Beyond the Veil Investigates Pennhurst State School and Hospital

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The team investigates the asylum and they capture both EVPs and anomalies on video. Both experience personal uneasiness and goose pump like experiences.

Ghosts of PENNHURST STATE SCHOOL Surrounded Me!! SCARY EVPs and Spirit Box Voices at Haunted Asylum

i’m gonna ask you some questions about god and jesus and stuff i’m getting the chills all of a sudden it’s time i heard talking back behind us again who’s in this room with us yes someone’s like here oh something big just shocking thank moment so much for talking to me you’re welcome or one of them that was it i definitely get a creepier fight on this one now right now it’s making my stomach hurt oh yeah that is the room okay way down there but that right there is the hallway i’ll turn my hand i feel like standing right here myself like i look down there i get a creepier vibe right now but i don’t know because i feel it right here i don’t know which way it is what the fuck is that yeah the golf cart no electricity here that’s warmer on this side i just feel these pitch black doors to my right and left now my tummy hurts in the fall this walk down the other hallway is anybody down here anybody want to come out and say hi i just want to come talk to you for a little bit there was a tab it’s coming from this room right here is anybody in here you want to talk to us we’re just coming to hang out for a little bit is it okay if we come hang out for a little while we don’t mean any disrespect we’re just well that’s a creepy staircase i just want to come get to know you a little bit i promise not we’re not here to hurt you or be mean is it okay ew that’s the creepiest doll i’ve ever seen look at that doll yeah it’s faceless yeah that’s really creepy is it okay if i come in here and say hi or you can’t see your face but when you look at an emperor there’s a shape of face this is where you’re feeling there’s something like this extremely in here is anybody in here with us do you wanna do this one together or is me just you this time looks like it was the children’s room are there any children in here don’t wanna come say hi to me i just heard a whisper i just heard a weird giggle out that way i went heart sounded like a like that these two open doors of hair creeping out there’s like two closets right here i see that was that you i’m in the nose yes i’m sorry so i want to know if there are any little kids in here who want to maybe come over here and stand by me and talk to me for a minute there’s something in here you don’t have to be afraid i like kids i have like really bad heebies on my legs yeah i’m getting it all over my body are you coming over here to say hi to me oh i’m feeling it all over i just wanna come on see how you are doing and can you tell me what your name is this is a really nice room i see a couple of baby dolls around here are these yours i’m sorry it’s not like a whisper which baby’s your favorite the one on the bed or the one by the wall there’s another one in the chair to your right that was fucking loud that was in this room out here you can come in here and say hi to us too i promise we’re not going to hurt anybody we’re really nice people we just want to come learn about you maybe learn more about this building do you like to play games do you like to play hide and seek what does her lego whisper behind me it’s me moving thank you for letting me come in here can you tell me again that was in this room out here did you hear that who are you here with i feel a cool breeze you are standing right in front of a giant it’s um swirling around my ankles there’s no cool breeze coming through that it is still as heck it’s just around my legs there was a tap in this one of these closets right here i think it was that one right there oh man they’re creepy you don’t have to hide in the closet you can come out over here oh and i got the chills did you hear that sound in there oh i just got the breeze on my legs i told you it was all over me you can feel the freaking goosebumps i feel them on my legs as well it’s like going on my shorts a little bit yeah like i feel noise over here and also i was like right at my feet like i have the biggest goosebumps my legs oh my gosh hi thank you please don’t hide oh man i can feel it don’t hide don’t be scared tyler’s right behind you you can be feel safe around me i’m not gonna hurt you and i’m not gonna let anybody else hurt you do you have any brothers or sisters i can you do that again wow thank you can you tell me what year it is do you know what year it is that’s an airplane up in the sky that’s daddy’s feet i thought i just heard a voice i heard something out there there’s a big playground outside did you go used to go play on it all the time it’s only right here is that your doll can you move it can you lift her leg can you lift your dolly’s leg what the fuck was that was that your foot no i just don’t move my foot that was not i was getting stolen that sound happened something out there was on the hall that was in the hall there’s like noises all around us can you move your dolly there’s all kinds of fucking noises in this room wow thank you did you feel safe at this this building did they treat you okay i heard there’s a lot of people here so that was my ankle and i just adjusted also did you have a lot of freedom here these are really big buildings oh my god get out who is that how many of you are in here that’s enough let’s move down the hallway this way energy do anybody want to say hi to her any more people apparently they were all in there okay hearing you need help can i help you oh anybody want to say hi hi you tell me what your name is am i gonna bother you we’re just gonna if any of you have a message for somebody you