The Haunting of Edinburgh Manor

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Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

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Paranormal Nightmare… (The Most Haunted) The Haunting of Edinburgh Manor

so we just got here
to scotch grove iowa tonight my brothers
and i will be investigating
the infamous edinburgh manor this
location that just shut down
in 2010 and is reported to be
extremely haunted it’s a place that
we’ve wanted to get to
for several years and just so happens we
came on the coldest weekend
of the year so far around 1846 this
property became the county poor farm
there was over 200 acres here and it was
ran as a farm they had crops they had
animals they had outbuildings they had
and then the people who lived here as
would work the farm they would sell that
stuff and that’s how they would survive
the majority of residents that lived
here were either poor or insane
there were children here adults all ages
okay so i’m in here shooting b-roll
i keep hearing
something in this room hello
my name is josh
we’re in here doing some work today
hopefully you come out and talk to us
i heard something in this room
definitely heard
knocking or something in here
right now rocky and sean’s outside
getting the
drone shots
i’m gonna leave this thing recording
while i’m shooting b-roll
so i definitely heard something in here
oh right there
i heard you
this building is freaking huge
we haven’t even started the
investigation yet
now boys
it is creepy
you see rocky and shawn is out here
shooting b-roll
they’re in the van
the poor farm system gave people who
lived here a job
they had a purpose they would maintain
and run the farm as best they could
january of 2011 we saw ned in our local
penny saver
for an open house for this facility so
we came out and took a look
absolutely gorgeous state inspected care
facility so we filled out their form
mailed it in
and on some particular day the board of
supervisors go ahead and open the bids
and we won the facility closed in
november of 2010
and we got final possession in october
of 2011.
the building is a steel and brick
building it’s been here since 1911.
it’s a beautiful piece of architecture
that you don’t see
nowadays anything paranormal was never
on our radar
we don’t do that we don’t have the tv
show we don’t watch the tv shows we
hunt ourselves my partner did have an
early on probably around april of 12.
he spent the night in the building by
and had a physical experience in one of
the rooms on the second floor
and i was on the phone with him and our
dog was there as well
and she um went nuts essentially she
started growling barking
hair standing up all over she was just
not a happy pup
we were up to 153 undocumented deaths
that we can find
those again are the documented ones
in a system like this people fall
through the cracks there’s probably
that number probably goes a lot higher
based on um
you know how well they took care of
people and if someone died
they may not have gotten it recorded
which is sad and unfortunate the one
thing that we do not know
is where they were buried there is a
little girl
here she’s between the ages of 7 and 10.
we do not know where she came from why
she was here other than she was dropped
off and left here
common scenario you know abandoned kids
unwed mothers those types of people
could be put here
you could also just be the odd one in
your family and your family could put
you here for no reason
as well but what we know about her is
she was here
before the depression i’ve heard her
she loves to run up and down the
hallways i’ve heard that
a female singing there are toys that
light up and make noise
i have seen and heard that there are
other kids here as well she’s just the
one that we know
the most about i have been pushed
i’ve had my hair pulled i have seen
people scratched
i see what i call peakers the ones that
peak around the doorways or up in the
i’m more of a shadow type figure being
pushed or having my hair pulled
was not evil i always try to keep in
mind the people that lived here
the majority of them had some sort of
mental illness
and sometimes the communication skills
are not what we would prefer them to be
and so if i was pushed again i don’t
think that’s evil it’s just a way to get
your attention
uncomfortable certainly that does happen
it’s okay i don’t need to know why they
are still here and i don’t
i just want them to be comfortable i try
to be very respectful of
whoever is still here having a
that to me is more important than
saying they’re not here they kind of
manifest when they want to and again
i have heard from multiple people that
they tend to
do that more so when you’re just trying
to have a conversation with them
than when you’re trying to be
confrontive and combative he has
um earned the name the joker he tends to
be very mischievous
i believe that’s the person that pushed
me i was in the basement when that
walking from the laundry room to the
dining room there’s a long hallway down
to my knowledge has presented more of a
shadow figure to people
either all white all black or some
combination of the two
he’s very very tall whoa whoa i got
something straight ahead
holy crap that’s huge holy josh this is
talk to him ask him if it’s the joker
are you the joker there’s also another
gentleman in the basement that
tends to hang out there’s a kitchen
office down there
and that’s next to the laundry room so
