South Foreland Battery

The GhostTech Investigators capture paranormal activity at South Foreland Battery.

YouTube video published on Nov 29, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 22 – South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – South Foreland Battery

How so just made his something moving behind Judith this summit banging you move something move beyond this first before we cannot possibly the moving the placeholder for the analysis and background is in all all you and I don’t come back from that by having them know nothing about football the frontline of the iceberg will) and only two years ago they were delivered at home and safety of the British Army (with only two years ago when the viability of weeping on the shoulder of the land that the body but still chilly British expeditionary force was only two years ago that the British behind the strained and grill development brief for whatever replace the island that had been left behind law restoring was only two years ago behind the cliff.
There and bring on with nothing much to be on a high following the results of scientific something essential that we can coast of south-east England represents a bold cliff to the same commands views of the Strait of Dover is the closest point on the British mainland European continent distance of only 20.6 miles this proximity is a military significance and during World War II coastal backroom ascites, headlined along with a radar station line between the busy port of Dover and the deathly Goodwin Sands to buy houses for important for navigation both have now been retired this was a coastal artillery battery before Mark X9 .2 inch guns and a network of bunkers and ammunition stores north-east of the lighthouse on the road to St Margaret’s excavation started on 28 December 1940 and the first analysed on 25 March 1941 although number four goals not testify to 28 November that year the best-known action, a few months later 12 February 1942 German battleships attempted the channel – from breast back to Germany the Cape and radar at cellphone and started to track the ships 28 German ships were hit for herself. Since you are regularly the military purchase loneliest St Margaret’s existing houses were demolished and going into the building your garden’s boardroom repackages ponds and fences camouflage netting the top of the artillery magazines were disguised as grassy banks soldiers sprayed creosote during building work to eliminate aerial visibility three gun batteries are cellphone Western confirmed they would quickly built once operational the guns became known collectively as a fortress with headquarters near the edge of the lighthouse grounds at the outset of war radar was top-secret technology cellphone had a system allowing extraction channel enabling the gun safari life visibility the majority of the surface buildings have now been demolished but money and grand structure still survive the magazines were number one and number four guns were located underground reinforced concrete rooms number to number three gun is served by merit surface magazines to deep underground shelters were built in 1941 take the form of long parallel tunnels access by inclined emphasis on the surface lined with corrugated steel sheeting throughout separated underground fortress and tree planting rooms also exist on the site the site is now open land has been largely reclaimed by nature various fragments of concrete surface reminders of the sites importance during World War II on 28 March 1941 and accident occurred shelter when supper for 6916.2 8W bit more of number three section 172 television company was struck by one-way toll is descended inclined suffered a fractured skull and died from his injuries out of what they have all known to his fellow officers and it was only 21 died serving role engineers we come to speak to the phone and battery soldiers if your here can you make yourself known make a noise when you come forward and tell us your name if you can hear me do you know Alex W bit more he was killed here in 1941 he was part of the 172 toning Corey did you know him and explained more with come to speak to you can you approach is to say something to us an EVP is captured not only a digital recorder but also on the camera’s microphone voices 23 which is the marching reason for soldiers can you approach is to say something to us can you approach is to say something to us and legs you died building the tunnels on the 2004 March 1941 you still here are any of your fellow soldiers still here if so can you come towards my voice and say hello we’ve come a long way to speak to you can you throw something move something and then we know that your here throw rock or stone you move anyone down a move I hear movement which sounds like something shuffling come from nearby is the enhanced audio his something moving behind you that this summit banging we all hear a loud banging coming from behind you within the time is the enhanced audio taken from the camera’s microphone which isn’t something again we hear movement come from within the time but it’s not captured on our audio however what is captured on to voice is speaking in between feuding on James talking is the audio taken from the digital recorder so that you are so low something move beyond this year can you tell us what your name is as valuable standing still we’re hearing more movement coming from within the tunnels and when I asked the question can you tell me what your name is a huge bank comes from the wall right beside us can you tell us what your name is can you tell us what your name is someone’s walking down the passage got can you tell us what your name is placed can you make a noise for us again we can hear you I could hear people whispering having a conversation only part of this is captured on a digital recorder economy What’s been said is the enhanced audio metal sample you here so, from nearby when refusing audio his disembodied voice but we can’t make out what’s been said is the enhanced audio and we concluded our investigation into the Southall deep shelter tongues so it was time to move on we print top all of our equipment and made our way to the planting rooms which are also deep underground when just before we leave Jason wonders the tunnels taking pictures on the full spectrum camera and one of the pictures captured on August energy as it floats down one of the tunnels is there anyone here that can come and speak to us anyone that won’t hear in these planting rooms if you can hear me can you come towards us and tell a show name if you can can you throw something or move something so we know that your here with us was announced movement is heard coming from behind Pete who is standing on the side of the room is the enhanced audio can you do that for us again please but if that was a new album movement again comes from within the planting rooms is the audio taken from the camera that Jason is holding but if that was you up but if that was a new album can you come and join us we only want to talk to you that What are the lessons voice moving footage/download

