Are Ghosts Punished for Lingering in the Physical World?

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A Russian Paranormal Investigator

Tim released the latest episode, and you let Google Translator do its magic, we get this “How Ghosts Are Punished for Interfering in Another World”.

как НАКАЗЫВАЮТ ПРИЗРАКИ за вмешательство в иной мир = How Ghosts Are Punished for Interfering in Another World

This particular episode does have close caption, and the Russian to English translation is funny to read. I am sure he is not saying some of the words YouTube translation displays.

A new tool that Tim uses for this particular investigation, is to use chemical lighting. From his previous experience on this location, his lights were affected, and he explains why he is using chemical lights.

Tim explaining why he is using chemical lights during his investigation.

This is the first time I have seen anyone use chemical lights to illuminate a room. After watching the video, even though there were not physical apparitions, I believe it’s a good way to light up a place.

Tim placing chemical lights around his cameras equipment.

For a single person investigations, he sure does have a lot of equipment. In addition to running video, he does have an instant camera or an old 35mm camera.

with cans, in general, excellent boards taste like boards taste better white light is better in complete darkness and too close and I am dreaming up damn old hello friends, let’s start with the fact that I was mistaken, I am now back in the house in the subscriber’s house where before I spent three nights where I streamed with us I like you well done thanks to Alice I thank myself for the time I can and where I thought I had expelled the entity that lived here in this house I buried it in the mirror in general I hope there will be no one else here. calmly as I think I hope everything worked out but everything turned out to be not so simple and honestly I admit everything was very surprised when the owner of this house wrote again it became a little uncomfortable because I noticed that I had saved this house unless the entities began to put things in order you see it became a little more comfortable here well on this time dmitry decided to spend the night with his family, well, how to spend the night with his words, he sat down on the sofa, turned on the light everywhere and began to wait for the morning somewhere after 11 veche the color began to flicker, then he completely turned off the corridor there were some creaks, probably like my door and something fell, it is clear that he ran out of here as quickly as possible so as not to meet face to face with outsiders went to the city and said that it was strange that in one house, when he was driving home, the light was on in everyone, he cannot speak, because the time is 11 o’clock in the evening, just like the light was on to bring the lantern to the village, it turns out that only in this house the light goes out was it a coincidence for everyone I don’t think anymore of course I am inclined that after all it was not in the mirror, so I almost immediately arrived here I am here according to the last video I want to answer the questions to two important questions the first thing I saw in the mirror I saw nothing there I heard a creak on May 1 the thought was that now it will just fly to pieces as if there was some very strong pressure, so maybe someone will come out or something else, well, I did not wait because it seemed to me that moment it was very dangerous oh, this is how my reaction worked and a frequent question found in the comments why I closed the windows it was some kind of experiment in order not to let daylight into the house and this experiment gave its results when the sun was shining on the street, but practically daylight did not penetrate the house, the bulbs were turned on and they flickered even during the day, showed some kind of paranormal activity, which means that these entities are afraid of light, judging by my half stay here, they are trying to pull out all the devices electricity to remember how in the first part it was not an entity that attacked my searchlight, fucking so I took his chemical source with me light, I have a lot of such sticks, in principle, this will no longer be able to extinguish such an entity there is no electricity here and today’s shooting will take place completely without electric light devices, I don’t know if they can completely illuminate the house if I shoot something in night mode, but I myself will be guided by them h put they will not tell the kitchen yet, so friends have established it turns out one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 out of 13 chemical light sources I see everything the camera is of course worse now I will try to shoot it all in normal mode as it is in normal mode the main camera does not see anything very weak lighting I see everything is fine everything is perfectly visible you can completely navigate in the dark, the camera will shoot me, they interact with this camera and I will be able to track the exact magnetic changes in real time, if there are any, now it shows a complete zero is it necessary to see one chance in the camera I will try to complete zero all devices are working all cameras communication