he tends to hang out right there
i watched a girl we walked downstairs it
was during the daytime and when i
glanced over at her she had her hand
like this
and when i asked her if she’s okay she’s
or she’s i said are you okay she’s like
yeah something’s got a hold of my throat
i have seen people scratched people have
other objects being thrown i witnessed a
that she was in the basement and she
came running upstairs ran outside and
she was just
sobbing she felt like something was
choking her in it wouldn’t let go
so she was very concerned and disturbed
by that several groups have reported
either noises banging knocking
you’ll see when you’re in the manor
sometimes you’ll see shadows going
across the windows of the houses
when you know there’s nobody here i have
a guy that
he has been held down he was sleeping
and he was held down and he couldn’t
move he was struggling and his wife
didn’t feel a thing
so those kinds of things have happened
the biggest piece of advice that i
usually always give
is be respectful
you know think of it from your own
if you were wanting to meet someone and
you want to get to know them do you
start off by yelling at them
do you start off by being combative
probably not
i’m not a fan of provoking teams do it
their due i don’t police people
um you know we have learned over the
years that the majority of people that
come are very respectful
the piece of advice is just to treat
people like you’d want to be treated i
first and the second floor are
essentially the same
you can start center go down do an eye
and come back
room 200 is the room that my partner
stayed in
where he had the experience the middle
section here has
single resident rooms and then
the men’s wing and the women’s wing when
they designed the place they intended to
keep the sexes separate
they would work on the farm they would
eat dinner do activities that kind of
stuff together but for their sleeping
quarters they would have been separated
that would not have been co-ed rooms now
when there were children here
it is highly unlikely that they would
have separated the families
so kids would have stayed with bomb
unless they were orphans i guess that’s
the term they used
i would have put them in a general
location we have
we are on the women’s wing so we
transitioned over to this side
um some of the rooms were remodeled you
can see on the floor where the
walls were in the doors there are a
couple of gals
in this room here that we have been told
about the lady on this side has short
dark hair
she’s sitting in a chair and she’s kind
of rocking she’s really not aware of her
the lady on the other side is elderly
and she’s angry she’s not angry at us or
people that come she’s just
mad in general now there is a man
that stands in the doorway he is
very tall very large and kind of stooped
that same described figure also stands
in the room at the other end it has red
curtains that is the men’s wing
he paces in one of the corners i have no
idea if they’re the same person or not
but this gentleman here believes it’s
his job to protect females
so he dislikes it when men are in the
women’s wing
tends to make people uncomfortable
shortness of breath
heaviness now i’ll show you this but we
don’t we won’t go down them
at the moment but each wing
also has back staircases so
the thing that you might want to be
aware of is that this is a steel heavy
and they sometimes do that when you’re
somewhere else
so i have heard the doors slam chairs
slide those kinds of things footsteps
shuffling very common pretty much
but they do slam pretty hard so when
those doors slam
that’s got to be something paranormal
this one latches you cannot push it open
have you ever been down in the basement
and can you hear these doors slam
occasionally yes yes i was on the first
floor when i heard the door slam
oh right there it turns out
that when she was taking her picture
down there she actually caught
a shadow going across the doorway and
her name
was rachel now we did transition to the
men’s wing
and we are in the red curtain room so
this is the room that the shadow man
i don’t know who he is but he paces in
that corner over there again he’s very
very large and stooped now a deputy
sheriff had told us about him
we did learn that the sheriffs were out
here a lot
because as a residential facility if
staff couldn’t find a resident they
would have to be called and come and do
and he was here one night hit that
doorway and immediately saw the figure
back and forth again i have no idea who
he is
but i have talked to a direct descendant
of one of the original stewards
his name was thomas king and the gal i
talked to remembers hearing about an
who did live here i don’t know how many
greats he would have been or when he
lived here but
this was his room he is described like
and he did die here is that him i don’t
the dresser in this room particularly uh
an interesting thing i guess there is a
picture of it on our website
and it was taken at an angle by a man
and there’s a woman in the mirror
she appears pretty wispy older shorter
gray hair
other people have taken pictures of the
dresser one picture i have seen
i think i actually took a triple shot of
one of the pictures it has a black
streak either going out
or coming in and as you look at that
four faces appear in the mirror late
last year
a gal took two pictures of the dresser
it was during the day
the first picture you can see the
dresser the walls everything
