UGUE Goes for Daytime Explore in Cemetery

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UGUE Goes for Daytime Explore in Cemetery
UGUE Goes for Daytime Explore in Cemetery

In this episode, Joe from UGUE explores the Anclote Cemetery in Holiday, Florida. This video was originally posted on YouTube on Nov 7, 2018. Joined by Marie from “Marie’s Life Vlogs and Mysteries” YouTube channel, Joe does a day time walkthrough of the cemetery.

The night exploration and investigation on this cemetery can be found here UGUE in Anclote Haunted Cemetery


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if I had the chance I’ll probably break
free I could have my weights and I could
let it be I could do what I want but
it’s just on the loose shot Lucia yeah
up comes I feel like I can’t go I’m
drinking beer right up my coffee cup I
wanna do it alone it’s just on Lucia
Lucia but I know it’s gonna take a while
so what I wanna
guys welcome to another episode of urban
ghosts urban exploration today I’m here
with Murray from Murray’s life vlogs and
check out Murray’s channel if you
haven’t already subbed to her if you
like she is awesome she’s amazing and
she brought me to a creepy cemetery now
we’re here today in the daytime we’re
gonna check this place out I got to tell
you it’s creepy pulling back in and into
this place it’s creepy being here in the
daytime is already those voices already
but what’s even creepier than that is
we’re coming back tonight and we’re
gonna shoot a video in the day and the
night so we want you guys to get a
perspective of what it’s like in the
daytime and then at nighttime and it’s
gonna be scary and you’re coming along
peace love you feet are at the end
closed cemetery here in Florida today
and I’m here with Murray from Murray’s
life vlogs and mysteries so Murray
brought me out here today and man this
place is so creepy even in the daytime
it kind of reminds me a little bit of
Spring Hill Cemetery because it’s like
in the woods and yeah anyway so we’re
gonna check this out we’re also gonna
come back tonight but we wanted to see
what was going on during the day we
wanted to check it out it’s always good
to check out places first what was that
thing and that’s what we’re doing now
man there’s a lot of old graves here Wow
cool it’s pretty cool all right
wow this looks old Murray huh
18:35 well it’s actually kind of cool
out here though it’s like really pretty
though yeah it is very I wonder I should
have brought my drone oh you know what
see I would bring my drone but I don’t
know how to fly it
Rob knows how to fly it and I sure don’t
and I bring the drone and well we’re not
gonna have a drone anymore all right
anyway this place at night it’s gonna be
so much fun
what’s weird is see Marie picks up
voices and quite frankly she’s heard
stuff here like she hears it so clear
and she she’s like Joe there’s voices
around me and I’ve heard a few voices
myself since I’ve been here actually
so anyway we got a lot of things coming
up this next year guys we have so much
stuff that we’re going to start doing
Rob and I are going to travel and you
know very likely Todd will travel with
us we’re gonna do so many so many things
there’s so many places I want to go the
one thing that I absolutely love about
about doing videos guys one it’s a
creative outlet for me and two is really
it’s it’s the comments and the love that
we get back for doing these videos guys
it’s amazing I can’t thank you enough
plus I always film in such a way that I
want you guys to feel part of this you
know and I hope you do you know I know
there’s a lot of people that watch our
videos that really don’t have
opportunities to to go explore places
and I’m glad you get those opportunities
to us you know that makes my heart melt
and guys I that gives me every reason to
come out here with a camera as much as
possible to these places
and I heard a voice just now that is so
weird so I’m learning that even though
you shoot a video in the daytime it
doesn’t really it doesn’t really make a
difference for spirit activity because
the voices still come through you know I
think at night it’s just the the setting
is scarier you know and I believe that’s
I think that’s good to have a very scary
setting you know and I think when when
you’re in this when you’re scared
yourself I think it heightens the spirit
activity well I look at this it’s kind
of sad to see the graves like this like
you very unkempt
you know I don’t really know how that
works I don’t know if the family’s
supposed to come take care of the grave
or I don’t really know what I do know
though is that you know it’s always good
to to come to places like this and one
of the reasons why I say that if you
think about life in general I mean you
know life comes with death and we all
want to know what’s right beyond this
life so we want to look for evidence but
we also need to realize that you know
you got to live your life because some
day we’re all gonna be in a cemetery
cremated who knows and some day you know
