Does Evil Live Here, Paranormal Nightmare Investigates

On this video scene, as the team is interviewing the Mom and Daughter, they capture a figure walk across the dinner room. Is that the Father’s brother or the Grandfather?


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Paranormal Nightmare S6E1 Evil Lives Here

there’s a here charger
my brothers and i were recently
contacted by a mother and daughter from
bloomington indiana
family claims they are under attack by
multiple spirits inside their home
we are concerned that some of these
encounters have become sexual
now that it is actually showing some
kind of aggression towards us
it scares me like i don’t want it to
follow me
we’ve all had some kind of marks on our
bodies from this i have been bothered by
it sexually where we live now as part of
the farmhouse property
i would be doing dishes and the rocking
in the living room would be rocking and
it scared me to death but then
it turned over the water fossils would
turn on by their self i’d have to turn
them off i was in the
family room laying on the couch and i
was asleep
and when i opened my eyes i seen a young
with no shirt on and he was
standing in front of me where i was
and he knelt down and he started
physically touching me and stuff kissing
me passionately and everything
i was scared and i tried to move but i
i could not move i could not holler for
nothing i will feel something
next to my leg or something will play
with my hair
i mean it physically done something and
i was so scared
and whenever i got up
and went in there to tell ron he had
blood dripping down his face and there
were three scratch marks
down his face and blood was stripping
down it looked like an
image of a man but just a
hoodie black hoodie on in black
just solid black couldn’t see no face or
walking toward my bed and then it turned
and and so i seen that just here here
one night i was in bed asleep
i heard talking like people talking back
and forth in the family room
i could faintly hear it but i could hear
people talking
huge huge snake it looked like it was
coming from my bathroom
up and then it crawled in my bedroom
at the end of the bed and then it was
going out the
bedroom door scared me to death then i
opened my eyes and there’s a little girl
that was
like this looking just about this far
away from my
face looking at me and i went
like that because she was so close to me
and she had curly hair she looked to be
maybe about eight or nine years old i
can’t tell
what it is but i know what i see and i
what i feel i feel it touching me
i hear that all night long when i’m
i just like somebody’s in here walking
around my husband was asleep in
on the couch me and and one of the girls
come home
and it was so filled with gas fumes
and we hurried up in the the kitchen and
every one of the burners were turned on
but they wasn’t lit
and we had to open windows we had to
shut them off
i swear if he had lit his cigarette
he wouldn’t be here it was so full of
i won’t stay here at night by myself no
if he’s gone for some reason i go
i will not stay in this house alone i’ve
got a cpap machine
and that’s happened twice where my
machine has been
actually turned off like i said i don’t
want to be here alone
especially at night i won’t be here
i’ve lived with mom the last two years
little things were happening then
but now it’s progressively gotten worse
it’s getting more
close to us it’s affecting my kids
but it’s constantly doing something to
let me know it’s there
several instances where the doors
shut and open i heard arguing yelling
like a man yelling
items being thrown across like banging
all kinds of stuff and i thought we were
being robbed honestly
the next morning i got up and her
bedroom door
was shut there were two footprints right
in front of the door that stopped right
here lately it’s been tugging at my
tugged the blankets where i actually
have to fight for them to stay on
i rolled over and something grabbed my
arm in mid-air
and i started hitting it constantly like
just trying to get it to release me
because it was holding
grip i could feel it and whenever i
touched it
it felt like flesh it was a small arm
but it was ice ice cold i hear a man
constantly i hear a woman now too which
is new for me i haven’t ever heard a
woman’s voice
there is a little girl that runs past my
window outside like something’s chasing
and the screaming will get louder as it
goes right by my window and then it
fades off we hear banging
on the back door from the utility room
where stuff also happens
she heard three knocks on her window the
other night when all of this was
happening to me
he’s wearing a hood and he has a skinny
face he has thin lips but
has like his cheeks closer down here
instead of higher
or where they normally are the first
time i saw him i didn’t notice
this but as i saw him several days later
because it’s been there about three
weeks now
i saw a hole in his head right above