the second picture the only thing you
can see is the mirror the balconies
out back they uh they have lower and
you’re welcome to explore those but
you’ll use the staircases outside
and the puzzle pieces do move as well as
the toys
i have had at least seven people take
the puzzle pieces home
but they did not know they took them
home so again
back doors this one is quiet
but it latches there is a woman that
stands on the staircases here
and she does kind of go up and down the
hallways she was seen
middle of the day just like she could
see you
she’s very old she has long gray hair
and she’s wearing a white nightgown
kind of long sleeved high nut
window was up lots of light in here
hit the doorway and he got that little
and when he turned there she was she was
standing just like this
she did not acknowledge him in any
fashion all she did was took one step up
and then she was gone i’ve seen balloons
when no one has walked by them or have
touched them
they do shift some of the toys again
they light up and make noise
i saw a really cool video within a half
an hour of letting a group in
she stops me before i leave it she shows
me the video in this room
there were three balls kind of a bigger
one making them small
they’re rolling around on the floor and
they slow down
and they stop they lined themselves up
from largest to smallest i have no idea
if this was susie’s room
or if this is where they housed the
children but this is the room where the
majority of the toys do
seem to end up in the 1950s this was
someone’s room
we are on the men’s wing his name is
and paul had always lived at home with
mom but when mom passed away it was one
of those situations where his siblings
didn’t know what to do with him so they
stuck him in the county home
and he didn’t like it here his bed was
against the back wall and he would have
had a locker or a dresser for his
now we understand that this place was
not a hospital it was in a locked
facility people wandered away all the
paul did decide to leave by hanging
and he did hang himself in this room on
his doorknob
he we have spoken to a live person who
was here that day
saw him still attached dead and there is
in that brickwork that that balcony was
completely enclosed
no evidence on the men’s side lower or
upper of any kind of enclosure so on
purpose they enclose the upper balcony
of the women’s wing
theories floated are that women tend to
be a little more emotional
so they were trying to make sure that we
didn’t jump off the balcony
we do know a long time ago that they did
have tb patients here as well
so potentially that’s could be where
they kept them so that they could still
have access to outside but not other
so as your kitchen laundry dining are
down in the basement
all this stuff was here the silverware
the pots and pans
the cupboards have dishes in them
they just kind of left it i have groups
that tell me that silverware flies out
of the silverware container
i have seen the oven doors open and
close by themselves
the pots and pans rack rattles but you
don’t always
see it move but the pots sway
very lots of energy down here this room
here is the
boiler room now this is how they would
have heated the place
the big old boilers originally would
have been coal fed
so they would shovel coal into that all
day and heat the place up and then they
converted it to fuel oil
which is very very expensive no running
water to this building since 2011.
i’ve heard these pipes rattle like
water’s going through them
people have reported hearing flushing of
it’s not possible i do not have running
water here
we had a dish thrown in this room
that was caught on camera and that was
very interesting but the hallway here
is where i was pushed i was walking to
the dining room
and whatever it was was coming the other
direction and just
i didn’t fall down it wasn’t a full-on
shove but it was definitely a shoulder
so this is the room with the encounter
with the joker one of the first times or
the guy that lives in the basement
um that buffet there had the ceramic
dish dinner plates on it a couple big
went flying across the room removed
those and said stop throwing my dishes
but he clearly finds other things to
to do that with he presents in a lot of
different fashions he’s pretty sneaky
from what i understand
so he’s mischievous he may hide he loves
to be very intimidating
i he follows me around a lot but i
generally don’t ever acknowledge him
but he is very very tall this is the
storm shelter
and they added it at some point because
they believe that you know state price
said hey you need a storm shelter for
so they would shut the doors bring the
residents down and they had activities
and games and stuff for them to do that
but once you lose all of your light
pollution in this room
it is really really really dark i do
have a picture that was taken on a
sunday afternoon
and there’s a man that stands over there
so he
is that the guy that lives in the
basement i don’t know but he looks very
to what has been described so he does
hang out over there
piano that is slowly falling apart here
in the corner
people do have evps of it playing some
of the keys do still work
but that used to be upstairs and then
for whatever reason they moved it down
here now originally on blueprints
is a padded room and what i’m now
is that that room in there used to have
a wall
that was the unpadded room so i’m
guessing on the blueprints that’s what
that is
