Ghost Tapes, A Documentary on the Paranormal

Looking for videos to review, I came across a Youtube channel called Luke Millet. Its well put together and has the potential of using his videos as a possible reference when someone is trying to research about paranormal activities.

Ghost Tapes, A documentary on the paranormal. Published Oct 21, 2013 by Luke Millet

I want to see Tiana. Me again he said looked I looked up and I I know exactly what I saw I saw exactly what you saw his mom floating above Horizon about ourselves type of two happy years ago from drug overdose so I just slowly turned my head and there was standing there I looked in that mirror and saw black smoke ghost with a cross that we are behind me I your boss say good morning better without even looking at all you were here 10 minutes ago. Just walked in she figured a woman not a girl and she thought it was her sister going to bed some little girl about my sister’s a standing in the bathroom. Toothpaste this way do space this way she reached out to touch the top of his head pecola white grayish a human touches it started to reach for me the scary thing was act as the preacher out even more was at the figure and the crawling up the wall and going up on the ceiling he went to a mental institution after that I really haven’t heard from since I’m far as I knew he was still there I didn’t actually understand what I was experiencing almost every person has a ghost story or they heard it from a friend or if it was a first-hand experience everyone seems to have everyone that is except I’ve never seen a ghost I’ve never heard one and I’ve never felt one I think I want to believe in ghosts because my father died when I was five years old and so believing in the afterlife give me some closure that his Spirit might still be out there somewhere waiting to make contact but I have no logical explanation to believe in ghosts I’ve had no first-hand experiences of the Paranormal what’s the weather what are the stock umentary I plan to change all of that which leaves us to a very good friend of mine and co-investigator Jim Chester Jim and I had formed an independent video, but we’ve decided to combine our videos skills with our passion for the Paranormal to try and document actual paranormal events on to video one night came home and I was are two of the apartment and I was actually about to fall asleep the volume on the radio increased to an incredible speaker blowing I go down the hall to turn down on the radio that I did not touch and out of my peripheral I see a soap dish broadcasting flap in the air and haha oh so sure we were all over the place and the thing land on side and just as rocking back and forth back and forth I start asking people around the area like hey this area haunted houses are there ghosts around where I’m at and that I guess alleged was that across the street are the Native American cemetery the one that broke down and I’m not staying here anymore what what is a ghost how do you make somebody believe in what you experienced before we got into any serious investigating we felt that it would be a good idea to do a field test bar equipment on Cuba Road in Berrington Illinois keep a road is notorious for having a spiritual activity Phantom car a woman on Horseback disappearing hitchhiker are all said to haunt the stretch of road White Memorial Cemetery due to vandalism the cemetery is blocked but it’s not like these gates are wide f* open that’s weird man navigate to call after while Jim’s EMF meter begins play with no electrical services being the cause as my EMF meter was dead in the water I decided to start snapping some photographs of Jim Nance’s EMF meter was going off this strange love of energy seems to be hovering around in front of gym at the same time is EMF meter was going off I can debunk it is not being a light reflection because I took several more photos of Jim exact same position and is strange ball of light is not present in any of the that these are what my complexion statue look like this this in a minute I didn’t see this with my own eyes but after reviewing the video footage I noticed this large Mist to send in front of the camera I’m sure dismissed can be explained by natural means but what they were I couldn’t figure them out it wasn’t even enough for it to be foggy that night and if it was cold enough for you to see are the only thing I could have thought of to the possible explain this would have been a car exhaust lately seems to form in the exact same area Jim was getting the EMS Flags and when we were getting those strange photographs I really don’t want to go date just wide open so tempting just because of the poem no no area code 804 really I don’t know alright so this guy is just driving going to do a little session with us about Paranormal Investigator 2 do you mind if I film the food the lady last night over at the ferry I mean the gate is wide open. Why is the gate open the first one at my house like I woke up my chairs flipped over I’ve had my trash can Trash Can cops lie off the top of my check and you know I was just standing I was getting something out and covered my dad has got room to talk to you after while. Is this is this song stop by say Michael the Archangel defend Us in battle may God rebuke you by the power of God thrust into hell safe who wander through the Our Man Flint I don’t like that thing is stupid it doesn’t matter dude that thing that’s what I was getting into it’s right amongst us huh right now it’s raining what up for almost five work yeah whatever it is with us right now someone with us right now you have family here is there a story you want to tell us you really should have bought your tackle box the name of Jesus Christ I command All Humans appear to be bound to the compound in the cemetery I command all in human spirits to go to where Jesus Christ tells you to Aimee Mann demonstration to illustrate that both meters react to all electrical frequencies equally if