so i’m wondering if he was trying to
tell me that he got shot or something
i felt something up against me too i
feel it
putting its hand on me i feel it laying
close to me i feel it pushing my back
in the pressure my hair actually will
stand out
and i will see it be out and i’ll have
to go like this to get it to go down
my blankets were suspended in front of
me the other night to where
they were in air and i had to grab them
back it could be a sunny day out
no water anywhere and all of a sudden
water just starts dripping down in a
steady stream on my windshield
but then it turns into dots right in
front of you whenever i
watch the video back my dash lights are
going crazy
when the water is dripping but when the
water stops my dash is fine
something that was child abuse sexually
and that she had just so much depression
from that
that she took too much of it and she
decided to commit suicide
and that she was alone i have not slept
hardly at all
i will not stay here period you couldn’t
pay me any amount of money honestly to
stay here
it’s getting physical like i said i have
felt it physically touch me too
to where it’s abuse and have had bad
dreams of the person
in the hoodie that was raping me
making her presence known here is what
she’s meant to do
so that it can’t hurt us any more than
it already has
and that she won’t leave until we find
peace with getting this
resolved and i honestly believe that
because this has gotten out of control
leaving physical bruises on us
it’s keeping me from sleeping it’s
making me feel like i’m crazy or
but i know what i see i know what other
see hearing a man’s voice say hello
everybody here has encountered something
she woke up
and saw scratches down her wall behind
her couch
the second we opened that door the water
turned on in front of us full blast
whenever she came out she had this stuff
all over her hands that looked like
and this stuff was so hard
on the hands that it wouldn’t come off
for two days
any time i talk about these things it’s
like it’s there to let me know
that i shouldn’t before you got here
i was fine and i’m even nervous to talk
is that i feel nervous anxious
i’m i’m glad that you’re here but
yet i’m afraid i don’t know
i don’t know how to describe it but i’ve
been fine all day
right now i’m nervous i think i’m
probably afraid of what you’ll find
it’s getting worse it’s getting more
personal and it’s coming closer and
closer and
more comfortable with actually touching
us and physically leaving
evidence of something at least three or
four times that something here’s
tried to i guess kill you guys
yeah we know that somewhere along the
one of us has had to accept it being
but i think it’s just more that we don’t
know what to do about it to get rid of
and we were hoping that if it was
spirits it’s
somebody of our loved ones that have
passed away that are watching over us
now that it is actually showing some
kind of aggression towards us
it scares me i have been bothered by it
and me and my mom both have but now
it’s getting more uh physical
and when it’s happening you can’t talk
you want to scream you wanna but nothing
comes out
and you can’t move and that’s that’s
what scares me
the most is because whenever i wanted
i couldn’t even holler for help
i couldn’t move hit nothing
i mean it like i was in a trance or
and i felt to intertwine its finger
every single finger in between mine
and hold my hand down against the bed to
where i couldn’t move my hand
until it was ready to release it okay my
brother passed away it’s been
almost eight years ago but he was
cremated and his remains are in this
this box this is the urn type thing that
they put
those ashes in after a
you think he could come visit you yes
i do because my mother
passed away in 1975 my dad passed away
one year and one day later in 76
and over at the house at the house that
he was in was where my mom and dad were
and i stayed with him after my divorce
and we would hear dad walk across the
upstairs because we’d been over there
when he was alive and heard him walk
across the floor
we’d hear the same thing and so
i’m pretty sure that dad comes to visit
i’m sure
he would come visit us if that’s
journal that’s pretty cool
thank you sure no problem but when you
said that room i thought
jimmy immediately thought of it that his
remains are right there on top of the
china cabinet
so yeah i had you know those two sitting
on the couch and then you were sitting
behind there so there’s nobody else in
the house with us
so to see something walk through there
i can’t explain it but that was just a
picture of a campfire
and i’ll show you that’s what they found
which looks just like my grandpa
my dad’s dad that i never met but let me
show you these other
other ones that they have i have all
kinds of but anyways that was him
in three different time frames and how
long was he
passed before this picture was taken
this was about three years ago so
several years his dad died in 84.