this room here is the new padded room
around 1969 they started building this
completed it in 1970
and then so they have the grading on the
ceiling it used to be in the window
there would have been a steel door here
with a window in it and then the padding
hung from the ceiling secured to the
if you were out of control hurting
yourself or someone else you’d have a
big burly order leaves that would grab
you and throw you in a straitjacket
just the way it was and then they’d put
you in a padded room until you could
calm yourself down
so i’ve always believed potentially that
spent a lot of time in a straight jacket
in a petted room and maybe that’s why
he’s pretty cranky but
a lot of people are very uneasy and
uncomfortable in this room it’s a
rectangular room
it was the maintenance guys area so a
lot of his stuff is here the pipes the
globes for the lights and things like
that but the room is unique
it has a brick wall it has limestone
and has a concrete ceiling so when you
lose that light
this here is the darkest room in
the building and you can stand here all
day and you’re never going to see your
hand in front of your face
get out and leave are very common in
this room
there was a young adult female that
lived in this room and she was
consistently harassed by a man
we do not know if it was a resident or a
staff member
leaning more towards staff member
eventually he did assault her several
in that bed over there that same
scenario happened
elsewhere it’s just a fact of group home
living unfortunately after the long trip
to iowa rocky is not feeling well
rocky will remain in the house while
shawn and i head over to the manor to
begin our investigation
if there’s anybody in here
my name is josh this is sean
we are here today doing work on your
and we just want to talk to you are you
back here
i know you have people come in and out
of here quite a bit
we’ve got different devices throughout
the building
you’re able to make those devices go off
thank you
is it okay we’re here tonight
welcome yeah
we were thinking about moving in here
tonight oh this is that creepy room
i swear to god if she gets up out of
there i’m out of here
are you back in this area
we want to learn more about this
and you guys
can we see you please
can we hear you
that’s like music someone’s singing yeah
there’s somebody singing
all right
a female singing
that is loud
where’s it coming from
we heard you
are you singing a song
you have a beautiful voice
the mirror right there josh scared out
of me i looked up
turn around yeah now turn around face
go back like you’re walking to that room
yeah that mirror yeah
but i just seen your i seen you
in the mirror being mirrors
they get me every time can you sing
again for us
that’s probably the loudest
singing i think we’ve ever heard you
know yeah
what song are you singing
can you sing again for us please
do you see the red lights throughout the
they say that there’s a child up here
we put a new toy in your bedroom
you can play with it
let’s just stand in here and see if we
hear anything
are these your toys your dolls
oh you know what the singing
the female we were on the women’s side
yeah that’s the women’s award right over
i didn’t even think about that i forgot
all about that
the ladies singing they say that they
see you throughout this building
do you like having visitors here
we’re thinking about moving in here
we want you guys to tell us how special
this place is and why we should move
and not somewhere else
they say that there’s a bad man in the
you guys know who that is
you’re welcome to come up and touch one
of us
people say that you touch them
you hear that female yep
it’s back there isn’t it what do you
i don’t know that’s why i can’t tell if
it was
tell if it was coming from behind me or
beside me because i mean i heard in my
left ear
yeah you can definitely hear sound like
our voice has like an echo
yeah that’s what it sounds like yeah
are you downstairs
give me a sign which way i should go
it’s just me and josh in here
that is how cold it is in here tonight
six degrees
you hear somebody talking
i swear i keep hearing it though coming
from down the hall
all right so now we’re in the room where
the mirror’s in
and i think they captured uh
old woman and i’m not sure who captured
it but they capture a old woman in the
and a flash of light like a black streak
or something like that
so let’s see
yeah i think this is the floor where
they keep seeing and hearing the woman
can you tap on something for me
hear the voice
are you not allowed to leave the ring
that you’re in
do your voice again female
that’s why i want to hit an area that
feels uncomfortable
right now that room with that casket
feels uncomfortable
this is kind of one of them things again
when you go into these big buildings
and you’re walking by you know every one
of these doors it just feels like
something’s going to jump right out
let’s go back down to that one women’s
area real quick where we heard the scene
yeah i think that room may be straight
ahead josh
there’s a lot of doors that you can slam
i heard you like to slam the basement
where the steps are can you do that for
can you picture walking around here by
yourself yeah
now we heard there was an angry woman in
didn’t want to do harm or nothing she
was just mad
we give you permission to touch us
josh gives permission
turn that baby monitor on and see if you
get anything
you trying to communicate with me
can you say my name
