UGUE in Ghost Cemetery the Terror Within

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Another UGUE visit to a cemetery. Originally published on YouTube on May 21, 2018, during a live stream.

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(30 min ALONE challenge) LIVE at “GHOST CEMETERY” The Terror within

Laurie got it to work okay guys
seriously regretting my decision in
doing this so I’m already concerned I’m
here by myself doing a live stream
myself at this freaking cemetery 30
minutes 30 minutes a little challenge
well currently I guess you guys will be
with me sort of kind of so we still get
to see me if I die or get disaster this
is like the ghost cemetery thing that
Todd and Joe did the other night and
they are for sure doing some damn
30-minute challenges after I do this cuz
this is a bad choice and they don’t
really know that I’m here some kind of
regret in that decision but this should
be interesting
doing this live and you’ll get to see
some hopefully some crazy stuff I’m
going into the freaking cemetery by
myself alone at night middle night and
it’s pitch-black dark as you can see
absolutely nothing behind me
I’ve got a flashlight just in case this
light goes out but I guess this is a
kind of a Jewish cemetery and Joe is
telling me they got a bunch of stuff I
don’t even see the video I don’t know
what’s in here I don’t know what it
looks like on the way around I don’t
know anything about this place other
than what Joe said he caught on camera
Joan Todd you’re doing a 30-minute
challenge after this for sure
so please just understand that I love
you guys cuz this is ridiculous so I’m
gonna walk over here this particular
driving gates locked so I’m gonna go
over here mmm this walking gait should
be open
so supposedly we’re allowed in here it’s
24 hours all right
I’m already hearing stuff okay
all right
gays law are not locked closed and I’m
officially in so I’m gonna turn the
light around nervous all of a sudden
I’ll turn this camera around so you can
see some stuff and I’m gonna talk a lot
cuz I’m really nervous look at this
pitch black and hopefully the weather
doesn’t really bad cuz it’s been raining
all day everywhere in Florida holy crap
so there’s a little bit of light over
there but like over here it’s a pitch
black dark and dude look at these trees
this is so stupid
it’s such a bad idea guys if you’re
gonna do something like this it’s
probably a good idea to kind of know
your surroundings and check this place
out before you do it so I wouldn’t
advise anyone to just jump into
someplace like this by themselves but I
want to do a live stream there really
show 30-minute and you guys can kind of
experience it with me same time oh boy
all right so right now we’re at 914 I’ve
been in here not like a minute or two so
we got 30 minutes guys
crazy bugs everywhere so I guess it’s a
Jewish cemetery similar to one we did in
New York or it’s got the stones on the
headstones so I guess that’s supposed to
anchor their soul to the ground so can I
kind of build up I’m gonna stay on the
road for a minute because I’m gonna
build up my my bravery a little bit my
courage and then we’re gonna kind of
walk around oh man say how you guys
doing tonight hope everybody’s doing
well man oh that’s awesome awesome on
myself just so you know I’m spinning
around completely there’s nobody with me
here bad choice luckily there’s still a
little bit of light so it’s my complete
pitch-black dark
I mean a member rocks in gluing yeah
all right I’m nervous all right let me
just stay a little bit of a prayer
before I get deeper into this I don’t
know how deep this is okay gently father
I pray that you be with me tonight can
be strength protect me Shh
should you light on me and keep me safe
and His name I pray amen
okay cool freakin bugs are attracted by
the light which kind of sucks after a
rain so they don’t get bitten up by a
bunch of mosquitoes all right there’s a
path over here
okay I don’t know if you guys heard that
but it’s not really windy and that was
the gate so I’m really hoping nobody
just walked in can’t really see the gate
ya know him sound like the gate alright
night Kristen
okay I’m not far off the road I’m
hearing a little bit of car position but
alright so this isn’t a heavily
populated cemetery but it is kind of
relatively big oh look at those eyes
those are deer look at dad do there’s
like five or six deer over there
