The Old Oil Caves

Jeff Young and his team are off to The Old Oil Caves to investigate the paranormal activity around there.

YouTube video published on July 26, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations Episode 17 The Old Oil Caves
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – The Old Oil Caves

Boiler say you tell us where you are whose salaries place you really know about you) and all that remains of what was the oil mill
chemistry advocates of the Western Heights one time the windmills with a non-maritime industry
chemistry was where they were situated gets its name from the chalk unit from the cliffs that was burnt to make quick line it was the line makers originally created the case the case also used for smuggling during 1793 to 1815 it was a station for the army and navy distinctive, and front of the case was operated by the only second steam engine used in Western Heights therefore the technology the engine was powered by a specialist to my left to being provided by the Western owned by Joseph was related to transform the managing partner of dolphin label was James Walker whom he 1808 have installed the first steam engine that the meals were hit by the economic depression in the 1840s they kept open employment manager to run on a day-to-day basis sudden tragedy and there was a catastrophic fire and according to reports everyone in the town cannot help fighting by this time the windmills with four stories high inside the case within the Western Heights they included a refinery furnaces boilers tanks faults Smith his Cubans offices stable is Smith shot and the bridge with the tall chimney said to emerge from the sloping the Clifton reaching the nearby something the damage was estimated at £50,000 for the almost further £25,000 for damage or destruction two properties nearby and boys lost their jobs Worked for other businesses destroyed by the fire and receive compensation for those workers there was little chance of alternative fire here, you are the insurance the more notable rebuild these were of much larger scale protection of the first in Western Heights during World War II I also was used as a fire station on air raid shelter for women and children before they were then closed under forgotten we set up our equipment and EMF readings were taken by Phil on a walk through the opening or readings were zero with no fluctuation in what were these caves useful in Hitler: our audio and Was just really switched on and within a minute or so (on the K2 me to which Mrs changes in the electromagnetic field Q
top this device for me again as those of another cold and here software miles your job so you are configurable and can you tell us what your name is near the manager here something is behind you movement is heard from behind Jason is the enhanced audio taken from the full spectrum camera’s microphone behind something everyone behind you something everyone if you can speak to us if you speaking to this red light it will pick up your voice and we can hear what you’re saying that you properly don’t get many chances is speaking to people not many people come down here and do this so here’s your chance to say something to let us know that your here or if you have a message for someone for the third loud banging is heard coming from the tunnel the was also was also was actually got something for her saying the online libraries actually do walking through a bit further this carry on going straight rolling in: dinosaur emphasising that is well can you tell us where you are, more comfortable to’s can you shout out again for us so I know that your here will did you use to do down here did you work here can you throw something move something for us knock on the wall is heard and captured on a digital audio sounds like Door opening and closing his enhanced audio okay and this could be your last chance to talk into somebody so you need to do something to let us know your here shout out your name come and join us, more comfortable to us what went on the these caves why was these designs if you won’t hear that you can come and tell us that can encounter three when I reached you really need to make a noise to let us know you here okay 1 to 3 the night vision cameras audio that giving has is picking up one crime and then the words hear me when I say one then to in between you can hear the cry and then after I say three you can hear the words hear me while she shrieked while she should say something using white noise that is now widely stills and most of his side of Edinburgh the alarm for the evening on the thing no year the new device the five is remembering the browser your name, your name really those doors to those made Jesus there is that as quite as a big hit with more features of the many of you are here James you think older to you feeling a “you feels well you and something limits are really is, that of a you here with us now can you come back and make that light up again thank you can you throw something or move something more you’re doing this can you make a noise to let slow that your here can you do something else surroundings why you here and you stuck here is something stopping you from leaving here the temperature is freezing all around us as the catering metre is completely lighting up their side turn on the SB seven spirit box a voice come through and says why we standing here for is the enhanced audio when the symptoms cameras that the family minutes was left in Aceh footage of the ghostly Christmas the camera rolling on the we just. The camera if you’re running on is that the Cameron other cameras data benefits broken just in and out another battery brand-new batteries the Cameron is dead so everyone is is trying to the batteries out that other camcorder round no reason whatsoever pipes recently on just hoping that it’s just the ones just drains both the batteries are the brand-new battery in the Metro Interchange and that Fred is well if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen

Rob’s Turn, Filled With Scary Voices

A 30 minute challenge which Rob accepted to go to this location. Its known as Howie’s house. Somewhere in Florida, isolated by woods and not visible from any public road.

Youtube video published on Mar 20, 2019


Rob and Joe are brother exploring urban areas. They come across the most haunted places in Florida. Let us know what you think on the comments below.

Joker Steve Miller nowhere I’m already here. Is anybody in this house what’s up guys welcome to another episode of urban ghosts Urban exploration not sure what that was nobody in the house but how many do another 30 minutes Challenge Series I’m here by myself I’m deep in the freaking Woods of Florida is so freaking dark so we want to find this place I haven’t been here yet this is Steve Howey house has been asked me to come here do 30 minute Challenge and I’m in the middle of nowhere there’s no there’s no houses around me know people as far as I can tell I’m completely alone out here while back and told me some of the stories that something about a murder possibly taking place here and made out I don’t know this place is huge okay well start back here CT Breezy and I think it’s at it’s so dark out here so quiet so very remote. I have to get rid of this place or what hello in there somebody was in their eyes hello he’s not your footsteps but it ran out of the house party again he’s getting in there history and Grace somebody died here anything here to something you want to say you can use my mic that you died here but it’s something bad happen check the dryer there’s a door of it you guys be friends with some sort of farm hearing voices in a water bottle there so creepy didn’t you can place you when you come to these places you wonder what the story is part of the fun of this actually trying to put together those pieces but of course do your own research but it’s fun to come in here and try to get scary. South cheapest place for somebody’s been in your voice Sagittarius woman cry is there a woman here I’m pretty sure I heard you are you upset that I’m here I’ll make you on screw anyone out there hello hello make sure something sounded like a growl sound like a freaking animals out about that trouble Hobby Lobby person not so good happens if it’s like we are saying maybe it’s house stirring the pot people stirring the pot and a moment here with me on a Feeling maybe somebody was here I heard you say I feel heavy very sick pretty sure I heard of a woman’s voice sound like a baby singing with you cry I’m leaving now not really sure. Can you close this app whatever sphere you say here you do not follow us you’re not attached yourself to anyone you stay right here where you move on arrogance forget words cannot describe I’m going to get out of here cuz I’m starting to not really feel good because I hit my 30 minutes the camera stopped going to get out he was really starting to feel well bad U-joints place I don’t know if it’s us I don’t know as it’s these places but I do want to go big freaking shout out a dedication to Lindsey she got two C’s hats Lindsay I read your aura read your letter deathly touch my heart for people like you out there suffering from anxiety and all kinds of other issues special events Veterans my heart goes out to you deaf will be praying for you but definitely means a lot when you guys reach out to herself feel free to do that definitely rocking definitely be rakitic Joe took the other one I got this one teaser I got to get out of here. I’m going to finish this case is important is a Navy I got a lot of family in the military or paramilitary 2 my heart goes out for you guys especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice guys Eugene so much love for you guys so much love for all the fans thanks for all you guys have been supporting is like in Sharon you guys are really making our dreams come true if you’re interested in any kind of merchandise check us out what kind of stuff coming out your butt log into stuff coming out what you were coming on when I have a little bit more time a couple weeks so keep an eye out for that hit us up on Facebook Instagram Twitter and of course always always always comment like subscribe