Cold Christmas Church

The Ghostech team head to a new location, known for its ghostly appearance and sightings of spirits.

YouTube video published on Jun 5, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 15 – Cold Christmas Church
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Cold Christmas Church

This is called Christmas church buried in this graveyard the children that had he died over 200 years ago from severe weather and Christmas also in the structure behind the growling is heard they say that Demon resides inside and all you with the only remaining called Christmas church situated from bridge picture although the building is great two listed all that remains the old stone tower in the abandoned graveyard called Christmas church dates back to 1086 was built in the grounds of the estate was owned by UDP demands the church was built and intended for private family use only the church was eventually demolished in 1853 leaving only the 15th century tower they can still see here today the church was said to have been built on the wrong alignment which was north-south instead of east to west like many other churches many mediaeval churches were built in this way and later in the time people believed that this was the sign of the devil it is believed that the graves which line the abandoned graveyard belonged mainly to young children is set at one very core Christmas time the children of the village were hit them worse by the cold weather and it led to their deaths it was after this supposed tragedy of villagers decided to change the name of the village to cold Christmas the church has been well documented is being used by which is and is being used by devil worshippers there are many stories of alleged paranormal activity happening in and around the tower these range from sounds growling reportedly coming from within the tower breathy sounds which had been often heard by people around the area of greatest in 1978 lady walking through the grounds of the church was reported to have come face-to-face with the marching army they appear to come from through the door out of the tower and walk straight through I recently came across a film that was sent to a local newspaper showing someone entering the church tower and apparent Demon growling at the his the footage that sent a local newspaper earlier he only monetary value on a little like you and you are the policy to help her and the David Lloyd that they can’t. If you insulted several times I believe this to be a hoax we contacted the parties involved they declined to be interviewed another pictures of the statements shown in the local newspaper was that the face of the team and take inside the tower later this picture enhanced ourselves and as you can see system or behind with certain Shandwick matrix in which shows something that some would consider legal face with all these reports of growling Demons apparitions Demon faces children buried in the graveyard marching soldiers
Frost find out if cold Christmas church is really haunted so let’s have a look here, we have a young child aged nine years died the 25th day of December 1802 on and her name is Mary Chapman and this one is Sarah Gutteridge are departed this life the first day of December 1802 as well aged nine years and nine months a memory of Mary Gutteridge so on must be related to the family here who departed this life in 1802 aged 11
and six months we now have confirmation that cold Christmas church is indeed named after the children who died from severe weather conditions back in December 1802 we took full spectrum pictures of the graveyard of the church tower to see we can capture any anomalies when reviewing the pictures were no abnormalities in her if we are will make way over to the third great St James the children are if you can hear me are you make a noise source shout out your name and is your name server server can you hear me my name is Jeff can you come and speak to me if you can hear me see this green light you can come and play with a closer you get to it the more lights light up to you do that for us to make lots of colours become closer to it or wave your hand in front of it there was nothing tough on the catering metre and the voice is captured on a digital audio for the cameras audio is time to move on to the church tower 17 O are supposedly has become Access that Demon hides people been ground up people have been attacked so are let’s see if it was a show itself whose inside the tower if you’re in their you make a noise for us we see this red light this device of claim and their record your voice
growling of people perceive ground your dark entity bites attacking people with your team and while I did just come on our an attack If you are a Demon you know the sexes you know who sexes so so while I am honestly to us, now, C ground get mad, say something will seem to be much of a Demon in the desert and the Cisco down this way Jason we pick up anything on the catering metre anything until someone this is the other side of the church and manager concedes been sealed up so are the reason that they sold out was because of the police people carry out witchcraft the site is in the arm Save “for this dog can see that supposedly hides inside his own see if we think you anything to do respond below if you’re in there can you not back can you shout out your name watch your name can you hear us in their seem absurd Etc kind of some of the demonstration we couldn’t nothing from our session the church after reviewing all our cameras digital audio and static night vision we have no evidence whatsoever to show you and we saw and felt nothing the growling inside the church was most probably a number of some kind such as a wildcard some most of these reports about cold Christmas church just room and nothing else there may be some residual energy such as the marching army that was reported which may show itself under certain circumstances but apart from that we found it a peaceful place if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen