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Spring of 2019, my kids and I went to Old Alton Bridge, Denton, Texas. We had our own experience, and well, this place has a lot of folks visiting. It was not much of an investigation because of vehicle noise and bunch of high school and college kids around making noise. In addition, it was spawning season and there were a lot of fisherman in the area saying that there is no ghosts.

Here is a latest video from UGUE brothers exploring for your entertainment.

The Haunting of Goatman’s Bridge “Man Shows Up Uninvited”

For us, our experience came from the equipment we were using. This was the first time I used the Ghost App/ Ovilus mobile application on my mobile.

Ghost app presenting Emma

The Ghost application gives respond several times. Even my son’s name came up.

One particular name which came across was “Emma”.

Word list from Ghost App
Word List

For those that are curious, to the right, is full list of words or names that came across.

I was curious to see why Emma came across. While researching the history of the bridge, I came up with something interesting. The Stuart family has been in the area since the bridge has been built.

Old Alton Bridge historical marker

John Stuart married Emma Whyburn, and both are buried at “Old Alton Cemetery”. They have been around when the bridge was constructed and possible when stories started about this haunted bridge. [1-2]

Old Alton cemetery is less than a mile away. The Stuart family has donated the lands to several community buildings.

Was Emma name that came up on Ghost App the Emma Stuart?

Well, we went back and visited the cemetery. We come to find out that Emma was a common name back then. The headstones have Emma as first or middle names. It’s hard to tell which Emma would it be, but it was interesting to research the history of the bridge, cemetery, and area in general.

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  2. Old Alton Cemetery Historical Narrative, Melbagene Ryan for Texas Historical Commission (THC) Subject Marker Application, Denton County, Texas, 2002

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