when you when when that happens to us
you know you you know you don’t want to
really look back on your life on your
deathbed and with any regret you know I
think the saddest thing in life is to
say you know hey um you know I should
have regret as a bad bad thing
kind of reminds me I played football in
high school you know and really really
good friend of mine you know this is up
in New York well I went to New York and
I went out with my friend you know
actually a lot of people that I went to
high school with back in the day it was
really kind of awesome that everybody
met up with me you know and the bars in
New York and the clubs we went to this
bar was kind of like kind of like a
nightclub kind of like a restaurant
nightclub maybe they had a deejay at
night and I met up with a lot of my old
buddies and my friend Ray who who
actually played football with me in high
school he showed up that night you know
picture of help this guy I mean
physically great shape you know and he
stayed out with us we ran up sharing old
memories and you know hanging out and
you know bar closed at four o’clock we
said our goodbyes and shed a few tears
you know cuz you know it’s it’s just
said but happy said you know well by
five o’clock in the morning he had
passed from a massive heart attack and
that stuck with me all these years you
know like how fragile life is how how
fast life is you never really know and I
don’t really want to have my life with
any regrets I don’t want to look back
and say you know hey I should have ooh I
found a path back there let’s check that
out at night but anyway you don’t want
to have regret in your life
you want to be kind to people you want
to love people you want to love each
other and I think that’s one of the most
important messages that you can get from
maybe watching these videos I know that
this is the creepy factor and we do
creepy videos actually mostly do creepy
videos but actually Rob and I were
talking the other day and um what was
okay so Rob and I were talking and one
of the things that we really never
thought about was well actually I take
that back one of the things that we lost
track of was you know how important it
is in these videos that we do that we
give a good positive message you know
now sometimes that’s really impossible
to do in a scary situation but on the
same note you know it’s important
because people watch these videos you
know kids watch these videos families
watch these videos and and I’m not
Rob’s not perfect Todd’s not perfect
none of us are perfect but if I don’t
keep a good message in these videos then
I’m just giving you just a video that
could potentially not have heart in it
you know and it’s about heart
so anyway I’m walking to this creep you
would see a reason the cemetery over
there I just want to see what’s back
here this is gonna be amazing at night
but you could see it in the daytime
which is kind of cool because when you I
know you can’t be here with me on the
video but when you watch the video I
have videos i watch I’m always thinking
wow it’d be kind of cool to be there you
know so here it is now I don’t know
where this goes but and I’m not gonna
lose sight of Marie
honestly hey Marie
there are some awesome awesome trails
back here you want to take a walk with
me I’m gonna bring Marie back here –
yeah I’m gonna wait for her
all right guys this is super fun going
through these woods
I love these explorations I love seeing
nature feel so nice like yeah I’m
refreshing you know but at night this
place is gonna be lit and I’m hearing
voices here I know Murray hears voices
guys it’s a gift it’s a curse at the
same time trust me when I tell you but
I’m bringing Murray through the woods
with me right now
hey at night this will be so yeah what
all right guys so yeah it’s kind of cool
though it’s real pretty back here isn’t
I mean who knows what you come across
back here I mean honestly I got you
look at those big trees or beautiful huh
I mean I just heard something right
I don’t know yeah who knows I bet that’s
what I was just talking about I was
talking about how you hear voices more
so than I do and I heard voices so I
know you’re hearing voices I heard
something back here actually was that
while I was talking see one of the
things that I love to do guys is unlove
going back over this film and seeing
exactly what we captured that was creepy
we may go just a little bit further
because we don’t want to give it all
away because we’re gonna come in here in
the middle of night I hear ducks or
the view to view the forest of the view
of you huh
look we could try this out tonight look
at that
there’s another path and this path leads
to some like opening over there you see
that can be crazy be cool yeah we’re not
gonna go too far but yeah that’s a pack
of wild dogs but it is pretty back here
huh yeah this is neat wonder why it’s
here you know I mean he’s behind a
cemetery I want to go in there tonight
yeah really
oh wow said
because of youth or bears lions tigers
and bears oh my
I don’t know but it’s really pretty back
