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13 Scary Ghost Videos To Never Watch Home Alone! – Feb 17, 2021

i’m still freaked out over this but that
was like a loud crashing bang
and there was nobody in here i know
there was nobody in that basement
hello everyone my name is sarah spooks
and today we’ll take a look at 13 scary
ghost videos to never watch home alone
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the first video on today’s list comes to
us from a youtube channel known as
alice in wonderland 74 who uploaded the
following truck dash camera video to a
on august 1st 2020 the footage which was
filmed on a highway located in marietta
is only 10 seconds in length but what it
shows is truly creepy and will leave you
take a look and see for yourself all
right gordon
all right
in the description of the video the
uploader states that the driver in the
truck saw the figure
and thought he may have accidentally run
somebody over
upon exiting the vehicle for inspection
he couldn’t find
anybody near the area whatsoever what’s
perhaps the most interesting though is
that when the truck driver called the
local sheriff’s department
they informed him that other people have
called out about the exact same spot
and said that they thought they saw a
woman in the road
only to find nobody or nothing there
super strange indeed
over on the popular ghost subreddit a
user by the name of default guest user
shared a chilling video taken at his
place of work and said
quote i was doing my rounds checking
every room in the office
at about 2 am no one else on the floor
just a one-man shift the door is a heavy
metal door with a magnetic
lock for a server room end quote so
without further delay let’s take a look
at the security camera footage
after watching the video it definitely
seems weird how this huge
metal doll that has a magnetic lock
opened all by itself
just as the uploader checked on it some
people in the comment section bring up
the possibility of it being a ghost
but others are not so convinced a few
commenters say it could be due to an air
pressure imbalance which also seems like
a likely explanation to the video
but whatever way you look at it this is
definitely something you wouldn’t want
to experience
while working alone at 2 am
use a dope island skate shared a highly
creepy and bizarre piece of footage to
the previously mentioned ghost subreddit
that’s begging for some concrete answers
the uploader states that the footage
is from two different angles that were
both filmed at the exact same time
with one being filmed on a cell phone
and the other coming from a security
camera in the home
let’s have a close look at the video and
see what the upload has been
experiencing as of late
i’ll tell you i’ll see you actually
actually i’m walking up here
although it never swings around
viciously this ceiling lamp
definitely was moving in a strange and
unnatural manner
it also appears that there’s no window
open in the house nearby
that would cause this lamp to move
around like that
to this day dope island skate is not
quite sure what exactly happened
in his house that day he is hoping that
he eventually gets the answers he needs
if you have any theories on what could
have happened here
be sure to post them in the comments
airbags hill is already making quite a
name for himself on youtube thanks to
his wide assortment of different
paranormal investigation
related videos including exploring
abandoned churches
factories schools and many many more
but one of his best and most chilling
videos was published
in january of 2021 and it sees him
exploring an abandoned masonic temple
located in cleveland ohio in the words
of airbags himself
this is one of the creepiest places i
have ever explored
his quote will make a whole lot of sense
once you see
the video in its entirety is highly
entertaining to watch
and i recommend you do so later on your
own time
but here i will be showing all the
craziest and most terrifying moments
upon walking around the area for a few
minutes everything seems distraught and
torn apart
but other than that nothing seems to be
out of the ordinary
that is however until he walks into one
room and makes a shocking discovery
if you are a massive animal lover you
may want to look away
then just a couple of minutes later when
he enters another room in the temple
something happens that causes airbags to
make a startled gasping noise
take a look
now at this point i think most people
would leave the building and abandon
their investigation
but urbex makes his way around other
parts of the temple he has yet to see
but maybe that wasn’t such a good idea
at the 24 minute mark it seems as though
a potential spirit is trying to let
urbex know
that he is not welcome
and on the way out of the building this
this place is definitely one of the most
besides seemingly hearted temples i have
in quite a while what could have
possibly been causing all those loud
why were the doors opening and closing
by themselves
and why was that dead dog just laying in
one of the rooms
we may never know for sure
the old south pittsburgh hospital is
quite notorious for being one of the
most frightening
haunted and abandoned hospitals you can