do you guys see that it’s probably too
dark but you probably see the eyes
that’s freaking cool got a scary relson
going over there the light reflects off
their eyeballs you don’t know what it is
but I’m not so a populated area so I
imagine that’s why there’s creatures all
right so this little road ends here like
these freakin creepy trees phones not
some worm
oh thanks better you appreciate that
well it’s back here oh there you go you
see the deer barely probably not even my
lights going through very dark
yeah it’s look at the deer all right
well these deer not freaking coyotes sir
demons there’s eyes over there too and
the woods there’s eyes everywhere
let me see him check out what’s back
there’s eyes over there
but how advisable to walk towards them
but I’m gonna always look behind you
that’s a good idea
this tall grass back here makes that
kind of difficult okay
there’s definitely eyes right there it’s
probably more deer possibly right
killing opossum
I hope they’re moving yeah it’s probably
deer okay okay so this is just a field
pack here
overgrown not much to it I’m gonna walk
up to the fence okay
all right panties in here what’s going
on patty stumper yeah supper
no it sounds bigger than thumper that’s
deer as Bambi and hopefully not Bambi’s
mommy coming act for a revenge all right
all right so there’s no cemetery back
here so I guess we’ll walk into the
actual cemetery
oh holy walkers what’s up man what’s
going on buddy
demon deer
all right
was that
it’s kind of misty out here so my Maya
I’m gonna turn my light up a little bit
let’s see if that helps this situation
well not really I guess a little bit but
my flashlight isn’t even penetrating so
if you guys see anything you let me know
if you hear anything you let me know
because I know some things come through
the phone that I can’t hear okay all
right I guess we’ll we’ll start over
here guys why not okay
all right you know begin a cemetery
freaking buy yourself a little bit more
scary I think than than a bandit place
what was that
and hearing things
well I guess I could run of course is
really dark and there’s dips everywhere
to break my leg yeah that’s that’s
that’s right I can run but if I’m
running from like a spirit thing I don’t
I don’t necessarily know if I can outrun
that I hear footsteps like right behind
there’s nothing there though
it’s probably just my head
nebraska of cool
really there’s always got to be somebody
wants to be negative oh you’re
disturbing the peace
now as you believe their souls are gone
to heaven they aren’t here so we’re not
disturbing anything are we
it’s pretty
all the different stones and the coins
and things it’s really actually kind of
nice sweet a little bit different than
doing like the flowers and stuff I like
that I like that idea with stones and
things and you could paint them and it’s
actually kind of Pleasant
the years are funny
they put the rocks on there it’s kind of
a I want to say ritual but it’s it’s
supposed to anchor anchor the body to
the world the earth you know keep the
soul from floating off I guess you’d say
so they can find their way
here’s how its toads going crazy they’re
really spread out which is nice
oh yeah it’s hot is humid and it’s
some of these are relatively recent you
know early 2000 this must be a
relatively new cemetery I don’t know
that there’s a temple around here
unless that is it over there I think
somebody just just me
all right
yeah that’s weird soulful chase chase is
usually kind of decent well it’s all
you wanna say some things negative
that’s all good
I’m not too worried about it
and a decent actually had a pretty good
workout today so feeling good and
feeling happy
I love that question
oh yeah oh yeah chess Shire
the EVP you list like the things you
guys hear and you guys put on the
comments and stuff that’s great that’s
great stuff especially you guys that I
have the equipment to kind of enhance
things a little bit make it make it
clearer for people of stuff it’s it’s
cool it’s a good idea
yeah yeah of course I notice how you
guys at least once you know I know you
guys to comment like crazy I’m trying
not to fall to break my leg what’s wrong
going but uh magnolia trees
ya notice you guys
the cemetery’s i don’t know it’s not
that big is I mean it’s a decent size
but it’s relatively needless there’s a
lot of empty space but it’s big enough
it’s got a lot of grace but they’re all
spread out as you can see so there’s a