Without the “heat feel something touching and his belt is appalled from behind when just before this happens I hear disembodied voice conference with Peter standing is the enhanced audio was it you that type where are you at a I had a another disembodied voice is heard and is captured on a digital audio we decided to leave the main operation centre of the planting rooms and made our way to the adjacent corridors are you stuck here where would you rather be living away one now an EVP is captured on a digital recorder I ask where would you rather be living where you are now anxious after the word living in his reply voice saying no living where you are now living when you are now can you tell us what it’s like when you are not a voice is captured on full spectrum camera’s audio saying I see you all is the enhanced audio help many of you are here. I did that come from my dear a noise coming from the main room down the hallway followed my voice is captured on a digital recorder telling us to get out of here is the audio enhanced their controlling the game was one as we approach the main operations room Jason’s battery dies in the camcorder and as we go back to change the entry voice is captured on the full spectrum camcorder that Pete is holding which seems to be mocking us by saying season please speak to us say something please please make a noise for us do something say something I so just move as I move forward his something move but it’s infected disembodied voice and it sounds as if you say my name a few floors is is just about this as I got to about here that was under those boys Royal Academy of the ground floor as we start into the room and EVP is captured on the camera’s microphone saying you stay there is the enhanced audio you want us to lose now can we get an intelligent response from you my request was granted as an EVP is captured with a voice telling me to keep trying to get if you would like free help free advice for free investigation you can contact or contact ghosting paranormal on Facebook

The Old Oil Caves

Jeff Young and his team are off to The Old Oil Caves to investigate the paranormal activity around there.

YouTube video published on July 26, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 17 The Old Oil Caves
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – The Old Oil Caves

