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The 3X 5 SCARY Ghost Videos You’ll Regret WATCHING! The SCARIEST videos of paranormal activity CAUGHT on camera. A Top 5 list of scary shadow figures, ghosts, poltergeist activity, demons caught on video and other supernatural activity. Are these videos REAL or FAKE?. You’ll see: Archivo Extinto who, together with a team of ghost hunters, went to an abandoned school where they recorded paranormal activity and a shadow figure. Scary videos from the tiktok user domadios, where we see poltergeist activity and a scary shadow man. Ricky Velázquez, who recorded the ghost of a child during the investigation. Scary video from cctv camera where we see something disturbing and hasan bar bar which again went in search of Jinn. Creepy, scary, unexplained and bizarre things caught on tape.

The 3X
5 SCARY Ghost Videos You’ll Regret WATCHING![1]Originally Captured on YouTube on Sep 6,2021

The 3X-Featuring Archivo Extinto-Shadowy figure captured on camera and poltergeist activity

The 3X-Featuring domadios-Shadowy figure was captured in the bathroom and closet

The 3X-Featuring Ricky Velazquez-A face of a child apparition is seen on the 2nd floor

The 3X-Featuring Bush Ting-Security camera captures what appears to be an apparition and poltergeist activity

The 3X-Featuring hasan bar bar-An apparition is captured on camera moving within the window opening

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1 Originally Captured on YouTube on Sep 6,2021