we know some of you guys wasn’t treated
like i said we’re not here to hurt you
at all
shut that monitor up real quick
i’ve got a balloon in between these beds
can you go over and move the balloon for
me please
that’d be pretty cool if you could show
me how to do that
that’s not your kid laughing yeah
was that funny
can you show us your toys
you don’t have to be afraid of us
we need somebody to show us around the
if you are a patient here
or staff
please help us we are lost
yeah this room definitely feels creepy
don’t you think
yeah this is you know the pool table
whoa did you hear that having your way
thank you
did you come down on this floor with us
seeing a shadow or something
are you down in this area
it sounded like it was off in the
distance didn’t it oh yeah it was
but down this hallway
oh yes to me i’m i couldn’t tell where
and how that came from i could have been
i mean it was definitely from a distance
but yeah that was a loud door shut
let’s just try going slow and not say
because you remember she said a lot of
people have experiences when they’re not
even investigating
but then footsteps it suddenly came from
one of these rooms off to the right
josh that sounds like beyond me
it’s freaking crazy what’d you hear
keep so pay attention to what you’re
it sounded like a freaking um like some
chef one
i mean kind of almost like a metal trash
can shuffling on the floor
they say that you guys like to knock on
you do this
all the women they kept you on this side
of the building
upstairs we heard somebody singing
can you sing down here
thank you
what is it about the bed i can’t
oh that’s where the oh the girl was
is there a woman in here
we heard your story it wasn’t very
is there anything we can do to help
he said stop
go back in that room
it was a like a girl or a kid or
something stop
go by that bed did you not want us to
back here back here
get down the hallway loud bang
i think it was i don’t know if it was to
the right or
are you telling us to are you telling us
to stop because she don’t want us to go
to the basement
oh jesus
you know the basement we know is good
and shut that
the basement we know is a lot darker and
this is where majority of the people get
attacked so just be on guard as we go
down here
okay the spirits down here
or whoever’s down here they say that
you’re more aggressive
you touch women
sean and i are down here now
we can see and hear you
show yourself
is there a guy that’s down here that
everybody calls the joker
they say you like to push people and
now this is dark
i mean dark dark we just want to
validate that you’re down here with
maybe get your name
what you like to do down here
do you enjoy having all these people
come down here
just to see you
it’s also a lot colder down here feels a
lot colder down here
is there too down here wants to talk to
the dark room were in the maintenance
room those definitely had a different
feel to it okay well let’s say we head
back that way
well what it is you know
it’s like nothing in there they say that
you knock
pots and pans off and dishes and
can you move something for us
it jumps my arms aren’t moving
so you guys can see that’s how dark it
is down here
it is pitch dark that’s what we see
is there a man down here don’t like
getting by being in here
you tell them to get out all the time
do you not like having people in here
no what the hell did dad just say oh
that was creepy yeah that was my up
do you want us to leave this room
is there just a man in here
did you work in this building
did you die in this place
did you have family here
does the joker want to do something to
yes basement should we go out of this
and go to the other room
yeah i feel like down here get a little
bit more aggressive
did you just say something
yeah i heard a man it was like on my
left ear
what’s that room i don’t know what the
hell i said there
what’s in there nothing are you doing
there it’s like storage
i mean i don’t know if i said stop or
did you want us in here
i want to meet the joker
i heard that you like to push people and
pick on them
and play games with them
am i too scary for you
so i think what we should do is we’ll go
warm up real quick
and then i’ll come back with the sls
camera and hit the
second and third floor and then you come
down here by yourself
okay let’s uh walk in here first or
go down here and go to left just that
piano i mean
this basement is so freaking dark
i don’t know what room i feel like this
is the room
when ghost adventures was down here
isn’t this where they had that thing
thrown that remember this is the uh
shelter oh yeah this is the one that’s
got no light whatsoever
yep this was the storm shelter
as you guys come down here during storms
so this room has a concrete ceiling
limestone walls
the joker come forward and show yourself
right now
there was something that like came down
on your left side right here yeah it
came down
and then went back up whoever’s in this
come forward and make yourself known
i was in my voice
i heard you
and work that on the video
are we upsetting you
out loud
i can’t see where i’m going that’s the
fun of it go to your right
right now keep going straight
yeah let’s see if we can tell
where’s the loud banging coming from
i have no idea that’s creepy
is this where you guys ate dinner and
oh what did you say what is that
a light
something went across that window oh
i screwed the out of me that went
right across this window