Boiler say you tell us where you are whose salaries place you really know about you) and all that remains of what was the oil mill
chemistry advocates of the Western Heights one time the windmills with a non-maritime industry
chemistry was where they were situated gets its name from the chalk unit from the cliffs that was burnt to make quick line it was the line makers originally created the case the case also used for smuggling during 1793 to 1815 it was a station for the army and navy distinctive, and front of the case was operated by the only second steam engine used in Western Heights therefore the technology the engine was powered by a specialist to my left to being provided by the Western owned by Joseph was related to transform the managing partner of dolphin label was James Walker whom he 1808 have installed the first steam engine that the meals were hit by the economic depression in the 1840s they kept open employment manager to run on a day-to-day basis sudden tragedy and there was a catastrophic fire and according to reports everyone in the town cannot help fighting by this time the windmills with four stories high inside the case within the Western Heights they included a refinery furnaces boilers tanks faults Smith his Cubans offices stable is Smith shot and the bridge with the tall chimney said to emerge from the sloping the Clifton reaching the nearby something the damage was estimated at £50,000 for the almost further £25,000 for damage or destruction two properties nearby and boys lost their jobs Worked for other businesses destroyed by the fire and receive compensation for those workers there was little chance of alternative fire here, you are the insurance the more notable rebuild these were of much larger scale protection of the first in Western Heights during World War II I also was used as a fire station on air raid shelter for women and children before they were then closed under forgotten we set up our equipment and EMF readings were taken by Phil on a walk through the opening or readings were zero with no fluctuation in what were these caves useful in Hitler: our audio and Was just really switched on and within a minute or so (on the K2 me to which Mrs changes in the electromagnetic field Q
top this device for me again as those of another cold and here software miles your job so you are configurable and can you tell us what your name is near the manager here something is behind you movement is heard from behind Jason is the enhanced audio taken from the full spectrum camera’s microphone behind something everyone behind you something everyone if you can speak to us if you speaking to this red light it will pick up your voice and we can hear what you’re saying that you properly don’t get many chances is speaking to people not many people come down here and do this so here’s your chance to say something to let us know that your here or if you have a message for someone for the third loud banging is heard coming from the tunnel the was also was also was actually got something for her saying the online libraries actually do walking through a bit further this carry on going straight rolling in: dinosaur emphasising that is well can you tell us where you are, more comfortable to’s can you shout out again for us so I know that your here will did you use to do down here did you work here can you throw something move something for us knock on the wall is heard and captured on a digital audio sounds like Door opening and closing his enhanced audio okay and this could be your last chance to talk into somebody so you need to do something to let us know your here shout out your name come and join us, more comfortable to us what went on the these caves why was these designs if you won’t hear that you can come and tell us that can encounter three when I reached you really need to make a noise to let us know you here okay 1 to 3 the night vision cameras audio that giving has is picking up one crime and then the words hear me when I say one then to in between you can hear the cry and then after I say three you can hear the words hear me while she shrieked while she should say something using white noise that is now widely stills and most of his side of Edinburgh the alarm for the evening on the thing no year the new device the five is remembering the browser your name, your name really those doors to those made Jesus there is that as quite as a big hit with more features of the many of you are here James you think older to you feeling a “you feels well you and something limits are really is, that of a you here with us now can you come back and make that light up again thank you can you throw something or move something more you’re doing this can you make a noise to let slow that your here can you do something else surroundings why you here and you stuck here is something stopping you from leaving here the temperature is freezing all around us as the catering metre is completely lighting up their side turn on the SB seven spirit box a voice come through and says why we standing here for is the enhanced audio when the symptoms cameras that the family minutes was left in Aceh footage of the ghostly Christmas the camera rolling on the we just. The camera if you’re running on is that the Cameron other cameras data benefits broken just in and out another battery brand-new batteries the Cameron is dead so everyone is is trying to the batteries out that other camcorder round no reason whatsoever pipes recently on just hoping that it’s just the ones just drains both the batteries are the brand-new battery in the Metro Interchange and that Fred is well if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen

Drop Redoubt Fortress

YouTube video published on Jun 28, 2015

The Ghostech Paranormal Investigators head to Drop Redoubt Fortress to capture sightings of ghost and apparitions

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode -16 – Drop Redoubt Fortress
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Drop Redoubt Fortress

