Grain Fort

Youtube video published on Sep 7, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations in Grain Fort . Jeff and team investigate Grain Fort and many of its stories of the apparition, unexplained noises, and paranormal activities.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Grain Fort episode 2

Investigations take place Zuid-Holland rainfall went down near the Isle of grain I was pleasantly using World War I will want to protect the mouth of the River Medway and we hear see has a around here is the 11th hour I have a right Munsell on September 1, 1884 and died during the 20th 1961 he was the British civil engineer responsible for the design of the World War II Navy see faults and army forts used by the United Kingdom for the defence of the Thames and Mersey estuaries grateful. A lot of folks kilted regalia can get through it was built between editors and 11 the 16th of a polygon with a work around a central Somerset to that was about a critical for lawyers second in the earthwork and they is the main medicines and coaxing the key to the calculus IBM initiated get replacements of the flight remained operational throughout World War I and World War II was finally in 1956 the panel’s week of August 1960 the whole area was so lovely as well in place was on the third of the earthwork itself the reason our lives where it is to the untrained eye (QuickTime (the earthwork in the basement of a network of underground tunnels is however remaining tight recently discovered on 20 December 2013 is a German U-boat in 1921 he was being taken back down the river towards the Thames Street to be further dismantled when his trouble broke swept ashore come to rest in the hunt will be increased in Italy on the grain where it remains the vessel had been one of the most violent sufferings of the German fleet being launched in February 1990 yard Bremen the type you these three coastal patrol submarine have carried 10 torpedoed the crew of 34 at a cruising range of 7000 209,000 miles

“Were submitted to the Allies November 1990 a total of 140 both were taking to heart which are the vessel just to perform before the countersink any hardship is one of 60 votes to the loss of more than one undertones want to be broken up one you won’t want one. Voice speech will become a tourist attraction to scrap where it was you be wanting to submit in situ during the course of the war German U-boat sunk more than 12 million tons of shipping about 5000 ships with the loss of 178 submarines and almost 5000 men killed during the on this investigation we have James and Jason are there anyone here greatest obviously you we sell ice camp the main artilleryman and that the door Wireplay CMS detector in the K2 meter to detect any fluctuations in the magnetic field can you are also to have exclusiveness” refuses) because of the anyone here are you with all the slow down the what’s your name: the stolen and when you so players recordings as the you are you are brought up the night vision goggles as it was time to investigate the tungsten single we could find as we approach the end of the tunnel when we have to go to the left if you look closely down on the floor you’ll see a black mass it moves from left to right this is not myself it’s not Jason and it’s certainly not James it was one of that’s the shoulder would move from right to left is the enhanced footage and you and I hope I are all we heard a disembodied voice come from down inside the tunnels which took is a bit by surprise if you listen carefully just before Jason speaks you can hear the man’s voice again which is picked up on our audio here is the enhanced audio the man’s voice coming from within the tunnels we made our way back through the tunnels trunk find that was making these unexplained noises and all without is okay can you call out there can you tell a you tell us can I use Debian we can to another junction when we started hearing noises coming from behind this thump you need can you tell us your name your soldier what rank are you just if you listen carefully you will hear footsteps approached us and stop with heavy breathing is the enhanced audio can you tell us your name your soldier what rank are you which was a can you elaborate for the most annoying you can’t was my voice was marvellous speak to us and you and you voice and you are certain things the signal anything will their will you you you if you listen carefully you can hear a strange noise followed by footsteps running away we all hope this is the enhanced audio they were well the limit, of the recent can you make a noise for us a man’s voice can be heard coming from the time we can’t understand what he’s saying that he is the enhanced audio you will another noise comes from the tunnels also James sees a light behind us which is impossible Wetherall sitting in the dark of reviewing the evidence we find that the noise from the tunnels is actually another man’s voice is the enhanced audio is contact us using the email address shown on the screen is is

Hawkhurst Babies Castle

Youtube video published on Aug 31, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations episode on Hawkhurst Babies Castle. In this investigation, the team goes searching for the source of a baby crying.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 1 Hawkhurst Babies Castle

