make the meter go off or the uh rem pod you have to try really hard can you do that i know sometimes it takes time the rim pod goes off a lot in the back of the jail are the spirits here more innocent or something so i said no what oh another kid’s fault are you okay with us being in this room right now yes yes yes do you want to tell us anything do you remember us from last time do you know who we are like can you tell us our names that’s been up for quite some time whoa what the hell like you had that doll sitting there pretty good like it just fell forward on us that’s good okay maybe it’s just letting us know whoa the meter’s going off too a little maybe it’s letting us know um it’s in here with us if that was a spirit can you make one of the meters go off my meter oh yes i just asked if it was a spirit make the meter go off yeah it’s going wow that was amazing thank you for that can you make the rem pod go off are you a young spirit are you a child look you see that whoa the meter’s going off again it looked like the dogs like moved a little bit like the meter went halfway did it yes i didn’t see that damage yeah you’re picking it up on your camera i’m sure yeah there you go yeah it just went up more that doll moved and that meter is very uh hard to like go off even in in front of cell phones it never goes off so i mean it’s very hard to make that thing go off with energy so whatever that is that’s pretty powerful i think the last one went off the doll moved hello can you put your hand in the rim pod can you use your energy and try to set them off i’m pretty sure it was you uh that maybe moved the doll and did the k meter now we’d like to whoa oh my god the k meter just fell over oh my god this is so creepy whoa okay that’s cool wow back up again where i feel like this is something like a spirit doing this that is just great i mean look how far the doll is back like you had it pretty good she’s almost laying that’s not a little girl’s voice yeah are you a child can you focus on the meter again and make it go off or the the doll theme back in the prison that meter goes crazy does it well patty it didn’t go off for her so i mean it’s i don’t know yeah i got sure i feel like that doll um was moved by something that’s just crazy yeah anything else that you want to say to us while we’re in here because it’s really hot we might be leaving soon yeah thank you for trying to talk with us the head’s moving it said what the head’s moving on the doll i think i thought i saw that it’s like it’s turning looking at us do you see that is it just me yes no no no it’s moving again it’s like the head turned to us yeah like trump physically turned and looked at us it’s like it freaking sat up too because it was laying further back like i swear the heads forward more now yeah on my camera it looked like its head turned who’s making that doll move is that i am how the hell does the head turn it’s the meter again it’s a raggedy handle the head doesn’t turn on those it is leaning up more now yeah it’s like it sat up yeah on my camera it looked like the head turned but yeah it looks like it’s sitting up do you want us to put you back in the bed you were in said bed i thought i heard please too okay we’ll put you back in the bed can you tell us your name before we put you back wait i said wait wait yeah yeah that thing’s leaning up now yeah if you can hear me right now can you make the doll fall off the bed is that even possible holy like that spirit heard me completely off the bed oh my god guys that is insane all right we’ll put her back in the crib i think she’s ready to go back wow that’s what we wanted i’m going to turn the meter off now i think we got our answer clay this this room has a spirit in it yeah that’s the doll the doll moved last time yeah completely off all right i’m trying to put this up here let you put the doll back yeah i’ll put the dot back cause i’m uh i’m gonna turn the camera around all right i’m gonna put the doll back in its bag all right guys i’m gonna pack all my stuff up i’ll be right back all right guys we’re finished in here i’m gonna take heather back in the gel where the rim pod was going crazy yeah to show her that it was going crazy so let’s head back there now check that out it is hot man it’s so much cooler at night like this so we’re going to turn this fan so it faces where we’re going to be which is in there oh yeah there you go and then if you want it yeah if you want to sit there i’ll sit here and we’ll just we can both hang our angle our cameras to the end of the table and that’s where i’m gonna put it okay do it okay i think i got everything on camera all right this is where i’ll start that this is where you spoke to me a lot and you made that rim pot go off i’m gonna show you how it works you just go up to it and it’ll go off right now you did it quite a bit for me and i don’t like being called a liar and i told everyone it’s doing it so if you can come in here and set that off that would be great that’s real quiet do you guys