Skeptic Touched in Morgue

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I came across this YouTube channel today. The crew brings skeptics into known haunted locations. They record their experiences and we get to find out if they change their minds.

In this episode, the skeptic is taken into Fairfield County Infirmary, 1549-1575 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130

Skeptic TOUCHED in Morgue VERY SCARY Paranormal Show

Stambourne Woods

Jeff and team explore the trails in Stambourne Woods for paranormal activities. Their investigations are in search of urban legend stories that have taken place in these woods.

Youtube video published on Jan 23, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations: Episode 9 Stambourne Woods
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Stambourne Woods

Suicide murder even remaining black Of the season of welcome stable” is an is an is an is an all all you research my local area for possible investigations will come across a resident website in the area residents who live around standing boards were concerned about the series of events that take place within a short space of time the first recall was that of a large black cat that had been seen by journalist early in the afternoon the report featured in the Croydon Guardian and the story was that 1545 in the afternoon a journalist and a family terrible large black Approach them he thought it was a puma or Panther exercise of a Labrador dog she said it then disappeared back into stamp on the these reports of the large black Have been reported over the last four years in this area at the time as this was not enough for the local residents to village suicide to take place in the woods this report featured the Croydon advertiser for the residents in the area could not understand why so little information was given as it was front-page news and also nothing else was heard of the story again what is strange about this is that when no suicide notes and most of all why would anyone commit suicide in a wooded area where the suicides or murder so we have and a black As they are called on the prowl into suicides all in one place this is our investigation of standing okay with the user to digital recorders and reason for that is some sometimes you can become EVP one Andy 101 and EVP on another so when we can use to solve one down there can is anyone here can make themselves known to us if so can you please come towards us and speak to us we would like to know what your name is we know that two people committed suicide here if you’re one of those people can you tell a show name you tell us why you took your own life don’t you think that was selfish with the friends and family and loved ones in left behind why did you commit suicide why here if you can hear me shout out your name say something shout out your name so we can hear we could know EVP’s of that area recently moved on through the woods to an
occasional can anyone hear my voice if so can you make yourself known can you tell us what your name is did you commit suicide here why did you commit suicide here is there a message would like to give to someone how did you die can you throw something for us or move something for us is due to deliver suffers with manager Come from just to let you know now we’re hearing footsteps wearing footsteps we don’t know whether that’s coming from other was something approaching this we heard someone walking towards as there was no one there was an actual person they would have head-to-head between it’s so darn he would not see where you was going research the area have found nothing is not one he would look to someone if that was you can you now common approaches, more comfortable to’s our common approaches, more comfortable to’s wearing footsteps and we don’t know whether it’s coming from that was something approaching this can anyone here are my voice if so can you make yourself known the voice is captured on a night vision cameras audio is coming through in a different frequency and is goggled and we are unable to decipher what they’re trying to say he is the enhanced audio can anyone hear my voice if so can you make itself known okay are this is your last chance to make itself known something you will come to us intelligent name without me
home this device in my hand to see the red light if you talk into the red light it will record your voice so we know what you’re saying that promise you will not harm you to please come over speaking to the red light can you throw something that he is something of December did voice is heard to my left hand side and is captured on a digital audio is the enhanced audio his something that his something if you would like advice health lots become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen is is is is is