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Our own investigations

We are not here to disprove or prove that an apparition is real, but more on understanding why and how it appeared. This can be through our physical senses or other senses yet to be discovered.

We gather and consolidate all content that was published by others on the Internet. For research purposes, we document the content and use the content to help us improve our detection of anomalies within the content.

Others investigations, explorations, and experiences

We search for videos and audios around the world. Our primary language is English, but welcome other language translations. Video (as in visual aspect) can be viewed with our own eyes and only need to understand objects on the video. We will be reviewing this material, and from time to time release our findings.

We will place disclaimers that we don’t own the original content and provide a reference where to get it. We will pursue fair use under U.S. copyright laws to provide commentary, reactions, recreations, explanation assumptions, an area for discussion, and recommend others to provide feedback. This forum will be outside of where the original content was founded, even if it has its own features which are comparable or similar to ours.

We will make every attempt to reach out to the content creator to get permission to use their content on our post, research, and investigations.

If you are a content creator and, we used your work any of our work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


  1. Collect documented content of past published findings of apparitions.
  2. Use the content to build more advanced tools in hopes of further improve the detection and tracking of unknown and known apparitions.
  3. Aid in research and investigations of apparitions