Hill House Manor, Gainesville, Texas

Hill House Manor, Gainesville, Texas. A Texas haunted location that you need to visit and do your own investigation.

Hill House Manor in Gainesville, Texas is a known location that has many reports of paranormal activities.

This location is the next investigation I will be going to this year. I came across “Ghost Geeks” YouTube channel. They uploaded their experiences they had in this location.

Hill House Manor – Gainesville Texas – 2/19/22 [1]Ghost Geeks
Is this Hill House Manor?
Hill House Manor in winter colors.
Recent Google Maps of the Hill House Manor.
Recent Google Maps of the Hill House Manor.
News reporters talked about this haunted place. At this haunted North Texas house, the ghosts will ‘freak’ you all night long[2]wfaa.com
The Tragic MURDER at the Hill House Manor (Short Film)


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