South Foreland Battery

The GhostTech Investigators capture paranormal activity at South Foreland Battery.

YouTube video published on Nov 29, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 22 – South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – South Foreland Battery

How so just made his something moving behind Judith this summit banging you move something move beyond this first before we cannot possibly the moving the placeholder for the analysis and background is in all all you and I don’t come back from that by having them know nothing about football the frontline of the iceberg will) and only two years ago they were delivered at home and safety of the British Army (with only two years ago when the viability of weeping on the shoulder of the land that the body but still chilly British expeditionary force was only two years ago that the British behind the strained and grill development brief for whatever replace the island that had been left behind law restoring was only two years ago behind the cliff.
There and bring on with nothing much to be on a high following the results of scientific something essential that we can coast of south-east England represents a bold cliff to the same commands views of the Strait of Dover is the closest point on the British mainland European continent distance of only 20.6 miles this proximity is a military significance and during World War II coastal backroom ascites, headlined along with a radar station line between the busy port of Dover and the deathly Goodwin Sands to buy houses for important for navigation both have now been retired this was a coastal artillery battery before Mark X9 .2 inch guns and a network of bunkers and ammunition stores north-east of the lighthouse on the road to St Margaret’s excavation started on 28 December 1940 and the first analysed on 25 March 1941 although number four goals not testify to 28 November that year the best-known action, a few months later 12 February 1942 German battleships attempted the channel – from breast back to Germany the Cape and radar at cellphone and started to track the ships 28 German ships were hit for herself. Since you are regularly the military purchase loneliest St Margaret’s existing houses were demolished and going into the building your garden’s boardroom repackages ponds and fences camouflage netting the top of the artillery magazines were disguised as grassy banks soldiers sprayed creosote during building work to eliminate aerial visibility three gun batteries are cellphone Western confirmed they would quickly built once operational the guns became known collectively as a fortress with headquarters near the edge of the lighthouse grounds at the outset of war radar was top-secret technology cellphone had a system allowing extraction channel enabling the gun safari life visibility the majority of the surface buildings have now been demolished but money and grand structure still survive the magazines were number one and number four guns were located underground reinforced concrete rooms number to number three gun is served by merit surface magazines to deep underground shelters were built in 1941 take the form of long parallel tunnels access by inclined emphasis on the surface lined with corrugated steel sheeting throughout separated underground fortress and tree planting rooms also exist on the site the site is now open land has been largely reclaimed by nature various fragments of concrete surface reminders of the sites importance during World War II on 28 March 1941 and accident occurred shelter when supper for 6916.2 8W bit more of number three section 172 television company was struck by one-way toll is descended inclined suffered a fractured skull and died from his injuries out of what they have all known to his fellow officers and it was only 21 died serving role engineers we come to speak to the phone and battery soldiers if your here can you make yourself known make a noise when you come forward and tell us your name if you can hear me do you know Alex W bit more he was killed here in 1941 he was part of the 172 toning Corey did you know him and explained more with come to speak to you can you approach is to say something to us an EVP is captured not only a digital recorder but also on the camera’s microphone voices 23 which is the marching reason for soldiers can you approach is to say something to us can you approach is to say something to us and legs you died building the tunnels on the 2004 March 1941 you still here are any of your fellow soldiers still here if so can you come towards my voice and say hello we’ve come a long way to speak to you can you throw something move something and then we know that your here throw rock or stone you move anyone down a move I hear movement which sounds like something shuffling come from nearby is the enhanced audio his something moving behind you that this summit banging we all hear a loud banging coming from behind you within the time is the enhanced audio taken from the camera’s microphone which isn’t something again we hear movement come from within the time but it’s not captured on our audio however what is captured on to voice is speaking in between feuding on James talking is the audio taken from the digital recorder so that you are so low something move beyond this year can you tell us what your name is as valuable standing still we’re hearing more movement coming from within the tunnels and when I asked the question can you tell me what your name is a huge bank comes from the wall right beside us can you tell us what your name is can you tell us what your name is someone’s walking down the passage got can you tell us what your name is placed can you make a noise for us again we can hear you I could hear people whispering having a conversation only part of this is captured on a digital recorder economy What’s been said is the enhanced audio metal sample you here so, from nearby when refusing audio his disembodied voice but we can’t make out what’s been said is the enhanced audio and we concluded our investigation into the Southall deep shelter tongues so it was time to move on we print top all of our equipment and made our way to the planting rooms which are also deep underground when just before we leave Jason wonders the tunnels taking pictures on the full spectrum camera and one of the pictures captured on August energy as it floats down one of the tunnels is there anyone here that can come and speak to us anyone that won’t hear in these planting rooms if you can hear me can you come towards us and tell a show name if you can can you throw something or move something so we know that your here with us was announced movement is heard coming from behind Pete who is standing on the side of the room is the enhanced audio can you do that for us again please but if that was a new album movement again comes from within the planting rooms is the audio taken from the camera that Jason is holding but if that was you up but if that was a new album can you come and join us we only want to talk to you that What are the lessons voice moving footage/download

Without the “heat feel something touching and his belt is appalled from behind when just before this happens I hear disembodied voice conference with Peter standing is the enhanced audio was it you that type where are you at a I had a another disembodied voice is heard and is captured on a digital audio we decided to leave the main operation centre of the planting rooms and made our way to the adjacent corridors are you stuck here where would you rather be living away one now an EVP is captured on a digital recorder I ask where would you rather be living where you are now anxious after the word living in his reply voice saying no living where you are now living when you are now can you tell us what it’s like when you are not a voice is captured on full spectrum camera’s audio saying I see you all is the enhanced audio help many of you are here. I did that come from my dear a noise coming from the main room down the hallway followed my voice is captured on a digital recorder telling us to get out of here is the audio enhanced their controlling the game was one as we approach the main operations room Jason’s battery dies in the camcorder and as we go back to change the entry voice is captured on the full spectrum camcorder that Pete is holding which seems to be mocking us by saying season please speak to us say something please please make a noise for us do something say something I so just move as I move forward his something move but it’s infected disembodied voice and it sounds as if you say my name a few floors is is just about this as I got to about here that was under those boys Royal Academy of the ground floor as we start into the room and EVP is captured on the camera’s microphone saying you stay there is the enhanced audio you want us to lose now can we get an intelligent response from you my request was granted as an EVP is captured with a voice telling me to keep trying to get if you would like free help free advice for free investigation you can contact or contact ghosting paranormal on Facebook

Bedham Church

Ghostech Paranormal Investigators examine the haunted Bedham Church.

YouTube video published on Oct 11, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 20 – Bedham Church
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - Episode 20 - Bedham Church
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Bedham Church