lot of open area
do you really like doing these I like
doing it because I like making cool
that was how that’s not good
I like doing this cuz I like I like
making cool content for you guys but not
huge you know like creepy stuff you know
I never really wanted to do paranormal
stuff but like makes for a good contact
you know but I like doing live streams
and I like doing like some of the daily
stuff more and I like the abandoned
place explores cemeteries are cool every
once in a while though you know because
you find some cool stuff some cool
symbolisms some cultural things that are
neat about a history cemeteries are neat
especially like a place like this it’s a
a Jewish cemetery you know it’s a little
bit different than what I’m used to
seeing or what I know about so it’s it’s
there’s a like a ball and some toys and
so it demands of occupation weld Jana
I’m in banking jozin banking as well I’m
an underwriter for a credit card
division of a major bank so I analyze
credit daily that’s cool with the Hebrew
as long as you see as you can see like
there’s a lot of open space here now
there’s no mausoleum and this one but I
think it’s just relatively small so
there’s only headstones no no no tombs
and mausoleums
I keep hearing footsteps
what about seeing anything
all right so this is probably the
biggest part of the cemetery over here
the most populated I guess you could say
Oh whoever donated that thank you I’m
seeing mother effer house there’s
somebody at the
again maybe
I don’t see anybody
Christie thank you so much I appreciate
that you guys don’t have to donate or
anything like that so don’t feel
obligated what I do appreciate it for
yeah got the email today that the Jerome
got shipped so that should be here like
Wednesday I was so excited about that
guys John I’ve been talking about doing
some different kind of videos and stuff
got to change out the content because we
want to do this some more some more kind
of fun stuff I cannot wait
hopefully we don’t crash it thing uh no
no no don’t don’t pack heat I don’t have
a gun on me
don’t don’t have got me
yeah I’ve got a couple arm cannons fresh
cuz I think that’s probably just a
sprinkler system somebody did it doesn’t
look like it’s a grave
I don’t want too much over there though
I don’t really want to walk on my grave
my protection I have my cross and feel
that I’m clothed and the armor of God by
my confidence we’re just kind of freaky
that my phone keeps going out of focus
come on get it get it together
you see if I turn it
okay I’m gonna turn it maybe fix the
focus a bit hmm not fix that all right
how do you guys doing so far spear –
good yeah I got my arm can’t no sound
for you so sound of problem guys oh
alright let’s turn it around let’s try
all right now my phone does any want to
turn before walking in here my my life
stream shut off a couple times would let
me go on it’s not that’s interesting my
head it looks nice it’s all curly my
hair grew back fast it’s all curly and
you’re probably right it seems to be
focused now a little bit anyway but you
could see that there’s like a mist on
the from the rain maybe what’s doing it
I don’t know
I’m having trouble seeing through the
Thank You Tracy Laura penny Linda 70
oh just liking
what time is it here it’s 9:30 it’s 9:30
9:30 5 about 10 15 minutes left and then
I can get that heck out of here
well you were through chemo that’s crazy
no glad you made it through that’s great
it’s up Joan I love your face you’re
sleeping you’re sleeping and texting on
the phone
that’s it clears ID to get out of here
already yeah yeah in California’s are
like three hours behind us
you a smell in here it’s actually very
pleasant it’s actually very nice it’s
got a kind of a floral aroma and there
it’s very very nice actually I wasn’t
really smelling that before and it
actually smells very very pleasant it’s
very comforting it reminds me of growing
up in Georgian honeysuckles growing on
the vines about my house and when they
bloom smells so nice actually kind of
what it reminds me of but it’s actually
very very nice very very comforting at
yellow honeysuckle I should be out
there’s a kid we Steve used to pick the
pecans off the trees and grab the
honeysuckle his kids down the street
those pecans and honeysuckles till we
till we got herself sick and wild
blackberries too if you can stand to get
stuck by the thorns you smell cookies
are you making cookies