did they say they see dark shadows
yeah was the camera facing this way
yeah yeah it blocked out this light went
straight across this window
maybe we caught on video oh i think our
padded rim josh was upstairs
i feel like it was in the basement no
okay hey let’s go back and get that
camera down to six
where’s it at we’re back in that kitchen
okay flip your luck we’ll be back thank
okay so we’re back in the building rocky
and i are gonna head up to the third
and run the sls camera and shawn’s going
to head to the basement by itself
so shawn you head on down to the
basement good luck
and rocky and i will head upstairs the
girl who is singing in here
can you come back in here
we’ve got a device here
we could see you if you come forward
josh what what’s that singing
that’s what we heard earlier here
back out this way it’s down the hall
can you sing some more
here to me it seems like this is where
they talked about mr activity
is so
anybody’s down here can you move
let me know you’re here
it was definitely definitely cold down
one bad thing now is something happens i
gotta re-upgrade the camera then run
josh may not like it if i uh leave the
camera down here
just hopefully there’s no uh sharp
objects that’s all get thrown at me
my name is josh rocky’s in here with us
if you’re singing come over by the table
for me and sing please
it was really loud earlier
can you come out and talk to us
we want to see you this is a new device
if you guys come forward
we can see you
are you in this room
down somewhere it’s like down the
hallway i heard a kid
bang and then a kid i think this is the
hallway it’s got the kids toys
tell me what your name is
yeah this is creepy
i feel like hanging out in the kitchen
probably the best bet
we did hear a kid in here earlier
back in this corner can you come over
and sit in one of these chairs
thank you it’s
one person it’s sitting that’s crazy see
its legs down
its backs against the backrest
are you a child
it’s literally sitting in a chair are
you a child
come back and sit in the chair please
thank you tell me your name
come sit in this chair now
is this your bed
go back to the chair for me please
thank you is that your favorite chair
yes or no hope there’s two
are you all children
one was by the bed and one is in a chair
did you say josh
good josh
are you allowed coming in the hallway
we need help finding our way out of here
can you show us where the stairwell is
they said that a man hurts you
that a man inside this building molest
how did he hurt you
can you come sit in one of these chairs
we’re going to be leaving soon
do you guys like being here
is it too cold for you
does the cold take away your energy
can you jump on the bed that’s beside
come out in the hallway so i can see you
can you walk towards me
did somebody walk up to josh
there’s a table right beside him except
that chair
what’s up above us
whoa whoa i got something straight ahead
holy crap that’s huge holy
josh this is big talk to it
asking the first the joker are you the
they say the joke oh my god he just shut
dude i mean it is it was big
unfortunately the sls camera goes
completely dead
losing all of our footage recorded that
night we believe this is caused by the
cold and not paranormal activity it shut
right off too
that was fully charged it’s even plugged
into the hard drive
i think it was massive oh yeah
it’s probably bigger than us yeah
walk back towards it it’s right here it
was right here on this door
here a film made uh because rocky filmed
that camera right
so we’ll be able to see how see where
this window is
yeah the belt will actually see how tall
it is because it’s harder than that
look like you oh my god i mean that’s
probably the biggest one i’ve ever seen
on here
i mean i’m standing right where it was
standing too
i told you i had a bad feeling about
down here by myself
can you move one of these chairs or a
table let us know
or something um
you hear a lot of voices yeah
yeah your voice is counseling
see to me it feels like this area and
where we was just at back in that whole
section it’s like the creepiest spots
down here in the basement
is it are you trying to talk to us looks
like there’s something outside that
window again
are you serious
well see that window down there jumps
into the very end of the hall
that’s the one that blacked out
i don’t know what that was in that one
though there’s no cars i didn’t hear
anything did you
no there wasn’t anything
dude can he touch one of us
we’re going to be leaving
he shut the door for us
i need to know your presence is here
okay we’re going to leave the basement
i want to say thank you for having us
thank you for showing yourself
well it’s a big thump
is there something right here tile
that was the weirdest feeling
ever i took a step
he oh no it was weird
it’s like if you step on your shoe
you know and you go to take that step
and you got that resistance
against that foot
that it was my right foot i went to step
and it was like my
right foot had like resistance again
against it like it wouldn’t
you don’t even have shoestrings i know
it felt like it wouldn’t
although we enjoyed spending the night
in this historic building
and communicating with the spirits of
the past edinburgh manor has definitely
lived up to being one of the most
haunted locations in the country
it is time for us to get back on the
road and start helping families trapped
in a violent haunting

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