Okay my friend Jason says that he hurt you whisper to did you put in the fight to keep you warm in winter and I have now we heard you speak may clearly heard footsteps to her belief of something again is just move behind us something to do all in a small all you as paranormal investigators we have learnt always have a backup plan in case things go wrong and they did on this occasion location for the investigation should have been the coaching line works a week before In our investigations we go to the location to film intros footage and gathering as much information on the history as possible with all this hard work done we went to the line works and was told that accesses being denied it was time for plan B and with the sun setting and no intros filled time was of the essence in the late 19th century the Anglican church began to make concerted efforts to miss to the poor in isolated rural communities of the Sussex will and as a result mission rooms churches and chapels lineup in great number many of these communities also miles from the nearest school and never seen the need especially after the elementary education act of 1875 better at school in where Paul Scholes run feasible the church typically fill the gaps teaching basic reading writing and arithmetic and religious instruction it was against this background that William Mitford in 1870 died in 1889 a member of the Parliament for the first squire of nearby pits will house paid for a dual purpose church and school to be built in bed for the families of farmers would call is received in the area the modest brick building dedicated to St Michael and all Angels was building a hollow below the road and Northwest Southeast alignment apply, Northwest one status for the worship of Almighty God in gratitude for many but this building was erected by W Townley midst of principle and who dominate 1880 during the school week the building was divided into two my curtain separating infants from seniors every Friday afternoon the chairs and desks would be turned to face the water ready for Sunday service worship was led by the Rector of nearby Fittleworth with a master Fittleworth school serving both as Labour leader and headmaster by 1913 schools photokina very unsatisfactory state and enclosed in 1925 of the building continued in regular use of the church for a further 30 years the congregation was never a large one with the demise of the charcoal industry and the effects of two world wars and attendance declined to almost nothing the last wedding held here was in 1959 is no record of any later services bedroom itself lies deep within the Western world tiny hamlet of no more than a pamphlet houses constructed by pharmacy charcoal burners is tranquillity make every tree for several artists writers and composers the church and surrounding land on our part for 395 acre nature reserve that visitors see every report shadows moving woodland that surrounds the church and noises coming from within the now derelict building one witness has also stated that while she was walking out of footsteps were heard approaching her normal was there we’ve come to visit your church other any of you still here if any of you are still here can you make a noise you probably won’t understand the equipment that we have here this thing holding in my hand it records your voice so if you can see that red light one harm you if you like to come up and speak into the red light can tell a show name did you use the work here in the church was you one of the children that used to come to this church who other people are seen here in the Woods that’s just one witness I was earlier on on meals before even we had even set up anything in film here and we heard someone walk up towards the church but there was no one there may clearly heard footsteps you hurting the footage okay we heard you earlier we heard you earlier come up to the church this doorway can you walk towards the doorway again we can hear you can you come closer we won’t harm you tell which is here to come and speak to you in to see this lovely church can you come and join us inside the church without a awful our greatest we heard you earlier as you approach the church a voice is captured on a digital recorder saying the word bedroom followed by the ring of about is the enhanced audio out a awful out great disgust we heard you earlier as you approach the church outing will fill out great disco we heard you earlier as you approach the church how many reviewer here how many of you are here I come something fill I heard when I said how many of you are here I heard barking here which was a fellow of or her tender was fined am just hoping we got round the digital recorder I hear disembodied voice answered my question is not captured on a digital recorder by holding the full spectrum camcorder how many of you are here how many of you are here what was it like back in the days here in this church’s church was built in the late 1800s that have stained-glass windows I notice that there’s a fire here did you use to burn logs there to keep you warm in the winter or just heard no city to promote the fire to keep you warm in the winter and I had no idea really here know the answer to my question when reviewing the digital recorder and the audio from both of the camcorders the film Jason using nothing has been captured if you’re not one of the people that used to come to this church at the school whom I addressing who is it that we talk into you someone else something again is just moved behind us something again is just moved behind us and they speak what your name can you tell a show name place with was broken/stacks to nothing about this is that it and it is not one he is no lights you cannot walk around you have told us to footsteps of you decide to sit down quietly and some free voices of movement we set up the night vision camcorder just inside the doorway of the church also have the night vision binoculars still recording on the outside of the main doorway is screen views, when we reviewed the footage see why the screen on the night vision camcorder dimmed the night vision binoculars just outside the door church captures a shadow moving down the outside of the war then moves down towards an inside the door when it moves across the screen of the night vision camcorder positioned inside the doorway at the same time Jason states is something just emotionally camera just looks like an interesting also before the show going just seen on the right-hand side movement is heard footsteps and that! See you do for a few seconds of any link back and all they say that you live out here in the Woods that you’ve been seen if you’re out here can you try and let us know can you throw something to let us know that your here what you stay here in these woods are you linked to the church is that why you stay here how many of you stay here in the Woods if you can hear me can you purchase can you walk up to us standing outside the church Footage if you are selling wrestling the police and many other side somethings coming past is that you approaching us is that you coming towards us can you come closer to let us know your here by now that’s something to Morgan after I asked into bashing at Newcastle damping you can’t talk you can’t see you again ๐Ÿ™ in some dark was an event that was an animal holes to be honest was fully expecting someone to come to round without torture nonthinking that’s impossible you can’t we can’t see anything at all you can’t see a thing in just one approving one can do is this just see Jake we become redundant when set is is is is still pick up is like O actually in front of the camera now access our but this is here you can’t see any ๐Ÿ™ so someone was can come round the corner there have to have a torch 100% that need to torch logo you only since us because of the highlighting so that was really weird that was so weird as we stand darkness of the woods outside the church we are all aware of several green walks of life here within the trees we did not see them in their own noise only the night vision camcorder Jason is holding captures if you would like free help free advice for free investigation you can contact or contact hosting paranormal on Facebook

Soldiers Of Grain Fort

Jeff Young and team investigated the soldier’s Old Grain Fort.

