Photogrammetry Projects With Viewer

Fire Hydrant point cloud using photogrammetry
Spot an apparition, share it!

This one project was a fire hydrant in a park where I walk from time to time.

Below, you can see the 3D viewer to look around the point cloud vs a full textured mesh. Fortunately, the point cloud did not completely generate the object. Especially, underneath the fire hydrant. That was all my fault because I did not think of it at the time I was taking pictures.

I was testing a camera which I had for several years. (I think about 5). I was wondering if it would work just as good as my DSLR camera.

I am still working on my viewer and orientations, but I will be fixed hopefully soon.

Let me know your thoughts on the photogrammetry projects. These VR experiences and projects will get bigger in scale. One project in mind is a haunted hotel I visited this summer.

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Author: Fro

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