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Nuke Top 5 for the week, where he talks about videos he was referred to. These videos are about ghost, spirits, apparition and creepy paranormal events which were recorded.

5 SCARY Ghost Videos To Cause A CRAZY REACTION

top five ghosts
caught on camera following
if you’re a regular viewer of nukes top
five then you probably remember
czech ghost hunter ilm and bono
i featured some of his previous
terrifying explorations at an abandoned
car factory in the past
no no way no way
some uh no
the old car factory in the city of
ostrava czech republic
has been abandoned for almost 60 years
after a large explosion took the lives
of several workers
locals claimed that the angry spirits of
the deceased workers
still haunt the decaying old factory
at the end of his previous exploration
bono fled in terror
but his viewers wanted to see more so
reluctantly ilm and bana once again
returns to the spooky abandoned car
and this time even though he’s
understandably very nervous
he promises his new audience that he’ll
do his best to keep calm
and not run away from anything but it
turns out that that promise
might be a bit hard to keep
this room i just wanted to check
because in the previous video i ran from
it and
a lot of you hated me for running from
room i will try not to run away from
anything and try and study calm
but there’s what
you won’t believe me i just got spooked
by my hair
wow i’m a real ghost hunter
the nervous ghost hunter actually gets
spooked by his own hair
but he laughs it off and continues as he
makes his way through dark winding
deeper and deeper into the abandoned
factory he starts to get an
uneasy feeling that he might not be
a door slammed shut somewhere near the
frightened ghost hunter
as he tries to find the source of the
loud sound he finds an
open door into a small bathroom area now
what’s especially odd is that the door
to the bathroom area had been locked
shut earlier making the room
but now the door is mysteriously
open in a later investigation bottle
carefully enters the bathroom area
and begins to explore it did not
go well
i hear something bro from this place
did you see it when looking into the
last bathroom stall the sight of an
unexpected dark figure sends bonnell
running out into the hallway
he assumes that he has stumbled upon a
homeless person or
some other stranger so bono calls out
explaining that he’s only there to
explore nothing else
when no one answers bono carefully walks
toward the stall
hello no
freaking way there is literally no one
there’s no one there later in the
investigation bottle heads to a room in
the abandoned car factory which seems to
be the most supernaturally active
bono has caught several frightening
unexplained occurrences
in this room this yeah this is the room
all of you know the story of
those these are the cups and this is the
i’m sorry i’m out of here oh no no
i’m not going yeah i
i know i said i wouldn’t run away but
in this room especially this room is
like aggressive
the spirits in this room so i don’t want
to get hurt
i’m sorry uh yeah
so i also wanted to check
oh hello
almost immediately the door of a fridge
swings open on its own
and bono just leaves but no matter where
bottom goes
something seems to be following him
oh nope
i’m sorry that was too aggressive
the unexplained activity only seems to
get even more aggressive as mono
explores the abandoned factory
it’s almost as if something just does
want him there as bono heads down one of
the dark hallways of the creepy
abandoned building
things take yet another terrifying turn
anyway uh i think there’s one more
room i don’t know what one more thing
that i want to show
you i said i want
i said i won’t be scared
let’s go hello
the sound of glass falling to the floor
catches bono’s attention and as he turns
the same shadow figure he saw earlier
seems to be
watching him so he gathers his courage
and walks back to investigate no one
bono basically says that he is done
he ends the investigation and leaves the
so did bono capture real ghost activity
on camera
are the ghosts of the workers that
passed away inside the factory angry
that he has disturbed them or is it all
just an elaborate hoax you decide
you can watch bono’s entire six part
series at the abandoned car factory
over on his youtube channel ilmn bono
paranormal if you see a video that you
think would be perfect for the top five
or if you have a ghost hunting channel
and you caught something great contact
me at nukestop5 forgotten
popular korean ghost hunter yoon shiwan
goes out to explore an abandoned house
in the middle of the night
yoon claims in his youtube videos that
while he does sometimes film at
allegedly haunted locations
he never fakes or fabricates any of the
creepy activity that he captures in his
investigations but just like everyone
yoon chawan can occasionally get a
little spooked
sometimes by something silly
completely forgets that he’s using a
spirit box phone app when suddenly a
loud voice from the app
warns him be careful yoon gets jump
scared by his own
app and flies into a bit of a rage
so when dark and stormy night yoon finds
himself in a strange house that has a
bit of a creepy past
locals say that the house was built on
top of a graveyard
and that some of the graves were never
yoon has no idea why the property was
but he is determined to find out he sets
up a rimpot emf detector at the front
doorway entrance
and similar to before he
then completely forgets about it
yoon jokes around and boldly claims that
he’s not scared
but soon things become a bit scarier for
the ghost hunter
as he wanders too close to his own rim
pod and
accidentally sets it off himself
so yoon decides to use a phone app
called snow
that similar to snapchat can detect
faces and then
add a filter or mask and things get
a bit creepy
as you can
the app on his phone seems to be picking
up a face right in front of a closed
when he kicks it open he discovers an
empty room
the door then slams shut on its own now
this could be explained away as a draft
of air blowing the door closed
but what happens next is a little harder
to explain
yoon places the rem pod right in front
of the mysterious closing door
and then continues to use the phone face
detecting app
what happens next is truly bizarre
so there is
again the phone app seems to see a face
right in front of the door
and this time the rim pod also detects
then when the door slams shut yun chuwan
gets the scare of a lifetime
however the most terrifying part of his
time inside the house is
not what he saw or heard
you see earlier in the night when the
rim pot at the front entrance suddenly
movement yoon captures something on
without even knowing it something
downright chilling
did you see it the door to the strange
room slowly opens right in front of him
and then the rim pod right behind him
movement when he turns around moon