want to talk it is quiet yeah compared to normal it’s on it’s like you can hear it don’t be shy or scared maybe you’re scared and you don’t want to do it because you’re scared oh that works a lot oh my gosh whoa it does it a lot nice ask if you’re scared or you can’t do it holy look at that one level three you’re not kidding it’s at level three so you’re definitely not scared we take it this one’s going off too like crazy that’s still going wow boom okay so we know you’re here see look at how long it take and now it’s just going crazy yeah she’s going crazy now bam thank you so now we know you’re not scared and you are there that’s crazy wow just solid like that too it forced your can hair can you say our names in the spirit box it is just going it’s like i’m not scared look at that yeah oh my god i noticed when i asked if it’s too scared it does it a lot whoa i told you i told you it just goes crazy is that you doing that what’s your name this one too yeah there goes halfway you can use the necrophonic to say your name wow it was like almost had a beat going wow there is some strong energy in here right now make it to level four did you die in this cell that is holding strong wow has it ever done like that like it’s done in this building it’s done in a couple times but that might be the record of being straight non-stop yeah as soon as it’s funny as soon as you asked him if he was scared and i think that’s how i got to go last time too yeah wow that was amazing thank you for that it’s like it got to warm up to us before it’s willing to do it or something that was awesome that was a great hit we thank you very much it really lets us know you’re here you can do it again if you want we know you’re not scared now right what kind of crime did you do to end up in jail did you kill someone if you kill someone and you have a lot of negative energy can you walk into that light right now if you if you killed someone look at my meter yeah your meters go whoa that went almost all the way yeah you never said our names can you say one of our names okay now look it’s nothing nothing after all that just stops can you can you make it spike for us again one more time so we get one more shot of it going crazy can you just walk your whole body right into it but when you were asking that mine was going nuts and it’s really hard to get mine to go off yeah i had one i lost it but i think the poltergeist house is the only place it went off for me yeah so there’s definitely some kind of energy spirits here something can see both of them wow oh yeah good we appreciate you guys talking to us that’s really awesome do you want play to sleep in here tonight oh god i hope it doesn’t go off i don’t want to do you want me to sleep in the cell next to here are you gonna mess with him while he’s sleeping oh poor clay it’d be cool to sleep and leave that on the whole night yeah it would be film it do you think that’s enough yeah all right we’re gonna shut it off before we do you got one last opportunity look at that level five level four look it’s holding at level four that’s it three that’s cool you’re doing it go crazy it’s going crazy before you leave yeah good job boom i mean if that’s not enough proof for you yeah i don’t know what it is all right guys we’re gonna shut this off it’s still trying to go let’s stop this all right i’ll turn the camera back on as we’re walking downstairs guys oh my god it’s making a weird noise all right i stopped recording it when it’s going crazy that’s the max level the middle one by itself that’s max level guys it’s going crazy it is that is spooky it’s kind of got like a weird sound to it that time yeah okay there’s nothing by it these electronics are off nothing’s running it’s not stopping yeah i don’t know what to do all right stop look at that look at that that’s wicked isn’t that crazy yeah that really is no i say stop we’re good all right i’m gonna shut it off i hate to do it while it’s going like this i know wow i hear my mom i think she said she was crying she didn’t get a ball yeah look at it all right i need to shut it off i appreciate it can you back out of it now look at that look at that i’m shutting you down wow that’s crazy that is all right guys um i’m clayton with time to play the tv i don’t know my channel this is heather with heather’s hunting um check her video out because we had two different angles the whole time the doll area she had a different angle we had two angles on this definitely check our channel out um i had a good time that was pretty cool you never seem to go off like that not like that that was amazing like between the doll and that like i’m just blown away on this one yeah this gel’s got a lot of activity it was really fun so i hope you guys enjoyed the video um check out the rest of them subscribe hit the little bell join the family that’s all i got i hope you guys enjoy i’ll see you guys on the next adventure don’t forget it’s always time to play bye you

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