Haunted Ghost Town and Cemetery, Stalked for Whom the Bell Tolls

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Another previously released video from the UGUE YouTube channel. This goes into my collection of videos in the cemetery.


we got a gun we got a gun this definitely was not here the last time it’s really really big well you know actually as we were telling you guys so far in the back of the truck let me red light yeah Todd and I lost our minds you know why we’re in Hillside estates it’s two o’clock in the morning and we’re already hearing noises it’s creepy it’s scary and since Todd and I would hear getting ready to do this introduction we heard voices behind us freaked out anyway guys we’re going in there why cuz our crazy piece because you asked us to come back here we’re back here and it’s two o’clock in the morning and I gotta tell you the title of this video is gonna be bad idea we’re walking up to this first place which is open yeah means that we’re in trouble it does mean come on in oh geez I’ll have somebody trashed this dude this is so creepy dude that was freaky I do so we just left this building here holy cow the door just slammed behind us I’m freaking out you have no idea my Adrenaline’s pumping like crazy right now so walking through here at night guys it’s just pure adrenaline this one’s open you hear that look somebody was climbing on the roof they use this to climb up seriously this one has like a handicap accessible ramp my hand is legitimately shaking well dude seriously whoa dude did you give that well it wasn’t that door open yeah yeah didn’t we just come out of there yeah whoa whoa dude are you serious handicapped accessible bathroom you keep hearing stuff right it was a noise behind us to be forking kidding me we were just back that I didn’t yeah right is this the same plate yeah that’s part of the same place I tell you this place is like a maze they all look the same this is that one oh yeah it’s kinda like the fact that this one was closed dude that doors closing by itself II this one I feel like it’s the same one I just came over here this is a different one from we’re thinking about flow in the back and in the back is where we saw Rob’s name Ethan’s name written on the wall and all that weird stuff so we’re gonna go check it out I’m freaking out it’s now almost 3:00 in the morning Todd and I are still here how you feel really good man yeah I think that’s a little creepy out here I keep hearing someone whispering all right we’re back here guys in this part here so wicked so Todd and I decided to come back one more time and as you can see these buildings are like something right out of a horror film and three o’clock in the morning here the witching hour they say I mean it is straight-up creepy we are walking towards this bridge we’re gonna go back into that police weird handle it writing on the wall against better judgment ask the back of that building Todd there’s a weird horn blowing in the distance why is that happening this is where I was here and we heard talking inside their EVPs came through on the camera and we must be flooding for punishment yes we’re back again oh this thing is so messed up I can’t believe we’re back here man see ya what does it look like man can’t believe everything that’s on the walls in here everyone’s oh that’s such a lie I don’t know there’s Ethan’s thing just like your thing that looks like it bad want to go down that hall yeah dude this is really bad right there oh dude really I’m gonna get out of this place heavy feeling very heavy bitch Jake whatever’s here you stay here in the name of Jesus of Nazareth it’s so crazy at me for this bridge you heard walking behind us right I said walking behind us there’s like a little stream down there I keep hearing somebody walking behind me I don’t like that at all hey did I keep hearing somebody walking behind me you I’m sorry sanitary a denier actually we just came back from hillside estates I was grateful freaked out now we’re back at the cemetery and this is the cemetery where paddy I and Rob came the other night then we heard all kinds of EVPs it’s now 3:30 a.m. and I got to tell you as soon as we got out of the car you can just feel it I mean it’s a heaviness it’s scary all right we’re back in the cemetery it’s 3:30 in the morning and it just doesn’t feel right here at all I mean it feels so so heavy what my lights already getting dim I don’t know the last time is here bro something said die an EVP came to die when I passed that tree said die so guys whatever you see in this video let us know because we picked up some shadow figures last time so who’s here wants to talk to us come on talk to us we’re not afraid it’s weird hiding your cars on the distance driving wow dude there’s people up there luck look at the beginning of the gate you see that there’s two people staying there you see them yeah there’s two shadow figures up there are those people who would be here at 3:00 in the morning you see what I’m saying where’d they go dude that’s not even the gate that’s that was by the gravestone over there what did you say did you say touch that hurt touch I thought you said something touched me oh you said oh dude seriously man hoes did you say it again this is the tree when I walked past so this is the one where it says the hi let’s see if we get anything who is it that said die last time we were here ah dude you heard that right huh I just heard something would you hear I definitely heard something just now see what I mean here sometimes I pick up things I don’t know why I do what I do I hear she had all that all right there bro because if you see anything in this video let us know as we keep hearing stuff behind us I keep hearing what I keep hearing stuff out here oh man this is so weird this cemetery is so heavy so heavy yeah what oh yeah maybe it’s supposed to be but it’s it a weird like it doesn’t look it does yeah it’s a good face in there almost like a baby’s face who said that I just heard help did you hear help dude seriously general Wilson whoever that is it’s huge men see something moving down there look where my flashlight is there’s something moving right there look looks like eyes zoom in the camera what is it office let’s make any sense the