here huh
I hear voices now seriously back to the
cemetery we go and I’m sorry my camera
was just sliding all over
let’s do this alright guys so I’m gonna
walk down to this side of the cemetery
this is where Murray said she heard
somebody talking or something talking so
we’re gonna check it out and quite
frankly I hear stuff so I can’t wait to
come back at night you know that it’ll
be yeah I heard something
yeah did
so tonight’s video is going to be
now this grave over here looks kind of
interesting very elaborate
I’m gonna kind of be quiet around here
and see what I hear where he’s freaking
out over there don’t know what’s going
so I do hear a whispering but maybe it’s
from the surrounding neighborhoods that
I’m hearing this
this is like kind of gated off I’m not
really sure why but it’s very unkept
she’s really kind of said private
property no trespassing so if there’s
anybody here that wants to talk into my
camera feel free to do so
it’s weird I feel very heaviness here
maybe sadness I don’t know what I’m
Maurice going savage and jumped right
over the gate Oh apparently Murray knows
somebody who has a family member buried
here I keep hearin talking yet did ya
there’s a lot of yeah a lot of
mosquitoes a lot of bugs by dumb
well this is going to be a scary scary
nighttime Explorer yeah
what’s nice is I don’t have to rely on
my light now there’s a lot of beautiful
graves here what Marie does sometimes
she actually used to come to grave sites
and do a cross project where she would
like make these crosses and put them on
the graves which is really really nice
of her yeah you have a video of that
don’t you Oh Oh guys check out that
video Marie actually did a cross project
yeah yeah so no wonder why all these
water jugs are here probably too for
these flowers although the flowers don’t
seem real they’re artificial hmm or
maybe they’re not artificial
this one’s really said I think this
person I thought it was a badge at first
up they’re really cool cross that
doesn’t look like this was the original
part of this maybe it looks like
somebody added this on theirs rosary
beads maybe I’m not sure no I don’t
think there’s a rosary I’m not sure what
they are there’s a little box where you
can put like a letter maybe or some
personal effects huh kind of interesting
so I’m really enjoying the fact that you
guys get to see this place first kind of
an interesting idea because Angie and I
did a video of the Spring Hill Cemetery
in the woods behind the place check that
out it’s actually beautiful back there
but we always wondered what’s in the
woods I’m sure you guys watch these
videos that we do at night and you say
to yourself I wonder what their place
looks like in the day well here’s your
I look at that a baby lizard took off
real fast
now this is said this is obviously a
fresh grave
but anyway as I was saying earlier guys
live your life because the cemetery is
full of regret right a lot of people had
regrets when they died they didn’t do
what they were supposed to do in life
maybe and you don’t want to be that
person it’s always good to never focus
on hate focus on positive stuff I really
firmly believe that if you focus on
negative stuff then negative stuff
happens to you so anyway to liber8 on
why I’m talking like this you know Rob
and I started these videos for our kids
and it’s because of our kids that we
have the opportunity to branch out and
do these videos because it gave us that
motivation to do so so I want to be free
in life I don’t want to be held down I
want to make videos and do what I love
you know
making videos and putting out a positive
message and making creepy videos I love
doing that and it’s weird because I’m
not scared of anything I don’t know why
and we had an opportunity to actually be
in a mage in a we had an opportunity to
be in a mate a major motion picture guys
and we turned it down because to be
honest with you you always have to know
what you’re doing in life like what’s
important and what’s not and I believe
the messages we put out the YouTube
right now are more important and I also
believe that if you get yourself
involved in something where greed is so
prevalent you could really really lose
your soul you know and I don’t want to
be in a position in my life where I’m
doing something that you know is all
about money and greed and you’re not
nobody cares about you they just care
about making money off you you know so
we put that on the back burner for now I
would love to do a television show on my
terms and I think that opportunity is
gonna come up for us it’s already been
discussed but um anyway it’s the message
of this video is two messages one is to
live your life you know don’t come to
the cemetery one day and look back on
your life and you on your deathbed and
say hey I wanted to do so many things
and and then you don’t you know
and Wow look at this I love you most
powerful thing in the world really I
haven’t loved see it’s easy to heat it’s
easy to point the finger it’s easy to
