The Hope Part 2

Youtube video published on Jan 9, 2015

After finishing the first episode of The Hope, Jeff returns back to his bedroom and spots ghostly figures in the room. He also hears his name. Something had followed him home, and Jeff with his team want another look.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations-Episode 7-The Hope Part 2-The attachment

The sort that this was against the investigation into the public house but Mr follows to change everything Jason investigated for several days was feeling tired and drained of energy as for myself to days after of my home I saw a shadow figure plus my bedroom door twice my name is also called out to times something that for me home and has attached itself to me and in all you and my eyes see it wrong to figure Canada need towards towards me with a nice getting stronger and stronger your iPhone for something for the development of electrolysis worries that program there’s some things are probably explained we could bring evidence first investigation into the home public house including this amazing picture taken by Jason on a full spectrum camera was this the entity that has followed me home fibreglass across the bar is something move something Something that it was time for a second investigation to try and find out what has attached itself to me so what we will do is have a catch up on what happened last time so I heard from the first investigation when I was over that side of the bar I said could build static and you were 1515 for all my and you could feel give back to but also at the same time you didn’t say anything because he was even further away selling the so you could feel the pressure faces well and have filed in the process and must be about 2025 feet away also we’ve got Jason’s name being spoken twice once from a woman’s voice from the bar area and then also without two seconds afterwards they come through on spirit box with a white noise which was a man’s voice in my name spoken as well and also capturing the picture down in the basement as a Seo versus forests as far as I’m aware something is attached itself to mean followed me home from from this pub at my house of senior shadow figure twice my name being called twice so that’s what really we’ve come back to see what we can find out but you’ve also mentioned that sermon lady lived and worked here you and died here but you you don’t say her name that because you will find out if you can say definitely see if she says name through the spirit box of Wincanton (set two is that followed me home so that’s what we can attempt to find out when tonight are mostly new to come forward now and use the white noise to us can you tell a sure name as we would carry out an SB seven spirit box session in the main bar area if you look to the right-hand side bottom of the screen you can see a shadow figure move to be using this the white noise to speak to us you do that we have some source static energy last time just will grounds since there’s high reading and if you remember Joan some things unexplained noises from the side of the year so far the lady lived and worked here died here union can you tell is your name is you that followed me to my house I want to know who it is that followed me to my house, my name again, my name is the lady that worked and died here after several hours in the bar area we could no more evidence so we decided to investigate the basement area with Jason at the picture of the entity looking intake and the full spectrum camera we set up static nightvision cameras covering the whole of the basement walkways Jason feels a breeze on his back he asked me if I can feel it which I did not keep this in mind as a chain of events are about to unfold use of white noise to communicate speak to us who is the shadow person this been seen different here in this room what is your name tell if your name and you know what my name is what’s my name promising free life missing three lives in the local memorabilia reflection what’s your name as I can see the lights on that thought the wizard that stays in that room to significant and what is your name. Static over the. To go through me just look at our first investigation here which was experienced by myself Jason and the manager of the Sarah also at the same time Jason turns around seven times as if you tell a something like you stay here who is the person that followed me home you speak to us and I asked you for me home and the answer was an Smith which came through the SB seven spirit box 5 times who is here if you can see that we have cameras that the volume of the door to see that again is that you making their lives physically that taking them lights to see you again today and again you said it will, whatever
last streets of like going through the door to sing them lights constantly on just hope the government of the shift as I watched the lights move around in front of me Jensen says nothing through the full spectrum camera saying Also shows that you’re here that you see the larger your duty… My life Michelle is the lights again movement in I just will find out if there is any gaps in the wall on tour could be looked not interfere with is nothing was smoking that night so I will put digital recorder inside a J at the jet of some, back saying that photo: birthday with a bottom half of the grand back starting goalie Cyrix solid drug is still in the name of fun were back that was sent for women perfect fluctuation earlier that but still slightly according
down he showed a lot of mobility increases look still filling out as I mentioned earlier the chain of events has occurred firstly Jason asked me if I could feel the breeze has he was feeling something on his back its end around seven times as if something was behind him and now we feel is a hand running down his back and if you look closely you can see his T-shirt being called the lights we saw not picked up by the full spectrum camera which we saw with the rise of the static cameras in the barrel area however did capture the streaks of light if you looked at the top left you will see them moved by if you recall earlier when I spoke to Sarah the owner manager in the bar she mentioned that the lady lived and worked and died in the hope public house but did not want to say a name and she wanted to see if she would come through and talk to us after the investigation she told us that name was an Smith the very name that came through five times through the SB seven spirit box I have not seen the shadow figure I have my name being called since the return to the hope public house I now know it was an Smith that followed me home she just wanted to say that she’s still there from our first investigation the bar area this is something that happens to monitor my name got spoken about if you remember but did say through a glass across the money did not we did get a response now saying she was device using white noise? Q1 is to leave intelligent lady I complain if something move something Something thrown glass across the bar’s military might is right so that’s that’s that’s the first clip showing so my name is mentioned Jason’s names mentioned you #Jason and they come through the spirit box as well, seconds after the person in the corner we believe is Ben Simon come through a second clip Jason in the basement with the photograph was taken to ensure itself Jason’s request was granted here you can see a small figure leaning forward looking at you can see a face and body and arms so that was the picture that we got the basement ends is quite good because Jason says shows of shows off on the camera and it did the next clip is on a second investigation here we can balance time whilst I was sitting down Jason was sitting on a stool probably 1524 way ‘time but shadow figure walks across now the only lighting is there is Jason with the infrared lighting and camera gives him a closed resolving front you see on the Sister was no other lighting so shameless whilst with carried out an SB seven spirit box session in the main bar area if you look to the right-hand side bottom of the screen you can see a shadow figure moves to know the next clip and was downstairs in the basement and I was asking throughout the whole investigation who it was that followed me home what’s your name
you want to know who is the following home now if you remember you said lady lived and worked and died here in same name we didn’t know who she was until after the investigation when you said her name is an Smith at the time you just want to know the person of Liz works .it would come through and I believe that was the person that followed me home but we do know that my services down the basement and I was asking these questions what’s your name as I can see the lights of the thought there was if it stays enough room to significant and what is your name will be the person that followed me home you speak to us and I asked to follow me home and the answer was an Smith which came through the SB seven spirit box 5 times the lights that we were seeing down there in that room was not picked up on anything that even know we use the normal camcorder for by setting up a normal camcorder it will just so show the pitch blackness but then you’ll see the light it didn’t show but luckily we had a static night vision camera in the barrel area and you’ll see the lights when we started off down in the basement I was six sitting pounds propping up the SB seven spirit box to do spiritboxsessionandadjacentshesaidtomecanyoufeelthebreezeandstoppedandIsaidnowopenfeelanythinggoesThenisinvestigationwhenonturningroundlookingbehindmehedoesn’tusuallydothatunlesssomethingisbotheringtosomethingorsomeonewasbehindhimTurnaroundinlookingverygutsythispartwherehesaidJeffintoahandonmybackissomethingmovingonmybackandaswe…UndermoreUVtorchandanunassumingandIwaslookingatisbackonthispointifyouthinkthatJasonisholdingacamerahereholdingacamcorderthereisnotmovingyoursheseesteacherholdingtheactuallycouldfeelthisinsipiddepositingexactlyphysicallythinkquitesomeshowbizHussein,sayingthatbecauseIcallthatstartedwithabottomhalfthegrandbutnotingolddecidesoliddrugisstillinthenameoffun,backthatcouldaffectforwomenaffectfluctuationearlierthatIstillslightlyaccording