Datamining UGUA Experiences

One of the goals for this project is data mining to create a dataset that can be used for new methods in detecting apparitions of any kind.

One method is to use Explorers and Investigators YouTube channel and other sources to get images and audio to help document experiences and identify.

On this case, I decided to start with UGUA YouTube channel, and if you would like to know all of their videos that have “ cemetery” on their title, you can use this list which contains a cleanup version of their video title and link to the video.

YouTube TitleVideo LinkKeyword 1
30 Minute Alone Challenge – Haunted Cemetery With a Shadow Man When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted cemetery
Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery – Join Us on a Trip Through the Twilight Zone cemetery
Last Footage From Halloween 2018 – Haunted Cemetery fun and Creepy Time Love Our Fans cemetery
Haunted Cemetery at 2 Am – Careful for What You Wish for, It May Accept the Invite cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn, cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Extremely Haunted Cemetery, Laying It All on the Line, Truth cemetery
Haunted Cemetery at 1 Am – United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It Wanted Us to Lose Our Minds cemetery
Midnight at a Haunted Church and Cemetery – Play at Your Own Risk. Ghosts Are Here cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Haunted Spring Hill Cemetery, Confronted by a Stranger in the Night cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Anclote Cemetery Terrifying Night, There but for the Grace of God Go I cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Rose Cemetery, Kiss From a Rose, Almost Did Not Make It Out in One Piece cemetery
Anclote Haunted Cemetery – Followed by Ghosts, Hunted by People, This Place Is Crazily Haunted cemetery
Haunted Cemetery – Daytime Explore, We Will Return at Night. The Spirits Are Active in the Day cemetery
What Lurks in the Woods Behind the Spring Hill Cemetery? – Having Fun, What Will We Find, Enjoy Fam cemetery
Halloween Countdown – Cemetery of Lost Souls, Do Not Go Gentle Into the Night, a Bear Joins Us cemetery
Live Stream From a Haunted Cemetery Yeah This Is a Bad Idea😊 cemetery
Rose Haunted Cemetery – Frightening Night Filled With Ghosts, Counting Down Till Halloween cemetery
Live Question and Answer Video With Joe and Rob at the Haunted Cemetery cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery – Most Prolific and Frightening Night Ever Filmed, They Wanted Angie cemetery
Haunted Cemetery – Having Fun With the Gang. Countdown to Halloween cemetery
Haunted Cemetery – Things That Go Bump in the Night. Taking Fans Exploring cemetery
Midnight at Haunted Cemetery – Haunted Dolls, Frightening Voices Shadow Figure Caught on Camera cemetery
Cemetery of Chills – We Are Followed Our Personal Hauntings’ cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Ghost Cemetery. 2 Am, Found Pool of Blood cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Abandoned Pet Cemetery, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Never Go Alone cemetery
3 Am Haunted Cemetery – the Ghosts That Speak to Us, Fright Night cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Ghost Cemetery, Creeper Lurks, Ghost Caught on Camera Night of Terror cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Live at Ghost Cemetery the Terror Within cemetery
3 Am Haunted Cemetery – Ghosts Follow and Talk to Us, We Are Not Alone, Scary cemetery
30 Min Alone Challenge – Ghost Cemetery, Something Wicked This Way Comes, We’re Haunted cemetery
UGUE Live From the Haunted Cemetery, Q and a Session cemetery
Ghost Cemetery – Lost in Time, Looking Back, Where Have All the Good Times Gone? We Are Haunted cemetery
Midnight Haunted Cemetery – Ghosts Stalk and Haunt Us, Truly a Nightmarish Place cemetery
UGUE Live Stream From the Haunted Cemetery Friday the 13th cemetery
Ghost Farm, Haunted Cemetery Looking for Answers, Disembodied Voices and EVP’s, Frightening cemetery
Cemetery of Disembodied Voices, EVP’s, Take a Scary Tour if You Dare cemetery
Midnight at the Haunted Cemetery Live, Q and a, Creepy Voices Heard and Screams cemetery
Midnight Pet Cemetery – This Was One Creepy Night, What Lives Here? cemetery
Ghost Church Cemetery Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself Life Is About Creating YourselfEVP’s cemetery
Ghost Cemetery There Is Only One Big Risk You Should Avoid, the Risk of Doing Nothing.EVP’s cemetery
3 Am Haunted Cemetery, EVP’s Sound Wicked We May Never Pass This Way Again. True Horror cemetery
Haunted Cemetery Midnight AloneEVP’s Horror to Be or Not to Be cemetery
Haunted Cemetery a Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin With a Single Step.EVP’s Horror cemetery
Haunted Cemetery, EVP’s United We Stand, Divided We Fall Spirit Follow cemetery
Live at Midnight Cemetery, in the Garden of Good and EvilEVP’s cemetery
Midnight, Haunted Farm and Cemetery Do Not Go Gentle Into the NightEVP’s Horror cemetery
Midnight Haunted Cemetery Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Watch if You Dare cemetery
Midnight in the Haunted Cemetery Paradise Lost Spirits Call Out to Us, EVP’s cemetery
Haunted Cemetery Live Streamdanger Evil Resides Here cemetery
Haunted Ghost Town and Cemetery, Stalked for Whom the Bell Tolls cemetery
2 Am Haunted Cemetery the Most Horrific Explore Yet cemetery
Haunted Cemetery Part Two, Horror Awaits, EVP’s Will Make You Terrified cemetery
Haunted Cemetery, Live With UGUEa Night of Horror cemetery
Midnight in a Haunted Cemetery, EVP.s Ghost Follows Us Home cemetery
Midnight at Haunted Evil Pet Cemetery, EVP’s the Cats Meow, Thriller cemetery
UGUE Live Stream, Haunted Pet Cemetery cemetery
Haunted Cemetery and Restaurant in the Woods, Last of Our Re-edits, Shadow Figures cemetery
Midnight at a Haunted Cemetery, This Time Things Have Gone Too Far, Poor Joe cemetery
Midnight at the Cemetery Ii, G Team Paranormal, the Holywalker’s Don’t Watch Alone cemetery
Midnight Cemetery Explore With the Holywalker’s Ghost Caught on Camera cemetery
Haunted Pet Cemetery – Midnight in the Cemetery. We Are Not Alone Here, Creepy cemetery
Haunted Cemetery, Take a Tour With Us as We Discover We Had Hours of Lost Time cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery You Won’t Believe What Happened cemetery
Midnight at Haunted Cemetery, Sure to Scare You and Make You Laugh cemetery
Cemetery in Lake Helena Devils Chairwith Patty From G Team Paranormal cemetery
St Augustine Cemetery, Pushed by Ghost. Ghosts Live Here cemetery
Live Stream From a Haunted Cemetery cemetery
12 Am @ Haunted Cemetery, Evil Spirits EVP’s Ghosts and Gun Shots Fired cemetery
Midnight at a Haunted Cemetery Shots FiredEVP’s Scary, Ghosts cemetery
Haunted Cemetery Nighttime Explore, G Team Paranormal, EVP’s Creepy, Scary and Funny cemetery