Return to Poltergeist Church

On this episode, Todd joins Joe and Todd from UGUE team to explore a previous known church where there is poltergeist activity.

YouTube Published on Apr 16, 2019


Him a I a picture to church will crazy a I feel the burning one’s point of a greater fire is a fight for those who want to live for the dying living we are previous and all kinds of voices freaking me out is anyone in here you can talk into my camera… Back I be able to hear to hear you talk to my camera just to be bathrooms like a one time this place was what happened he is our emerging rocket with the more is expressly limited in what forces anyone in here you can talk to my camera to hear someone say to the to hear you can talk to my camera to
Sagan say is anybody here in talking to my camera really Here Is an Different Hear Voices and Images up into the Keeping up on Me and Protecting A HARD TO COME TO ME HIS NAME AND TO THE BANK THAT YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO IS JUST AS DEFINITE SELECTIVITY GENRE, THEY CAME IN FOR SOME OF VOICES: I WILL ANYONE HERE IS SCARY. IF THIS IS OTHER PEOPLE. The summertime we are the ones born of fire subject of an unshakable king children and undefeated In those Doesn’t want to die for living your a.k.a. specifically We catch children. They and whose someone here you can talk into my camera players think of you your sense of your message IS WORKINGS PLACE BUT THEN AT THE LAST HOUR HERE WE CAME IN FOR A LONG WORKING ON THAT DATE BEFORE THEY FINISH THAT BUT IT’S BEEN LIKE OVER WHO HAS THE MOST AND You like to Give a The Also on the in Hopeful Developments Were Because of Really Bad Little Countries of Life and Something Happened and We Know from When You Guys Are Here to Really Glad I Have Come to Hear so Many People Have Asked Me to Come Here but the Same Time a Wish I Could Never Okay and I Mean in a Also Do Lots of You and in You Begin That Ross Is on Sunday Either. And Still Has a Bathroom in a End Hanging over Here at Whispering in This Area out Here Feeling for Hearing from Talking like Changing Almost Here at Changing in a Way That Russell Amb. to Finish in with His Have Something 40 a Day Later Identified in This July What Time It Will Pray I Get Out Of Here before… And Will Are You the General, Is a Is Is Is a Long Time Is the Ever Popular and Well You Know Him As Will and to Hear with This Is the Coolest and I Heard Something Will Cicero’s Best-Selling Scone outside It Is Also Chest Tightened It to Let Way, Patricia Sosa tightening here.
You him, for some on the status of your chest is a machine do you know who is the delay in was really a choose go praising his chest/updating really tightly hear this area I know why you dizzy. Will is and him and him something we should go pray with him in like like really watering and adhere with. You should go pray get out of here will the urinary will a voice was a lot of you have a very really get a gray is Houston. For

The will something is my chest is so tight a will message for religious. Jesus Christ and the father you are my Savior Jesus Christ and all things all we ask for your protection forgiveness we ask the left this place the church we ask the less on what video keep us out of harms way you Jesus Christ and all the red are you just him user and children Henry okay okay lately WILL HIM WILL YOU WILL YOU RUN AIS… ALL RIGHT MY CHEST IS KILLING THE CHEST HURT SO BAD I GOT SWEAT YOU REALLY ARE YOU SHOULD GO SOMEONE’S EVIL PICTURE SO YOU JUST WILL WILL AND WILL IS BUNCHES UP ON ME AND YOU. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AS SUPER.COM OKAY I’M LEAVING MORE WHILE DRIVING GUYS STILL DO THIS ALONE BE SAFE