anything in mind reader is more sense to whatever Jim and Dane would attack the Third on mine as well I want to take a second now and introduce something that we call submission II submissions are bits of paranormal evidence that are submitted To Us by other people in this first one comes from a woman in Kentucky she noticed that the photograph of her house on Google Maps feature to something very interesting what appears to be an apparition of a woman standing on a front porch what’s truly captivates me about this image is that it’s a photograph taken by Google hardly a company known for falsifying photographs how does Google Maps street view works is a vehicle with a panoramic camera mounts on top of it travels down the street and snapped photograph every few seconds they then take all the photographs and merge them together to create the illusion of three-dimensional space if the separation was a bug Horse Mud to a reflection or anything of that nature you should see it in the surrounding photographs separation only in this one frame our first investigation brings us to the Dollinger Family Farm in Channahon Illinois so the barn on property which is owned and operated by Paul Niemeyer is allegedly pain ironically enough in the Halloween season the barn actually functions as a haunted house trash this is awesome at our location here we are at the downs tomorrow morning the barn Eternal Abyss song before we get started the owner Paul Niemeyer his crew were going to have to sweep the interior for a raccoon we might find that crazy about our way we’re going to wait here while they called our sons electricity so I guess the vine has it that’s good and then he’s going to he’s going to give us a little tour of the barn simple documentary about ghosts in the Paranormal trying to raise more where this about then gather some evidence to clarify that you don’t know I have no idea what it is but there’s enough of it around here and find out what the latest gossip was made almost there is at Town Center so also when they decided to do public executions Dustin from football every time you go to we’ll get something and always get a picture somebody anyways I saw the guy standing I’m standing on that stuff Eva and the thing is Destiny on the sidewalk no don’t stop I’m that stuff whatever it is is not malevolent I’ll tell you that it’s just want to hang out who is really scared of scared of the experience of the we started off this investigation just like any other one we took Baseline readings with our EMF detectors to measure any strange activity or electrical tester I don’t even have a plan of attack spell. Coming we went through the entire bar in about a dozen times and neither of our meters ever even flinched this gives more validity to our previous meter activity in Cuba Road right on front of you fathead no electrical service whatsoever this time we were in a fully wired barn with power sources running through every room in our leaders have done absolutely nothing baselining it’s nothing this whole time so we are going to be the first and only people who will try to make contact with you yeah doing here for a minute if you don’t let us know you’re here no one will ever know that you’re here my name is Luke this is Jim where is my phone we just want to talk to you can you talk to us yep we’re back at these stairs this way yeah forgetting we just want to talk buddy you showed yourself to Paul why don’t you show yourself to us you want to go. First again I also noticed some things fluttering around that some paranormal experts would prefer to the spirit orbs I’m a damaged with vertices a spiritual activity so in an attempt to the bucket I didn’t experiment at home with a feather duster just to try and recreate what I’ve seen we definitely saw a lot of bugs and dust during our investigation but I was unable to completely recreate this one and I know it doesn’t look like a bug and it doesn’t act like dust which also think is that it appears on the same staircase where preview visions of a hanged man why don’t you want to talk to us doesn’t it make you a little mad they’re turning your barn into a haunted house f* things write some turning on the Spirit Box what it’s going to do is just going to rapidly sleep through radio frequencies so we’re going to hear it for real stations put a at the same time we might be able to hear something else completed and start sweeping guacamole Grill it wasn’t until we can sweep it to FM stations on the sb7 Spirit Box until things really started getting interested I don’t know what that is are you with us right now where is yes hello we can hear you if you want to talk she say anything else 360 watch it don’t forget to buy sweeps over frequencies at such a rapid rate that getting the entire words or phrases to come through on a radio station are next to Impossible are there any spirits that one annoying you want to split up you want to go that way I’ll go this way should we meet back here in like 15 minutes 20 minutes then I’ll cover more ground places to be creepy it’s nice to finally be what’s your name direct me to talk about I don’t tell you it is way too cold outside is there anyone here with me right now besides this guy suspended license lawyers are you making gym right now after sweeping through the entire building about us it’s time to call it a night this strange or in The Voice is coming through in the Spirit Box but they were enough to make me feel like me something to show for this next admission comes to us from a friend of Jim’s he keeps one of those night vision cameras up property at all times to keep an eye out for pesky Critters and one night at captured this photograph call and that was subjective is possible I felt it was only fair to interview with skeptic to balance out of respect people have on paranormal I met with another good friend who is skeptical as they come to get his peace of mind on the whole matter you don’t believe in ghosts or Spirits