that’s a nice smell cookies that’s the
gate again
it’s pecans not the Khans pecans pecan
pie the Cairo corn syrup like IRA
Laurie landish give you a quick shoutout
how’s it going
yeah exactly
you guys know mulberries oh yeah you’re
in nursing school I’ll bet that’s brutal
med school nursing school I won’t just
go for engineering I know I freaking
slept in the library every night I had a
nice little place on the floor study
study study sleep a little bit on the
floor study study study just no
dingleberries christy really how’s it
going Julie
it’s actually kind of inviting in here
you know it’s actually kind of a
pleasant environment I’m not really I
actually feel better
oddly enough I can like I feel safe are
you telling kept talking louder squirrel
mom does that mean you have some pet
there’s a spirit inviting me I don’t
know I feel nice I feel pleasant I’m
just I don’t know that’s about you know
my first it was a little nervous but now
I’m really really comfortable usually
that’s not the case in a cemetery you
know like I’m hearing things I’m hearing
kind of a faint talking like somebody’s
trying to communicate with me but I’m
not concerned I don’t know you guys
hearing anything on the camera
3 a.m. in the UK nice yeah see you
something you guys are hearing a little
bit on the on the camera of to watch
this back after I’ve done some whispers
yeah yeah I mean like normal you get
that we were feeling like being follow
around you’d be a watch like some
doesn’t really want you around but
honestly I mean maybe it’s because I’m
kind of showing them a little respect
but I actually feel pretty good I mean
I’m by myself at night in a cemetery
and I feel perfectly fine like I could
just something over there I feel
perfectly fine now like you know a
little spooked by that whatever that was
but I feel okay I would love to go to
Gettysburg cause someone’s history there
and I know the battlefields and stuff
I’m probably like crazy cool to visit
what’s up going on Julie and shout out
to your your son Steven how’s it going
buddy maybe in the early in the night
but honestly like from my experience it
doesn’t really matter what time you’re
I don’t really subscribe to that idea
that midnight or 3:00 a.m. or whatever
is really any worse than any other time
of the day gets back in the day when
you’re doing mostly base times daytime
stuff we still got voices and weird
things in her videos so I don’t think it
really matters and to be honest and the
Spirit is gonna do something if a spirit
in itself is it’s just energy being and
then it’s nighttime it’s not gonna
really gonna matter maybe a little
easier to see but there’s no less energy
in the world at nighttime then there is
the daytime so it doesn’t really matter
I don’t think you know but makes it
creepier I think but I don’t think it
really matters too awful much you know
that’s just for my experience I don’t
know by no means a paranormal expert but
that’s my theory on it yeah exactly like
I mean if it’s us the Salah native his
places you know it’s gonna be hot at all
the time you know what’s weird is like
today or no last night I was walking
around my apartment it was getting it
out I don’t know where Joe was and I
freaking thought oh what’s that like a
voice did you guys get there oh I got
buddy my for reek that hurts
hold on technical frickin difficulties
Oh God sending a gun Oh
Wow that I’m blind
that’s wonderful Oh God I got a flight
right to the eyeball nailed my contact
oh my god it’s done like fire still
burns okay
let’s get it together
yeah I heard something
yeah I don’t know maybe something from
the road properly I don’t know
and I bring anything with me I don’t
like the spirit box or anything kind of
wish I did though
you heard a woman
yeah I got a bug in this freaking
eyeballs the luck that Irish left Oh
your lady talking so we demand I don’t
know well
I’m almost done I think
I don’t know but not that I feel okay
epic MRA
I’ll talk you to me man now I don’t
really plan on eating Indian books
you’re faint music that’s interesting
do I feel dreamy
I don’t know I mean I guess you could
kind of say that everything’s kind of
got a light tint to it
I feel very chill and relaxed I guess
you could probably describe it like that
like almost like a you know like a kind
of IV well I kind of all you don’t buy B
transy feeling you know
I think almost like I could probably
just stay here you know like for a long
time for everything
