SLS Camera Performance During Investigation

In this video, I describe my thoughts on the SLS camera performance during an investigation session in a reported haunting in McAllen, Texas.

SLS Camera Performance During Investigation

I on today’s video I’m in the be talking about the SLS camera captures that we had and I would like to hear your thoughts over next EVP capture is interesting as the question is asked and I believe we get a response the respondent’s only recorded in the audit device holds the house’s Alice house is sold as is your is your name at this point of our session it seems like the SLS starts to interact not sure it gets less stars striking because I moved it slightly over to the right or to the left and is the tracking but to me it seems possible that it’s an actual start detecting an operation or nominally and it affected our infrared camera which son Sam was carrying one upon not that as part at this point of the our session here we were getting some the VPs and what the where point out as far as he is a less is that the guest list on the on the with the connect sensors is only capable of tracking to people when you introduce a third person in there I think is starts tracking the person most closes to the sensor but it does not show no more than two so here you see me get into the frame and the starts tracking me and… Track of my son and then that’s what it things that have noticed with this connect sensors set up later will wireless it will’s you do you use your representative will vision is the same you have is very amazing things will will all over the world about this and him him him regularly something you do is you will this AVP was captured in the audio recorder here is the enhanced audio the will will him him him as a there have this little montage I just wanted to show you the duration how long it takes this less to show the stick figures on the fan and it’s not always the case not sure if this is a false detection but no show you better on what I see on this next sequence I’m demonstrating that my stick figure transfers from my silhouette to the fan and I’m thinking yes less is thinking that the fan is a single went in the stars track but you can nearly see my silhouette without a stick figure and I’m on anyone unseen so this is an is interesting capture you here she can see at this point it stops tracking the fan as it was a person doesn’t put the stick figures on there and we and our session that would move out for ticket for break at this time no one was inside the house when the ramp proximity sensor goes off at this point with everybody outside the building the only thing they got capture was the Rams proximity sensor going off no EVP’s or movement was otherwise captured going this time frame so these were interesting captures that we had on this particular investigation I’m curious to see if I can duplicate this at my home and possibly disprove that these are false detections I personally think that they were anomalies that the sensor was picking up but that will have to see if I can do became is not at a party point that there were anomalies thank you for watching his relief

South Foreland Battery

The GhostTech Investigators capture paranormal activity at South Foreland Battery.

YouTube video published on Nov 29, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 22 – South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations - South Foreland Battery
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – South Foreland Battery

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