Celeb actually went up to 3.3.1 from zero from 0 to deliver your voice zero something the Philadelphia Olivero soldiers here was in all the dropped reader is one of two. Western Heights is linked by series of dry notes and is arguably the most impressive and immediately noticeable feature on Dover’s Western Heights the artillery at the fourth face mostly inland it was intended to attack invading force attempting to To Dover from the rear the construction of the fortress was into periods the first being from 1804 to 1808 two and a polyp was in the second from 1859 to 1864 following the recommendations of the 1859 Royal commission the original form of the fortress was a simple Pentagon for my cutting trenches into the hillside. The island barracks magazine and artillery on top originally it would have accommodated 200 troops about 1893 the numbers had been reduced to just 90 striking feature of the first period as the 51 proof casements these parabolic in cross-section uncovered anything over to withstand the effects of multipliers the windows at the rear of each open into a trench 10 mg of last the rise of Napoleon third during the 1850s course of further invasion scare and a rule commission was set up in 1859 to investigate the defence of Britain as a result more work was deemed necessary in the Heights and the dropped readout had its defences improved company is ready to 4 corners of the existing fault Congress would build alongside to to allow fire along the north and south east lies the original magazines enlarged with large earthquakes protective the office of supporters themselves also date from this period they can be distinguished from the early work was a semicircular shape of the human World War II squad of commandos in the event of an invasion of their presence was secret and the lines around the readout remind evidence of their stage of the Saudi courts company is one to the entrance dropped readout was Ballsbridge the in the third of this was pivoted so that the fork be isolated the heavy recess into which the Brits one can still be seen although the bridge has long since gone in the 1980s and temporary scaffolding which was built by the army to enable access for guided tours that this was removed in the middle of the 1990s to prevent unauthorised entry vandalism originally thought was to be equipped with twelfths move for 24 pounder guns to However it is unlikely that many were installed to Neapolitan always almost over the time of their construction all in 1851 2324 pounder is a great place is 612 pounder saluting guns, 18 short on top of the form what remains of the lighthouse which complemented the one that still exists in the grounds of Dover Castle it’s time investigations for the dropped readout fortress in our search for paranormal activity we had a guided tour around for this place is huge corridor after corridor tunnels connecting to ruins stairway is going deep underground temperature readings were taken to call normal baseline TMF readings were also taken stood at zero with no abnormalities the owner of the fallen think I was so worried of warning about the spiders which inhabit certain areas as they are very protective of their young witch-black sacks series of disturbing the more touching than book about the spiders to attack devices is there anyone here that could hear my voice if so can you make a noise to let us know that your here can you call out your name for us can you throw something or knock-on something for us to let us know that your here with us inside this room did you work here as a soldier back in the 1800s was you station here through one of the world wars can you tell us your name and rank from inside and outside is there anyone here that can speak to us someone I used to work here in this form are you in this room can you move something in here to let us know that you can you tell a show name how long have you been here for how many of you are here you can smell in a series where is the what you smelling here you is that there are those chefs smell something that nobody is if you are not/material advancement was only coming from monsoon area jason lynn said that reminded smell that scalextric cartwright The Smell of Electrostatic Charge within Seconds Disappeared a Cake Use the White Noise to Come through and Speak to Us If Your Here inside This Room Come through and the Frequency of White Noise My Name Is Jeff What’s Your Name Did You Work Here Modern Wars Can You Tell Us along You Are Station Here for These You Work Here Is a Soldier What Did You Do near the Falls That Nothing You Did Nothing so Why Are You Here Then You Get Removed Changes over the Desires and so Are We Welcome Here in This Form Is If We Welcome Here in the Schools Where Is the Best Place to Go with You to Find You Tell Us Where to Go to Point You When We Find You the One in Three the Very so That They Were Actually Went up to 3.1 from the Can You Come and Join Us in This Room with Come a Long Way to Speed Here That People Are Homeless for Faster Succumbing to Make Contact with You Review Your Voice Can You Make a Noise Attack on Something with the Temperature Was Anyone I Could Think It’s Coming from over There As Requested Tapping Sounds Are Heard behind Is the Enhanced Audio and If You Listen Carefully There Are Two Forces Captured at the Same Time We Are Unable to Hear What You’re Saying That Was You Make the Noise Can You Do It Again for Us Please Movement Is Heard Coming from Somewhere around Us Is the Enhanced Audio That You Did You Just Hear That Something Move on the Shoulder Wasn’t Back Something Incorrect the Back of My Shirt Forcefully Which Startled Me from the Two Sides the Bottom of My Shirt Board Backwards Okay Which One of You Will Support down’ They Just Uncovered with the Only Goal Spiders Are Stuck on the Wall with Their Babies Ready at the NFL Brightness down Israeli Dead Canvas Corridor Because Anybody Here and Make Yourself Known Can Move Something or Make a Noise THIS IS A WRITE-DOWN IN THE CORRIDOR NOW IF YOUR HERE LET US KNOW TOO LOUD BANGS HEARD COMING FROM WITHIN THE CORRIDOR IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO STAY HERE ASK US TO LEAVE YOU SHALL YOU CAN PULL THE CLOTHING SECTOR AGAIN THROW SOMETHING FOOTSTEPS AND WALKING CAPTURED ON A DIGITAL RECORDER IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO WE CARRIED OUT AN INVESTIGATION INTO OTHER AREAS OF THE FOURTH NO EVIDENCE WAS CAPTURED WE ASKED THE OWNERS AND WE WILL INVESTIGATE COMPANY NUMBER ONE THIS AREA HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED AND IS FENCED OFF TO TO HEALTH AND SAFETY RISKS EVENTUALLY WE WERE GRANTED ACCESS WORLD WAR II FIGHTING CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE WHISPERING IS CAPTURED ON THE MICROPHONE IS CAMERA THE FIRST VOICES SAYING DON’T TELL HIM THEN THE SECOND VOICE IS YES FOLLOWED BY A THIRD VOICE SAYING CHALLENGE IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO FROM THE CAMERA CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU MAKE A NOISE BANG ON SOMETHING. WHO’S DOWN HERE SO YOUR NAME IS THERE ANYONE HERE WITH US YOU ARE WE WRAPPED UP THEIR INVESTIGATION OF THE DROPPED READOUT FORTRESS THE OWNERS OF’S IS 20% INVESTIGATION WHICH WE HOPE TO DO LATER HERE WITH LIKE TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME OF HOSPITALITY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE INVESTIGATION FREE HELP FREE ADVICE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE GHOSTLY TEAM PLEASE CONTACT US USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS SHOWN ON SCREEN

Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker

Jeff Young and his team of paranormal investigators visit the southern water nuclear emergency bunker.

YouTube video published on May 23, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 14 – Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Southern Water Nuclear Emergency Bunker

We are here to investigate the structure that stands behind me is the Southern water nuclear bunker control centre where reports say that something paranormal precise inside and all in the quiet countryside miles outside London six Southern water nuclear bunker emergency control centre one of three that were built in the 1980s the bank is within a large compound and is mounted over with her photographs with two ventilation tower sometimes as you can see from this past this bunker was fully equipped for a phone when London would be under a nuclear attack it now lays bare of all its components every brewing side suggests shell we are investigating structure because of the morning the case said it tells the story of two teenage boys who feel of Severnside village told to get out more disembodied voice which made a run for their lives why would this place we hope to visit around 36 or seven of the building here before round in our research we came across another news report of an aircraft that crashed here a few years ago the pilot was on fire and eventually was cut free from the wreckage by firefighters but he died from serious interest is this identity sites here it’s time for those tech to find out who deserve all you 5°
this is a zero for the resources if you tell you is if you really care all that when I saw this place is not even nothing temperature in case you as we were making our way along the corridor to what would have been the control centre a voice is captured on a full spectrum camera’s microphone telling us to get out from here is the enhanced audio taken from the microphone can you tell us what your name is you told to boys together from inside this bunker can you tell us to go voice is captured on a digital recorder and intelligent response telling us to get out is the enhanced audio can you tell us to go can you tell us to go are you the man was killed in the plane crash did you live here on this land before this bunker was built which I house here how did you die in Genesis is a voice for our voices I hear disembodied voice consuming inside the bunker we can’t make out what you’re saying is the enhanced audio think ‘the voice is not mentioned in plane crash tried again I knew the man that died in the plane crash was shot house hear did you live here and a noise and did you hear that banging is heard coming from within the hallway is the enhanced audio taken from a digital recorder can you walk towards us we just come all this way to talk to you this is where you stay now we know who to ask you to leave can you throw something On something move something you stuck here and don’t know where to go out another banging is heard coming from within sight of bunker is the enhanced audio can you try and do that again gyre of damage did you live a year in his hand side than something just move the epicycle put you tell us about this site