YouTube video published on November 5, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 21 – Soldiers Of Grain Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - Episode 21 - Soldiers Of Grain Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Soldiers Of Grain Fort

That was a huge way to clearing the hearing banging noises please see cycling hear coming out of my area we hearing banging where we just come from outside the house I heard a whisper now the same is even sailors dust bath effect us have had a letter last visit a growing for located on the great built between 1861 and 1968 to defend the terms history against attack during World War I and World War II and finally abandoned in 1956 was demolished ground in the 1960s but far underground tunnels an alternative route still remaining this is our map of what is left underground of the grateful we will be covering all these areas in our investigation when we first came here years ago we capture great evidence that confirmed paranormal activity exists down in the grateful tunnels this first piece of film shows a shadow figures move from left to right and disappears into a wall whilst we were standing still one of the tunnels we can clearly hear footsteps of boots following us around and breathing you tell is your name your soldier rank are you registered we called many EVP is within the tunnels including this one of the very annoyed spirit and so here we are again back at rainfall are still a few years as its first investigation here and we’ve also got our marketing here with his own he’s joining us on this investigation we just can help this out as a friend of ours and okay here we go have a silicon find hello soldiers you remember who we are where here many years ago with comeback to speak to you can you share your name unless know that your here you are we have we noticed that people have been carried out devil worshipping here on the floor was a pentagram facility soldiers here can you let us know can you let us know if your here can you tell us what your name is can you tell us what rank your your soldier disembodied voice is heard coming from within the tunnels and when enhanced is goggled as a lot of these voices are as they are heard IS coming through on a different frequency your soldier your soldier can you hear us do you remember us from last time we came down to speak to you we mean you no harm if you don’t recognise what where holding it’s just equipment to film and also if you speak to us into this red light it will record your voice is nothing more harm you were not here to do that can you let us know if you here please must go to build a further stomach was to know what your friends that where we was last time he said that he has hung that there was a bone is about you make that noise again for us huge way Jason Martin so they hear someone harm I thought it was a loud bang on the enhanced audio you make up your mind that’s when we was last there is that where we was last time as a boxer they sought is can you make any sound to let us know your real there Any funds and when we reviewed the audio 5 GB when enhanced the noise and found that it was a low voice saying stop talking to us is the enhanced audio can you make any sound to let us know your real there can you make any sound to let us know your real there can we hearing we hearing banging noises but it seems like when we coming out of one area we hearing the banging where we just come from Sonoma standing at the junction with three tunnels reconceived we can hear the banging his arms he doesn’t think to join last time we receive we was down by whether the rent of that was when we was down there we just kept hearing someone talking is my Way down there so to this is where we called a lot of voices last time we hear Craig is it possible that you can come and talk to us tell a show name did you do in the war was it World War I World War II can you tell us why you stay here is because you’re stuck here and unsure of where to go can you please shout out your name my name is Jeff Mrs Jason massmarketing what’s your name is time to carry out an experiment you tried this before rainfall by setting of recording and World War II sign which seemed to spark reaction also this time will be placing a static full spectrum camcorder with a digital recorder and the far end of one of the tunnels carry out an experiment in just a moment and hopefully we can pick up some voices you digital recorder (the as I play the World War II sirens and shelter soldiers get to your posts before spectrum camera in the top captures a figure by and a few seconds later raise of life here within the tunnel remember this is in complete darkness and we are all in the artillery room the figure is widespread transparent and it also appears around 10 feet in front of the camera you do not see all down the tunnel from the far end you can see beyond swing in the late movie as it goes by the sister soldier responding to my request to get to your posts so many sceptics out there that this closely it appears just in front of spectrum camera suitable down from the top of the tunnel visible by prisoner noise on the ground is full of doubts and stones and finally behind the camera it’s a dead end so it was a normal person they didn’t and they would have a back up the tunnel they would be captured on film he was the film again but this time in speculating enhanced here it is again in black-and-white with enhancements you you you you you you are better that this first picture you second now one detainees even sailors dust bath that dust how can now asked to do disappear relevant for that is no way they can disappear or enter A scale real estate areas that you that their death we enhance the full spectrum pictures by inviting them in again this seems to be something on the right-hand side he was the first picture and all seems normal now here is this can picture something has changed on the right-hand side within change the pictures using white balance and turned them into black-and-white the first picture again seems normal but the second picture shows a figure standing near to the corner looking somewhat daemonic is this an entity that has been conjured up and brought forward because of the devil worshipping that has taken place we took several more pictures with the normal flash of Jason standing on a diet mounted in front of the pentagram and in these pictures light appears above his head would like to thank you for having this here we do not mean to intruding your space by promise you that before we go we will remove the pentagram because we believe that’s wrong and will become the Duce and do a secondary metabolites that Artillery magazine room remove that pentagram front of the floor near a soap opera remember which one was here. I spoke to genetically setting up my digital Jamaican Illinois whatsoever I heard a whisper I hear a whisper voice Me is the enhanced audio you can hear someone saying something we can’t make out what is being said a soap opera remember which one it was very heavy.” How do we promised whatever a living doing here within removing openers in the is Martin is marking a cross with the pentagram used to be a voice is captured on the microphone the night vision camcorder that Jason was filming with saying cross don’t understand if you would like free help free advice or free investigation you can contact us and those that paranormal or contact voting paranormal on Facebook are a

St Martins Deep Shelter

The Ghostech paranormal investigators are in St Martin’s Deep Shelter to find answers to the reports of ghosts and spirits in the area.

YouTube video published on August 9, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 18 – St Martins Deep Shelter
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – St Martins Deep Shelter

Ladies and gents this is where we having this is our investigation is now testing shows in all St Martin’s factory was one of several new coastal batteries for which proposals were made to counter the threats posed by new apartment warships construction of the battery began in December 1874 was completed in March 1877 upon completion the battery comprised of three gunmen placements separated by ammunition stores containing raised circular gun platforms iron rails to convey small ammunition trolleys Renfrew stores around each come for low buildings were built between the placements to contain three shall stores free cartridge stores and a lamp it Sheldon cartridge store at a capacity of 204 shelves and 100 cartridges to the north-east of the battery to restore was constructed to keep spares for the guns the armament consisted of three RM owls mounted on bar bets on to see a village with circular races enabling a wide arc – while the front of region placement was protected by sloping concrete a 1889 new cartridge store had been built underground in the field behind the battery reach fire passage from behind the article useful St Martin’s battery fell out of use in 1902 and was close in 1909 service in World War I the battery was then resurrected for World War II following the fall of France were commenced in September 1940 and was completed in May 1941 batteries
system 36 marks 73 sloping guns manufactured data from 1899 to 1903 they had been howling like the service will enable storage they were installed in his cupboard, houses built under the old of the placements which has been filled in concrete to create faces funding comes to testify fridge sized concrete roofs complement of this movement three was 143 officers and men in 1941 the role engineers at number 172 tunnelling company drove the tunnel from the old 1889 cartridge store further down by the shelter large enough to accommodate the full complement of the battery and safety the shelter was completed in March 1941 in favour floor space of 3150 ft.² included sanitary and medical areas ’30 feet actual access from the rear of the battery was by two flights of stairs into the main tunnel link to another parallel tunnel by three short chambers the rear of this tunnel system during two straight tunnel which emerged an entrance in the glass walls of the crankshaft barracks by 1944 the risk of a direct German assault on Dover had diminished enough for the battery to be stood down and placed on And maintenance basis the two remaining guns were removed in 1947 and the site was eventually abandoned by the army in the 1950s it’s now time for us to enter and investigate St Martin’s deep shelter all there in November in the way that the really knowing the way that they can see how much you really vary (voice-over was a bit before (this movement is when participants offered a February of the evangelist is when undergoing and whether everything so you remember that these problems have also studied whether the idea that was there read-only with us
a washing line while you tell us what your name is Paul towards me walk towards me and tell us what your name is a ball of energy comes from the time from this is seen it is only picked up on a full spectrum camera and up the night vision camera images again close-up and then slow motion) can you do something to let us know your here can speak to us move something throw something anything at all my request is granted as a bank is heard coming from the front of this treaty going forward can you shout out your name can you help us out we seem to be walking round in circles become find the way out can you share our the way we need to go to newport walters to help sell more towards my voice if anyone here we have found here use this device use the white noise of the free flash you that your name on something movement there are no not my was in was looking and i saw something move by ideologues and i saw something move in that do not stop building with you if you believe the humorous side that was invalid is pick whilst on now spirit boxing unaware that james and phil seen some thing block out their light some static night vision camera behind us and then ext tunnel is only when i turned around i also see something who is the footage of what we were observing static night vision camera next tunnel i thought something is water that there ports them oment it was coming through very distant thought it was either this or it was extremely alarm any one here that can help us can you come and find usanevpis picked upon a digital audio saying down here is the enhanced audio is there anyone down here and so anyone so hello another voice is captured on a digital audio same way he is the enhanced audio if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen are

The Old Oil Caves

Jeff Young and his team are off to The Old Oil Caves to investigate the paranormal activity around there.