anything of that nature know and I’ll unplug you say they’re not in any physical tangible what do I believe in the concept of the Soul as who does after you dye it float onto a literal heaven you would need a leap of faith for me even saying that there is a soul you would need already committed did convince me that someone has made it back from the radio would there be any kind of evidence that I could personally capture and percent to you that might sway your opinion in any form has anything might sway someone’s opinion by the thing that I would need to be one guy capturing an image with a camera is much more likely that camera with the lighting with a myriad of other things we can go wrong but if you can bring me to it you can bring you come to this house you will guarantee she goes there every single day would you ever consider going on at vestigation already 10 it’s the scientist why this is happening there they’re going to say okay there where is it at to figure out how but until you happy start at the proposal what evidence so it’s a we find some evidence that you have to assume that that’s going to be the finding you have the proper tools that that is something changes that if evidence does come your way you’ve now got the toolbox the word beyond that amazing new revelation I have the capability why are they here we are at the historic and Infamous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery this is known as one of the most haunted cemeteries in the entire country ghost hunters from All Over America travel for thousands of miles just investigate this Cemetery has conceived it’s pretty warm who is this to the daughter a lot of time do cemeteries people will leave a little Trinkets and things on someone’s grave as a memorial and the worst thing you could ever do while visiting a cemetery is to take one of those objects with you because you’re basically biting whatever is with you at the cemetery to come home with you so you’re the secretary and you see things like this don’t touch them if anything you want to leave something else for them so Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has a lot of Supernatural activity people see things like like floating lights traveling through the trees who did monks wandering around and is even a legend of an entire disappearing and reappearing farmhouse pretty crazy in right at cheese it’s just got knocked the f* over is there anyone here that wants to communicate with us right now I know you’re probably sick of all the people coming out here asking to talk to you and messing up your grains but can you make this device my hand feed exceptional play at night time is not true television supposably around all the time night methanol news big surprise we did it a lot of crazy stuff that happens here you think you can show us some of that crazy stuff anywhere any Bigfoot atteberry got to go change it snappy snappy I’m going to roll on the digital record play this thing might be dead on batteries to so far that’s the only weird thing that’s happened ear draining on my battery what’s at this exact moment that we were recording our first ever DVD or an electronic voice phenomenon tdp’s have special low-frequency that they cannot be heard by the human years but can only be recorded on the digital devices to be played back later is CVP was only captured on the digital audio recorder and not captured by either of our video cameras what’s interesting about this is that actually carries its own way and it also appears to be directly answering the question okay well I’m slightly disappointed I haven’t really gotten anything here today but we won’t really know until I go back in there were people footage audio files to the pictures so it’s too early to say but for now I’m a little disappointed AR ending prayers Spirits like the latch on to people and follow them home cuz they’re lonely and they want attention and we don’t want that in the name of Jesus Christ I command all human spirits to be bound to the kind of fines and Cemetery I command all in human spirit Christ try to get out of here call me by your submitted to us their images captured at the down with your farm that all feature some fascinating anomalies Shadows unexplained Mists an hors d’oeuvres and some pretty fantastic ectoplasm formations okay so we’re here and a fear and the owners of the theater if requested that we keep the the name of the theater and its location secret because it’s a pretty sensitive place and they much liked the Dollinger farm they just don’t want Ghost Hunters coming around here and investigating so at the owner’s request all we can say is that it’s a theater it was erected in 1938 and there have been a lot of strange things going on around here so here we go alright a lot of people have reported seeing strange shadows in this hallway I know the second I just came through that door I don’t know I just felt about that call my wife is it it’s starting already it just feels like a jolt of electricity this is weird we’ve not even that felt this before have you it’s a weird feeling I feel like my back my hair I just did a lot for that door is like a bucket of electrical and water is dumping on you everything everything is locked when you’re doing an investigation you can take all of the special tools and equipment that you want but most important tool is your body it will tell you everything you need to know s* false alarm alright so we are in the lobby that’s pretty creepy on your meter okay so first we’re going to go out back you want to go back all right let me turn on my MR2 if I can find it already step back cool you just felt that now it could be a trap no I felt it stood I felt this yeah it’s the vent how can I explain my I’m at at 3 well we the bunk the blast of air but that was. Jarring might get something this is where you just were you getting something play I’m too much a night vision going there it goes again is there someone here that would like to communicate with us can you tell us your name and once again my meter is not doing a freaking thing what the f* always s* I never seem to do this said I’ve never seen it do that that’s not good I’m nervous who is here right now Irma understanding up is someone touching gym right now never seen it Amazon next to like a microwave I’m not unless I meant to something I think mine was just doing something that is a pretty ice Spike who is here right now if we’ve learned anything throughout the filming of this documentary it said it takes a staggering amount of energy to make my EMF detector even budge whatever was with us was incredibly power also you can see another one of these alleged Spirit orbs fly right past my EMF meter as it was Spike bad why do you think it’s bad try moving somebody wants made this flower pot dance across the table you think you could do that again for us all right EVP session be quiet set it down okay are there any Spirits here that would like to make contact with us I won’t know until we went to it I don’t know I found energy of two rounds were my EMF meter and now it’s dead what the f* was that are open that door really quick okay the owner seemed to have forgotten to let us know that the cleaning lady would be by at some point at night so we’re moving out to the ballroom at the health care. Whoa oh okay that was weird last time I was here this room is completely empty and just walking into all these tables kind of I don’t feel good at all no I I don’t feel right. Feel like something is in me and I don’t like that alright so we’re up here I want to know who the hell is trying to get into me right now I’m not I’m not having a great time but this is I’m f* shaking record cool s God damn it Jim where did where did you go you ain’t here though right I hope you had I didn’t even know that made the donut I don’t feel good at all I feel like something’s crawled into my body and it’s just making itself a nice little cavity in my soul I feel really disoriented and dizzy I feel like I’m losing my s* right now not good do I seem different I don’t feel right at all I feel pretty cloth over right now let me know if my condition changes at all we need to watch out for s* like that you feel like there’s someone in here things are happening I don’t know about you I’m losing my goddamn mind I need to get my s* together skip it out of me to call about so right now we’re setting kind of like a trap what we have here is we have been an infrared motion sensor except that their trigger object which is just an empty can non brand specified set up EMF detector heater that’s just me set that up won’t stand for and at all of this we’re going to set our laser Shadow anything like EVP session in the ballroom excuse me again okay now I’m going to back away from the stable see if we can I think we should just sit down and chill out for a minute pull up a chair Jimbo hey is plenty of chairs my favorite tool Spirit Box is someone here draining my energy right now are you kidding me right now who are you do you have the ability to speak I did ask for it maybe I’m bringing on myself with my own fault are you using my energy yes or no once you come out here is basa are you peaceful you don’t feel peaceful it’s at this moment when we began to find more of these orders one flies right at gym just sees mentioned feeling something around him are you peaceful you don’t feel peace I feel it an offer on me. I know the second I just came through that door I don’t know I just felt you helped a lot even as we first entered earlier if we were already feeling the energy just has more awards given to fly up to whatever these balls of light are they seem to be directly linked to what our bodies were constantly feeling I feel it all behind me now. Are you around me they said go do you want us to leave this isn’t your theater you know this place is that all you can tell us if you leave I think we might can you say hello I got a stupid killed myself today I really heard that we’re hearing plenty of other crap come through this but that was profound are you going to leave Luke alone alright laundry room it’s not big at all what you had I typically don’t believe in provocation but it doesn’t it feels like something is trying to crawl up in me and then it’s not it’s not okay what the f* if someone in here with us buy the camera I was going off now exercise how to find a job on your time I’m going to do a EVP session Never Had It Go I thought I was an ad for alright well I’m going to run on this EVP session laundry room put it down here is someone with us right now who is trying to get into me my camera has a battery why don’t you use that instead I am I’m actually feeling a lot better it’s like the second we left the ballroom I started feeling better you’re very disoriented computer I was and now I’m I’m like fine again just just drop like a bar or something let me see they’re 68 minutes and not you kidding me so you just had full battery what word for 68 minutes and I just dropped to nothing right now right when I asked 50 use our camera batteries are you using Jim’s camera battery tell us into this red light I want to hear your voice images of drop Triton who is place is weird this is easily the weirdest place we’ve ever been this is theater has easily been our most profound investigation to date it’s very frustrating that there’s no way to document what our bodies were exactly feeling things are happening I don’t know about you I’m losing my goddamn but I think we found enough other kinds of evidence to back it up what the f* full 68 minutes and it just dropped to nothing right when I asked it to use our camera batteries okay so we are back here we’re going to reinvestigate our first location ever that we did way at the beginning of the second memory we are back at White Cemetery on Cuba Road and with us rejoining us is day it’s been a wild day yes bad last time we were here is very sporadic things were happening and we couldn’t even get in the cemetery right what we actually saw a sign that said entry after dark right prosecuted right so I’m glad we didn’t but now we’re here in the daytime leave and that night you literally just like stumbled across I’ve heard stories about a little research I did a factory Lawton I just I just figured I’d see you back here today it’s we’re doing something that that’s called the scientific method what the scientific method is is and what you wanted until you can fly last time we were here we have got a lot of strange meter activity a couple interesting photographs and so we’re just coming back here to see if we can read document anything that happened last time solo so I think the first thing that we should do outside the fence to where we first got all of that so I guess we should I’m back are you guys were the ones that were having all the spike so I’m counting on you to kind of remember where it happened cuz I don’t so mine’s actually getting something now yeah he’s getting a little bit on the ground a little bit though reminder pick up lines you shouldn’t might be going up to this one might be called Powerline okay so we may have this which is why we do the scientific method American food is getting very Baseline reading it but it wasn’t doing that last time that we were now receiving steady meter readings that doesn’t entirely explain the spread of meters bikes we got last time especially while I was reading the prayers I meant meant really talked about that you know you’ll see people talk about flashing lights on the streets or specific ones how do you spell leaves are the oldest cemeteries remaining monger wow. Maybe if we can chat Noir 1888 1888 for this one 1858 1858 Creole still feel like that is someone around gym right now if you talk into this recorder we can hear your voice seeing them with your eyes I wish I could wish I could see whatever you’re saying right now there’s a spot right in front of me are you with Jim or us I’m not seeing what you’re seeing it’s not picking it up like it’s snowing like spiritual activity around me but it’s not. I wish I could see this thing right sound like a swirling but there’s like hundreds of little spots I just kind of floating by me play the song look like a little swirly spots who is changing the way Jim is feeling right now look at me I’m trying play right here I’m crying See My Eyes Crying little bit stop the cold weather I don’t think so okay now I can see that I can see the gravestones I can see the trees like this no but I see like this swirly energy the color clear don’t we couldn’t properly document the phenomenon Jim was experiencing I believe he was going through something that can’t be fully explained our last investigation brings us to Eddie’s restaurant in Arlington Heights Illinois the building is allegedly haunted by the spirit of Eddie’s wife Eleanor free spirit maybe tormented by the fact that she died in one of the bathrooms in the bar and her death to this day remains a mystery of whether it was a suicide or an accident I first started people kneel before I started to know about her and I thought I was cleaning bottles and stuff on the rail before you put them on the bar and I just thought I thought I would drop a break first time that you know that you I just figured like always wet switch off bar you know it and I put them on so at least twice with three times since then bottles of drop across the bar in underneath the little shelf on that side or chairs off of cleaning up the floor of the stacking chairs on the tables I’ve never seen that personally I was I was here episode between I got your drug 10:20 and I can my boss say good morning Patrick without even letting you know I’m just I just kept on going literacy the Block in the back where did you go get a haircut and get a haircut this morning and he’s like so now she’s talking or I’m going insane that’s a possibility since Eleanor likes to throw bottles we set some up on the bar as we started our investigation in the basement how are you see can you tell if your name we’re looking to talk with you Eleanor you hear that you inhabit this building stuff spend a lot of time this building in Illinois don’t you it took us a lot of trouble to get in here tonight so if you could communicate with us somehow that would be great would you mind talking to us Eleanor a lot of people are pretty positive you’re still lingering around here it was at this moment where was played once again by these unexplainable Wouldn’t make that noise once again we can find no source for the noise what the f* anyone down here with us many employees at the Barclay in the Illinois Spirit seems to manifest on certain music is blade so we played a mix CD unfortunately due to copyright restrictions we’ve been coerced into omitting audio for the duration of the music If you talk into this red light we can hear your voice did you die in this building these investigations different Illinois sometimes we don’t know who were looking for a way to show up to find something we know specifically that we’re here to find you all the stories fake everybody just gets you drunk and I imagine it’s all something to hurt something all these people these stories is make a month always drunk people wander around here making stories up about you the Fallen did you drink a lot Eleanor what you die from just where you are Eleanor I’m not going to shut the door I want you to keep me in here Yeah this is why I guess she may have time back told me that there are people that got into the bathroom here and the door is locked on them and they never locked and never shut or lock the door just lock them in and they can get out this is allegedly where Eleanor has been synthesized we don’t know but this is the shower right here is what I think I think you should go back out there with this camera I’m going to be in here what the f* so now I am actually sitting in the room is Eleanor allegedly Reddit suicide in or she accidentally died no one really knows maybe we can figure that out my working today are you here with me right now Eleanor we would really love to talk to you if you were you wouldn’t mind talking to us too can you tell me if your death was suicide or accident can you please make a noise or do something that we know you’re here so many people have so many stories about you I’d like to have one about you if you don’t want us in your restaurant let us know we’ll leave Eleanor we’re not going to be here much longer if you want the world to know that you’re here you’re going to have to let us know not that baseball out there every cool Spirit boxing Baseball odds are you here with us at all Eleanor or anyone if you get one shot I’ll annoy no one else is going to be trying to do this can you say anything to us talk to you are so at least I think it’s just f* said Eddy I got chills again Eddie are we talking to you oh did you hear that she said yeah set a very nice restaurant Eddie what is this song to figure out you I don’t know what that was who are you lady I say we just will make one more round with the still camera and the digital audio recorder then I think we’ll be ready to get out of here and get out of Jack’s hair while you stuff your face pack hey Eddie I guess we may have made contact with you instead of Eleanor is that true everybody comes to your place it’s a very nice bar at 8 we come here all the time regular weather report on tonight is this still your bar Eddie I want to thank you for letting us investigate your ba ready are there any parting words you want to say to us before we leave The possibility of us discovering the bar is occupied with the spirit of the original owner Eddie rather than its wife Eleanor is nothing short of astonishing Eleanor what the f call c u r so I think it’s just f said Eddy to complete the filming of the documentary we decided to revisit Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery as a memorial we left a coin on every single headstone this is our way of showing the even though the cemetery was abandoned the souls were still not forgotten go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence as far as possible without surrendering be on good terms with all person Speak Your Truth quietly and clearly and listen to others even the doll and ignorant they to have their story avoid loud and aggressive persons they are vexations to the spirit if you compare yourself with others you may become turn yourself enjoy your achievement as well as your play Keep interested in your career however humble exercise caution in your business Affairs for the world is full of trickery but let this not blind you to what virtue many persons strive for a high ideals and everywhere in life is full of heroism be yourself especially do not feign affection neither be cynical about more for it in the face of all ordinary and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass take kindly to the Council of the years gracefully surrendering to think of Youth nurture strength of spirit to Shield you in sudden Misfortune by do do not distress imagining many fears are born of the key of loneliness Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the Stars you have a right to be here and whatever or not it is clear to you no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should therefore be at peace with God whatever you conceive him to pee and wherever your labors and aspirations in the noise and confusion of life keep peace within your soul with all its sham drudgery and Broken Dreams it is still a beautiful world be careful anonymous I’m resisting the grave of the infant daughter who discovered that our grave have been completely robbed of her Memorial objects to help make up for her loss gym and I left the remainder of our coins on her tombstone we just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s made it this far into the film and I don’t know I just can’t even really begin to describe how amazing this whole production is been really I I definitely have to say I believe in ghosts in the Supernatural more now than I ever have before but I wouldn’t say I completely 100% believe yet because you’ve had way more experience has happened to you before we started this movie I I really need to see The Apparition that were after it’s a really be ya set in stone that I believe but kind of the whole point of making this movie was so I can kind of get some ghost stories with my own to tell people and now I feel like I’ve had way too many to even pick from I wouldn’t even know where to start what stands out in your mind the most about what we seen and what we’ve captured why doesn’t know what a spirit orb look like so scared of worms that the theater were definitely interesting the spirit orbs at the barn the mess that was that white Cemetery that in front of our says we’re doing our first investigation was pretty startling to your go back and see that again I mean through the magic of a lot of video editing we make this look really really easy this is not easy I mean we’re at these places for hours at a time sometimes we walk away completely empty-handed if you’re not going to coming Ghost Hunter and you do this for a hobby I mean it’s not easy you know be prepared to face a lot of disappointment in a lot of people slamming the door in your face or hanging the phone up on you people just don’t like to talk about this stuff very sensitive the people that some people want to be found out that they have a Honda location but some people want to be reserved about let anybody know that they there’s always some reason that people want to be pulled and some reason people don’t want are we definitely can’t even begin to thank you guys enough thank you for watching thanks to all the kickstarter funders thanks to all the people who’ve actually allowed us to investigate there properties what we’re doing yeah so here’s looking at a ghost tapes 2 thanks guys