many am thank you so much you know I
feel pretty chill everything’s kind of
like orange II kind of like a nice
Pleasant warm color it’s pretty mean
nice little breeze
hmm where the agreement I don’t know why
didn’t you see the video bracket I could
probably describe what I’m feeling kind
of like down you know the game just kind
of being hugged you know welcomed maybe
live here I know
yeah yeah HSR Joe and I are roommates
nice you know what I think that might be
like some of the deer and stuff maybe
there’s like a little field over there
oh you know it doesn’t really matter
Stephen kind of like misty stuff flying
around that’s interesting
seems to be getting darker like your
really dark
I liked it like 94 it’s weird
don’t you saw somebody like three
minutes ago man that’s cool if somebody
kind of chilling with me you know it’s
all good yeah it’s getting really dark
some of the trees kind of look like a
little bit heavier just weird I don’t
know maybe it’s just me no no
yeah yeah not everything’s evil of
course not
you know I my theories on that spirits
versus evil entities evil spirits demons
problem is you never really know what
you’re dealing with because you can’t
freaking see you know and it’s not like
there’s any real like physical like
something really physical like a book or
something really go through it’s all
theories you don’t think I’m okay guys I
feel okay that’s all right
you’re enchanting
now this is a new Cemetery I don’t think
Patty’s been here this is something that
I’m Joe and Todd has somebody told them
about you know said there may be you
like may possibly be some rituals or
something done here I don’t know other
projects referring to the rock thing
that can really see the gate anymore
where is the gate I think it’s over here
okay oh man
no I’m okay I’m okay guys there’s a
Cemetery in Gettysburg up but that’d be
yeah okay oh man they can smell that it
smells exactly like honeysuckle man
there’s no honeysuckle around here it
smells exactly like honeysuckle so many
like good memories that I have of that
makes me feel so good it’s weird but
there is no honeysuckle here honey so
doesn’t grow here as far as I know I
know you think it’s the right time of
year for it but you really smell it’s so
intense it’s crazy
maybe phantom smells maybe something
playing offline memory a little bit
maybe trying to comfort me you’re trying
to get me complacent maybe I don’t know
but it really makes me feel good and
then it goes away and then it kind of
comes up then kind of goes away so it’s
kind of Fulton whatever it is
and then maybe magnolias I could be what
I’m smelling too
now it’s only been a few minutes right
has it been 30 minutes
this is 952 told me to get in
so spoken
toxicated you guys are silly no I’m all
right I’m good man feel great feel
really really good
it’s kind of creepy moon tonight
I really have it 45 minutes is it
now are you guys sure I can’t really
tell him on this money strings man
yeah it’s got a nice little breeze I
feel great huh all right well I mean I
guess I just kind of go with you guys
it’s been it’s been 30 minutes or
your flagpole is there a flap over here
music though I’ll hear flagpole I do
hear music
that’s weird it’s actually kind of a
nice tone
very pleasant
anyway I guess I’ll go with you guys you
know you guys think I should leave leave
now well you know everybody’s yelling at
me okay alright guys I’m all right look
I’m okay
safe I’m not hurt see fine
well you gave her the CB not blind oh I
can’t turn the light let me turn this
there we go all right a little sweaty
curly hair problems when the loo this
freaking humidity crazy all right
in my body I don’t know on me all right
leave it
because it don’t leave it
let’s get a nice little walk Oh little
armadillo armadillo
you guys can see
looking good you’re right most sweaty
did you guys hear that
those like a scream or cry or something
all right I’m out of here okay
well weird okay well I guess that’s
three minutes I got the gate in front of
me look that smell gross whatever that
was all right well I’m getting the hell
out of here all right anyways I love you
guys a thirty-minute child’s life and
I’m challenged the guys to do it now
and so hopefully look at that I’m soon
all right
all right I’m out of here anyway I love
you guys I don’t know that was that was
a freaking scream getting out of here

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