Hill House Manor, Gainesville, Texas

Hill House Manor, Gainesville, Texas. A Texas haunted location that you need to visit and do your own investigation.

Hill House Manor in Gainesville, Texas is a known location that has many reports of paranormal activities.

This location is the next investigation I will be going to this year. I came across “Ghost Geeks” YouTube channel. They uploaded their experiences they had in this location.

Hill House Manor – Gainesville Texas – 2/19/22 [1]Ghost Geeks
Is this Hill House Manor?
Hill House Manor in winter colors.
Recent Google Maps of the Hill House Manor.
Recent Google Maps of the Hill House Manor.
News reporters talked about this haunted place. At this haunted North Texas house, the ghosts will ‘freak’ you all night long[2]wfaa.com
The Tragic MURDER at the Hill House Manor (Short Film)


1 Ghost Geeks
2 wfaa.com

When Devices Shake During Investigations

Have you ever had your devices shake during investigations?

While getting a baseline reading in “The Olde Hotel” in Ballinger, Texas, my device was vibrating. On the following video, I make a note saying that my camera is shaking. Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear pulse or static in the camera audio.


My IR camera is a Zohulu 4K Infrared Night Vision camera with a 24.0 megapixel sensor. It’s all digital, with no moving parts besides the screen and cover caps for memory and battery.

IR Camera - Apparitions Investigations Device - Zohulu 4K IR Camera
IR Camera – Apparitions Investigations Device – Zohulu 4K IR Camera

While the video snippet is short, the following actions I take can be seen on this past article, where I use a light up cat ball to get a response.

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Cat Ball Moves During Investigation

Cat ball lights up on its own during investigation.

In September 2021, I joined TIPS (Texas Investigators Paranormal Society) on a weekend investigation at The Olde Park Hotel.

The Olde Park Hotel is located in Ballinger, Texas. It is known for it haunting stories, and many paranormal team investigators stories of their experiences.

This one video snippet is one of my first experience, which I would like to show. I was walking around getting my baseline readings on the first floor. The back rooms are very dark even during the day. I had to use the IR camera to record my experiences.

While getting my readings, I had a feeling that something was present there or was following me from room to room. This is a later video, but what comes next is the cat ball experience.

I continue to ask questions, but that was the only time I really got any interaction from the ball.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Give it like or dislike.

Photogrammetry Projects With Viewer

This one project was a fire hydrant in a park where I walk from time to time.

Below, you can see the 3D viewer to look around the point cloud vs a full textured mesh. Fortunately, the point cloud did not completely generate the object. Especially, underneath the fire hydrant. That was all my fault because I did not think of it at the time I was taking pictures.

I was testing a camera which I had for several years. (I think about 5). I was wondering if it would work just as good as my DSLR camera.

I am still working on my viewer and orientations, but I will be fixed hopefully soon.

Let me know your thoughts on the photogrammetry projects. These VR experiences and projects will get bigger in scale. One project in mind is a haunted hotel I visited this summer.

Headstone Photogrammetry 2

Part of the Photogrammetry Series. This is the latest photogrammetry artwork I created while in an investigation.

Part of the Photogrammetry Series. This is the latest photogrammetry artwork I created while in an investigation.

This is my next of many more photogrammetry artwork I will be creating. I included some of the software which I use to generate the point cloud, mesh and texturing. The same software I use to generate the animation.