flashlights like an almost brand-new batteries late on my cameras now I know dude how do you feel in here man you feel you feel okay tell me man I feel like there’s somebody around us don’t be somebody yeah something’s around us so let’s go find that open grate if you want them I thought it said like everything I killed what you heard that right here well dude this graveyard is so spooky dude I swear I feel like somebody’s here in the cemetery with us tonight did you somebody whisper I heard a whisper right by me right here get out of my mind’s playing tricks on me hey did you hear something hey there’s somebody right there somebody does something either shadow or something just went back here for I want to see if somebody’s in this grave following us in this cemetery hey is anybody back there dude I saw somebody move like a shadow right here don’t see anybody yeah I swear if you’re just wanting some I saw somebody right there excellence around the jigger for the team well – look at how creepy this is whatever spirits were here talking to me the other night what is it that you want to tell me you know I should have brought my new spirit box man I forgot oh you have it yeah but you know what last I was here it picked up without look at this why these bears it’s weird it’s like these were buried in cedar I keep hearing somebody over by like for the cars I know he’s messing my car man and that cars on the way on the other side of the cemetery bro who’s that no you know you see somebody moving right there don’t you yeah look let’s near the car let’s go court where did that move and go don’t see it anymore dude I swear I keep hearing somebody around me well I thought I saw something over there I heard some light footsteps we’re trying to make it back to the far be fists what you thinking we see somebody or hear somebody out here and I’ll be real curious to listen to this footage and watch this video cuz it’s so dark here guys I mean it’s dark let me write something running behind us I can’t believe them back here already again and sad it’s realtor no I swear it I swear I saw somebody up here who’s talking Wilhelmy what are you talking I get here whispers now same thing happened when Patti and I were out here and Rob and I were up here now it’s hot and I are out here that I’m hearing it again it’s like 4 o’clock in the morning and here we are yeah I thought I saw somebody over here Todd yeah is that what you thought you’re supposed somebody do you see like shadows I see black shadows Oh what is that smell man you smell that over here I mean it’s just foul God smells like rotten eggs you smell like really bad somebody said that means like there’s something around you really where do we park bro it’s like confusing in here isn’t it he’s so confusing look at this grave so sad dude this place is heavy man and you know what honestly Todd if you like what did you say something is everything okay yeah no saying man and it’s like I feel like there’s somebody in here I just can’t put my finger on it it’s like you know get those are like my spidey senses it really picks up you feel like we’re being watched this is so sad man I hate being in cemeteries I did hear something right I’m not I know you heard the same I mean I can’t be the only one here in this dude I don’t like this place at all dude we gotta find a way back to the car man it’s like it’s almost like 5:00 in the morning a bit like we’ll really do an overnight challenge here if we keep it up yeah start hitting back man besides you know what to be honest with you I feel like we’ve been followed here yeah this is shadow right there you see it my boy hold on a shadow figure just went across there dude that’s crazy did you see that right there though you know what I’m talking about by that tree you know it’s getting really cold out big time that’s what I keep feeling where’s the car sweet do this is amazed this place figured we’d open the right way I think I got extra batteries because if we’re gonna stop in the other place there’s an extra flashlight odd fee in the trunk yeah I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a whole bunch of batteries is it now let’s get out of here yeah actually it opens and should be open oh my god yes we came back to the car look at that to the car seat somebody wrote died on the back of the car is that our names oh there’s a pentagram on there bro somebody’s out here man dude we got a Tod is the face okay I can’t believe this dude look at this that’s freshly written on here I mean if it was there earlier I didn’t reckon I didn’t see it holy God somebody wrote on my car when we walk around the cemetery with X’s through our names and then the word die the pentagram you know fucking pisses me off man hey if anybody’s here come on I’m right here come on you mess with me it’s a must that I mess with you come on we don’t play these games I’m telling you dude somebody knew we were coming here cuz they knew our names who’s out here come on I’m right here I’m right here come on dude I’m really pissed off my guns in the car but you know what uh come on who’s ever here show yourself come on pisses me off dude that somebody wrote on my car like that that means what we were walking around the cemetery somebody was over here by my car that really really really makes me mad Rob and I did but how would Cimino we were here tonight how the hell would they know our names I don’t know maybe dude seriously you heard that over there right hey who’s over there come on I’m right here you want to settle this once and for all come on let’s settle up really pisses me off let’s get out of here do my car’s okay right tires are made me feel like they were snot tomorrow shit I told you there you’re beautiful but the days pass and now it’s so long ago did you make a little bravery that you managed to be who you wanna be maybe somewhere you think about me too I wanna wear it’s delay now cuz I’m growing old but I need you to deal with my sorrow just a memory just a broken frame and I know that I have no one else to blame did you make a did you play phrase that you managed to be who you wanna be maybe somewhere you think about me too should have told you there you beautiful

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