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Another UGUE old video back in YouTube post on Dec 8, 2017. This is another series of UGUE cemetery exploration, and on this one, they think they captured some EVPs.


I heard a girl we got a gun we got a gun this definitely was not here the last time it’s really really big well you know actually as we were telling you guys so far in the back of the truck let me red light yeah Todd from the Holy Walkers and I we’re out at the creepiest farm this is a farm that we’ve done once before but we did it with a whole group of people and everybody st. us hey guys you’ve got to get out there you got to go by yourselves and one must be crazy because we’re actually doing that if you see behind me here is one of the creepiest farmhouses I’ve ever seen in my life this is the beginning of the farm and we’re gonna work our way towards the back of the form I’m freaked out Todd’s freaked out but anyway we’re here for you guys love you lots pie all right guys Todd and I decided to come out tonight to this creepy farm the crazy thing it’s almost 1 o’clock in the morning and let me tell you this place looks it looks like something right out of a horror film I mean there’s no other way to describe it yeah this makes murder house look like a vacation I mean this place is bad and there’s the staircase actually if you look back Rob and I put up a video and on that video we go up the stairs and you’re gonna hear we pick up an EVP that says get out like the creepiest sounding voice I ever heard in my life so you know we should do Todd let’s go check it out Todd the smelling here huh when inside this place but to be honest with you guys it’s a biohazard bad I mean real bad the smell of mold in there it’s enough to knock you off your feet and what a creep I never just this I just place the mold was so bad we had to walk out right away I’m gonna tell you guys I’ll never ever go back in this building again it’s that bad anywhere we’re exploring tonight we’re about to take you guys on an adventure I’m a little freaked out because the places we’re going to real creepy anyway guys thinks that front porch is pretty it looks dude it’s what’s hot and they are out here like two maniacs yeah so this is the beginning of the farm man it’s scary look at this place [Applause] what is this this is one of those water sheds look at this this place is so damn creepy isn’t it it’s a Pepsi bottle oh yeah look at that almost two o’clock in the morning and this place is where somebody threw a brick through the window at us and you know what let’s clear the area first what what oh my god oh wow look at that it’s all over the place the whole ceiling is down still look at this place guys since we last been here holy God somebody tore everything down we’ll hold this for a second it’s not even safe to go through here anymore dude somebody boarded up the window yeah I don’t know we can’t go through this one let’s try to walk around the side there’s so much stuff in the therapy Wow no you know what you wouldn’t do a third place anyway let’s check out the other buildings you hear somebody behind this constantly but nope you hear that in there dude that’s where that face was remember yeah did you hear that nuts to God right there thank you good someone in there oh I know so Todd and I are back in the Spring Hill Cemetery tonight we started out actually at the farmhouse and you’ll see in this video guys we were not able to go inside anymore it’s so heavily vandalized insulation all over the place but we’re back here tonight we’re gonna try spirit box session out here and I gotta tell you I feel I got out of my truck you know and I felt like something pushed me sideways it’s really weird like really dizzy feeling I can’t explain it you know how to explain it but yes this place is surrounded by woods actually last time we were out here with Omar and he’s back in October and the police came back here asked us to leave and then we came back here and the police weren’t here anymore it was really weird because we’re actually out on four date Road and there’s zero explanation for that guy’s because I can assure you there’s one way in and one way out of this place there’s no other way in and out so the way we came this is said look at all these kids toys man look how sad this is I didn’t even imagine do you feel sick here dude or is it just me I think I’d feel like I’m dizzy I feel dizzy it’s weird as soon as they stepped out of that truck and I keep hearing something it’s burnt explain out here can’t believe we’re out here like 2:00 in the morning so I’m gonna try to describe what it feels like being out here are you guys watching I feel dizzy like lopsided it’s weird so fine till I get out here like I’m about to topple over no explanation for that really you heard that didn’t you did you hear that over there you hearing something right yeah like seriously like what that is it so guys when we come to these places we’re very