we were playing a ouija board in the
and that was the first time i had ever
encountered an ouija board didn’t know
what it was
this guy came through he was very angry
that we were playing with it and he
started cussing us out the board went
flying by itself back and forth the only
thing that we got out of him
is asking him how he died and he set a
car wreck
but i don’t know if that could have
anything to do with what’s
going on or an opening to something my
mom played with an ouija board too when
she was younger
i only played with it once can you put
the mic on
i was playing with it and it told me all
kinds of stuff i mean it was moving even
on its own
with me just playing with it and i asked
i said
how do you want me to put you down you
know i’m going to bed
and it told me to put it the board on
the right side of the bed is a full-size
underneath the right side down by the
put the board down and then turn the
thing that moves around
upside down on it and leave it alone
the next morning i got up it was gone
after playing with that one night i’ve
never seen it again
just how kind stuff happened at that
house too
but that’s where it first started
no i didn’t put it in the box or
anything it said to put it
down like that
and then to turn that thing over where
the feet of it was
facing up i can’t actually remember that
but i we moved out here when i was in
the fifth grade
and i heard my mom holler for me so
we went back to my house to see what mom
wanted and she said she didn’t holler
for me
but we heard it we heard jenny and then
those barn doors started going like this
looked like a shadow went straight
through that room over there we see the
dark outline figure of a man
um around here mostly in mom’s room
but we’ve seen him walking around
no yeah i know
because it was like oh i have another
thing to tell you
because there is this one incident and
that’s funny that you mentioned
that walking through the dining room i
sat there a good 30 minutes with her she
would not eat her vegetables still
then all of a sudden she started eating
them every last bit of them
she finished and as she was doing it she
was staring from the kitchen table into
this dining room
and she’s just staring and eating like
this and again she’s two and a half
three years old
and so we look over to the dining room
and i said what
what is it and she’s like a man and she
pointed she said standing over there
he told me i better eat my vegetables
she said then he flew away
and we see shadows a lot i’m always
thinking somebody’s behind me
but i know that it wouldn’t be a child’s
spirit that
it was probably a doppelganger with only
four of us inside the house during this
i have no explanation for this entity
passing through the doorway
with the winter storm quickly
approaching indiana we have decided to
begin our investigation
okay so we just wrapped up the
interviews did the walk through
a lot of crazy stuff happening inside
this house
so we’re gonna get jenny and her family
some answers hopefully tonight
but it definitely seems like something
dark has been following them for a long
and with their history with the ouija
boards and stuff like that
i’m not quite for sure but when i was
shooting the interviews
it looked like i’m gonna have to go back
and watch the video but i had her here
the other woman here and her husband was
sitting right behind the couch and
looked like a dark shadow
went straight through the kitchen into
the like living room area yeah
if anybody’s inside this house my name
is josh this is rocky and sean
we want you to make yourself known and
come out and communicate with us
can you see or hear us yes or no
or something male voice
we heard you
they say that you come back in this
you crawl on bed with her
so you’re walking stronger no i’m
staying still
sound like something across the carpet
if you can see
us come out and make yourself known
right now
can you hit something really oh that
room just got super dark
it’s like that room was dark and then
just got like crazy dark
are you in that room now set our alarm
off it’s on the bed
i was looking in here and the room was
and it’s like you do a dimmer switch
it’s like somebody turned that darkness
jenny said that you crawl on this bed
with her
and you’ve sexually assaulted her
who are you
did you die on this property
but it looks like there was a dark
right around your shoulder you can look
at it later yeah they see dark shadows
in here
but it looked like it came up over your
whoever’s in this house whatever’s in
this house
come forward and show yourself right now
if you don’t show yourself
we’re going to know that you’re weak
i swear to god it looks like that
background just keeps going black and
i think it’s like dark and light right
behind you
oh what tells back here
they say that they see shadows
here walking things moving
give us a sign of your presence and
communicate with us
can you do that louder
you know that we can hear you
we’re not afraid of you
now they say that they see like the dark
your footsteps knocking
then they hear like a child they’ll hear
a child outside
the child can you speak to us
oh right behind you sean dark shadow
right by the bed
did you hear that big bang too right
before you said that
right by you right here a shadow
are you in this room i feel like it’s in
this room
we’re here to help the family tonight
do you want to help the family
they say not to be on this bed i’m
touching the bed
why did you not want us to touch the bed
we’re gonna do a cleansing in this house
and whoever or whatever is in this house
you’re gonna have to leave
so if you’ve got a message for us or for
the family
we want you to communicate with us
you can do the girls bedroom to the
is there anybody in here with us
you keep on picking on people in here
now you got three guys in here you can
pick one
do you like to show yourself
can you tell me if you’re trying to hurt
this family
did you just hear that yeah
something came from freaking out there
walk out there
the family would like to know does these
ashes have anything to do with
what’s going on in this house
can you tell me what your name is
uh feels like something’s touching my
left side of my neck right now
are you trying to touch me
you want to hold people down in their
beds and do stuff to them
try to do something to me
does it sound like you hear a moaning
right there
it sounded like i was hearing like a
male voice like an old
an older no voice
i like uh i don’t know
like a scratchy voice yeah that’s why i
like i heard the mountain
but it’s i don’t know i couldn’t really
make it out
walk up to josh so i can see you
i don’t know if that’s kind of weird but
i swear i just seen something moving on
the floor right behind you josh
the weird thing about it was it looked
like kind of white
wasn’t black
i need to know that you’re here and why
you’re here
i always heard that voice again
it’s a real faint voice too okay i’m on
this bed
what are you gonna do
did you hear that yeah almost sound like
it was in that room next to us off to
the right
or that bathroom i forgot about the
bathrooms oh you came from the bathroom