put blame on somebody right but um we’re
always responsible for our lives you
know so anyway enough of me rambling
about that Murray is actually doing a
live stream I’m not Murray is actually
doing a spirit box session over here so
if you want to hear what’s on that
spirit box please check out Murray’s
life vlogs and mysteries and you can see
what she’s got
I’m not gonna film that because I want
you to go to her channel and check it
out she always picks up really amazing
so and um well my kids were young they
had uh you know my son Joey who’s now 21
had a doll a bunny rabbit he used to
call bb4 bunny and 20 how I’m so
sentimental I saved this you know and
still have it when I need it I look at
it you know we all need that sometimes
right something to remember something by
and my daughter Lindsey had a bear she’s
to call it Kimmy bear and I still have
Kimmy bear actually so I save it for
them you know she’s 18 now and quite
honestly if I mentioned that I have them
you know the toys still my kids are like
oh dad what are you doing but someday
I’ll give them back someday when they’re
ready because I think it’s always
important to remember the innocence in
you and you know quite frankly sometimes
I’ll I’ll take a break from everything
in the world and I’ll pull out those
those dolls you know or the toys they
had or the books that I read to them as
a kid and I’ll just sit there and look
at them and it brings me right back to
that time it’s like having that really
good song you know a song that you
remember from the chat as a child that
you never forget you know and that’s
because it it brings you back you know
sometimes you need to be you know
remember things you know life is crazy
you know bills and obligations and we
forget our imaginations you know and
that’s really sad never forget that
you know so challenge you guys actually
challenge you to reach down inside and
remember you know what’s really
important I also have two amazing little
boys actually Brandon and Logan and and
they’re my heart you know they’re
absolutely positively my heart all my
kids are my heart so I guess when I come
and do these explorers I wish try to
remember that you know why I’m here and
that’s why I’m here
and then I think a Rob you know his
sudden Aiden he doesn’t see him right
and quite frankly that’s why he started
doing the videos it’s kind of funny how
life is if you forget the things that
are important you never really can have
a satisfying life so take the time you
know rebuild that relationship you know
that you may have lost with a family
member or a friend and try to do the
right thing because it’s the right thing
to do and enjoy these videos guys
because you know what we have so many
great things coming out so many places
to go what really excites me about
coming to places and doing these scary
videos plus it’s huge a huge adrenaline
rush for me but at the end of the day
there’s a means to an end right so one
is we hear these voices right one is we
cut in these scary situations but at the
end of the day the most important things
in life are really not that that’s
entertaining it’s it’s fun to do
apparently there’s some gift I have
where these spirits can talk to me I can
hear them and I’m hearing them
throughout this video all kind of not
really addressing it because I’m talking
about something else right now but I’ll
listen to these videos with my headset
on people while I’m editing them and I
always try to put the voices in that I
hear so I’ll do that in this video of
course you know
but anyway we’re gonna come back at
night and you’re gonna see this place
and Wow at nighttime this place is
probably have we’ll have all kinds of
spirit activity around us
voices animals in the woods it’s gonna
be great
so alright let’s see what Murray’s doing
check on her we always when we film
together we always try to keep it
separate because there’s really no sense
I was following each other around and
there’s two videos that are almost
identical you know but I was talking to
Murray before we shot this video
actually take break sometimes you know
and you know she’s huh I didn’t say
anything to you what’d you hear
yeah Murray’s hearing something shady
right now it’s Shady and their shade oh
all right so I’m gonna wrap this up here
in a few minutes you’ll get to see this
video I may combine the videos where you
can see day and night or I may do two
separate videos I’m not sure I do know
this much though it’s gonna be great
I can only imagine what its gonna feel
like at night because in the daytime it
feels pretty weird being here this is a
weird tombstone look at that it’s got
the Masonic symbol on it hmm very
interesting guys love each and every one
of you so much thank you for watching
this we’re coming back tonight and it’s
gonna be crazy and you’re in joining us
but anyway guys please check out our
merchandise below @ww uge brothers calm
silence we
but you see it’s not me it’s not my
he knew it they are fighting with their

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