captures what appears to be a figure
outside the house walking from right to
whatever it is seems to only be visible
on camera
because yoon just doesn’t see it
he only discovered this creepy capture
after going back through his footage
so what do you think is it real
or is it all just a hoax as always
you decide you can check out this full
video over on the youtube channel shawan
attachment go stunning brothers josh
sean and rocky foreman from the youtube
channel paranormal nightmare tv series
were contacted by a family in
indiana who claimed that they were
experiencing a terrifying and violent
inside their home the family claims they
see the hooded apparition of a man in
their bedrooms late at night
and they’ve witnessed the spirit of a
young girl running through their house
but that’s not all water faucets in the
house turn on by themselves
the family hears unexplained talking and
banging during the night
something tugs at their blankets and
they find random unexplained bruises
all over their bodies but most
terrifying of all
one day the kitchen stove gas is turned
on without them knowing
and left on for hours putting the entire
in grave danger the homeowner ron hudson
believes that all of this strange
activity could possibly be caused by the
restless spirit of his deceased brother
okay my brother passed away it’s been
almost eight years ago but he was
and his remains are in this this box
this is the urn type thing that they put
those ashes in after a cremation so
that’s my brother
but the idea that it could be ron
hudson’s brother doesn’t really explain
the violent nature of the haunting
after all that has happened to the
family the mother and daughter virginia
and g marie
believed that the supernatural presence
in their home
might be something much more sinister
the foreman brothers stay overnight to
investigate the paranormal activity
inside the home
during their investigation they capture
unexplained figures on their sls camera
and catch strange voices on their spirit
something’s cool
oh there is something by you is there
because my back’s getting cool
go by the bed oh there it is
we can see you are you evil
now all of the evidence that they
capture is pretty creepy
but when the three brothers sit down to
interview mom virginia
they capture something downright
and we see shadows a lot i’m always
thinking somebody’s behind
me look like a shot went straight
through that room over there
those two sitting on the couch and then
you’re sitting behind there
so there’s nobody else in the house with
so to see something walk through there
i can’t explain it an unexplained figure
is seen walking behind virginia
in the hallway now keep in mind the
entire family and all of the foreman
brothers are sitting in the living room
at the time of this recording
there is no one else in the house
so just who or what is that
could it be that ron hudson is right is
it his brother walking towards his own
death urn or could it be something much
dark and sinister as always
i leave it up to you to decide you can
check out this full video on many more
great paranormal investigations
over on the channel paranormal nightmare
tv series
grave paranormal youtuber and facebook
livestreamer el payaso de la toledo sets
out to investigate the allegedly haunted
los mulchas cemetery in mexico
he’s joined by his friends and fellow
video creators lorena jacobo
and moonra vlogs the investigators head
to the graveyard to investigate the
alleged paranormal sightings of the
lady in the white jacket a local
paranormal legend of a ghost woman
who is said to walk the cemetery however
once the group begins their
investigation and invites the spirits of
the old cemetery to show themselves
they don’t see the lady in the white
but it seems they might have disturbed
an entirely different spirit
in the las muchas cemetery el payaso de
la toledo
broadcast the entire investigation live
to his facebook page
as the three friends witnessed something
investigator munro vlogs blows air into
his hand to make
some sort of call possibly to create
energy for the spirits to use to
manifest themselves
and that’s when the figure of a small
pale child can be seen running across
the cemetery path
the creepy apparition disappears behind
the gravestones
now keep in mind that this is all being
streamed live as the team immediately
goes looking for the mysterious child
and that’s when things get even stranger
when calling out to the child three
investigators hear unexplained cries
and laughter they have no idea why a
child would possibly be in the graveyard
this late at night
and they continue searching out of
concern for the child
but when it becomes clear that there is
no one else in the cemetery
they start to believe that they might
have witnessed an
actual child’s spirit they change
tactics and start to ask the spirit
to once again appear before their eyes
strange sounds seem to surround the
three investigators and again
the figure of a small child runs across
the cemetery path
disappearing amongst the gravestones the
team runs to find the child but
there’s no one there the mysterious
child seems to have disappeared
into thin air so the mexican ghost
hunter el payaso de la tolero and his
friends lorena jacobo and munro vlogs
capture the ghost of a restless child
playing amongst the tombstones or
is it just an elaborate hoax you decide
unholy urban explorer christopher hill
from the youtube channel urbex hill
is back on another exploration to a new
abandoned location
this time he explores the first
hungarian reform church
in cleveland ohio built in 1904 the
church was in use for almost 100 years
before it was abandoned
in 2003 it has set empty for almost 18
but vandalism and the elements have
taken their toll
on the old church it now exists in a
severe state of decay
christopher records as he explores the
church grounds
finding an old piano and a broken down
electric organ
as he plays around with the dead keys of
the old organ the explorer captures
something very creepy and unexpected
on camera
that’s crazy
now i heard the piano
the keys of the broken electric organ
make no sound but suddenly the piano
across the room blasts out a note
as if something unseen slammed down on
one of its keys
christopher is shocked and makes his way
over to the piano to check it out
but he finds nothing out of the ordinary
then a chair suddenly tips
over by itself the urban explorers had
enough and decides to just get out of
as he makes a quick exit we can hear the
loud unexplained sounds of
unknown objects crashing to the floor
right behind him
so did chris capture paranormal activity
inside the 100 year old church
let me know what you think you can check
out this full video and more creepy
over on his youtube channel urbex hill
thanks for watching follow me on
instagram there and on twitter there
and i’ll see you next week

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