All as we are standing still something move behind myself and feel is the enhanced audio taken from the static night vision camera’s microphone cable just in the use of EVP at which is can scan above and below are here in frequency see if there’s anything being said I could come forward and use this device will pick up any words that you want to say more Willie got remember also his economy company radio waves were so far down inside this concrete bunker is nothing of the company radio frequencies but inside that every single word of the English dictionary law is normally is that your name set your surname spirits what a noise which can only describe something like ground comes from behind myself and feel he is the enhanced audio are that was what was the only standing here with this voice is captured on a digital recorder saying with you is the enhanced audio are you standing here with this and you standing here with this we are going to stay here to talk to you did you hear something nice about, quiet is nothing tortuous again now you sacrifice talk to a stray something you can become a behaviour can tell us about yourself Wasn’t saying the same thing and to my disaster? If you can make one last attempt to less than a year then we can leave we will leave you in peace so please knock on something like something move something shout out something and then we will leave did you speak movement against heard coming from the hallway is the enhanced audio is against an external way to the normally when you’re in the hallway and then first left something move you in the room please speak to us we mean you know is bank something move something went analysing video and audio which can take days you cannot take arising is a wafer second when Jason treads on a piece of glass says made me jump sorry James Larsson him was standing behind the static night vision camera which is filming in the hallway but the microphone on the full spectrum camera which Jason has with him except a man’s voice along with James laughing is the enhanced audio taken from Jason’s camera if you would like a free investigation free help free advice or to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen are

Cliffe Fort

Jeff young and his team of Ghostech Investigators, search Cliffe Fort for spirits and anomalies of the sort.

Youtube video published on Jan 30, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations: Episode 10 Cliffe Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Cliffe Fort