visit in the united states
it’s an absolutely terrifying building
that seems to be harboring many eerie
and it seems as though the youtube
channel devil’s our productions knows
about this first hand
as they walk around the building in this
video published to their channel on
february 10
2021 for the first two hours of their
it sounds like the crew over devil’s our
productions didn’t find themselves too
much luck
but that all changes as soon as they
explore the third floor of the building
upon setting up a rig device one of the
man behind the channel says he thinks he
may have captured something on camera
and it is sure to freak you out it
like a figure standing right next to the
but it disappeared quickly
with the footage slowed down you could
see it more clearly
at first i’m thinking this was due to
camber exposure
you can see it start out dark as the
camera points down the hallway
the distance change causes the camera to
adjust to the exposure
this shadow however seems humanoid in
shape and height
like a person then suddenly disappears
i also know this isn’t my shadow because
you can see
my shadow was casting onto the floor
judging by the footage that was filmed
at the hospital that day
it doesn’t seem as if the man filming
realized the strange shadow figure was
making an appearance
until he went back to review the footage
later on
i would like to think that finding out
that a potential spirit or shadow figure
was in the area with you
would be a more startling realization
after you leave the building
and end your investigation because
you’re left with the knowledge that
there was something there keeping you
company all alone
and you just didn’t know it
if devils are productions does go ahead
and revisit the old south pittsburgh
hospital again
they may have a visitor waiting for
their return
as we have seen many times on the
internet not even your own home is safe
from potential paranormal entities
despite it being the one place in the
world where you should be able to
experience true peace
and comfort without ever having to worry
unfortunately for youtuber maximum
they may not be feeling too comfortable
in their home
in this video uploaded on february 7th
we can see what appears to be an
everyday ordinary kitchen with all of
the lights off
as the security camera records
throughout the night
for a little bit it comes across as
nothing more than a standard piece of
but as you can probably expect that
doesn’t last for too much longer
if you didn’t see it look in the center
of the doorway
and you should be able to make out what
appears to be some sort of misty ghostly
manifesting inside the room but it
doesn’t stick around for too long
it’s not a very long video but it is
still creepy
and oftentimes the most besides
fascinating videos
are the shortest do you think that this
was a ghost appearing in the uploader’s
or was this something else entirely be
sure to leave your ideas in the comments
explorer llttf paranormal and urban
is a relatively obscure youtube channel
that specializes in exactly what their
title suggests
it’s miraculous that their channel isn’t
bigger than it is
because their videos are definitely
chilling and they usually document some
pretty impressive stuff
take for example this video published to
their channel on september 18
2020 in which the crew makes their way
to a run-down
abandoned hospital that proves to be
much more than your average
empty hospital it is definitely hiding a
very dark secret
for the duration of the video the group
can be seen walking inside various
different rooms and areas at the
filming everything that they see in case
they are able to capture something
interesting or scary
and it appears as though one of them
does exactly that so what’s the last few
so let’s take a look and see
to be honest the group’s reaction upon
seeing and hearing the subject fall to
the ground and shatter
is one of the most genuine reactions i
have heard in the video of this sort in
quite some time
they genuinely sound freaked out and
it’s only a couple of minutes later that
the video ends
because the crew leaves the hospital
which i would say
is a wise choice
but it still begs the question what
caused that item to fall to the ground
and break there weren’t any windows open
and it didn’t look like anybody in the
crew bumped into it or anything
i’m still freaked out over this but that
was like a loud crashing bang
and there was nobody in here we seen
three guys but they went up the other
way and that was like
an hour and a half two hours ago i know
there was nobody in that basement
do you think this was the result of a
paranormal entity
was it caused by an unseen string that
was pulled off camera
be sure to tell me your thoughts in the
sylvia c of the united kingdom probably
did not expect to get a creepy visitor
in her kitchen one day
but unfortunately for her that’s exactly
what happened
not only was this visitor unwelcome but
it seems as though
this visitor may not be human the video
was filmed within
sylvia’s kitchen and it’s apparent that
she has her camera out because something
weird has been going on
and she wants to document it on camera
for the world to see
and gratefully for sylvia us viewers
don’t have to wait long at all to see