Just got off the phone to a young lady who when she went to hoco fest with her friends they heard of a baby crying from inside the table making realize it was so cool cuz babies Council they were just passing black and they heard about Ukraine herself and five friends they went inside trying to find somebody new but I couldn’t find it by Uso call the police and the police come down even though you hurt the baby crying a broken dog so I went through the whole building and found nothing now this was in the right time so I’m going to quit up Jason and James arrange a time and we’re going to go up in the daytime and to see if there’s any of this Paranormal Activity I’m coming home there and just to see if these claims are true Behind These Walls is 127 years of History which can hold residual energy bold are we found nothing untoward happening throughout the years of the hokas Consul in our research a ghost of spirit was not yet moved on can return to the place that they cool home the council was built by Dr benardot in August 1886 as a largest home for open babies and young children it was formerly owned by a row harness the princess Mary Adelaide on the 9th of August 1896 it was accompanied by adult a princess Victoria like to to become a Queen Mary wife of King George V and Patron to talk to Bernardo Queen Mary herself was to become an active patron of the Cherokee one of many illustrious row light is to do so on the 21st of September 1927 the new extension had been built and was officially open by another outstanding event of the year which was the installation of a water sack which was used to the first time on Christmas Day when the older children listen to The Children Service hukoo’s babies cost to close in 1965 has now been renamed appropriately enough because Council off of the nearby Village of the same name and operates is a private nursing homes built under the direction of Kent County Council the two houses which film the original babies cost who were allowed to die to become the maintenance house like we use is administrative offices for the nursing home next door is like derelict since and has exchanged hands number of times with a number of different planning applications being submitted the two I could sign has permission for Demolition and rebuilding of new nursing homes and houses okay we’re inside hotels by this Council investigation and down here we stop motion tracking for shuttle to Texas and the alarm sounds on the Bernardo something smooth inside the building we might have white through the building checking on the flaws and all the rims making sure there’s nothing there that can contaminate the evidence once we would show the building is completely clear we decided to carry out an investigation to see about these claims of babies crying and paranormal activity that seems to be happening throughout the day time and I bet title swim hello if there’s anyone here can you come and talk to us, speak into the digital record up coming on my way to see you can you speak into this device may just say hello tell me that you here can you light up any of these devices can you make them lights lights up voice of Winnie-the-Pooh if you come and say hello all leave this turkey bad for you can you make the noise can you knock on move something can you make a noise knock move something and I’ll give you this Teddy I’ll leave it here for you I’ll tell you what I’ll do is I’ll leave this here on top of this cabinet Italian you can have that welcome to judge Connelly back on top of the cabinet I’m done so that’s what it will tell you that I’m leaving now on top of the the following cabinet so I will pop back later and see if that’s move to that sets quiet study that’s looking to pull over and there’s no windows open and there’s no wind coming through so it shouldn’t move to we left the wind background of the funny company will come back to that little bit lighter and just see if anything is moved we might got one upstairs to the attic to carry out in this B7 Spirit Box session to see if we can capture any voice is coming through on the white noise candy can you tell us what your name is did you stay here was a child did you used to work here I think that was a writer what you here in World War II what year is it if you can hear me can you tell me what your name is did you used to live here did you want table to talk to on us did you try here are you sure I’m not sure I put it in there the name Jim Olson came through which we are still researching to find out if this person has any connection with hookahs consul new song at the same time a woman’s voice coming through the White Noise this voice is heard 3 tons of a multiple sweeps Austin for help okay I’m just going to leave this that your recorder in the exit where we just been doing the sb7 Spirit Box session and we’re just going to leave it running link I sent a pic moves off the Weaver left the gym just going to Ferguson here supracor anyting left the digital recorder in the attic and heading out of the building just over 22 minutes later we can his sound coming from the attic hookahs cost when the dice hundred thoughts which claims I’m a make every effort to do an art Tommy vestigation before the building is demolished ball gown we might have white back to the Winnie the Pooh bath would be best on top of the filing cabinet I’m functionally it haven’t moved by as I promised I said the other leave it there for the children of the open shift entrepreneur if you would like it’s Bryce help would like to become a member of the ghost text saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen

The Hope Public House

Youtube video published on Oct 6, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations. The team investigates the “Hope Public House”. This building has a lot history of apparitions, and owners have thier own questions. Jeff conducts interviews and his team investigate to find answers.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations -The Hope Public House – Episode 6

Investigation into my hands are we have reports of further shadow figures are people talking kids laughing and running around in the attic that should be provided in a small are public house was built between 1940 1943 the owner was George Tindall in the early users was not but we do know that it was purpose-built Thomas Samuel Long was the first landlord Edmund Stevens ran the public house from 1960 to the late 1870s James Kingston took over in the late 1990s and two 1912 followed by a fragment of a refugee from the extinguisher first arms in 1914 to 1923 from 1925 to 1953 Ernest of the Smith ran the public house in 1936 and extensions in the original brickwork was rendered the extension included the first internal lavatories a pop the size of the whole couldn’t expire to a full licence but in the 1880s the landlords did briefly describe themselves as wine and beer retailers rather how long have you worked it the roughly 6 years now and November 2000 and is are more when I was speaking to Sarah she says you you’re a bit of a sceptic into believing in certain things were when the site happening in the beginning and grumbling about the to to an extent as some things that can’t be explained by the building’s you get used noises obviously mechanical signing know when what’s going on when there is are times when you get goosebumps noise and something is there so what what sort of experiences of you has one month I was finished work on is upstairs in densely is about three for the watching something on the laptop and other the roads that run across in the loft of the nobody was up there is no shame in the room being different run as fast as they running and then something on the site will let off randomly been going on turn up the telly and the nothing that was the now than the Simpson really explains how the year because of our lives and you and also you do music and how and down in the in when the basement rooms are you have some equipment that you are you do music and and that area is also uncomfortable sometimes for here and there is that some mechanical noise that said your you will get that the press outside pumping in a gas service cubicle that comes up very quickly that been down here about the music system in the there’s been a couple of noises and bands some interesting feel right and then it was about 11:30 Kissimmee in the sports summarised months ago upstairs now that’s a also got a CCTV camera in night vision is floating around has been no traffic I’m by outside line he was actually moving around them which which everything this is just across the bar becomes and both are you watching upstairs just really running seen things you know cars
your personal going by the strangeness again is the barmaids notice things as people downstairs, holds them if you go downstairs you see my name! One of the barmaids functions only down there changing balance forces then realised they had been done in story somewhere else as an artist is chosen something that was down to me the get she sees been downstairs and since the camera has nothing there, brilliantly so much his Kyocera arm how long have you worked here for that on and off active couple’s was the first thing that sticks happen to you that you remember anything about it set up I was area he came to me fly out every day is that it implies that we need in the south side and blogging has been about pounds you’ve heard a girl giggling yet done in the right in the Blaenavon and that the money can I was lying in a dear friend tell us that was really lovely as the lifestyles of let’s say it in Life in the any believe anything else that we need to add the but flower a van and a electrical go downhill. The one tables of actors, and it’s just come down one anything about me name is Jack glasses Chateauneuf any in and get activities by precious outbuilding has made the lady that nine he could bring the South thanks much thank you credential you worked and lived in the hope been whistled you how long ago was you 11 and you live downstairs in the basement so what happens when you are eating the comfortable 198 as I mentioned you unanimously walk 1 o’clock morning on any exchange nice coming up from the location was on the licensee getting stronger opened my eyes and see the tall figure Cannington it was towards me nice getting stronger and stronger posture Saturday’s game at the back from that more closely analyse my arms and this could Hill the brain when it grey and then get on quite ecstatic exactly in you excellent
at present and managers who excluded because you objects crucial children laughing upstairs in the main bedroom at shop running across the attic shadow figure in the basement OF call on CCTV in the cellar staff prodded and certain area you Sarah the manager shall give him should taken on a phone she was in the house on Christmas morning waiting for a doctor to come downstairs talk about presents and while she sucked the building strange lights moving throughout the house it was time for our investigation so we made our way up to the top floor gain access to the attic Jason place and digital recorder inside to let run throughout the lights it we can capture footsteps running across the floor has dropped the management report so can you tell us your name on the 30th people laugh anything that has now if your child or little girl someone else new television why do you stay here and see my friends here is Jason you go sit next to him and can take a picture in the Camera That’s the Battery Is Just Completely Drained a Labour Brand-New Batteries the Brand-New Camera Is Fully Charged Cribbing with Only Taken One for Forfeiture Something like That Is Nearly Completely Gone Are the Children of Some Nice Last Few Months of Runabouts You Working Thinking Worse Theatre You in Person That You Know Where That Is Here, on Speak to Us and You Must Jason’s Your Name Speaking to That Red Lights and Move Something in This Far Something That Is Where You Sit Get That Simply Know My Answer Here Was a so Well Static This Where You Sit in from Project Is a Short Chair Version Was Something Seven so the Work Here up Here That Stops Slip on Shoes Device Here Is the White Noise Tell Us Your Name Speak Louder Speak Is the White Noise That Such a Low You Want Us to Leave Tell Us If You Want Us to Leave Selegiline Might Have Been a Something Move Something Something Fibreglass across the Bar of the We Complete Our Filming in the Bar Area Sarah the Owner Manager Confirmed That She Also Felt the Static Energy on the Face It Was Time to Investigate the Basement Went along to the Barrel Area Place Where People Get Pushed Intact on the Shoulder and Jason Went to Whether Shadow Figure Been Singing and Also the Area Where People Feel like They Have Been Watched Pictures.
Are You a Dark Figures Shut People so People… And That Could You’re Here in the Show Itself Will Jason’s Request Was Granted Here You Can See a Small Figure Leaning Forward Looking at You Can See Your Face and Body and Arms Tell Us What Your Name It’s Been Singha Beer You Remember the Girl Scared When She Was Asleep in Bed That You Decide to Cry What Is Your Name, Televisual Night a Be a Coward like Scaring People, Scare Us Move Something Make a Noise like Mums Something on the to so Many Other People That the Manager Rob like Sit down and Make Him Feel Very Uncomfortable Directly the Says That You’re Watching Don’t Be a Coward Show You Self, Forward and Show Yourself Were You Hiding in That Room Because of Last Thoughts That You Have Seen You so Why Don’t You Show Yourself down to Because of Your Own You’re Scared of Us Why Would You Be Scared of Us What Was This Place before As It Means Here You Can to Make Something Out Of the Door Drop Something on the Floor On Something after Discovering the Picture of a Figure Looking at Jason Taken on the Full Spectrum Camera and Made My Way Back to the Hulk Public House to Try Debunking Is Matrix Thing What Shadowplay Sarah the Owner Managers Shortly That No One Had Been in That Area I Took Several Pictures and As You Can See There Is Nothing There That Digital Recorder That We Place in the Attic Captured No Unusual Noises We Thought That This Was the End to the Investigation into the Hulk Public House but What Was to Follow Was to Change Everything Jason Our Investigator for Several Days Was Feeling Tired and Drained of Energy As for Myself Two Days after at My Home I Saw a Shadow Figure Passed My Bedroom Door Twice in 19 Was Also Called out to Times Something That Followed Me Home and Has Attached Itself to Me This Is Just the Start If You Would like Advice Help Would like to Become a Member of the Ghost Dictating Please Contact Us Using the Email Address Shown on the Screen Is

Bears Wood Revisited

Youtube video published on Sep 27, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations where Jeff and team investigate Bears Wood. This is thier second investigation of Bears Wood. This time they are bring more tech gear. Watch to see what happens next.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 5 – Bears Wood Revisited

Stalkers I’ll head movement behind me Leave a paste to the best interaction I’ve seen with a K2 Visa this time around with even more technology and hopefully it’s going to be a good day our first investigation that is here to Basswood whilst we was researching the story of bigger Harry you can hurry and his wife live somewhere here and Basswood in the cottage is Alexa one day he’s murdered his wife or he came home from work and found her dead because he didn’t want to be apart from her he Berry 2 near the cottage as time went by people notice to think I have his wife was not around and reported it to the local Lowman whilst they questioned bigger hurry than admitted that he found his wife dead in the paragraph would not say where he was and arrested and taken to the local jail house but he spent six months because of his old age she was then set free and when he went back to bed wood it is overgrown son, he couldn’t remember where I 30 wife eventually it is said that they got Harry died in the cottage no one knows what happened to his buddy but reports now saying that he wanted his Basswood looking for his wife the last time we were here we capture great evidence such as EVPs undo some interaction with the K2 meter which is believed to be bigger how his wife how good friend Council Hill stop by so we could shine the evidence that we go on that first investigation the EVPs and the interaction with the K2 meter we list of mine complex for tortillas with the counselor Hill back in the 1950s when he was a scout bold and here things were a little bit different that he was going to show us where the old football swear I’m where the most haunted areas where index wood damn to the kite we had to dig a trench the plane the new wolf pipes my first visit to last word would have been in 1953 coronation yet I’m done a little Patrol I was up here for a couple of years then I left to start work end playback 7 years later and resume with the scouts came up here is a regular leader resume our Scouts the sun was starting to say it was time for counseling Hill to leave so we could carry out our investigation let’s go ghost hunting the and you made page lost so I’m a New Soul of the direction to the kite sumisa so I’m just going to do an EVP best and let’s see so now do you remember who we are we can’t get lost want to speak to you leave come back again and it’s not doing it again so just to let you know there’s there’s no wind coming through here there’s nothing there’s nothing coming through me so you oh that’s good there’s nothing this time I’m not getting anything going through this lock has static charge that went through me no no voices Jason’s going to stay here for 15 minutes by himself house a few questions and see what you can get I’m going back to the mine complex within me something happens you can give me a call just tell us where you buried your wife go now none of this dick or Harry cuz you just said your wife off The Killing did you just drop something it’s something you’re so Thor action I’m just moving the camera around me now yet the psychic near me the The Adventure Playground or suppose we can call it when we was here with counselor Hill he knew but Beach they used to work together back in the 1950s. Basswood he was one of the wardens and there’s a plant Berry. The Vig 90 + cancel Hill says this would have been his favorite place if he was to wander around anywhere this would be it so I’m okay but Beach you remember counselor Hill To 1 the microphones stalkers I love you very very dark because you can’t even see the the hand in front of your face exercise is really strange that you have but you don’t even hear it anymore it’s it’s it’s full of their badges foxes rabbits everything nothing just so solid and just so dark campsites 7 + this is meant to be one of the most haunted areas in bestwood so we’re going to carry out an EVP session do you get hairy hairy self guide are you here with us tonight bigger hurry Road Southgate can you tell us why you buried your wife here in the woods do you still walk these Woods looking for your wife you still woke up and down the old footpath something and then you go The post the person this is the main complex in the whole wide that will capture the voice if you spoke to someone like I to me to wear laser grid voice read it is if there is anything speak up anything myself Jack can you let the is that what you you know the drill by now that’s it you need to move to the device make it lights on speak to the lady that was buried here in Basswood can you make your lights light up with your head thank you thank you if you can just stop by is it someone Jerry Lewis movies can you walk in front of one of those beams of line so we can sit move you can can you stop this from flashing now we do know that you’re here stop it from flashing thanks okay so walking from of one of those beams of light to make it break you said that you listening send a pin quad friendly don’t you you’ve been quite friendly to us do you see your loved ones okay OK that what’s the weather outside and we will be back speak to you again it’s a good morning If you would like advice help would like to become a member of the go State saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen

Digger Harry

Youtube video published on Sep 13, 2014

A Ghostech Paranormal Investigations discussing Digger Harry. Jeff conducts interviews with individual who have experienced apparitions and noises.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Digger Harry – Episode 3

Investigation is a case of been looking into full about like mums Digger Harry what a great night he appears in books books stories around London and Croydon I understand perfectly he appears in lots of scout camp stories ghost stories from walking down the country and apparently he murdered his wife allegedly and buried her very during bears would he went to prison he was released because of his old age and now he’s ghost is currently walking Basswood trying to remember where he buried his wife so I think this is going to be on next investigation I come across an article in the Croydon Advertiser on the 3rd of January 1996 the story of Dick and Harry was told by my name counselor Hill Arizona to track him down eventually I found him living in the house in Addington so we went over there to give him an interference really find out what the true story is of digger Harry there were two main parts in Basswood where the between lot more Palms originate and he was employed as a Woodman Beef O Brady’s wife you know probably because of his job being too and play had a good life anyway he Rachel ghetto blah blah blah and he came back one evening and obviously we have to assume such it already came back he found his wife dead how’s it going can die from a very young age nice they might not live for 60 years and he sat down there and oversee realized that he’s got to report it if they report it then I’ll just see what kind of Christian Barrow sorry I would imagine he spent the night going over there so now I go to report a Christian burial she would be buried in Saint Mary’s Church on she become completely and because of anxiety chat with men they couldn’t get down there every day to see the grave sorry DND decided no I want a parrot here this was our life I’m not think that’s what he did you know I’m where I really wherever their house phones I’ve assumed LBC she would have been very close to the property which is what I’m supposed to happen and even buried her you know he marked it unemployment about his business but because it was all people still came through I noticed that Indian somebody said it’s strange you know I haven’t seen at 4 weeks I don’t know what I would have been in them. She is she okay she was very evasive about what has happened I need the end I decided that I needed so. Because when they check she wasn’t there and I said well what’s happened what it was you done with it and then you have to tell them text Chito I’d I need Barry. Because right away they were suspicious that he hadn’t reported it off to the local Johansen Huntington Village in there for about 6 months let me go back there and then you can find out where he’d because if he’s more than anything I could remember he knew it was there somewhere that you couldn’t find the story as far as I know until you know going back into the records scam records 1932 somebody seen a girl out there with a shovel on the shoulder down buried checking simeri’s records there is no record of him being buried there at around about that time and it was very difficult for his wife to be with her so it is interesting you know you cannot search it as this event took place in 1800 to 1820 I contacted the local police station to see if they have any records on this taking place as the records did not go back that far we decided to then go down to a local library and search free microfilm in the old newspapers dating back to round about 1800 off the months and months of research investigation took it to the North how does field scout group fights have a slightly different story of digger having their story is cool digging Harry but I mentioned the name of Harry send Skype with found him Harry has been buried somewhere in this such a this is Kevin cameraman and he’ll be helping us out with the search Headstones Cole and Sav is somebody in the cemetery so that’s going to be on next step on Coolpad Lindsay the lady that was in charge of the archives at Saint Mary’s Church in Edmondson Village she checked the records as far back as 17th and it has nothing to do with a hairy or Harold Sam kyte being buried there at the cemetery it was time to contact counsel here without findings good news that we now know the true identity of Dick and Harry his name is Howard Southgate play the council here we searched it from Ghost Tech negotiation trying to cut through red tape we have now been given access to Basswood for not time investigation of again soon and coming up thank you so much for your time and have a good evening thank you We here at forestwood it’s only taken us like Mom’s to get access and as you can see we will tell you a little bit about that when she arrives and in the meantime we just have to walk through and see the areas that people fit on a see some of the the Scout kids just don’t like going down certain areas so that’s what we going to do Winchester what council Hill gave us cuz he was a Scott Bolden in 1950s and it’s light out I don’t know how his remember it’s light