Apparition Capture Near a Children Swing?

Another incredible video capturing an apparition walking across a children’s swing.

Essex Paranormal  Twitter

Another Essex Paranormal video. Apparition caught walking around a children’s swing in the woods.

Click on the image for video link and see it in more details.

Ghostly figure seen on camera by spooky children’s swing

Another great capture. I believe that is a true capture because the camera movement and apparition’s location is constant.

What do you think?

Did They Capture an Apparition During Cemetery Visit?

Was an apparition capture during a cemetery visit?

Essex Paranormal  Twitter

I was looking through Rumble today, came up with this video during the search. Essex Paranormal posted back in May 2020. Do you see the figure?

Click on the image to take you to the video.

Is This a Possible Ghost Sighting in a Church Graveyard

On the image you can clearly see the silhouette of a person standing. To me, its interesting that the shadow figure is close to the tree and under shadow.

What do you think?