exactly what weird things she has been
experiencing lately
let’s take a look and see
cover is moving
oh my god guys
spirit in the kitchen is there anything
else you want to
move tonight
why are you
do you want my help please move
something if you want my help
moving the parts again
many people have pointed out in the
comments that sylvia sounds both
fascinated and chill to the bone at the
same time
as she asks the potential spirit to make
a sign that is there
she definitely sounds worried but
nevertheless she wants the spirit to
make its presence known
so she knows she isn’t just imagining
and as you can probably tell it doesn’t
look like this is a figment of her
what’s even scarier though is when the
paranormal entity seems to throw a knife
and sylvia is lucky that she didn’t get
harmed by the whole incident
if the spirit aimed a little bit better
sylvia could have been seriously hurt
let’s just hope this angry spirit never
makes itself seen or heard from again in
sylvia’s house
nobody believes me nobody believes me
the [ _ ] that’s going on i hope i got a [ _ ] on camera man
a man online known as young boy lloyd is
convinced that there is a ghost in his
house and he says he has the evidence to
prove it in his youtube video
uploaded to his channel on january 20th
yeah what’s going on yours young boy
lloyd i’m here right now i totally
i’m tired of this ghost in my house
she’s shaking [ _ ] tired of the [ _ ] in
my house
i’m going to burn some sage and all that
and try borno the duppy in my house
tonight yo
you feel me i had some stains that i
burned before
add some i don’t know what this wood
piece is too
so i’m going to try one more right now
no more dumping this house yeah you
never sleepless
nights i had this house
like clean up this year i don’t know if
this [ _ ] works i got this at the free market um vila market or whatever you know what i’m saying yo what’s good holy [ _ ]
no i’m everyone know what this dumpy i
see oh wait oh i got a [ _ ] on camera i hope i got a [ _ ] on camera cause
believes me the [ _ ] that’s going on yo nobody believes me nobody believes me the [ _ ] that’s going on
i hope i got a [ _ ] on camera man in a second video published by lloyd one day later he’s doing something similar like you saw in the previous video but this time he even gets equipped with a knife in case he needs to defend himself and as you can probably expect it doesn’t take long at all for some incredibly fascinating things to start happening in lloyd’s house take a look and see for yourself thanks for everybody to uh that um help me that reach out to me you know what i’m saying but i’m at war with this ghost right now i’m gonna ask him what the [ _ ] does he want from me you
know what i’m saying
wherever it goes wherever you are
whatever what if you want from me and
just come on my
life just love me man you don’t know how
long how much weeks and months i’ve been
here torturing over this [ _ ] you know you feel me and i’m not going to accept that i’m going to take that you know i’m not going to pull because like this ghost wants me to sit down in and i i i i i just just sit down and just take this and eat i think my one video leave up from here man y’all don’t worry i’m you see when i leave right now i’m going to go get some stairs and then i’m going to burn your entire stuff what stay in here you know yo hold on let me get my phone let me go yo you guys see this you see the [ _ ]
i’m down so you know
the reaction to lloyd’s video seem to be
a little bit mixed
mostly some commenters think that lloyd
does indeed have an
angry spirit in this house whereas
others are convinced it’s a hoax
and bring up the odds of him filming the
spirit in action
as soon as he hits record on the camera
but nevertheless lloyd is still saying
these videos are legitimate
so what do you think is there really a
spirit in his house
or is it a setup let me know in the
a youtube channel known as
uploaded an intriguing video to that
channel all the way back in 2011
which seems to document some pretty
remarkable paranormal evidence
that happened in his home all while his
family was out on vacation
the first piece of footage was filmed
inside the uploader’s living room on
what seems to be some sort of home
surveillance camera
upon first glance this looks to be your
ordinary living room complete with some
couches a coffee table and a television
off in the distance but take a look at
the floor and you’ll see something
terrifying happening
after the living room we cut footage
that was filmed inside one of the
house’s bathrooms
and as you can probably expect this
bathroom goes from being ordinary and
normal to creepy and bizarre
in the snap of a finger
a little while later in the garage it
could be hard to see exactly what is
going on
but be sure to listen closely to the
video as your hearing is the most
important aspect to the video
and not so much the actual footage
itself have a listen for yourself
here are some more odd and haunting
pieces of paranormal activity going on
inside the uploader’s house
i do wonder how many days this activity
spanned out over
did this happen in one or two days or
was this a result of many incidents
happening within the time frame of a
week or so
either way we can only hope that
grasshopper is no longer living in a
that is the target of paranormal
my son and daughter saw a ghost is the
short sweet and creepy title of the
following youtube video published by
young boy lloyd
who you probably remember from earlier
in this list
in the video the man filming lloyd says
that he is at home with both his son and
his daughter
and says that they told him they both
saw something really weird and
and they want him to take a look lord
asks them where they saw this thing
and his son tells him it’s in the
bathroom he then asks his son to go show
him where exactly in the bathroom he
thinks he saw the thing
and he proceeds to do so but not long
after lloyd walks into the bathroom with
his son
this happens hello guys um
i’m here with my my kids and i’m in the
room and they called me and told me that
they seen something where did you see it
where in the washroom could you guys
show me yes
okay come show me this here
can you stay there where
i’m in here
okay show me
oh my goodness
the first time i saw this video i
thought lloyd just pulled the door shut
extremely fast
thus giving it the illusion that the
ghost closed it
but after re-watching it several times
it’s hard to tell what exactly happened
let’s hear
it genuinely does seem as if an entity
is in the room with
lloyd and his son and close the dawn him
since the release of this video lloyd
has uploaded quite a bit of videos to
his channel
but none of them seem to be directly
related to the events in this particular
so he is hoping that lloyd and his kids
are able to now live
a peaceful and paranormal free life
a youtuber going by the name of ireland
by bano paranormal
shared a video to their channel on
december 16
2020 that documents them as they explore
an allegedly haunted
and abandoned factory at an undisclosed
it’s noticeable as soon as the cameraman
enters the factory that it has
definitely seen better days
it looks worn down and creepy everywhere
you look
but the upload has more problems to
worry about other than the state of the
interior of the factory
he has to worry about the fact that he
may not be so alone in the building
after all
at one point early on in the video the
uploader walks around a room in the
factory that seems to have very little
inside of it
all of a sudden something happens in
that room that startles him immensely
take a look and see for yourself
but if you thought that was creepy trust
me it only gets even creepier from that
point onward
just two minutes later while exploring
yet another empty room
someone or something can be seen just
barely visible on screen
and take a listen to this frightening
noise that occurs a few minutes
later that would more than likely cause
investigate or not to flee the area as
soon as possible
amazingly though this does not
completely scare away the uploader as he
works his way to one last area of the
before deciding to call it quits what
scared him so badly that he had to leave
right after well let’s have a look
it definitely would have been nice if
ilm bono paranormal provided the details
on where exactly
this old abandoned factory was located
because as of right now its whereabouts
remain a total mystery
but either way this is one factory that
you would never want to enter
and i’m sure the uploader will never
want to go there for a second trip
dark ghost paranormal is a very popular
russian youtube channel that focuses
primarily on videos
relating to various different paranormal
abandoned building explorations and many
more to satisfy
your horror needs trust me even if you
don’t speak russian
this video uploaded to that channel in
november 2020
will creep you out regardless the video
in question seems to have been recorded
at some sort of distraught and decrepit
presumably in russia at around the four
minute mark
something incredibly strange happens
when the cameraman
enters a particular room watch this
this obviously creeps the cameraman
right out
but nevertheless he messes up the
courage to continue working his way
throughout the house
and comes into another room but
unfortunately for him
this room is just as creepy as the last
it looks like
there’s no logical explanation behind
the clock moving its hands
all by itself and that’s definitely one
of the weirdest things that happens in
darko’s paranormal video
there can’t be any strings attached to
the clock hands so
what caused it to happen and then
a little later on in the clip we hear
familiar sound
from earlier on
wherever this house is located i think
it is safe to say that it is one of the
creepiest and most haunted houses
i have seen in a while gratefully
it didn’t seem as though the spirit was
too angry of ireland
but it simply made some noise and was
perhaps trying to make its presence
even still that’s enough to make this
video truly and utterly scary
and that was 13 scary ghost videos to
never watch home alone
i hope you enjoyed the video and if you
did then subscribe for more
scary content also be sure to go and
subscribe to my new channel
spooky hour link in the description
my name is spooks and i’ll see you all
in the next video

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