YouTube video published on July 26, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 17 The Old Oil Caves
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – The Old Oil Caves

Boiler say you tell us where you are whose salaries place you really know about you) and all that remains of what was the oil mill
chemistry advocates of the Western Heights one time the windmills with a non-maritime industry
chemistry was where they were situated gets its name from the chalk unit from the cliffs that was burnt to make quick line it was the line makers originally created the case the case also used for smuggling during 1793 to 1815 it was a station for the army and navy distinctive, and front of the case was operated by the only second steam engine used in Western Heights therefore the technology the engine was powered by a specialist to my left to being provided by the Western owned by Joseph was related to transform the managing partner of dolphin label was James Walker whom he 1808 have installed the first steam engine that the meals were hit by the economic depression in the 1840s they kept open employment manager to run on a day-to-day basis sudden tragedy and there was a catastrophic fire and according to reports everyone in the town cannot help fighting by this time the windmills with four stories high inside the case within the Western Heights they included a refinery furnaces boilers tanks faults Smith his Cubans offices stable is Smith shot and the bridge with the tall chimney said to emerge from the sloping the Clifton reaching the nearby something the damage was estimated at £50,000 for the almost further £25,000 for damage or destruction two properties nearby and boys lost their jobs Worked for other businesses destroyed by the fire and receive compensation for those workers there was little chance of alternative fire here, you are the insurance the more notable rebuild these were of much larger scale protection of the first in Western Heights during World War II I also was used as a fire station on air raid shelter for women and children before they were then closed under forgotten we set up our equipment and EMF readings were taken by Phil on a walk through the opening or readings were zero with no fluctuation in what were these caves useful in Hitler: our audio and Was just really switched on and within a minute or so (on the K2 me to which Mrs changes in the electromagnetic field Q
top this device for me again as those of another cold and here software miles your job so you are configurable and can you tell us what your name is near the manager here something is behind you movement is heard from behind Jason is the enhanced audio taken from the full spectrum camera’s microphone behind something everyone behind you something everyone if you can speak to us if you speaking to this red light it will pick up your voice and we can hear what you’re saying that you properly don’t get many chances is speaking to people not many people come down here and do this so here’s your chance to say something to let us know that your here or if you have a message for someone for the third loud banging is heard coming from the tunnel the was also was also was actually got something for her saying the online libraries actually do walking through a bit further this carry on going straight rolling in: dinosaur emphasising that is well can you tell us where you are, more comfortable to’s can you shout out again for us so I know that your here will did you use to do down here did you work here can you throw something move something for us knock on the wall is heard and captured on a digital audio sounds like Door opening and closing his enhanced audio okay and this could be your last chance to talk into somebody so you need to do something to let us know your here shout out your name come and join us, more comfortable to us what went on the these caves why was these designs if you won’t hear that you can come and tell us that can encounter three when I reached you really need to make a noise to let us know you here okay 1 to 3 the night vision cameras audio that giving has is picking up one crime and then the words hear me when I say one then to in between you can hear the cry and then after I say three you can hear the words hear me while she shrieked while she should say something using white noise that is now widely stills and most of his side of Edinburgh the alarm for the evening on the thing no year the new device the five is remembering the browser your name, your name really those doors to those made Jesus there is that as quite as a big hit with more features of the many of you are here James you think older to you feeling a “you feels well you and something limits are really is, that of a you here with us now can you come back and make that light up again thank you can you throw something or move something more you’re doing this can you make a noise to let slow that your here can you do something else surroundings why you here and you stuck here is something stopping you from leaving here the temperature is freezing all around us as the catering metre is completely lighting up their side turn on the SB seven spirit box a voice come through and says why we standing here for is the enhanced audio when the symptoms cameras that the family minutes was left in Aceh footage of the ghostly Christmas the camera rolling on the we just. The camera if you’re running on is that the Cameron other cameras data benefits broken just in and out another battery brand-new batteries the Cameron is dead so everyone is is trying to the batteries out that other camcorder round no reason whatsoever pipes recently on just hoping that it’s just the ones just drains both the batteries are the brand-new battery in the Metro Interchange and that Fred is well if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen