Sir Spooks Five Scary Videos for the Week

In this episode, Sir Spooks has more shadow figures and some of them, he says spook him.

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5 Scary Videos That Spooked ME!

hello everyone my name is sir spooks and today we’ll take a look at scary videos that spooked me so let’s begin user hk armament published this clip over at the source book subreddit to share something extremely weird that he captured on camera in northwest utah the video begins with the uploader standing somewhere outside filming the area surrounding him for a little while nothing out of the ordinary happens but that all changes rather quickly at about the second mark we begin to hear an incredibly frightening noise coming from somewhere within the area take a listen [Music] some people in the comment section of the reddit post have claimed that they think it sounds like some sort of flute or horn being played from nearby some have also said it sounds like a vacuum cleaner but regardless of the origin of the sound there is no doubt that hearing this sound seemingly out in the middle of nowhere would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a user named sneaky sucks shared the following video over on the ghost subreddit explaining my friend and i drove past an old haunted school that is open to paranormal tours this is what we saw after driving past the school four or five times watch him be gone he’s still there he’s still there what and he hasn’t moved oh my god oh my god he’s still there what and he hasn’t moved i would like to think that most people would agree that seeing a strange shadow-like figure in the dead of night like that would scare even the toughest of people regardless of where although it is never shown on camera when it happens before we get a clear view of the shadow figure we can hear one woman say in english it moved he’s still there what and he hasn’t moved meaning it couldn’t be something such as a statue or cardboard cutout so what was it was it just a teacher or a superintendent working late and peering out the window or was this a shadow figure lurking through the halls of a school i’ll let you decide [Music] if you thought seeing a figure standing still and peering at you would be freaky just take a look at what happens in this video uploaded by the user the big gym to my very own subreddit sir spooks where you can share any video related to the paranormal for a chance to be featured on videos just like these the video itself doesn’t need much background explanation before actually watching it for the first time but it is safe to assume that a couple of friends were having some sort of get-together or barbecue in their backyard one particular day when they saw something fascinating and terrifying that caused them to get out their phones and start filming take a look boy that actually looks fucking oh you know what it looks like you’ve seen that feeling like chronicle oh that’s weird that’s a hello kitty what what the fuck it’s like no wait oh it’s a flying it is quite interesting to me the fact that this incident took place in middle of the day like that lots of creepy videos take place at night but this one doesn’t giving it a more authentic feeling the video seems as though it was filmed on snapchat or something like that it’s also worth mentioning that one of the men brings up how this incident is exactly like the movie chronicle in which a group of friends get superhuman powers and in one of the standout scenes from the movie they exercised their abilities by taking to the sky shortly after documenting the man in the sky the video ends abruptly leaving us with no answers it is quite triggered to determine what exactly happened in this video some people speculate that it could just be a balloon shaped like a human which would be the much more relaxing answer but who knows this could be footage of a superhuman man living on earth but it seems as though we may never know for sure another post from my search book subreddit this one was published by the user the skeleton the uploader explains my friend in north shaw massachusetts is renovating a house to sell and strange stuff started happening once renovation started take a look at this bizarre video and see if you can come up with any possible explanations here’s one for you just happened just happened at first nothing seems too creepy that is however until you notice that the supposed ceiling light starts to jangle around out of nowhere it’s quite strange but it isn’t the scariest thing that happens in this video the uploader then cuts to a picture of what appears to be a man whose face isn’t possible to identify standing in the home this wouldn’t be too creepy at all if this man was the one doing the renovations but it isn’t as the uploader states the picture at the end is something caught on camera in the house when no one was there he also explains that all of the doors to the house were locked making you wonder how this person was able to get inside the house what are your theories i would be greatly interested in hearing them all in the comment section down below the following video is taken from an episode of ronnie pascal’s game show that he hosts on youtube titled roast yourself as you may have been able to tell by the title this is a comedy show so therefore you probably wouldn’t expect anything creepy to happen on a show like this but think again in this particular episode ronnie is interviewing a friend of his name joe saba about minutes into the episode we can see ronnie and joe having a conversation with one another and all seems to be going just fine that is however until you look in the background of ronnie’s video camera during the zoom call delivery in general who is like your favorite so far that’s definitely moving on to the next round [Music] the man being interviewed by ronnie joe saba actually reached out to me to explain some things within the video he acknowledges the scary shadow figure creeping its way up ronnie’s stairs and says quote i asked him if it could have been one of his three roommates but he confirmed that he was the only one home at the time and there are no pets in the household end quote he also says that ronnie lives in a year old victorian house in brooklyn new york delivery in general who is like your favorite so far that’s definitely moving on to the next round out of all the videos in today’s list this one seems perhaps the most plausible how could something so chilling happen during the middle of a zoom call it seems as though nobody knows the answer but let’s hope that one day ronnie gets the answers that i’m sure he’s looking for and that was scary videos that spooked me i hope you enjoyed the video and if you did then subscribe for more scary content my name is sir spooks and i’ll see you all in the next video [Music] eid