Crazy Poltergeist Activity for C’s Crazy Crossroads

Incredible capture footage of poltergeist activity in a residential home. DEBUNK!

One of the unique poltergeist activities captured on camera. Was a bit much for Chris? It was definitely great to watch, and hard to believe all this activity was happening. As if the entities were there to be filmed and entertain thier guest.

This is but a snippet of what Chris experienced.


To see the whole video, click the play button below. Let us know your thoughts on our comment section of the post. Ask questions on our question section to the right.

ALONE IN “THE POLTERGEIST PLAYHOUSE” THIS PLACE IS INSANE! [1]Originally Published on YouTube on Jul 7,2021

After a short while later, here is the DEBUNK! video.

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1 Originally Published on YouTube on Jul 7,2021