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Another UGUE visit to the cemetery, but this one is a live Q&A session. Originally published on YouTube on Feb 20, 2018.

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Midnight at the haunted cemetery LIVE, Q and A, creepy voices heard and screams

you get on this oh there’s a bunch of
people on already I think yeah I think
we’re already in yeah kind of oh we’re
sitting so close Robert so romantic
there you go let you find this yeah is
it is it on right now and you guys hear
us we’re probably on actually we are on
guys hey welcome everybody to our live
stream we are coming to you live
actually from a cemetery it’s almost
midnight tonight we actually opened up
this live stream so we can do a Q&A
session with you guys yeah so Rob’s
probs gonna be filled in the questions
here anyway guys thanks for joining us
since we’ve been here it’s been creepy
as hell because we hear like voices
around us we could hear people walk in
and it’s an extremely uneasy feeling
anyway guys we yeah that’s all we can
see is alight we really can’t see
anything else anyway guys we came out
in particular we haven’t done a live
stream in a while I know you guys have a
lot of questions and what the hell is
that noise behind wait okay
okay anyway guys it’s such an uneasy
feeling being here in the cemetery at
this hour I mean the cemetery is creepy
as hell we’ve done videos here before
actually so few yeah a few of them and
anyway guys so we actually came out
tonight one – thank you guys so much for
watching our videos but also to answer
any questions that you have so any
questions you have Rob will be able to
read them here we’ll be able to answer
them and we might actually do a spirit
box session tonight while we’re here and
we may walk around a little bit as well
with you guys and show you this place so
what questions do we have Robbie Findley
so lately I’ve been really depressed
that’s if I could put into words how I
felt lately it’s been extremely
depressed and I think that mostly has to
do it whatever whatever kind of
attachments or things that try to get to
you at these places
I think what they do is they play on
your emotions up here and they’re like
if you’re feeling sad
it’ll be magnified like tenfold you know
or if you’re worried about something
it’ll be magnified
I mean honestly last few days I would
say I was really really depressed I’m
coming out of that actually Patty and
Rob saged me with yah they prayed over
me so I feel a lot better I always keep
my faith in God I think that’s the main
and I don’t honestly say depression was
one of the side effects of that extreme
depression Britney did we get that quick
Britney Britney yes thank you
you sent us a card we haven’t opened it
we said we’re gonna open it on live
stream I really apologize it’s at home
on our desk right now by our computer
and we forgot to bring it tonight I’m so
sorry we promise you we will open that
up on our next live stream for you okay
and thank you for sending the card that
was really awesome mmm no Mellie this is
not the same cemetery did that happens
no we were not gay just going into that
question or a question but as forgetting
did that question every time you do I
was scared wouldn’t be with this guy let
me tell you that coming all right now
he’s a catch but I’m not gay he’s not
good enough oh not actually he powered
oh just answer that question no he’s not
really I mean he’s been a little off but
not really yeah like I know he got a lot
of a lot of people actually contacted us
about the the Frank Lloyd Wright house
some people say you know you guys staged
everything and some people said you know
Joe’s possessed some of the things that
we cut out of that video we cut out
purposely guys because what happened was
is when we’re on the back by the pool at
the Frank Lloyd Wright house you know
you’ve seen the video angry I throw a
chair there was a lot of like bad
language used and we decided not to
actually put that in the video we may
edit through that stuff however
about the curse words and actually put
that up so you can see what happened
because it was it was pretty intense
really you know someone saying they
missed the live stream oh yeah we’re
actually live right now if you’re
watching this we’re still alive she’d
impossible to miss it because we’re
actually on here it’s live right now
yeah actually we got a donation thank
you but forgive us that donations was
that Linda thank you so much thank you
Linda that is so awesome by the way your
donations guys you don’t have to donate
but when you do we appreciate it so much
because that gives us the opportunity to
do things like this right Travel does