works, but not through wi-fi, but it does not affect the magnetic field meter in any way, so friends, if there are any values ​​on the magnetic meter, we will be that this does not apply to the world, not to technology, all equipment works even here’s wi-fi my watch is all in zeros 01 o’clock was 001 I put the camera in the kitchen here everything in the kitchen is taken under control by the tank device 0 light light i am I don’t know friends can only wait whether or not the point is that when I was here the third night after I buried the mirror there was nothing there was no mysticism there was light everything was like in an ordinary house I actually thought that 001 was thinking what, well, I actually drove this entity out of here, I know whether it will be that today it can already be like an interaction of fear, maybe I got used then for two nights and did not give that energy to this entity anymore, I don’t know the muzzle dmitry subscribers, he is afraid of strong, therefore sounds from the roof are possible because of the wind on the device until zero nothing 001 I will wait for nothing else, if today I can’t remove anything mystical, I warned Dmitry that I would be here as long as possible when I’m free, I’ll call them, we agreed with him for three days that is completely at my disposal so that he does not come here for three days, but if he called earlier, then there is activity before the map and promo every fear rune turn [applause] [applause] to blow you want to go out with me and the connection is off-scale you want to tell me something [applause] you can use the faq nomina of the electronic voice where the blows are taking us and I don’t understand fucking as if the blow was from the basement there are two liners for some reason he didn’t check his head came active shkalin, I’ll try to take off the camera, I’ll try to take a closer look, and c some cans are now there nakida and probably his and I’ll fill my motherland asleep. I’ll try to take pictures. with her egor on I go down to turn it was growling our polaroid happened urs affects to work inside the little finger when I climbed in a new way lose all the technique just the bulbs do not light we are for work [applause] [applause] in Sussex that massage tu-tu-tu-tu I found that it jammed at night comes from the top fucking drank some songs that will interfere well here, in general, friends with us will not get you out the door in front of these m didn’t hear as if some creaks seemed to come in there, then there’s nothing on top of the fact that there’s nothing to breathe I can see the activity the camera turned off directly flew in general I don’t know it may have entangled it from above the lid has fallen and everything can not be finished ashes on the wrong thing began to push the clock on top of Michelle Kick in general, friends know I tried not to panic until the last, it seems like it’s all here anyway I’ll get out not by myself, so they’ll come for me, then I just know how much time I don’t know how long it’s even now, I don’t even have hours. I just can’t even imagine Dmitry I said that he didn’t bother me, they can call my family and can’t think that they just hid the sounds of the pound during the day, try not to panic, the earth passed here there are no boards just solid earth there are several he saw they shine shine they can help for a long time a few days what do you need why you locked me in this basement what do you need from me why did you close me in this hem [aplody comments] how news you will crawl the device like a flash just a collegiate [applause] it seemed as if he could his still say the side in my opinion got to burn verbosity the sun is visible and like the sun a white day through a crack try to increase in general the weather 7 along the way I knew it would have been suggested in the morning so much time has passed and it seems to me that now I have not heard that it was raining so I can’t even determine the time by movement, so to speak, by the movement of the sun, I can’t get to the phone. and thanks to the subscribers who advised me this thing in complete darkness and would have looked through these cracks, it was probably awful, although they create lighting in general, it is not so dumb here that without them, but also a plus and so I understand the feeling of fear is dulled by the knowledge that after a while there is gray but who will come and I will get out of here anyway from this I will switch the light the feeling is not visible again the hike the night has come Well, or even the evening is dark, the beds on the hay are taken from there so it’s warmer than on the ground to sit on the ground anyway it’s cool not this shirt just doesn’t warm these two completely no longer shines from them no light left there are four hises now a file of garlic they are already burning like this yellow they sit down with fire, I hope they will still serve the sky at least to wait for the morning to look like this here and there and the currents of water there was there a roof was there leaking there was anyone there hehe spouse [applause] wanted to ask his what are you just in case, he may not have shown that he shone more brightly than mine in order to at least direct it into the crack, it turns out from the ping monitor, I also turned on anisin