out exactly so we’re coming up to cancel at 7 and this is where even the the Scout kids don’t want to come up here and we’ve been told that she’s the one of the most holy Darius house analia to one of the groundsman and he’s actually said that his house he’s College it was his so unlike built this complex on top and this is where we going to be staying tonight so it’s like looking so I see what’s there let me have the ladies toilets toilets newest hot water showers enjoy this is the bunk bed area can I have the phone number for tonight okay I guess this arrived this is Louisa and she’s going to be taking part in the Paranormal investigations not here at Basswood looking to take a ferry to see what evidence we can get Louisa does not believe in ghosts and she does not believe in life after death so that’s one thing I’m going to ask you so why leaving now Falls to death do believe in the Paranormal and it was that picture of Christ so my mom and my sister talking about fell down just right on the spot where she was sitting down does Putin be anything unusual if not for the fact that the Craigslist kind of wire on the back and on the wall you had that kind of early about one of the groundsman the works here I even have a chapel so that he could to actually see if we can catch you in the EVPs And Jason’s going to stay and see if he could not talk too big a hurry to get up the trunk at Smalls is so we’re off we’re leaving him in bunself thanks is anyone there when I someone here cystic Highway was it your wife showing me that you’re here what time you think your hair so you need to prove to me can you lose something okay take a hurry hurry Southgate Herald Southgate is this where you used to walk up and down the path is there anyone here that can hear my voice if so we’d like to talk to you can you tell us what your name is are you the man that’s been seen with a shovel did you live here there’s a typo upside down can you pick it back up is that you can hear crackling Bustelo at footsteps make a noise can you fry sankat my I don’t wake brunch say something to me tell me where you buried your wife well I’m going to phone the office what is a full name and show them big a hurry Harold Southgate Harry Southgate can you come and speak to us do you still want to these Woods looking for your wife if Harry is not your name can you tell us your name can you tell us why you buried your wife here in the woods Holy s*** did you get that play there’s nothing here there’s no electrical appliances can you make this light off again do it again verse we know that you’re trying to communicate if you look close this device it would tell us that we know that you’re here can you do it again before us come to lose my voice woke up to this device and you’ll see the lights light up the closer you get the more lights the blue lights off on this device whatever it was every time is going for me again are you here with us make the lights come on thank you can you step back and make the light stop is your name Harry self guides if your name is Harry self-guided might the light so I chop if not just stay away so you know how we Southgate are you the one fourth Harry Southgate the lady that was buried in Basswood if so thank you okay you can buy coffee again just back away from the device so we can still communicate are you upset that you don’t have a headstone make the lights light chop if you’re upset that you don’t have a headstone okay can you tell us what’s your motive if you was murdered make the lights light off okay did you just die did you die and you was buried in the woods for your husband if so woke up to him to device to make the lights light up thank you are you lonely here if so woke up to the device so make it Lord top are you alone ICS okay is there anything that we can do to help you I take it that’s a no I’m just going to prove a point yet you just saw that going on with you as you can see there’s nothing I’m not asking any questions I’m getting nothing so we’ll try again are you here with us at the moment are you still with us you still standing here with us just make the lights come on first okay well I’m going to do you see this device here you won’t harm you you see that red lights okay you see that red light I’m going to put it here on the table on this desk are if you speak into that it will record your voice and then we can hear what you’re saying okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to just put it there okay I’m going to buy Cove a boy do you understand what I’m saying yes okay so walk away from this device that I’ve got with the lights and speaking to that digital recorder that’s what it’s called to ever record your voice so talking to that record to that so you something tell us what your name isn’t speaking to that red light walk to the Maya ultimate light Michael Archer do they cover forgetting that briefly finished an investigation movies are inside Jason really asleep cuz it’s the only house in the morning now have a sauna be coming up soon so I’m going to go have a few hours sleep yourself so I’m going to keep the motion tracker going to recap the night vision goggle running throttle Member of the ghost text saying please contact us using the email address shown on the screen