remind me though patreon is the patrons
on there
I need your addresses so I can send out
the stuff I’ve only got yeah okay we’ve
got 20 patrons I’ve got seven addresses
so I mean yeah patron of this channel
send us your information therefore we
can send you all the shirts right is
what we’re doing the shirts Donna any
issues in the pictures yes its use oh we
just got another donation thank you so
very much you sent that amber amber
thank you so much for that donation that
is spectacular guys yeah really really
appreciate that hey Samantha are you
what’s up Samantha how you doing so it’s
Australia and Argentina wow that is so
cool okay it’s so hard with this bright
light in our face it’s ridiculous we’re
always at dawn Ronnie oh so so one of
the fans of the show actually came down
to Florida his name is dawn and Dawn
actually I think will be doing a video
with Dawn tomorrow actually so look
forward to that dawn it’s gonna be fun
yes we actually do have the doll still
we do have the dolls so a lot of people
asked about the doll why did we take the
doll it was kind of a weird night if you
watch that video with Todd and I when we
find these dolls we decided to take it
maybe was not a good idea
I tied his dolls creepy as hell I
actually at our house we have a balcony
and we keep it outside on the balcony
and it actually has moved like we’ll put
it in one place and then it will turn up
in another place
I thought Rob was
with me I’m like Robbie you moving the
dollar he’s like no and vice-versa he
thought I was messing with him but that
doll is creepy and we don’t have the
doll with us tonight by the way guys
dolls on the balcony at home and stay
there moving around right yeah ah
Kimberly I don’t think I got a card from
you is probably still Tamela we haven’t
checked it yes I guess we um
Rob and I worked so much that you know
like we we checked the mail like once a
week so I do apologize if you did send
us an email we haven’t gotten to yet it
really apologize but thank you guys for
sending us you know the cards the
letters we really appreciate it
Ladell think you could the Happy
Birthday appreciate their your Rob’s no
longer in his 20s he’s 30 now when I
turned 30 I’m gonna freak man did I have
a great birthday actually we had him
yeah we had a lot of fun yeah Rob and I
went out and if he drinks got some good
food and some last a lot of laughs lots
less these comments go flying by so fast
so I apologize if we miss her comment
how many people do we have on this
stream right now okay she was 207 on
there though okay all right yeah so
anyway um so some of things what’s that
where is your protection
so protection I believe honestly I
believe in the protection of God we do
where the stones you know I think
bracelets we don’t have a month ago you
guys but yeah I believe in God and I
keep my faith in God and in Christ and
that is my protection and there’s
hammers okay so far delayed thanks no no
I’m holding them so I can read them okay
I got it
I gotta fly by right Lady Jaye says she
loves t-shirts awesome yeah
I’m sure it’s pretty cool I’m in the
works of making some new stuff to go out
but we’ve been busy so yeah Rob and I
are actually moving at the end of this
month actually so we’re not going to be
as close to Patti but we’ll still be
doing a lot of videos with Patti you
know but we’re just moving a little
further south we’re closer to work
actually and no we do not know moose or
G we have not met at men don’t know
Mozart do you know never met though I’ve
only been here a few times and we
haven’t met him he’s going out with Omar
yeah I met him yet I’m sure we will
I’m sure we will sorry I’m just trying
to feel do that I can’t read small print
because I need glass so give it all to
Omar oh boy you can take it out with
that other doll that he has more tank
tops that show them guns you want us to
wear more tank tops or by the way Rob
and I hit the gym so hard tonight as I’m
all sweaty
yeah that’s what he’s all sweaty but we
have a goal actually in the next six
months I want to lose some weight cut up
some more that’s the goal yeah sure this
explores yeah you guys I also want to
remind you of something that Rob and I
promised you that Rob’s gonna be pissed
that I even brought out but we’re real
close to 30,000 subs by the way we just
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who’s that from is it Pamela I’m I
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Pamela thank you for the donation
it’s anyway when we hit 30,000 subs and
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so yeah it’d be crazy
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guys so hey we got another donation