you don’t say it could have been there
are you gonna come over here and do
something to me
good spurts don’t harm people or try to
do anything to them
they’re not here to scare us
maybe you’re scared what josh is going
to do to you tonight
is this making you mad me laying here
do something if you want me to get up
can you tell me what your name is
is your name eddie
tell him you said that’s not my name
your name george
do you like having us here
that’s what
and joel what that’s the kid’s name see
how old he is
the little kid i just heard that’s
trying to talk to me can you tell me how
old you are
something about his mommy
is your name ready
did you lose your mommy
do you need help finding your mom
i won’t let the bad man hurt you okay
like a
come to me i’ll help you i won’t let the
bad man hurt you
tell me if i’m getting close to you
are you scared
all right it’s rocky i’m in the house
can you tell me your name
who’s touching the family members
why are you affecting the family
why are you in the bedroom
they spent time jenny
what are you doing in this house
enjoying the home are you the one
getting in bed with jenny
i just said it again
you live on this property
there’s ashes on top of that shelf
if those are your ashes can i see you
manifest yourself so that i can see you
hey josh you come back this way it just
got really freaking dark
right behind me i mean
really freaking dark back there
can you guys stand next to sean
that’s what rocky was saying was that
my back’s getting cold
was rocky making you mad
i’m just trying to see if something
comes by your shoulder is cold
oh there’s something by you is there
because my back’s getting cool
rocky they’re here what slides it on
how side is it josh it was short like a
go stand next to rocky can you come over
you can come over here and hold my hand
are you in this bedroom
they say that they see you by this bed
i want to see you
is there a child here
where are you
we’ve got a device we’re going to find
you can’t keep hiding from us
go by the bed oh there it is
see i told you we would find you
to stand by rocky
go crawl on the bed
clearly that’s where you like to hang
no way to your left
is that there again yeah it’s crawling
on the wall or something
what is your name
can you talk
we can see you
we want you to talk to us that one looks
okay go ahead what is your name
no way what do you want with this family
come back over by the bed i’m over here
tell me your name
why are you in this room
we can help you leave
are you evil
are you trying to jump on the bed
say something bad yep
hey this is my bed now
you don’t get to share my bed with me no
more are you mad i’m in your bed
i look like it was like trying to lean
towards you
there’s josh you want to touch me
why are you messing with jenny
it’s like i’m sitting here watching this
and it’ll be there
then it’ll like jump towards the bed and
then be gone
like right now it’s back then i see a
blue light
go towards rocky yeah right there it
just jumped
clear across the freaking bed
but it was still standing there there’s
like a lines
that’ll shoot clear on the other side of
the bed
so what’s causing that yeah it’s
whatever’s standing right there sean
said he he found a new girlfriend
this is going to be sean’s new bed over
shawn’s kicking you out of the house
can you move something for us
it sure is is it in there yeah
and that doorway yeah that’s where for
some reason
yeah like a cold breeze over here walk
in there sean
stuff you guys out there don’t do that
to me
holy crap
move something let us know you’re in
we’re gonna do a cleansing and we’re
going to leave are you tapping on the
you tap on the window again
come on right here where i’m staying is
where i just saw you
tonight’s your last night inside this
house it’s
it keeps coming and then going it’s the
tiny one josh
let’s get ready to do the cleansing
okay so we brought the family back here
in the house we’re getting ready to do
the cleansing
we just wrapped up the investigation and
we’re going to start here in this room
and then work our way through the house
we’ve got the front door cracked
like i said if you guys experience
anything or feel anything or want to say
feel free to lord we ask that you please
defend us
as we enter into battle and push all the
negative energy
out of this house in the name of the
father the son and the holy spirit
send the angels of heaven down to
protect us we come in the name of jesus
under his authority and under his blood
in the name of jesus christ we command
you to leave this house
and leave this family alone we bind you
with the blood of jesus christ
you must stop all activity inside this
and all attacks on this family we seal
this room
with the sign of the cross and the blood
of jesus christ
we close all entryways doorways and
portals inside this house
we seal them tight forever with the
blood of jesus christ
we seal this threshold with the sign of
the cross
and the blood of jesus christ
lord we ask that you send the holy
down to protect this family
we seal this mirror with the blood of
jesus christ
and the sign of the cross we close all
entry ways
doorways and portals inside this house
lord we ask that you push this negative
energy out
we seal this bed with the blood of jesus
and in all spirits we cast you out
we sew this doorway with the side of the
we sew this bathroom with the sign of
the cross and the blood of jesus christ
and in all spirits good and evil you
must leave this house
please go be free and be at peace
it is jesus who gives us authority
to cleanse this house and cast you out
any spirits that may have been invited
here you must leave
the spirits that we documented in this
bedroom tonight
we ask you to go be at peace leave this
house and leave this family
we set you free in the name of jesus
the son of god
we seal this room with the blood of
we seal this bed
with the blood of jesus christ you must
leave this house and leave this family
we cast you out in the name of jesus
any doorways that may have been opened
through a ouija board
we ask that you seal those doorways
and close those ouija boards
we seal this mirror in this area
with the sign of the cross
the sign of the cross and the blood of
jesus christ
lord we ask you please protect this
house and protect this family and keep
them safe
let no harm come to them and just drive
out all this evil
and negative energy it’s inside this
and on this property
we cast you out now and forever in the
name of jesus christ
what i’ll do is i’ll go around and bless
the outside of the house as well
although we documented some amazing
paranormal footage during this
we still have no clue as to why the
spirits chose
with the daily cleansing as directed by
my brothers and i
and hope one day this house and land is
safe for the family again

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Deliver Me From Evil, a Paranormal Nightmare Tv Series Episode

Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

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In this episode, the Fourman brothers investigate a claim of a man being affected by possession. Is it a demon or his father?

Paranormal Nightmare.. S5E3 Deliver Me From Evil…. Living Dead Paranormal

the lord is my shepherd i shall not want he maketh me lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside still waters he restoreth my soul he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake the through i walk through the valley my brothers and i were recently contacted by paula mills from columbus ohio paula claims her son sean is under attack by something dark and evil sean claims during one of these attacks he was able to trap part of this demon my name is shawn mills my paranormal nightmare started about seven years ago it all started when my dad died after suffering a massive heart attack in the yard sean would administer first aid to his father for several minutes before paramedics arrived despite sean’s heroic efforts his father would pass away several days later trying to reach out with him for to speak to him it’s a digital recorder my spirit box started hearing voices so what was kind of your reasoning for wanting to reach out to your dad here’s his voice i want to hear my dad’s voice make sure to see if he’s okay just uh very close to my dad i messed him up me and my dad had a great relationship did a lot of stuff together um he loved me and i loved him a lot and when you started reaching out to your dad did you ever make contact with him i did many times so you think by trying to communicate with your father you probably opened the door and allowed other spirits to come in yes and ever since then they’ve been affecting you you go into my eyes make them hurt extreme pain um you always he’s always in my ear that’s how he’s tried possessing me makes me feel so much hatred and meanness sort of along it’s not man that’s what they do that’s how they go in here goes down my lungs at nighttime so i can’t sleep pulls in my soul all day long just you could feel stretching pain everywhere messes with my mind like right now he doesn’t want me to think of anything he says you’re serious like you know you’re serious about me like i’m that’s what you’re saying do you think that whatever this thing is it knows that we’re here to do battle with it tonight yeah yeah so what do you think’s here inside this house it’s a type of a demon i’ve never seen his face but i’ve seen his head and arms and legs you’ll see with the sls camera about the contortions and bends because when they do that it’s a demon for sure oh it just crawled on the floor and crawled away i want my life back for sure my life sucks right now i want my life back to ruin my life as it does you want me to remember my dad about anything he’s ever done for me and when you’re communicating with whatever this is what does it say to you over the spirit box i hate you i want to kill you tell when it goes under your skin you can feel it it’s like a it’s like a itching feeling but you can feel it feels like it’s just something under your skin moving you can you can really feel it no doubt for sure you can just it won’t come out i’ve been raped in the past many times by it but i had deliverance done but this one’s held on the longest his name is richard can you tell me your name he used to rape his daughter his dad did stuff to him when he was a kid to me in this way as your mom aware of all that everything that’s happened to you and yeah okay yeah and how has that affected your guys’s relationship it hurt me that’s why i bought the camera and stuff to prove to her to get rid of the demon to do an exorcism on it i’ve used holy water and i’ve taped across his land all night because it’s been so bad and can you sense where he is right now he’s on me he’s in you right now he won’t he said he wasn’t gonna say anything he’s not going to try to communicate but we’ll see he’s he’s trying to hide out as much as possible he wants to be in me as much as possible he doesn’t he doesn’t want to lose me i’m as belonging is what they that’s what all demons that’s what they think so you belong to them your toy is what you are his own and so when he communicates does he come through you uses your body as a vessel to communicate yeah it’s a wears you out i get tired i get cold very cold i feel him crawling on my back sometimes in bed and trying to wake me up he’s pulling my soul now you learn to deal with a lot of pain you don’t cry because they just make fun yeah and so you said that you’ve trapped some of these demons i have just want to have you know catch it right then and there and i’d hurry and put it in the container and seal it and how i started to know that i was doing this because it would do less and less i have um i bought a necronomicon skull it’s um it went inside at one time and then that skull did not weigh that much it was a plastic skull made by a shaman it went inside there and i think weighed like four pounds afterwards i wanted to i’ll never open it i’ll never let it go i can’t i can’t just let it go you know looking freely like uh somewhere and you’re prepared tonight to stand up to this thing and yes you know whatever it takes for sure yeah we’ve spent the last 16 years helping families all over the country it’s awesome battle these demonic forces i just want you to know that we’ll be with you throughout the night and the whole process important for all of us to stand together yeah yeah it’s a big fight it’s a major fight see what we can document without you inside the house okay and then if you’re open to it we’d like to bring you back in run another investigation and then what we’ll do is proceed forward with the cleansing and blessing you my eyes will turn black sometimes they do the mirror i’ve had many people say your eyes are black i’ve had to leave this house like to go stay because i didn’t feel safe in here anymore i had to go not commit myself but to go away for a while because it was that bad what is your name my name is paula mills and you’re sean’s mother yes how’s it been for you seeing your son like this and your son going through everything he’s went through over the last several years it’s been terrible because you just feel so helpless you know you just kind of try to reach out and i’ve reached out to a lot of different people a lot of different ways trying to you know figure out what is what’s the best um he was i know really scared at first when he this all started happening it was bothering me to see him going through all this and i knew he was heartbreaking broken when his you know his father passed away because he tried to revive him he died out here in our yard and uh so that’s when everything kind of started you know him wouldn’t hear the voice and things like that it was of his dad earlier i didn’t think i’d ever we’d ever be able to do it i know we’d watch some of the shows i mean he he was really into that at the time and i’m like i don’t know about this stuff and i told him i said you know what i’ve seen about it the people do it really need to protect ourselves you know i said you’re kind of opening up yourself and i said i don’t think we know how to protect ourselves that good and i know a lot of times when i wasn’t here i know he reached out on his own and i know he didn’t take time to protect himself like he probably should have and that’s what worried me that you know he was i know he wanted to reach out and hear him but um you know it wasn’t we didn’t know how to do it correctly of course and i’d really like to see you guys be able to get rid of it whatever whatever it is and yeah if we could get him back to where he was that would that would be great what do you feel about your son having a demon trapped in the basement we’d be sitting and the lights would start flickering and it seemed like that light over there sometimes would start flickering when i’d get kind of a little closer but the the the one weird thing was when sean had asked you know if if his dad was around could he do something show us that you’re here and all the smoke detectors went off so what’s going on down here and down to the basement where i stay at the most there’s a necronomicon skull in there that percent of his body is trapped in it weighs about three pounds it’s very heavy when i first got it didn’t weigh a half a pound there’s a lot of weight to it now the biggest part of cot is buried outside i wish i could dig it up but i can’t it would bring back memory pain like you’ve had in the past like physical pain it brings that back it does not forget ever that’s the part i wish you had the most so you have demons trapped in these boxes yes and you know the names of them no these are the same this is richard just different parts of him because he would break it different he would go different parts of my body i’d always catch it part of them right in there and then seal in the container and put it in multiple containers but it’s the same spirit and and it’s in these containers right here so if those are ever open what happens um they would be released like if um you would want to really open him up knowledge you know he’s going to get rid of it from me and then there would still be something of him in there i believe it really would be especially in skull it would be for sure did have a giant waterfall here just because it’s warm enemy and i want to torment it back a lot of bad memories that i asked for sure a lot of being stuck down here all the time i don’t want to do anything or every time it tries to come out yeah you hear that it’ll it’ll point right at you you’re welcome something’s moving over here because you came over here stopped he said it was happening why is that one it’s the one over there looks like it’s moving back and forth a little bit see it moving but that will go off because he sets that off when i have it plugged in you say he’s messing with you what’s up was because they used energy from lights and i didn’t want him to do less as possible i think we’ll leave the two boxes here during the investigation before we do the cleansing we’ll take them out definitely get a creepier feeling here in the basement yeah you’re right i can feel it i don’t know if it’s because it feels a lot heavier because of that or now you’re dead deer you’re going down my lungs are suffocating man well first came back here it sounded like it was like a yes like in my ear my muscular like something pissed out he wants to be he wants to be killed he doesn’t want to be around anymore he’s tired again he wants to go to heaven but uh i can’t yeah i can’t um i don’t know the outcome of anything you know wish it didn’t i don’t think they’re gonna let that happen we’ll get stuff set up for our investigation and then here in a little bit we’ll contact you guys have you guys come back in so i was just in here going the bathroom that’s where there’s like music coming from somewhere over here sounds like some kind of like a bass beat or something you don’t hear the music i don’t know where it’s coming from rocky and i are getting ready to start our investigation we just wrapped up the interviews pretty crazy stuff going on here yeah i really feel for sean and what he’s going through so we’re going to start up here in the main part of the house and work our way down to the basement doing the walk through we were documenting and hearing all kinds of crazy stuff in the basement walking on the floorboards we were knocking the alarm was going off and nobody was next to it and the two boxes down there in the basement where the demons are trapped so if we hear something get off in the basement actually i’m going to open that basement door right now that way we can hear it i will say it is a pretty creepy basement there’s any spirits inside this house my name is josh this is rocky we’re just here tonight to communicate with you can you come forward make your presence known we heard you earlier you know what we should have done let’s put that baby monitor in the basement you want to do that that way while we’re up here we can monitor the audio down there did you hear that i don’t know knocking are you in the basement right now definitely heard knocking where’s that monitor at okay let’s run this the down something just jerked out your headphones completely off i mean it was hard it was like that all right huh i don’t know if that camera caught it you want to look at it real quick see if this camera caught it i mean that freaking jerked my head forward it was that hard yeah we’ll go back and look at this that camera had to catch it so i mean it grabbed this cord and jerked it like super hard okay you recording oh do you see it watch the cord the cord goes straight it rips the cord watch the cord on my you can see as my headphone cord is pulled away from my body nearly ripping the headphones from my head that’s freaking crazy about ripped a freaking thing off my freaking head five minutes into investigating and already have stuff happening after going lights out rocky and i will begin our investigation on the main level of the house if you’re down the basement can you make a noise for us sound like the freaking thing phil hit something in the basement if you’re down there hmm we know you’re down there are you back here you knew we were coming didn’t you we’re here to save sean’s soul deliver him from evil so if you’re going to put up a fight right now is the time to do it who is the demon attached to sean i command you come forward and show yourself right now all the lights are off we’re in complete darkness that gives you the advantage do something and show yourself i feel like something touched me which is creepy because he was talking about how it sucks to the side of your face yeah you can’t attach yourself to me this room feels fine don’t you think i think what we need to do is if we can find an area like the basement that feels creepy it’s definitely got a different feel down there to it you know what bathroom here [Applause] okay do something and let us know show us how powerful you are [Applause] welcome something happened to that thing see how static it is it was sitting right there on that trash can when we left what if something moved it let’s go to the basement whoa that was loud boom boom did you shut that basement door all the way are you in here we’re not leaving until you come out and show yourself you’ve already been aggressive male voice maybe it’s building up its energy in the basement so when we go down there it’s going to put up a fight you know let’s go to the basement let’s go look at that baby monitor real quick is that still on the trash can oh no look the lid is off the trash can and the baby motor the baby monitors down there that’s crazy and that was sitting right there like that there’s no way that moves she can’t even pop the top off because it’s got a little but there’s no physical way that that flies off unless whatever is down here doesn’t want us to hear it you know what i’m saying yeah okay so right now we’re down here in sean’s room this is the basement definitely got a creepy feel down here and we were hearing stuff down here the alarm was going off and nobody was by it we’ve had our baby monitor get knocked off the trash can are you trying to stop us from communicating with you you wanted us down here we’re down here male voice are you hearing that i have no audio i don’t have the audio either yep i can’t hear what’s up audio i heard you come forward show us how powerful you are in the name of jesus christ the son of god i command you show yourself right now so these right here are two boxes that sean believes he is trapped part of the demon haunting him then if these boxes are ever unsealed it’ll go free and i don’t know if it’s just the story that makes standing next to these boxes creepy or if there’s truth to the story but don’t you feel creepy standing next to him yeah it’s part of your body trapped inside these boxes do you want released have this spirit box real quick okay we’ve got some equipment down i know you’re familiar with this equipment this is the same thing that sean used when he was trying to communicate with his father i want you to communicate with us what is your name i’m a demon demon tell me your name are you trapped inside one of these boxes right here yes or no [Applause] what color is the box you’re in [Applause] show yourself are you back here okay it’s pretty creepy back here where are you at touch me [Applause] touch you who put on who pulled all my headphones upstairs [Applause] can you touch rocky [Applause] you want the spirit box or you just want to talk okay so right now rocky’s down the basement i’m upstairs basement’s definitely pretty creepy can you tell me your name [Applause] was that you that i just seen who knocked the baby monitor off the trash can [Applause] what do you keep messing with sean [Applause] where you stay at in the house thank you you tell me how you passed away okay we’re up in the kitchen right now can you tell me your name ah i just had a cold breeze on my back are you by rocky we’re going to bring sean back in the house you want sean back here talk to us get that sls camera set up take it down to the basement where those two boxes are take a couple meters and just see if there’s any energy coming from those boxes or if we can map out a spirit down there supposedly there’s two spirit oh right on the box there’s a spirit right on the box there’s literally a spirit it just showed up right on that box it’s gone please go back over there go back over towards the box there was a spirit literally standing right next to the box and it left show yourself please where are you i mean it was literally right next to the box sorry i got excited please come back over towards the box walk over towards his bed please walk over by rocky call it over there rocky huh call it over there come over where where you’re standing you come over and stand by me walking walk forward a little bit go stand by rocky please can you come over here and stand with me you hold my hand you come up and touch my hand oh it’s behind you that’s weird the only place we’re mapping that out is right next to those boxes it literally something was just down by the boxes can you come back over towards these boxes if you’re inside of them it was literally like this tall wasn’t super big come back over here please i swear i thought i heard scratching inside this box and i’m not being dramatic are you inside this box they said they trapped you in here we’re gonna make you leave this house tonight i’ll stay still move in there one last time and we’ll leave you alone i promise we’re going to take those boxes out of here look it goes it’s right there thank you there’s two of you did you hear that yeah it’s not like somebody told me there’s two of them and there’s two boxes and it’s gone show back up please i just want to see something real quick if it’ll appear back by this trash can earlier you moved our alarm over by those trash cans can you go over there go to the trash can did you hear it did you hear it move move down here oh it moved that’s the only place they appeared the entire time after spending several hours investigating the house we have decided to bring sean and paula back into the home to continue our investigation oh it’s right next to you too it mapped you both out the exact same time it’s real short whatever’s in this house is short i don’t get that it’s on your right side can you put your hand your right hand out a little bit i could feel it other hand yeah can you move away from shawn that’s almost exact same size that we mapped out down in the basement like the same time it mapped him out it was standing right next to him yeah whatever’s in this house it just comes across real short move to your the opposite way i had it next to you like i think towards the door yeah just a little bit like a couple steps other way sorry okay it’s gone can you come back and stand next to sean it almost looked like whenever you moved the wrong way you kind of walked on it i don’t know if it went i keep feeling something touching my side right here like hair or something like a cobweb or and that’s what i don’t get is you have something there and then all of a sudden it’s going yes we had the baby monitor down in the basement sitting on top that trash can came upstairs we were up here for a little bit turn it on and you hear it crash to the floor something knocked it off maybe it’s afraid to show itself again you want to go to the basement okay let’s go to the basement can you go over by sean we seen you earlier move away from the boxes i just want to see if it’ll okay sean’s away from the boxes can you walk back over there show yourself like you did earlier and what’s weird is it’s kind of cool in here now earlier when all this stuff was happening it was so hot down here we’re going to do a cleansing shortly i guess you’re not going to show yourself it’s right there it’s right by them oh it just crawled on the floor and crawled away yeah it was standing on the boxes went to the floor and crawled away towards rocky yeah you can see as this entity leaves the black boxes and crawls away on the floor walk back over towards the boxes sean i just want to see what it does you literally kicked it off the boxes it’s not very happy and it went away i mean literally you kicked it off the boxes and it got upset that was weird it’s on the floor it just crawled away again it’s literally crawling on the floor it keeps going over towards rocky i think now do you think it feels a little bit warmer down here now when that happens yeah that’s weird because normally you get cold chills it’s definitely something i can’t explain go up there and get some of this stuff packed up and then we’ll get ready for the cleansing we’re going to start here in the basement and we’re going to work our way up through the house we’re going to do a blessing on sean just in case something is attached to him we’re going to remove these two boxes right now from the house because we don’t want them in here when we do the cleansing or after we do the cleansing i will say these are creepy and heavy okay so we’re gonna lock the cases inside the car and we’re gonna go back in the house and do the cleansing we’ve got sean and his mother paula down here with us we’re gonna start here in the basement we’re going to work our way through the house the front door is open if something is attached to sean we’re going to drive it out i just want you to be strong stand up against this thing take your life back the lord is my shepherd i shall not want he maketh me lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside the still waters he restoreth my soul he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake who i walk through the valley of the shed of death i will fear no evil we come in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit lord we ask that you defend us as we enter into battle and be our protection against all things wicked and evil lord we just ask that you watch over sean and his mother any dark energy evil spirits demonic presence that may be attached to sean we pray in the name of jesus christ that you cast them out and free shine from these shackles and chains lord we just ask that you drive this dark energy that has attached itself to sean away we anoint sean with holy water the blood of jesus christ any demonic forces that are attached to sean we drive you out now in the name of jesus christ the son of god leave sean leave this family and leave this house lord we seal sean with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ from this day forward protect sean and keep him safe you will leave and you leave now richard you leave now forever richard we cast you out in the name of jesus christ the son of god fill this darkness with the light of the holy spirit but there be no places for the evil ones to hide we seal this doorway with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ we seal this wall with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ lord we just ask that you drive out all the energy the negative energy inside this house we seal this bed with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ in the name of jesus christ the son of god leave this basement it is jesus who has authority over this basement now we cast you out in the name of jesus christ we seal this stairwell with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ lord we seal this doorway with the sign of the cross and the blood of jesus christ lord we close all entryways doorways and portals inside this house we seal them tight forever with the blood of jesus christ any evil forces or demonic forces we cast you out you are no longer welcome here sean has taken his life back lord we seal this fireplace with the side of the cross and the blood of jesus christ we close all entryways doorways and portals we seal this fireplace tight forever with the blood of jesus christ we cast you out in the name of jesus the son of god you