This is the Clifton during the 1860s to protect the River Medway against the French invasion and also World War I and World War II Melissa Leo investigation for tonight’s is an all all you and you built in the 1860s reform is one of the three coincided with a designed to bring industry was built work in conjunction with cold house for two listed to prevent hostile fleet in London by the terms construction of the fourth is difficult due to the marching ground before it was built on cracking at subsidence, many problems for them in Wokingham fought more surprisingly this marshy ground was also home to malaria mosquitoes which make life even given the construction was designed solely to cater for the on the day and the guns that were installed for the 12.5 and 11 are immense when around 35 time protection of the guns were provided by credit freeze casement scriptures threaded defence insurance casements and the rails in which the gun carriage stood still visible today in 1885 before become the site for an experimental harbour defence system known as the relevant torpedo this was the world’s first wife regardless torpedo was designed by Ms Brennan: 28 January 1852 and died 17 January 1932 as an Irish frustrating mechanical engineer Brennan was born in Castlebar and moved to Australia in 1861 when his parents he started his career as a watchmaker and a few years later was Alexander Kennedy Smith recounts of a mechanical engineer of that period Brennan invented the idea of the steerable torpedo 1974 from observing that if the threat is poorly and we alternate’ (the real move away from the threat site Brennan spent some years working out this invention received a grant of £700 Victorian government towards his expenses paid to threaten to veto in 1877 the idea that trailed accounting for Red Cross haven” Brennan went to England in 1880 eventually for the Sir Andrew Clark alerted the authorities to the possibilities of the torpedo used in the defence of holders and chat paintings eventually bought for the sum of £100,000 in 1887 Brennan was appointed superintendent Brennan torpedo factory and was consulting engineer from 1896 to 1907 Brennan was buried at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery Kensal Green London: plot number 2454 as progressive as the system was at the time was replaced 25 years later favourite quick firing guns reform remained on throughout both world wars but was sold after the end of the Second World War to the local cement company has resolved this before setting been neglected and is falling into fairly advanced state of decay and reform is more roads houses people in Illinois whatsoever which means no contamination of evidence 153 years of history today for disclosing still reside here this time the ghostly crew bound to find out all their soldiers, Linthwaite Springfield like to join us as there anyone here can make themselves known if so can you call out your name for us what is your name on the ring soldiers can come and speak to us was you here in the 1860s World War I World War II you still here and you are and you move something or throw something make a noise so we know that your here can you come and speak to us police all this equipment that we got with this one harm you promise you that this device in my hand he concedes red light will that do is pick up your voice if you speaking to whether red light is it will be Your voice can you do that for me just tell us what your name is how long have you been here are you stuck here please throw something or make a noise bang on something to let us know that your here can anyone hear me there anyone here please say something we shout out something move something to let us know that you are here banging is heard coming from nearby is the enhanced audio Cambridge us can at least serried now that we can do is some stag night vision camera there via lighting we can let them run regular moved to another area that is if we can pick up any activities so undergone this is can one necessary cases any movement there any soldiers here that can come and tell us name inside the ground casements I hear movement come from in front of me is the enhanced audio alone we can hear you can you tell us a name place remaining harm my name is Jeff Mrs Jason we just come to see if you’re still here can you tell us what war if faulting of Stuart here was in the 1860s World War I World War II your soldier as we made our way through the gun casement tongues are audio when the full spectrum camera catches a pretty voice saying hey here’s the audio from the camera enhanced the new job for the wholesale annihilate the value that says something move something long-time supporters the recording will all use Microsoft not
Montreal’s inheritance plays these faceless feel very just got and sleeping through the saving yourself to hear that you won’t hear the “again was your soldier stationed in how many of you are here they said one analyst once they have a lot of physio for what was it in writing was of World War I and World War II the final for the idea that please tell us more about you and you know because throw something was something is requested a bone is heard coming from the adjacent is the enhanced audio are you really based on this been letting this condition this letter decay around and understand anything about it and our digital audio captures movement of the doorway to this room is the enhanced audio is there anything but women do to help this error message you have someone disembodied voice is heard and captured a digital recorder is the enhanced audio is is is is is there anyone here that could hear my voice if so clearly speaking to this device the one harm you if you see that little red light is speaking to that city hear what you’re saying you please tell us what your name is contours my voice is speaking to this device did you working here your soldier Cpl was one of the soldiers the works in this form trying get enough energy as much energy as you can if you like it and take it from us you can take it from the batteries are in these devices and use it to shout out
please shout your name take as much energy is you want and you been here for a long time you must be really really unhappy with what’s happened to this place is just being left to decay and fall apart from non-cares about any more may have your here you must still care about it if we are capturing anything on the whole investigation here it’s not good in the arm anything to do with cars plans
things that can be our playback you think is a voice is not the forces technological Khan the decision is just so down, it was business nothing at this moment my digital recorder is picking up someone coming in the same room which bills standing is the enhanced audio down, it was down, it was as we stand silently suffered a control tower the digital audio headset several voices talking is the enhanced audio is shout out your name shout out your name Wales shell out your name and replies it Stephen the very same personally came through the spirit boxing the gun casement area we wrapped up their investigation before and made our way back to the office of supporters to collect outstanding night vision camera we found that the Cameron been turned off and the battery still had two hours left when we checked the footage of the files are being raised said one which shows the camera being moved and forces her saying that since before is turned off is the footage if you remember when we were doing the SB seven spirit of accession and the gun casement area woman’s voice came through same recordings of someone close to tell us that statement with being raised in turn of was this just coincidence are you would like advice help lots become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen is is is is is