actually from Tammy it was a Tammy did I
see Tammy yeah thank you so much Tammy
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you got two oh wow
more muscle sure sensitivity uh I mean
Mary Clark thank you Mary yeah thanks
guys that is spectacular
someone’s you know said I yeah she it’s
not being erupting you what are you talk
we don’t interrupt each other I mean you
know honestly we just uh we kind of like
our banters off each other it’s gonna
work you know yeah yeah Robin I will do
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eggs in the tutu Maria I have very
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funny because all the sports I played my
whole life I mean I play football and
play tennis I played hockey I played
basketball and I still have skinny legs
it’s just genetically what’s gonna
happen to me so I can’t build them up
yeah Robin I’m gonna do a lot of
traveling this year as a matter of fact
I think our next trip is gonna be
Illinois mm-hmm and then our next trip
there after probably North Carolina and
for sure then we’re going to California
yeah yeah so California I’m really
looking forward to in particular there’s
so many places in California that we
would like to visit and I can’t wait to
get out there actually no we are not
no you’re just friend the stuff I’m
you’re not yeah you know but if I was
yeah okay well did you guys have any
questions that’s why we came out in
particular there’s so many comments on
our videos and it’s so hard to get to
all those questions quite frankly so you
know we like to use this opportunity to
answer any of those questions you know
oh the holy water is on what’s up Todd
yeah we haven’t been on very long
actually we just recently started
brought a few minutes I think we’re only
like not even 10 minutes into this
actually UK chick UK chick new Sun okay
welcome UK chick my mom is from the UK
and actually have a lot of family in the
UK that I actually don’t know so that’s
another trip that we’re gonna plan is
going to the UK now do you still feel
the presence of Bobby so this whole
Bobby things so weird guys because if
you watch a video that we did the other
night with patty
in this video were in this world before
date Road and we decided to get this
great idea there’s trails all over there
so we’re gonna go through these trails
and the weird thing is honestly I heard
the name Bobby whispered in my ear
several times there I watched the video
back myself and it’s really weird
because I’m very out of character for
myself in that video and I think one of
the things about that is is that when
you’re when you’re faced with that type
of scenario in that situation I don’t
think you realize that you’re being
oppressed or something is bugging you
it’s happened to Rob it’s happened to
myself oh yeah and and the funny thing
about it is is that you don’t realize
that until you watch the video back
yourself and I’m like well I was acting
kind of weird especially when it went
over to to the creepy doll and I’m doing
the spirit box and if you watch that
video before I get to the spirit box I
was actually walking ahead of the group
because we thought we heard animals
there like a bear so I’m walking ahead
and then I forget about the bear and I’m
actually at the spirit box it’s weird
it’s a very confusing thing and when
you’re in that
you can’t see the forest for the trees
right because you’re the one in that
situation so you don’t know even that
you’re acting weird I had no idea that I
was acting bizarre oh okay well actually
so I’m an old man actually I’m 49 years
old so this goes way back this actually
goes back to like between 93 and 97
actually does a police officer in New
York yeah that’s where this merchandise
goes I mean I think most of the shirts
go to like five minutes
we order it right we were from teespring
so we’re limited but they go I think
they do go to five eggs pretty big yeah
that’s as far as I’ll go I can’t make
him do any bigger sizes we don’t make
our own stuff we order from you know we
use teespring right now for the time
being yeah so T spring makes the
t-shirts they do all the delivery
everything like that which is awesome
but we don’t really have much control
over other than the design of this shirt
ourselves so we’re thinking about
getting hats we’re doing other things
too you know yeah eventually we’ll have
our own stuff but for now it’s just
easier yeah it’s a whole lot easier to
let them do it
mm-hmm scariest place we’ve been to well
there’s there’s several but I am I still
always fall back to and I’m sure Rob
agrees it’s the Frank Lloyd Wright house
it’s being the scariest place yeah the
reason why that is honestly is because
you literally have to walk like a half
mile into the woods just to get to the
place it’s just yeah so while you’re
walking in there’s this whole ominous
feel you hear noises in the woods when
you finally get to the house as you come
around this corner in the woods when you
get to the end the house used to be
covered in all this like a shrubbery
overgrown shrubs and stuff so the only
thing you really see what would help is
that freaking front door yeah
and the house is it’s a house of his
design I probably in the in the 1960s
it’s got a lot of dark paneling inside
it’s really it’s a dark place he’s got
it it’s got hidden rooms mm-hmm and
every time we go there there’s not one
person that we went to there with us
that came out of it that said this place
isn’t haunted I mean everybody hears
you can go daytime nighttime I don’t
care what time of day you go it is crazy
scary place that and and stuff we’ve had
experienced it a hillside or that yeah
your section that’s not really hillside
yeah office building it’s a different
context doesn’t have another donation
thank you so much who did that come from
actually somebody I saw old I was I’m
I’m 30 yeah I actually just turned 30
so officially yeah Rob is officially the
irony is until later in his 20s he’s
actually welcome to the old man club
that’s mmm as far as being scared I mean
like we’re we concerned when they come
to these places we’re probably more
worried about like actual people being
in there oh this is why we kind of
typically carry it most places
oh yeah that’s another thing we got a
lot of slag the Bellas carry a gun yeah
so let me clarify why we carry gun first
and foremost I have a permit to carry
gun they’re not gonna give somebody a
permit to carry gun if you have a
criminal record
you know they screen you really well so
we’re responsible with the gun the
reason why you see us sometimes with the
gun and a lot of people like a lot of
people commented like what are you guys
gonna do shoot a ghost it’s not that
when you go to some of these places and
especially places that we’ve been to
before I got to tell you first of all
the hillside Estates is in a really bad
neighborhood guys I mean there’s a lot
of crime there right so a lot of these
houses especially in Florida the crazy
thing is especially coming from New York
a lot about you one of my you know
everybody’s like oh New York’s so full
of crime forget that down here is full
of a lot of crime there’s a lot of drug
so a lot of people use these places to
make crystal meth you know and and the
gun is really not to shoot somebody but
if if you walk into one of these places
and a lot of times these abandoned
houses that we actually go into there’s
one way in one way out so you could be
in this place and it’s pretty much dark
the only thing we have is either our
flashlights or the light that you’re
that that’s on us right now
which gives us about five feet of light
in front of us okay so if you’ve run
into somebody in there and and they’re
up to no good the gun is a definite good
bargaining tool to say hey listen we’re
leaving back off that’s really what it’s
there for it’s really to protect
everybody and you know it’s it’s the
great equalizer because you’re in a
you’re in an unknown situation it’s not
there for ghosts usually what we’ll do
is well we’ll clear a place with the gun
and then we’ll put the gun in the car
once we know the place is clear but I
don’t want to walk into a meth lab with
no gun just the flashlight you know yes
yes I made a comment that we should
announce ourselves before we go in it
yeah oh I did it’s a bad idea because
you know if you’re in there and there’s
a criminal element in this place that
you know that making drugs you say hey
I’m here it doesn’t really mean anything
to these people oh yeah but and also to
there could be homeless people now the
guns not for homeless people it’s really
for the criminal element that does exist
in these places and I got to tell you
guys the neighborhoods that we go into
sometimes mm-hmm hillside estates or the
surrounding area there and is so bad
such a high crime area as a matter of
fact when the police showed up and we’re
getting us for trespassing the police
even said you guys are crazy for being
here there’s such a high crime area and
it may not look like that in the video
but you know you never know who you
gonna run into so that’s why we have the
gun so we wanted to clarify that
actually as far as everything else we do
these videos and we I just would kind of
allow a certain level of calm
when things like this for the video
really I mean we kind of know we’re
getting into at least we have an idea
but right the idea is to make a creepy