respectful we don’t step on graves we don’t call out spirits we just try to communicate try to see what we can capture let’s see where we get the most of a feeling of something and let’s do an EVP session you want to try it Todd and I have explored many times together and this would be the first time ever that we do an EVP session just us I keep hearing footsteps why are we hearing footsteps out here and it’s weird you should do it right on top of this gray what was that did you breathe like really loud look at this this grave here is broken in half and somebody put the group of this huge stone back on we just started our first spirit box social here please talk to us peace what is it like to tell us who’s here with us would you like to tell us are Todd and I in danger being here this evening are we in danger tonight baby-faced economist who’s here with us today who’s trying to make me feel dizzy and knocked me down so much someone’s coming his aren’t they who’s out there who’s warning maybe hear somebody say something but if you look by that tree and slice trying to point see that you know the pine back there you see that pine tree yeah there’s something moving underneath the tree it’s a Todd it’s a Joe then it said Tom what is this stuff from well that’s Moss Spanish moss instead of mourning either coming to get you on the spirit box okay dude guys not only is it pitch-black out here I mean there are some lights on the side over there yeah oh crap look at Todd’s phones look at this picture it’s so blurry mm-hmm not only that dude but look how silent it is out here it’s eerily silent the ground this is the first time that I’m here that I’m legitimately freaked like legitimately yes oh they’re coming get out now that that actor is over here the michel teló furo can go to his grave to you he’s the guy from that movie life dude I think somebody’s company at us something’s not right tonight I just feel all kind of fucked up if you listen really closely you can hear faint whispers that’s so weird well did you hear that what was that was your phone it did get darker again this one’s kind of turned slightly ways to handle oh yeah oh yeah look at that man I just have a feeling there’s something bad here it’s an idea like for real like let’s do some more the devil the devil and get out I’m warning you let’s do it right on this one who’s here with us play so much energy spiritum gets so dark that my lights not really penetrating the dark here’s something over here no gems maybe I thought I saw somebody walking like the white you got the box how dude not anymore I did when I came out here hey you feel sick now I just know that there’s something here watching us see Todd’s he taught here stuff too and he’s hearing tonight and usually I’m the only one you okay you heard chanting right we gotta go look at this great I don’t know why but we have to smell that yeah what is that smell smells like cinnamon I smell cinnamon really strong that’s the one I thought I saw somebody on and now there’s a good bottle of water or something on it yeah what’s weird is I kept looking at this grave over here and now this bottled water on it maybe it was safe when we got here we’re in danger here you know that right yeah do you feel that there’s something here in these woods somebody’s here somebody’s watching us if you catch your peripheral vision you’ll catch things out of the corner your eye moving constantly it’s like my eyes keep playing tricks on me and I’m not crazy why do I keep seeing stuff move where right there get back there don’t wait dude really I feel like I’m breathing heavy in here they hear shit all around us dude what tell you to throw away are you kidding Todd no were just at this grave and there was a water bottle on top of it dude it’s gone wait hold on watch my back man this is the grave we were just at do we want like 20 feet away dude this is the grave that the water bottle was on it’s not on here they did the water bottles over here bro look at it that was just on top of this grave yeah I heard a growl gunshot holy shit I don’t have a gunfight yeah you got the box dude someone shot a gun so much shit again we’re out of here huh yes get the hell out of here oh good watch I told you somebody was back there I know man and you know the thing about it is bro they have a gun so do we what the hell man what can we go anywhere – they’re cops our guns this is where we’d have a problem you gotta get past me they have a gun yeah man literally came from by the road she’s crazy with the water ball moving us on the figure behind the tree so if somebody was there and then we hear the no here wasn’t it somebody in here’s with the gun and you know the weird thing about it has been that spirit box said warning you’re in danger they’re coming coming for you get my finger on this trigger ready to go as soon as backyard the gun call me the fool when she called got no class all attributes

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