Without ears, how does a ghost or spirit hear us?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWithout ears, how does a ghost or spirit hear us?
Fro Staff asked 4 weeks ago
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Without ears, how does a ghost or spirit hear us?

The medical community explains that sound waves enter our ears and vibrate the eardrum. The eardrum converts this vibration to signals that are sent to the brain for the process. This is how a human and animal recognize audio.

During an investigation, we use audio recorders and speech that we don’t hear with our own ears, and is recorded on the device, we call it EVP.


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Fro Staff replied 4 weeks ago

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that ghosts or spirits exist, and therefore it is impossible to say how they would hear us if they were real. The concept of ghosts or spirits is often associated with supernatural or paranormal phenomena, which fall outside the realm of empirical observation and scientific investigation.

However, in many cultures and belief systems, ghosts or spirits are said to have the ability to perceive the world through means other than physical senses. For example, some people believe that ghosts can sense emotions, thoughts, or energy fields. Others believe that ghosts can communicate through telepathy or other non-verbal means.

Ultimately, the idea of how a ghost or spirit hears us is a matter of personal belief and speculation, and there is no objective answer to this question.