video in scary places so if we just went
in and you know for protection nothing
really happened or did something like
the other ghost videos do on TV and you
know or the same thing so we’re just
trying to do our own thing
they make alright much much better much
better yeah yeah that’s true that’s a
good point do we just get another
donation thank you so much extra in
Fernanda thank you for that that is
spectacular do we go to church we do
actually I believe in God I’m one of
those people though that I don’t believe
in Church
I think Church is man-made I don’t want
to get into this not religion thing
that’s not Church Church organized
organized religion yes thanks for
clarifying that I believe I could have a
relationship with God and Jesus and
that’s I believe you know what we’ve had
we had gone to church we did there is a
church here that we do go to and it’s a
spectacular yeah it’s really good I’m
non-denominational of study religion in
college and there’s a religion minor
yeah you know I’m big into it left
yes organized religions had my own
personal issues with it but yeah yeah
that’s kind of where we stand with that
without kind of get into it crazy Rob
and I got started doing videos so it was
kind of weird I think went over this
before but of course let’s revisit that
Rob and I actually worked together and
at the time Rob recently got separated
from his from his girlfriend and I was
recently divorced
and I had a four-bedroom home so as like
hey wanna he just you know rent a room
for me and Rob and I talked about do you
need like we always like to go to the
gym so we started making videos at the
gym working out and they were fun videos
but you know people are looking for more
like instructional stuff they were more
entertaining and I always wanted to go
into bed in places just because I
thought it was just kind of a cool thing
to do and seeing other videos on YouTube
it was like wow this is kind of neat
well you know like kind of like what’s
inside this place so we started doing
those types of videos where as we were
going into abandoned houses excuse me
guys so anyway we were doing these
videos and when we’d go home and edit
the videos it was always weird it was
like well why is it possible how was it
excuse me how is it possible that we’re
home watching this video that we just
shot in this abandoned house and there’s
talking going on it like he never really
made sense to us so our videos just kind
of evolved into this I think there’s
something about Rob and myself that
attracts these types of like things to
happen because you can have people go
into the same place and nothing happens
but there’s like like the fam all of us
right like so you take me you take Rob
you take Todd you can call Adi Omar mo
all these people have one thing in
common that we can attract certain
things to us I don’t know if it’s it has
to do with necessarily where we go I
think it’s more us and I think the
dynamic that we have I really do think
that creates an energy that the spirits
try to talk to you and contact us I
don’t really know how to explain it
other than that other than the things
that you see that happened in our videos
they happen in our videos some things we
leave out of the videos intentionally
and the reason why we leave things out
of the videos intentionally is because
we try to we try to always keep our
videos as family-friendly as possible
because sometimes a lot of kids watch
the videos like you for example at Frank
Lloyd Wright house I’m going to revisit
that again there was a lot of foul
language you know and we do have foul
language in our videos sometimes but
sometimes it gets to be an overkill in
those types of situations so that’s why
you’ll see us like pull some of that
stuff anyway we may still put that up
just really edit out all the foul
language you know kind of there’s a few
questions that are kind
very similar in terms of how we like why
we do these things we’re saying with
Christians but how do we why do we do
this yeah because I can answer that
display one thing about myself and Rob
that I can answer and I could be
definitive on this both of us are very
very creative people so for example one
of the things I like to do is write I
like music I I like all the Arts and
believe it or not these videos that we
put out I feel that it tells a story
right so to answer that question how
could you be Christian and going into
these places it’s kind of kind of like
how could you be Christian and watching
these videos same type of thing right
why are you watching because you’re
curious right you want to know the story
you want to know what’s going on in the
same way we’re very creative people and
this is something of interest so we’re
not promoting you know anything that
would be Antichrist or anything like
but we are showing our version of
something paranormal something that’s of
interest right so it’s our story if that
makes sense you know yeah we always have
an underlying message in all of our
videos yeah you know but also when we go
to these places we’re there to make
creepy videos we’re not layered and
necessarily contact spirit to do
anything with and so we’re not like
medians we’re not we’re not using them
in any way so you wouldn’t kit you
wouldn’t write any would classify us you
know it’s anything bad we’re just going
there and kind of more exploring the
science of it like we yeah early on we
realize that we got disembodied voices
in our videos and that made us a little
curious like what is that is it spirit
is it not a spirit alright and we really
don’t exactly know that you know
yeah but we don’t really even know that
that’s you know that could just be
coincidence my take on this may be a
little different than yours but I really
believe in my heart that were not
necessarily contacting spirits I may get
something evil that we contact and what
I mean by that is this I think that I
think that when you use the spirit box
when you use the Ouija board things like
that I think that a lot of times these
spirits are trying to trick you and and
and why I could say that is is that a
lot of times the things that come
through there like for a while there I
would hear what sounded like my dad’s
voice I’d hear his name I even heard
other family members voices on there and
and I don’t know how to explain that
because is that them coming through I
don’t know but there is also a
depression that comes with that guys I
gotta tell you this is real legit when
you’re when you’re in that situation
like for example the last last week
right I mean everything was magnified in
my life whatever whatever it was at the
Frank Lloyd Wright house was playing on
my emotions and I I think that when
you’re you know as human being you’re
always subject to some type of emotion
right but I think whatever these spirits
are know how to play up those emotions
and you know it’s a little voice that
whispers in your ear that says all this
isn’t gonna work out or
sorry guys so right – alright you get
here talking like crystal clear I hope
that’s picked it up
I’d actually actually got my heart
racing what that was I have absolutely
no idea anyhow so it plays on your
emotions it like if you’re sad and it
magnifies that really honestly I’m not a
very depressed person but if he but the
last week I’ve been depressed and I
think that that’s what these things try
to do in my opinion I could be totally
wrong I’m no expert but how I feel and
how I felt this week that would be my
explanation for it you know even Rob’s
like are you okay and I’m like man I’m
just I feel down about this you know
yeah anyway it’s it’s it’s been like
that it’s crazy I think we should walk
over there
because I freaking hear something I mean
I heard a woman talking be here right
now there’s a woman talking there sounds
like she’s singing
the materia where I saw that lady in the
right so guys we’re gonna walk around
here in a minute we’ll take you guys
with us so these are the things that
happened to us what you’re witnessing
right now to my right so kind of
describe where you are this is a
cemetery and we’re sitting kind of in a
courtyard here kind of like a mausoleum
if you look behind me there’s like a
mausoleum back there anyway there is a
woman singing I can hear and Rob King
here I don’t know if you guys can hear
she’s still singing yeah so you guys
want to take a walk so we have this
thing on a big tripod guys so we’re
gonna do a little finagle
anyway alright guys so talking about an
uneasy feeling I could shine the
flashlight down there I can’t see
anybody but I can sure hear somebody
there is a woman a female spirit that
does follow us and does show up in a lot
of our videos and actually sometimes
says full sentence is its creepiest
thing ever it’s never anything of malice
it’s never need anyways negative
sometimes she’ll agree with us like I’ll
say to Rob like hate it you hear that
and then when we play the video back
you’ll hear a female voice say something
like yeah I heard that or sing and
they’re singing going on so a couple
things alright thank you Lisa
for the donation yes thank you Lisa also
somebody asks if anything happens around
the house so the weird thing is yes that
is true things do happen or in the house
but what happens around the house is
weird like sometimes Rob I was that
loud man holy crap let’s take them with
us you handle that
really what kind of like have you guys
hear that but a vicious scream my
stomach alright hey shut the stuff loose
the handle there you go
we’re going for a walk this is the gun
notice it’s in the bag
we’re not shooting anybody alright
hopefully I don’t shut you guys off with
me guys Rob is freaking wild and setting
up the tripod did set that thing up man
I’m so loud yeah let’s leave the tripod
what we’ll come back to it but we’re
gonna walk around with them what did I
just do this was a drop down okay guys
this is so scary
freaky what we can’t even come out and
do a freaking livestream that is crazy
yeah leave my heart is bracing that was
probably scary scream I’ve ever had
alright guys so did anybody hear that
because I gotta tell you that was loud
as can be
yeah so you guys are gonna come with us
tonight and walk around this place a
little bit not our intention to do an
explorer but now you’re coming with us
yeah you’re gonna have to what about
this light okay we’re gonna do cuz
you’re gonna brought a flashlight cuz
that was not our intent can you put this
on there hmm
you just hold it yeah I’m gonna hold it
I guess I kind of just using this for
that it’s it yeah just usually a slow
set it alright yeah just a Joey sorry
guys and they can’t see us very they
were just the allowable technical
difficulties well there’s not technical
difficulties there’s something to scream
that’s a difficulty myself
blood-curdling scream – like this up
what the fun that did you hear that well
it was banging over there man
that was freaking loud dude you better
die soon anyway yeah
alright cool I’m gonna turn you guys
thanks Mary appreciate that donation
trying to turn you guys real quick is
bear with me there’s not one to turn
there it goes don’t forget the cellphone
yeah that was like a freaking loud bang
do you hear that it’s like mumbling
guys they pissed off this way
only somebody there was no car it’s
analytic came in unless they walked it
okay I know you [ _ ] heard that I heard it I heard it I’ve heard it I heard you know this is significantly more creepy when you do not have a flashlight and you can’t see it at distance I’m gonna turn this up a bit hopefully the you hear a train there’s no trains around this we’re in the middle of Spring Hill there’s no train up here that was dude that was blood-curdling that scream was ridiculous sure you guys want to see his spirit box we did not set out to do a spirit box we’ll do a spirit box now someone said you have sexy legs broad shouldered skinny [ _ ] legs all right so here a box it
she’ll be all right
let’s do it why not yeah see if we get
anything on it freaks me out every time
it’s always good to get crazy stuff on a
live stream so so they can experience
what we experienced a real apologize I
get nervous like first line somebody
said you say dude too much you come out
here and on say your team yeah it’s
creepy yeah we start to fill like our
speech with that stuff so we don’t say
bad words I say huh
tell me those batteries aren’t dead they
can’t be dead we never use the thing
wait we might have had a reason here oh
no we don’t know we’re not doing this
game all right actually you know what
that could be a sign maybe we shouldn’t
be doing this beautiful eyes Jennifer
said to tan those legs Joe who said that
Jennifer no no no another Jennifer
Patton yes and you’re very nice
expensive shoes yeah that’s kind of cool
we do a little livestream impromptu you
explore why not okay
changing it up going with the flow
what’s up dead
now on exam I feel how cold it is open
did something move behind you man what
what the hell something moves over here
over here what do they want to still
explore the cemetery with us I don’t
know who’s chasing the troll is he at
least funny some of the trolls are
actually kind of funny I don’t know I
don’t know we got to put some mods back
on cuz I missed it actually some of the
trolls come up with some pretty funny
comments you’re gonna go in 100 to watch
you know
I hear a woman moaning to you there you
know bunch of things actually might just
be quiet enough to hear you’re a train
at a distance I don’t know I guess I
never I didn’t notice a horn no there’s
a train horn that must be yeah that’s
the right somewhere must be quite enough
for it to travel this distance is that
that tracks actually pretty far you see
something yeah
now three sound that scare no good
spooks maybe yeah I can see a Jennifer
Nelson yeah she’s here too Oh alright so
what do you want do you want to wrap
this up they want us to continue maybe
you guys yep and I can see you you come
to come through I mean I see a little
bit of a cemetery or do you want to do
more q and A’s this is for you guys so
whatever you want to see we will do do
you want to see us go through the
cemetery or do you want to stanchions
since it continues I’m saying nope who’s
seeing a bunch of things I guess they
don’t want to see they want to see the
cemetery or they want oh no we’re not
doing the spirit box at the house we
don’t do that because that’s that’s no
do we finish talking about what happens
in the house what’s that we didn’t
finish talking about what happened in
the house did we okay we can at least
answer their they’ll shut it back on the
tripod let’s let’s finish up our oh [ __ ]
no what was that what is that man it’s
like somebody’s you know they make the
stones over there around that corner
there you think somebody’s back there
yeah they say they heard it hold on this
be whistling nobody knows we’re here now
no okay
alright alright then alright hey what’s
up Brenda
someone said that was a sign to keep
exploring the cemetery when you’re
hearing scary stuff I don’t want to
explore the cemetery but alright I’ll
answer the questions as we walk what was
the question that I’m answering uh-oh
what happens in our house you lost
connection sometimes a few explores we
went on when I get home at night I
couldn’t go to sleep because yeah there
was that one time you were joking about
the Illuminati in that her freaking
whisper right after you there it said it
was like a loom and not a and I asked
you if you freaking said it yeah that’s
been crazy yeah it was that time that
our uh our fan just started to spin on
its own and made like two turns on its
own hadn’t been running it all day
there’s couple weird things that’s
happened yeah today I heard a really
loud bang in the kitchen I’m not sure
what the heck that was and then the
other day I was getting ready for work I
was downstairs in the kitchen in a
boxful off the chair I made a really
loud bang I don’t know I need to
actually wait this is a newer part of
the cemetery
what the Freak was that so somebody’s
over here yeah I think somebody messed
with the tripod that’s what it sounded
like somebody knocked you down or
somebody’s gotta be over here
huh what is that freaking noise it looks
like somebody who’s messing with stuff
over here
all right that’s talking yeah all right
so all right now the trackpad looked
like it was in the same place all right
does it look like the same place right
yeah okay
somebody said maybe the dolmas was will
not be crazy crazy
all right not shaking no I guess we
should yeah put that on 32 others would
blind here okay you just been oh yeah
owner you get it turn the whole thing it
may be enough light in here
no there’s not ya can’t really see us
although I think you gotta loosen that
yeah I got it just turn it completely
man I believe
just in case that’s why yes it is
alright guys so Rob and I are gonna head
out you both have to work in the morning
anyway guys love each and every one of
you I say that every time and I really
do and this place is creepy as can be
but we have a video tomorrow night
coming out actually that we’re gonna
shoot tomorrow you may not come out
tonight it’ll come on anyway I love you
guys so much thanks for joining us
this has been really cool I hope we
answered some of your questions and okay
okay alright Martin you’re gonna walk
back to the car with us that’s what you
guys are gonna do yeah cuz it’ll beep on
the place in when we’re attacked
anyway alright let’s turn the money one
more turn it alight okay guys this is
freaking weird okay
anyway please patrons do not forget to
send me your addresses so that I can get
that other that pictures out autographs
out Steve here’s out stuff like that so
please please please and if you’re not a
patron you like to be please check us
okay now shout out to Sara give you a
shout-out sure no problem there me and I
keep missing this Jason what’s going all
this Jason apparently Jason is a douche
I don’t know I’d never see the comment I
just see somebody coming against it
oh I keep missing the comment oh so I
don’t know we gotta we gotta add more
mods yeah anyway guys know it’s missing
you alright
anyway guys thanks for joining us
tonight this has been a cool livestream
yeah and any questions we’re gonna try
to do this more often guys actually
Robin I have a lot going on we’re moving
and we have so much wrapped amazing
anyway tomorrow night we have a video
coming out and also this weekend we have
another really awesome video coming out
guys I can’t wait to put this together
for you yeah Robin I anyway love you
guys thanks for coming out tonight yeah
sure Oh Jesse
Chelsea Karissa Debra yeah
chef Deborah Xiao Sharon Lorie but I
love you guys bye bye

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